Cuckold and Femdom, our Trip

This was inspired by Lisalovesbig, thanks for the kick, I had plans to do this for quite a time now.

Me and R met a couple of years ago. I was studuing at school he taught at during that time. His hunkish looks struck me. Imagine a man doing lots of workout, a real 6’3’’ bodybuilder. He had this ponytail and his hair was shoulder length. Totally low body fat, I figure he was doing lots of competitions back then. His size was a bit over 7 inches, but this was a good bit I discovered a bit later…

Me, I was in town for a week or so during a month cause I was an air hostess for a major airline.

I spent a year being frustrated a lot. There was this assumption of mine that as long as he was this sporty, he’d fancy slim girls which were aplenty in the gym any time I went in there. He looked so distant and unobtainable. I wasn’t obese of course, but I did join the gym to lose a bit of weight and improve my shape. Also, he had a girlfriend and he’d been living with her for 3yrs or so.

I need to say I was really into him so much it hurt so at one point I quit the gym.

Little did I know that he liked me a lot. He wasn’t actually into skinny chicks. I turned out to be his perfect one, short, dark hair, curvy and all that.

Anyway this was a real obsession, I spent the year flirting and visiting the gym often. This amounted to nothing so I stopped…

One day, I got a call from him and we went out to lunch. Somehow I poured out my true feelings, no sooner than we were driving home. He was so excited he nearly crashed the car. So, we started seeing each other, and we refer to that day as the car crash day, not anniversary……

If you may ask, I did not steal the man from this then GF. I have to admit I would have done so, but anyway when I quit the gym, they broke up, which is lucky for me. I was 27, and R was 32yo.

What was in our past

R had one 6 year relationship and he also was in this 3 year relationship as well. He used to do some work like night club security or something. Guess it makes him far more experienced than me. I also know he had a bunch of threesomes in his past…

My part, you know, I did not have this much luck. When I was around 17, I ended up in this affair with a married man. He was my first sexual partner. Time passed and I got more experienced with these things. It sorta made me realized what a lousy partner he was. Speaking of proper relationships, I met this guy on a vacation and soon we were living together. It lasted for 3 years or so. He was incredibly hung, very thick, I wish I could meet him again, hehe. He was big but had no idea how to use the thing, so the sex kinda was a thing to avoid. When it happened, it really hurt. Then, I had something with this other guy, a sweet dude but really small. I must say it did not last long. Also I got involved into several one night stands which all sucked really. So, here I am, 27, never brought to orgasm by a man when I met R.

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Interest in husband slowly going away

Really makes me think whether there’s any alternative to that.

In fact, I figure most women will form this or that type of bond in their ongoing sexual relationship, however strong they feel about their husbands.

For me, it’s impossible. Every minute with my bf is filled with magic. We meet only when we want and can, the sex is amazing, we exchange those sweet messages and so on. Never any trouble in this imaginary world we have constructed. And I guess this contributes to a separate relationship.

It couldn’t be any different.

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