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Was cuckolded once, and not for the last time.

I have a girlfriend and she like me being teased and not cumming. While also
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We worked that way for some time, then laid off the cuckold idea for a while.

But it comes back up, because like it always goes, 5-6-inchers can’t fuck
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Everyone wants to talk about jacking to hotties we’ll never fuck, edging to
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A few years ago I’ve become really interested in stories about wife cheating.
I have written many of such stories. “Sandra and Stevie” and “The Party” –
these are I love the best. Both of them are about men who suddenly find out that
their wives are cheating on them.

This kind of stories is not a rare thing, so I’ve found a number of it on other
web sites. But many of them end with destroyed wife and her lover. No doubt, it’s
not seems to be the way of the cuckold. We find a way to accept it.

So I decided to try to write such a story with a cuckold’s point of wiew on it.
Most of the story is now finished and my wife allowed me to start posting.

I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did.