Holiday Relief. Part 3 of 10

When we received back to our places, Chris was horny as usual, yet since I received really tired after a long drive & with all the stress I had earlier, there was no way she could turn my device complex as I was having few issues in that department for quite a while. Of course, Chris received extremely frustrated due to the lack of attention she received from me, & we had nothing to do than going to sleep in a total silence.
The next morning I woke up with Chris getting amorous once again & with a little assist from her lips wrapped around my penis, I received hard. So there she was, climbing my four inch dick as she received driven into a paradise of pleasures while riding me hard.
And I loved it! Her snatch was pretty tight even after giving birth to three kids & being 49 years old, I was an ultimate pleasure to watch her boobs swinging back & forth. Having me totally turned on, I shortly shot my load out. But it was not enough for my wife, & she was complaining with the load slipping out of her pussy on our pubic hair. She lied down on my naked body for a while & then rolled off & mumbled: “I just keep on hoping that we cum together, like we used to when we were young.” And there was nothing else I could do except apologizing to my attractive woman & headed out to have a shower. After getting myself clean, I went to the kitchen, put some coffee & started making breakfast. Chris showered right after me & after she was out, I heard her talking on her mobile phone & then she came down to the kitchen. “I talked to Karen just now, we will be meeting them at 10 & will be heading to the retail village to do some shopping”.

Holiday Relief. Part 2 of 10

So, we arrived to our hotel on a Friday night & settled into our respective rooms & after some refreshing up, we met with our friends Dave & Karen in the hotel bar for a meal & few drinks.
Karen is 42, a short blonde & nice hair, slim body & large boobs. She works as an office manager in a school. For Dave, he is almost six feet, 51 years old, has a slim body & works as a high level manager at his company. We have been friends with each other for approximately 10 years after meeting each other through being on the school parents’ committee board. We have become best friends very swift & Dave became my walking & climbing partner since then. Karen is very outgoing & she just loves to chat with anyone & I have spotted her talking to some black dudes at a bar giggling together with them. Me, being curious asked her who the guys are & she told me that they are American college footballers coming to our land to introduce the game into the British colleges. We had a nice time on our first night & so we headed back to our rooms for a rest.

Holiday Relief. Part 1 of 10

This story is based on true happenings with few amendments made, it is up to you to decide whether the certain parts of the story are true or they are fiction.
Now, sit back, relax & enjoy the story & please let me know if you liked it & want more stories.
This story is approximately me & my wife, Chris & we have been married for 23 years now. Life has been tough on us, yet now that our youngest daughter has left home to go to a university, we now have a lot more time for ourselves. So this story is approximately us having our first holiday in many years without the kids coming along with us. The location to be visited was agreed to be a country holiday resort with our friends tagging along.
My wife is 49 years old, 5 foot & 9 inches tall & has a curvy body. She has surprisingly firm boobs for her age & her hair is down until her shoulders with light brown color & a natural flick. She has always been tremendously active & even when she does not go to gym, she still stays fit & people often think that she is much younger than me. Luckily for me, she is very conservative & she is from a large family who actively go to church.
For me, I am 45, little overweight because I have been working an office job for quite a while & five-foot & 10 inches tall. I am moreover going bald & therefore I cut my hair really short. Sadly, I actually used to be very energetic & fit & loved to have an outdoor life, yet because of my work, I had to cut down my time & that is the reason I am where I am.

Cuckold Captions. You want to eat my pussy now?

Really? You want to eat my pussy now? You what I did at the club tonight right?

want to eat my pussy now?

want to eat my pussy now?

Silly boy, I make the rules, now swallow it all. And stop with all the choking & gagging or I’m really gonna injure you.

Silly boy

Silly boy, I make the rules, now swallow it all. And stop with all the choking & gagging or I’m really gonna injure you.

It’s not my fault your boss is hung like a horse. Now do you want to watch or not?

Now do you want to watch or not?

It’s not my fault your boss is hung like a horse. Now do you want to watch or not?

Wife Swapping, Swinging, Cuckolding Part 4 of 4

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between the sexes. This site is all approximately this, as well as others. And the bitter truth is: it is what energizes the couples of today.

My Wimp Neighbor’s Wife

Warren was a nice, short, Jewish man with a kind of whiny voice, one of these guys with no chin & no shoulders. He was very soft spoken, I don’t think the man had ever stood up for anything in his life. His wife Ellen was similar; short, petite, soft-spoken, & curvy. They were both likable, & we became friends as shortly as I moved into the neighborhood next to them.
We began hanging out on a regular basis, & though Warren & I were friendly I always picked on him approximately things. He was effortless to make pleasant of, & didn’t obtain upset approximately it at all, usually just smiling & looking down. Ellen always chuckled, yet moreover never received upset approximately me picking on her husband. Over time my jibes received more personal, yet their reactions never changed.
One Friday evening I was at their place hanging out, & picking on Warren like normal. I realized that I’d overstayed my welcome, yet neither of them had enough spine to tell me to go home. As it became more obvious they wanted me to leave I took more joy in not giving them the opportunity to directly tell me to go. Finally I asked, “Do you two want me to go?”
They both looked ashamed, neither of them said anything, yet Warren nodded his head slightly. It dawned on me why they wanted me to leave, their ashamed demeanor said it all, so I asked, “Am I interrupting your date night?” Warren only looked down at his lap, Ellen turned a bright shade of red & looked away.
“Oh my god”, I feigned surprise & innocence. “You two are going to go fuck once I leave?” This time Warren blushed & looked away, Ellen’s embarrassment continued to turn her pale skin red. “Boy, you two are naughty”, I teased.
At this point I was enjoying their embarrassment & decided to see how far I could push things. “So Warren”, I looked straight at him, “Do you ever pull your wife’s hair?” There as no answer from either of them, “Do you spank her ass?” Ellen turned completely away, using her mousey brown hair to hide her face, her husband only squirmed uncomfortably.
“You have spanked her ass then?”, I prodded Warren yet he had clammed up. Turning to Ellen I asked, “Did Warren spank you?” She turned back to look at me, obviously in shock at my boldness. “Was it while he was fucking you from behind?” Ellen’s mouth dropped open.
“No”, she squeaked.
“Oh Warren, you offensive man”, I kept my attention on Ellen. “Obviously your wife didn’t enjoy it. You don’t seem very adventurous, maybe I should show you how it’s done.” This time Ellen squirmed.
I stood up, “Here Warren, I’ll show you how to pull a woman’s hair.” They both watched me walk across the room to where Ellen was sitting, neither of them moved to stop me or made any protest. So I slid a hand up her back, brushing her neck with my finger tips, & then up her scalp letting her hair run through my fingers. Ellen closed her eyes, I closed my hand into a fist with a handful of her hair in my firm grasp, & then I pulled down causing her head to tilt back.
A slight moan escaped as her mouth fell open in response. I pulled a bit more causing her mouth to open further, & her breath to catch. Ellen was wearing a white button up shirt, the top few buttons were undone, & from where I was standing I had a satisfactory view down her shirt at her black, lace covered cleavage. Her chest heaved as her breathing was getting deeper, & I was somewhat surprised to notice that she had rather large breasts for her frame.
“I think she likes it Warren”, I was enjoying teasing him, yet I was moreover enjoying watching her breasts. No one responded, so I turned Ellen’s face to mine & breathily asked, “Do you like that?” As an answer she only moaned, her eyes flitted open slightly & she looked at me. “See Warren? If you do it right, women really like it.”
“You look like you need a satisfactory kiss”, I said to Ellen. That made Warren look up at us, yet he didn’t say anything. With my hand still in her hair I pushed her face to mine & kissed her, shoving my tongue in her mouth. At first she didn’t react, yet then her tongue started dancing with mine. After a minute I broke off the kiss we both enjoyed.
Warren was watching us now, yet still not saying anything. I decided I wanted a better look at Ellen’s cleavage, so I said, “Know what else women like Warren? Being told what to do. Ellen, unbutton your shirt for me, let me see your bra.”
I let go of her hair & she looked down at her chest. Hesitantly she unbuttoned her shirt, one after the other, until her shirt hung open. Ellen didn’t move after that, just let her hands rest on her lap, still looking down at her bare stomach. She had a attractive body, yet I wanted to see more.
“Women enjoy things like this”, stepping in front of her I grabbed her shirt with both hands & roughly forced it over her shoulders & behind her back. The position did two things, it exposed her entire chest & trapped her arms at her side. She was wearing a sexy bra that was part lace & part satin, it was semi-see through in the front, obviously special for date night. Her nipples were complex as rocks & pushing against the fabric.
Her pale skin was reddened with embarrassment, all the way from her cheeks to her chest, her breathes were deeper & it was causing her breasts to rise & fall quite noticeably. “You look so hot”, I complimented her, “Bet those tits are tremendous to fuck.” Ellen’s head shot to the side, completely avoiding looking at me, yet her husband’s eyes zeroed in on her breasts.
“Just like this”, I said taking two handfuls of her tits & squeezing them up & together forming a shelf of cleavage. While my hands were there I took a moment to rub her nipples with my thumbs.
“You shouldn’t do that”, Warren’s voice was barely more than a whisper.
“Looks like she enjoys it”, I responded by pointing out how complex Ellen’s nipples were. To push the point home I pinched them through the fabric. Instinctively she drew in a sharp breath & moaned as her body responded. “I think your wife likes having a man take charge of her.” Taking a step back from her, in my most commanding voice I told Ellen, “Take off your skirt, let me see if your panties match your bra.”
Warren shifted uncomfortably, I was losing count of how many times he’d squirmed. Unsurprisingly though his wife sat still for a few moments, thinking approximately what to do, before standing up from her seat. As she stood, she let the shirt fall from her arms, & tenderly moved her hands to her waist.
She was wearing a long, brown skirt that was a very conservative style, when she was standing her feet couldn’t even be seen. Slowly she slid down the zipper on the back of the skirt. I wasn’t sure why she was moving slowly, maybe because she couldn’t believe what she was doing or perhaps she was afraid of what her husband was thinking.
Ellen hadn’t made eye contact with her husband since I’d pulled her hair, & now she was actively turned away from him, she couldn’t see him staring at her. The zipper was completely undone & she opened her hands letting the skirt fall away. It crumpled on the ground around her feet, like a sash around the base of a Christmas tree. She was wearing black satin panties that matched her bra, very pretty, yet a conservative style. Surprising to me though, she was moreover wearing black, thigh high stockings.
Nervous, Ellen rocked forward & stood up on her toes. The position made her legs look fantastic. Though I was standing in front of her, & she didn’t look me in the face, I received the feeling that she wanted to know what I thought of her body. Honestly it was nothing amazing, she wasn’t a model, yet she was well proportioned & certainly attractive.
“Look at how attractive you are”, she shifted a bit & brought her hands up to cover herself. “Those panties. That bra”, I pointed as I called them out, “Those stockings. They’re so sexy on you, so hot.”
Ellen blushed more deeply than she already was, yet she looked at my face to see if I was serious. Satisfied that I was telling the truth she said, “Thanks”, in that small voice of hers.
Her husband was riveted, unable to take his eyes off his wife’s ass, & I could see his hard-on pushing against his jeans. I took the time to compliment every part of her body, from hair to stocking covered feet, walking around her as I did. Each time I told her how attractive she was her smile received bigger.
Since I had the opportunity, I let my hands roam over her body as I circled her. First her shoulders & neck, then her stomach & back, & finally her ass. There was less squirming now, from both of them, though she still tried to cover herself with her hands. Deciding that wasn’t acceptable I ordered her, “Ellen, stop covering yourself, either leave your hands at your sides or put them on the top of your head.”
She let her hands drop to her side & I noticed there was a small wet spot on the front of her panties. Smiling I told her to turn around, “So your husband can see.” Ellen turned, still not looking her husband in the face, yet kept her hands at her side not even trying to cover herself. “See that wet spot Warren?”, I pointed. “That means her pussy’s wet. So wet that it’s dripping.”
Warren looked at his wife’s panties & the wet spot that was slowly getting larger. “Do you think I did that?”, teasing him again trying to obtain any reaction. He didn’t respond, so I asked his wife, “Do I make you wet?” Ellen nodded in response. “Let’s see if I can make that wet spot bigger.”
With one move I swept her up into my arms & carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Warren followed, yet I’m not sure he wanted to. Stepping inside the bedroom, I turned the lights on & threw Ellen down onto the bed. She squeaked at me, “We always leave the lights off.”
“Not tonight, the lights are going to be on. How else am I supposed to tell if you obtain more wet? By feel?”, I ran a hand up her leg to her thigh. She blushed again, turning her head into the bed. “By taste?” Her head shot back & she looked at me, not sure if I was serious or not.
As Warren slinked into the bedroom I grabbed his wife by the hips & roughly rolled her onto her stomach, her ass in the air. Looking at him I teased, “Why don’t you spank her ass?” His only response was to look down & away. “Fine, sit & I’ll show you how it’s done.”
He slumped on the floor against the dresser, looking at the lewd position his wife was in on the bed. Ellen started to push herself up off the bed so I roughly forced her head back down. Then I grabbed a handful of her hair, right against the scalp like before, & growled, “You stay in this position until I’m done with you. Don’t move unless I move you.”
“Yes…”, she breathed.
Keeping a firm grip on her hair I pulled her head back making her eyes close & her mouth open again. Using my other I spread her legs apart so the growing wet spot was visible, then I moved my hand to her panty covered ass, rubbing it gently & softly. I brought my hand up, & then down swiftly onto her ass with a loud smack.
“Ah!”, she yelped breathily as her body jumped forward, as much as she could against my grip on her hair.
“Do you like that?”, I asked her.
“Yes”, the word barely escaped her upturned lips.
“Louder, so your husband can hear.”
“Yes”, she said louder.
“Tell him what you like.”
Without opening her eyes or even trying to pull away from me she said, “I like having my hair pulled & being spanked.”
I ran my hand over her ass, before spanking her again. Again she jumped & yelped, yet it was obvious that she enjoyed it. “See Warren, that’s how you spank a woman.” He was still slumped on the floor, against the dresser, one hand on the floor & one in his lap busy rubbing his hard-on through his jeans. “Look, your husband has a hard-on”, I turned her head in his direction yet she didn’t open her eyes.
Warren self-consciously stopped rubbing himself & tried to pretend he hadn’t been doing it. “It’s okay”, I told him, “My cock is complex too.” To make the point I put Ellen’s hand on my dick so she could feel it through my pants, she didn’t pull her hand away, yet she wasn’t doing anything with it either. “It’s okay, you can rub my cock Ellen, make me feel good.”
She started moving her hand back & forth just a bit, she wasn’t pressing complex or grabbing, just sort of feeling it beneath the cloth. Her husband had looked back up at us, so I teased him some more, “Look at this buddy, I think your wife likes my cock. Do you like it?”, I asked her.
“Yes”, she breathed.
“Do you like making dicks hard?”
“Yes”, again she sounded breathless, “I like making your dick hard.”
I’d never heard her talk like that, & from the look on her husband’s face neither had he. Letting go of her hair I put both hands on her ass, rubbing it softly as she continued to rub me. “What do you think, is she wetter now?” The dark spot on her panties was certainly larger. I slipped one hand down over the surface of her panties, being certain to rub her pussy lips & clit through the fabric as I did. Ellen moaned & tensed up for a moment, gripping my dick hard, before going back to slowly rubbing me.
My fingers came away wet with her juice, I brought them up to my mouth & sucked them in. “Are you wet?”, I asked her.
“Yes, I’m wet”, she replied.
“Why are you so wet?”, she didn’t answer. “Do you like having a man in charge? Having a complex cock in your hand?”
“Yes”, she paused, “It makes my pussy wet.” Again her husband’s face betrayed his surprise, yet she kept her eyes closed & head down on the bed.
“How does my cock feel?”, I asked her, “Is it bigger than his?” She paused, her hand stopped moving, & it was obvious that she was too shy to actually answer. “Well, there’s only one way to really know. Warren, whip your dick out & show your wife how complex it is.”
At first he didn’t move, it was obvious that he was not only uncomfortable sitting with his dick crammed into the corner of his jeans, yet moreover whipping it out in front of me. Then his hands slowly unzipped & removed his pants. Sitting in his tight, white briefs he looked kind of ridiculous, yet he looked more ridiculous when he flexed the elastic & poked his dick through the opening in the front. It wasn’t large, just average length & a bit thin.
Ellen looked, even smiled, yet I think she was more amused than pleased. “Alright, let’s see if mine is bigger. Take my cock out Ellen”, I looked down at her. She lifted up onto her elbows & knees, reached to my zipper & slowly unzipped my pants. With a tug she took my pants down leaving my cock bulging in my boxers. For a moment she just stared, then put a hand gingerly on it feeling it through the fabric & licked her lips.
Then she received enthusiastic, like she was tearing open a Christmas present, & as swift as she could she whipped my boxers down. The motion was so swift it caused my dick to bounce, which made her smile. Again she stared at it, like she wasn’t sure what to do with it. When it stopped bouncing she reached out & wrapped a hand around it. She cooed softly & said, “It’s warm.”
“Do you think it’s bigger than his?” It was a rhetorical question at this point, with both our dicks on display in the light it was effortless to tell that mine was longer & a lot thicker.
“Definitely”, she whispered in awe. On auto-pilot her hand started sliding up & down my shaft, she watched like she was unable to believe what she was doing.
It felt great, & I was ready to take this all the way, so I decided to see if I could convince Ellen to go that far. “Time for you to obtain naked”, I told her. Her hand stopped & she looked up at me with a look of worry, trying to determine if I was serious or not. When she’d convinced herself that I was, she let go of me, slid off the bed, & stood facing away from me & her husband. For a long moment she didn’t move.
Finally her hands shot up behind her back to the clasp of her bra. “Too fast”, I stopped her. “Since you’re turned away & teasing us, do a strip tease.” Ellen’s only response was to slightly turn her head in my direction. Guessing that she didn’t know how, I gave her some instructions, “Take your bra off as slow as you can, keep it covering your breasts for as long as possible, donate us peaks yet don’t show us, & wiggle your hips while you do it, pretend you’re dancing. When your bra is off, use your hands to cover yourself, cup your breasts & squeeze them together, & play with your nipples.”
Ellen tried her best, it was obvious she had no experience. She wiggled a bit, tried moving her legs, slowly undid the clasp on her bra, held it in place with her hands for quite a while, & eventually turned to face me & Warren. Her eyes fixed on her husband’s erection, sticking up from his lap & twitching slightly. For a moment I thought she was done, that she wouldn’t go any farther, yet then her gaze fell on my complex cock hanging in front of me. A hint of her tongue appeared between her lips & she let her hands fall, dropping the bra to the floor.
Keeping her focus on my cock, she brought her hands back up & started playing with her tits, swaying her hips more than before. As she pinched her nipples I complimented her body again, telling her how attractive her breasts were, causing her to smile in response. I motioned toward her panties, “Now those.”
This time she didn’t need direction & there was no hesitation. Ellen turned a little circle while swaying her hips. As she finished the turn, facing us again, she raised her arms over her head & shook her chest from side to side trying to imitate a belly dance. It was more amusing than sexy, which caused me to smile, yet she took that as a sign I enjoyed it & smiled back before doing it again. The second time with more fervor & it caused her tits to wag back & forth, which was kind of sexy.
She hooked her thumbs inside the waist of her panties, & while swaying, slid one side down her hip before pulling it back up. Doing the same with the other side, she then turned away before sliding both sides down at the same time to expose her bare ass. Finally she bent over slightly & pushed her stained panties down past her ankles & off her feet.
I was able to obtain a small glimpse of her pussy before she stood back up straight & turned around to face us. Again she put her hands over her head & did a hip shake. Warren was practically drooling on himself, oblivious to everything yet his naked wife, yet I had been paying attention to everything. Occasionally he would touch himself, barely getting a hand around his dick before pulling his hand away. It was clear he was on the verge of cumming & I decided to show him just how much he’d lost control of things.
“Ellen, look at your husband’s dick.” Though she didn’t want to look at her husband, she did as she was told. “You said you liked complex dicks, touch his like you did mine.” They both blushed, yet she knelt down in front of him & reach a hand out & wrapped it around his shaft. His breathing quickened the closer she got, his dick was practically purple he was so ready to burst. She only had to donate him two pumps before he started spurting.
His spunk landed on his shirt, his chin, his briefs, his hands & arms. A small amount received on Ellen’s hand, yet she wiped that off with his shirt as he finished. She stood back up & I said, “See what a turn on you are? You’re so hot. Look at my cock.” I stepped to her, put my hands on her hips, spun us toward the bed, & shoved her causing her to fall onto her back on the bed. “Did you enjoy making your husband cum?”
“Yes”, she whispered.
“Was it satisfying? Do you feel satisfied?”
“No”, barely a whisper.
“I don’t think your husband heard that. Say it louder.”
“No”, it was clear this time, “I’m not satisfied.”
“You’re still wet?”, she nodded. “You need to be fucked? Filled with a complex dick?”
Ellen nodded & said, “I need to be fucked by a complex dick.” Warren was trying to clean himself off, yet his dick was already limp & didn’t show signs of starting up again.
I stood over her as she lay on the bed, grabbing her ankles I pulled her legs up & apart exposing her pussy to me. The position gave her husband a perfect view. Putting her ankles on my shoulders I slid my hands down her legs, inching closer to her dripping snatch. He watched in disbelief, she held her breath in anticipation.
When my hands arrived I started slow circles with a thumb around her clit, while two fingers parted her lips making an opening for a third finger to slip inside her. Ellen let out a moan & shivered, her husband groaned & dropped his head. She was so wet I easily slipped a second finger inside her while continuing to tease her clit, all causing her to moan a bit louder. I waited until her head dropped back & her eyes closed, then I pulled my fingers out of her.
As her head shot back up, to see what I was doing, I rubbed those fingers up & down the length of my dick getting it slick with her juice. Her eyes received wide watching me, yet they nearly jumped out of her face when I ran the head of my dick up & down her pussy. She moaned again as my tip spread her lips sliding up, rubbed against her clit, & then slid back down.
“Ellen”, I looked down at her spread before me, “squeeze your tits together, let me see you play with them. With her attention focused on her breasts for the moment, I took the opportunity to surprise her, & pushed my hips forward sliding my cock into her.
“Ah!”, she yelped & let go of her breasts in surprise. Her ankles slipped from my shoulders as her body jumped away from me instinctively. I grabbed her ankles, pulled her legs apart, & pushed myself the rest of the way in. “Oh God! You’re too big.”
“Sounds like your wife doesn’t like the size of my dick Warren.” He was watching us now, yet was limp as a rag. “Think I should take it out?” No one answered so I slowly slid myself out until just the tip of my dick was inside his wife & held there for a moment. “I guarantee that she’ll alter her mind though”, I smiled as I slammed back into her.
“Ah!”, Ellen let out a yell that was part pleasure & part pain. “Oh no, please no”, she panted. Ignoring her I kept her legs pulled wide apart & just started hammering her with my complex dick. Each time I slammed into her, smacking our bodies together, she let out another yell. They were slowly turning into moans of pleasure, & after a minute she was moaning almost constantly.
She started breathing heavier, trying to hold her breath, trying not to make any noise, & then when she couldn’t stand it any longer she let out a long yell as she broke into orgasm. “Oh! Oh!”, her body shook, “Fuckkk…!”
Warren’s eyes opened wide as he watched his wife cum & cuss. Ellen’s body thrashed on the bed & she pushed herself toward me, to obtain me as deep as she could. She was lost in the sensations now, her body had taken full control. Her hips bucked up to meet my thrusts, our bodies slamming together, & the bed was shaking beneath us.
After a minute she had another orgasm, “Oh fuck!”, she yelled as she ground her pussy against me. Warren groaned from the floor, everything approximately him hung limp, yet he couldn’t take his eyes off us. I stopped moving, then when Ellen finished cumming she stopped moving. Then with my dick still deep inside her, I rubbed her clit with my thumb again, & she immediately had another orgasm.
“What the fuck”, Ellen said.
“Never cum like that?”, I asked her.
She shook her head no. “I’ve never had more than one orgasm at a time.”
“Well, we’re not done yet, so let’s see if we can donate you a couple more. What do you think Warren?” He had been looking at us, yet when I looked at him for an answer his head dropped.
I pulled out of his wife, flipped her onto her stomach, & pushed up onto the bed behind her. Roughly I grabbed her hips & shoved my cock back inside her wet cunt. Immediately she started moaning & pushing back against me, fucking her pussy onto me doggy style. Ellen was as aggressive as I had been, she’d been gaining confidence as her pleasure mounted.
We spent the next half hour fucking so complex the bed slammed against the wall, Ellen was screaming more than moaning, all while Warren stayed slumped on the floor. She had a few more orgasms, & when I was approximately to cum, I pulled out & blew my load all over the outside of her pussy.
“Don’t you look pretty all covered in cum”, I said looking down at her. “Let’s add some more. Warren”, I turned toward him, “You want a turn buddy?” With the assist of the dresser he pulled himself to his feet & shuffled to the edge of the bed, looking at his wife laying on her back breathing heavy.
For a minute he just looked at her, his dick getting hard. Ellen didn’t look at him, she kept her head turned away. “Look Ellen, his dick is complex again. I think he likes what he sees.” Her head slide sideways so she could see her husband’s dick without having to see his face. “Go on man, fuck her”, I pushed him forward causing him to stumble.
Warren half landed on the bed, his dick bounced beside his wife, yet his eyes were fixed on her cum covered snatch. She reached out & grabbed his dick in her hand. It didn’t even take a full pump, she just ran a firm grip down his shaft once, & when she hit the base he blew cum all over her face. All three of us were surprised, yet it wasn’t until her husband finished cumming that Ellen angrily said, “Get this cum off my face. What the fuck?” She tightened her grip on his dick, holding tight & squeezing his balls to express her anger.
He looked around for something to use to wipe the cum, the only things in reach were the bed sheets & pillow cases. As he reached for a pillow Ellen squeezed harder, “Don’t you dare.”
“Wha…”, was all Warren managed to whimper through the pain.
“Lick it off her”, I told him. They both seemed a bit surprised. “It’s only fair, she’s tasted your cum, you should too. Why ask your wife to do something you won’t?”
Hesitantly he leaned toward her face, stuck out his tongue, & licked up a spot of his cum. “Keep going”, his wife commanded keeping a firm grasp on his balls. I stood back & watched as he kissed, licked, & sucked her face & neck until all of his cum was gone. Ellen let him go, he stood up with a disgusted look on his face, she didn’t seem that much happier.
“Doesn’t look like she’s all that satisfied with your performance Warren”, I teased him. “Perhaps if you actually gave her an orgasm on your date night.”
Looking down at his dick, which had again gone completely limp, he whispered, “I can’t”.
“Nonsense buddy”, I put a hand on his shoulder & lead him to the end of the bed. “There’s always your tongue”, & I shoved him forward so his face fell between her legs. Uncertainty as all over his face, it was obvious that I’d found his limit, yet I knew that Ellen had more in her. “Would you like your husband to eat your pussy?”, I asked her.
“Yes”, she answered. “Eat me, make me cum honey.” When he didn’t move she grabbed two handfuls of his hair & pulled his face down into her snatch, griding herself against his face, smearing my cum around his mouth & lips. “Use your tongue, come on.”
After a minute she started moaning, her head back on the bed, never letting go of his head. I stepped up beside her & stuck my cock in her mouth. Ellen looked up surprised, yet started doing her best to suck me off. She moaned, & enjoyed the experience of having one man eating her out while sucking on a cock.
It didn’t take long before I was complex again, & she looked up at me in surprise. “All clean Ellen, want to fuck again?” She nodded & pushed her husband with her feet, practically kicking him away, & almost hit him in the face.
“How are you complex again? That’s amazing”, she breathed as I entered her.
“Just wait & see what I can do with the rest of the night”, I replied.


Wife Swapping, Swinging, Cuckolding Part 3 of 4

With some time passing by, the term wife snapping started to slowly alter to swinging during the end of the 70’s & the beginning of the 80’s. And now that the term is called swinging, it sounded less chauvinistic. That is when the curious communities started to have their own swinger’s clubs having regular events. The pleasant fact was that, bisexual women became immensely frequent & accepted by the society, & hell, even encouraged! With that in mind, the swing meetings would start with the wives starting to make out as the husbands were just watching them & getting turned on from the action. The offensive news was that, finding & communicating with other curious swinger couples was still greatly burdening. And thanks to the latest technologies with the computers & digital cameras in hands, the process has tremendously changed, becoming extremely effortless for the swingers to obtain in touch. If you visit any of the swing web sites, you will notice the cultural changes with approximately 90% of the wives being bisexual or at least bi-curious. You will notice that so many of the wives are taking photos by themselves in front of their mirrors.

Wife Swapping, Swinging, Cuckolding Part 2 of 4

The way to find other couples willing to swap their wives was to find a swingers correspondence magazine that displayed personal advertisements of curious couples, or even to place your own advertisement to obtain other couples interested. At that time, having a Polaroid Camera was an essential tool that eased all the hustle the husbands had to go through to place an ad, otherwise, one had to take nude photos of his wife & bring the film to the local drugstore where they received their photos developed, & I know some couples that actually did go through all this hesitation. The process of getting replies for your ad could take 6 to 8 weeks using the system through the publications forwarding services. There were moreover some coded abbreviations in the ads, such as: Fr – French/oral sex, Gr – Greek/anal sex, etc.

Wife Swapping, Swinging, Cuckolding Part 1 of 4

It came to my mind that I should share this unwritten history with the world as I thought would be very absorbing for everyone how it all started. But just before I start telling my story, I want you to make sure that you know that I am not a sex professor or something, & I am not even a professional writer, so bear with me if the flow of my story is not going well.
The so called wife snapping has began since the ending of the 60’s & lasted for approximately a decade, it is termed so because couples were exactly exchanging wives for sex. The whole business was run by the husbands with the wives just having to agree on the decision taken by the men. Almost always, husbands were keen to obtain on fucking on the first meet with the wives just going with the flow. Nowadays, people would call that absolute male chauvinism, & yet that is absolutely true without any doubt. Society was not much concerned approximately how sick it was & interestingly, there weren’t many bisexual women at that time.

My girlfriend became my wife…

My girlfriend became my wife…we’re tremendous friends yet I was unable to satisfy her…not virile enough for her, basically she thought of me as a wimp. She is a glamour model appearing in girly mags…she is very striking to look at…blonde, she’s now coloured it platinum, 38″ tits, attractive legs, 5′ 6″…she does stop traffic when she walks down the street. With these physical assets she is well aware the affect she has on men…and uses them for her own advantage when she needs to.

A few years on into our marriage I am now a cuckold/wimp, she’s even fucked my father & younger brother, as well as many men, white & black! She goes out & brings back men…I go into the spare bedroom & I hear her & sex partner fucking all night! My father who is divorced from my mother, meets her once a week usually, either at his flat or our house, sometimes they go out for a meal & drink. My wife calls him ‘donkey knob’…he likes photography & Ive seen photos of her in glamour & porno poses.Of course he thinks I’m unaware of what they’re doing…she’s told me never to say anything to my father. I now have a fetish of seeing her smoking in sexual scenes, that’s because of photos of her taken by my father, of her smoking, glamour poses…some of her smoking while she is sucking him off!

She treats me like shit…but I’m used to it now & obtain pleasure now from her fucking other men, even including my father. Her affair with my father started while my father was married & we were not married yet, just courting. I had a part time job & had to work late one evening, my mother was in bed, it was midnight when I returned home. A light was on in a room as I passed by the window just outside approximately to come through the back door. I had told them I would be due back around 2am, I was back early. My girlfriend was sat on a sofa, my father stood over her, his cock fucking her mouth…I was truly shocked yet couldn’t take my eyes off the scene. Eventually my father’s spunk was all coming out of her mouth, running down her chin onto her tits…ever since then they’ve been seeing each other. I pretended I hadn’t seen anything. Not long after, a couple of months, my mother & father were divorced & he moved into a flat…my girlfriend, now wife, visits him on a regular basis…she tells me to accept the situation & never tell anyone else…sometimes she shows me photos of her in porn poses that my father has taken!

It is a true story that happed about a year ago (by Gary)

I met my lovely wife when I was at school, she is slim pretty with long brown hair, Dee is very submissive & likes to please me, & whenever I have suggested doing anything different she always agrees. we have always had a tremendous sex life & from an early age I fantasised approximately her having sex with other men, this fetish stems from my boyhood days when I would read the Fiesta magazine & men would share their love of watching their wife with another man. over the years we have had the occasional threesome with guys & had tremendous pleasant yet there was always something missing, my biggest fantasy was to watch her with another man who had a bigger cock than me & even thought she had had black guys they were at best just approximately the same size which was approximately 8”. Last year I found out there was a swingers club close to where we live, I was stunned because I had drove past it many times & never realised it was there, of course that was a satisfactory thing as we didn’t want anyone knowing that we are swingers, I suggested to Dee that we could go & find out what it was like, & she agreed. The night we turned up was party night & the place was full of black men, it turns out it was Coffee & cream night & these parties were held every couple of months, we had a tour round with the manager & then we received changed, the guys were already eyeing Dee up & one even came into the changing room to introduce himself yet it was a bit too early for Dee as she wasn’t in the mood due to nerves. We went into the bar & started to relax with the bottle of wine we had taken with us & over the next few hours the place filled up, after we decided to have a walk around & see what was happening & found a couples room where couples go & have some pleasant without being disturbed by single guys, we went in & started to kiss & play with each other, this turned Dee on yet said she would like to have another walk around before we received too carried away, so I agreed, as we were walking around a black man came up to us & asked us if we were new, we said we were & he started to chat to us, he put his arm around Dee & told her she was gorgeous & she smiled with a very grateful smile, we were standing in the hallway at this stage yet this didn’t stop him from leaning forward & kissing her on the mouth she responded by putting her hand up to his neck & returned the kiss, after a minute of making out in front of me he asked if we would like to go to a room with him, Dee replied ‘yes’ instantly, unfortunately there were no rooms available so I suggested he take her to the couples room where they wouldn’t be interrupted by the single guys, he replied ‘great’ then led Dee by the hand the room, the room had a small window where you can look in & watch the action yet it is mirrored so the couples inside the room can’t see who is watching, Dee received onto the large bed & kneeled down looking at him, as he took his towel off, Dee’s eyes widened as his cock came into view for the first time, he had received his back to the window so I couldn’t see what had shocked her so much & as he climbed on to the bed he kept his back to the window so I was still none the wiser, he started to kiss Dee & I could see she had received her hands between his legs playing with him, he then laid her down & started to lick her pussy, he was fingering her & I could see his fingers pushing into her, Dee was in a different world now she had lost herself & was moaning sweetly as he played with her, after a few minutes of warming her up he moved onto his back where I could see what had shocked her, his cock was huge at least 9 inches long & with a girth to match, Dee put her hand around it & started to suck it, her fingers still had an inch gap between them, she clearly had problems putting it into her mouth & within second it was clear she couldn’t suck it, so she moved on top of him & put it against her soaked & pre-stretched pussy, she rubbed his cock between her legs while he received a condom out, then she pushed his cock slowly into her, I could see everything & I was so complex I could have come there & then as I watched my wife take the biggest cock she had ever had, he then moved her onto her back & started to rhythmically thrust away at her, I could see his cock going deeper & deeper as the minutes went by & Dee completely lost herself, she was kissing him & holding his body next to hers like she did to me & I could tell she was approximately to come, yet at that moment he stopped & pulled his cock from her & asked her to obtain onto her knees, Dee was glowing & had a very red face & body yet she submissively kneeled over for him so he could continue using her, his cock now looked even bigger as it was now fully hard, he entered her again & started thrusting away again, pushing it in slowly at first then deeper & deeper, Dee jumped away at one stage as his cock was just too huge yet he held on to her hips & continued with pleasuring himself, until he was fully inserted it in her, he fucked her like this for approximately another 20 minutes until he finally pulled his cock out of her, quickly removed the condom & shot his of cum all over her arse & pussy. Dee’s pussy was now gapping open & swollen. They both sat up & kissed as they started to rad down & after a few minutes came out to me standing there with a cock that was approximately to burst, we went down stairs into the bar & had a drink together where Dee exchanged numbers with him, so…it looks like we will be meeting again………I hope.


Like a lot of married men I had often thought approximately a particular fantasy where I obtain to share my wife with another man. As far as male fantasies go, this one is usually at the top of a lot of guys’ lists. My wife Trudy & I who are in our late forties, had been married for more than 25 years & whilst we had a fairly normal sex life for most of those years, lately it had become sort of bland, very predictable & way too occasional. My wife tended to work very irregular hours & when I was left to my own devices I used to fantasise approximately having a threesome with my wife & another man. One Saturday evening approximately three years ago we were relaxing approximately the house & after having had a few drinks, I worked up the courage to share my MMF threesome fantasy with my wife, yet to say that it evoked a less than enthusiastic response would be an understatement. So it was that I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never ever obtain to live out my fantasy & more or less forgot approximately the whole threesome thing. Life moved on & sex with my wife was the usual once every two or three weeks, primarily because she was working really silly hours & we were like passing ships in the night, or she was very tired by the time she received home & just crashed into bed. I was as frustrated as hell & I have to say that I used to have a wank every so often. My favourite thoughts were usually around me imagining Trudy with some man she picked up in a bar & ended up taking him to some hotel room & shagging him senseless. One evening in the Autumn of 2008 my wife met one of my work associates for the first time when she came to pick me up from one of our regular staff does. Donald was a successful business man & by all accounts very attractive as all the girls in the office thought he was a bit of a stud. And being a bit of a ladies’ man he spent more than a little bit of time chatting up my wife which I have to say was fine by me. My wife has always been a little bit on the shy side & to have someone pay her a lot of attention & donate her lots of compliments was unquestionably satisfactory for her & she seemed to really thrive on it. So I sort of encouraged it & every time we had a works do I would arrange for Trudy to come & pick me up & I always tried to make sure her & Donald received the opportunity to spend some time together to have a chat. One evening in 2009, Donald & I were out for the night in Belfast on one of our regular staff outings, & having had more than a few beers to drink told me that he thought my wife was a wee bit of a honey & he was always thinking approximately her. I have to say that this sort of excited me & I made a mental note to mention this to my wife when the opportunity presented itself. As it was I didn’t have to wait too long because one very sunny Saturday afternoon Donald dropped in on my wife & I at our holiday home on the north coast. He stayed for most of the afternoon & evening & he & Trudy spent quite a bit of time chatting with each other approximately work issues & things. Later that evening after Donald had headed off home Trudy & I were getting ready for bed & I asked her what she thought of Donald. Maybe it was the fact that she had had more than a few glasses of wine yet she admitted to me that she found him quite attractive & that he was a really nice guy. It was at that point that I started to think that I might just have a slim chance of making my long time fantasy of having a threesome with my wife & another man come true. So I made a very conscious effort to make sure that my wife & my friend had every opportunity to spend as much time together as I could. Any weekend that Trudy was up at the holiday home & I was working I made sure that Donald knew that she was there & sometimes he would drop in to see her. This happened maybe three or four times in total when he was out & approximately on his motorbike & he always told me he had a really satisfactory time chatting with Trudy & he thought she was a real honey & a very special woman. Time moved on & one night when Donald & I were at another one of our regular staff does I decided to share my fantasy with him. I told him that because Trudy was a very straight laced sorta girl that the only chance I had of ever making my fantasy come true would be with someone that she knew & really liked. Donald was quick to catch on & he said that he too had been thinking approximately Trudy & that he would really love to be with her if it was at all possible. So in a slightly inebriated state Donald & I agreed that if & when the opportunity ever arose & a threesome looked to be on the cards then he would be more than pleased to play along. Time passed & a few more weekends at the holiday home came & went yet they didn’t really present anything of a real opportunity because Donald was always driving & he had to head home at a sensible hour. So one day in work he & I received to chatting & agreed that if this was ever going to happen then we would have to engineer it ourselves. I suggested that the best way to move things along was to arrange for him to stay at our house some evening under some pre arranged pretext. We agreed that the best approach would be to pretend that he would be attending a two day training course in my home town & that rather than driving all the way home he should stay at our place for the night, the plan being that we would have a few drinks with Trudy, obtain her a little bit tipsy & then see if we could put our plan for a threesome into action. If it happened it happened & if not then at least we could say that we had tried. We decided to make it a Thursday night before my wife’s long weekend off as she would be free on the Friday. Donald & I would moreover take the Friday off so that we could make the most of the time together. Well the plan was put into action & Donald was due to arrive at my house at approximately 6 pm one Thursday evening. I was getting really excited because Trudy actually made a real effort knowing that he was coming to stay for the night. She dressed in a nice pair of tight black leggings with high heels & a nice fitted blouse which had the top three buttons undone showing off her very attractive cleavage. She had absolutely no idea of what Donald & I were planning for her. I had booked a table at a local restaurant & we all headed out around 7 o’clock, As I was working the next day (or so Trudy thought) I elected to be the designated duty driver. This left my wife & my friend free to have a few drinks when we were out. The meal was quite satisfactory & Trudy & Donald polished off a bottle of wine & a few Bacardi’s & Vodka’s between them. By the time we arrived back to our house it was well after 9.30 & both my wife & my friend were just a little bit tipsy & they were really enjoying each other’s company. The two of them headed on into the house arm in arm while I parked the car in the garage. By the time I received into the house they had already headed into the sun room & put on some music. I had left out some cd’s which had a range of golden oldies which I knew my wife really liked. I left the two of them to chat whilst I went back into the kitchen to fix us all some more drinks. I came back into the sun room & the two of them were sitting beside each other on the sofa facing in to each other & chatting away. There was lots of laughter & they were both quite tactile as they chatted which was a satisfactory indicator that Trudy was very relaxed. Drinks were served & the music was buzzing & pretty shortly the three of us were on the floor dancing & singing, As is a tradition in our house, we all took our shoes & socks off & danced barefoot. Donald & I took turns to dance with Trudy & I noticed that she seemed to really enjoy dancing with him so I kept making excuses like going to the toilet or fixing more drinks etc to leave the two of them dancing on their own every so often. The music, the dancing & the drinks continued for approximately an hour & eventually all three of us were on the floor slightly the worse for wear when a slow section of the CD started. Trudy was facing Donald & I was more or less behind her so I pulled her backwards close into my chest & put my arms out & pulled Donald in close to her as well. With Trudy sandwiched in between Donald & I we all swayed back & forth with the music for the first couple of songs. My hands were around her waist & she was facing Donald with her hands around his waist. His hands were on my wife’s shoulders & the three of us were just gently swaying to the music. I knew that this cd had approximately 6 slow songs in a row & some of them were Trudy’s favourites so I knew I had limited time to put my little plan into action. By this time I had a real complex on & I knew that Trudy could feel it through the light leggings that she was wearing. I slipped my hands from her waist & put them around Donald’s lower back & pulled him in a little tighter against Trudy. I was certain that my wife was now feeling my complex cock on her ass & my friend’s complex cock on the front of her pussy. We stayed like this for a few minutes just dancing in time to the music & then I started kissing the back of my wife’s neck. She turned her head sideways to meet my lips & the two of us snogged whilst I pulled Donald harder & harder into her. I then thought that this is the time to make a move so I moved my right hand from Donald’s back & slide it round & down until I found Trudy’s hands on his waist, With my right hand I then slide her right hand from Donald’s waist round to the front of his trousers until it was resting on the bulge in the front of his jeans. I was still kissing Trudy & she let out a little gasp as she felt the bulge of his cock. I moved her hand up & down his crotch for a few minutes & he seemed to be getting harder & harder. I moved my lips away from Trudy & she turned her head round to face Donald, whilst at the same time rubbing his cock through his jeans. Donald just looked at me & I nodded that it was OK so he leaned in & started to kiss Trudy in a slow & very sensual way. So here I was, my wife in front of me with my cock pushed complex onto her ass & my friend snogging her & pushing his cock complex into her pussy. I slide my right hand up to the front of my wife’s blouse & slowly started caressing her breasts. She was moaning quietly as she snogged Donald & I thought what the hell, so I slowly started to undo the remaining buttons on her blouse half expecting her to stop me & break away at any time. I don’t know if it was the drink or the fact that she was enjoying snogging Donald so much yet her hands stayed exactly where they were, one on Donald’s ass & the other caressing the growing bulge in the front of his jeans. It took approximately 30 seconds to obtain all Trudy’s buttons undone & I gently eased her blouse from her shoulders. She moved her arms down slightly to let the blouse fall to the floor yet immediately put her hands back on Donald’s ass & cock. At this point I thought I had died & went to heaven. My wife was standing there right in front of me in her sexy black lace see through bra & tight leggings caressing my friend’s cock & pushing herself complex against him. Her nipples were very erect & you could see them clearly as she rubbed up against his chest. I was so turned on that my own cock was straining against my jeans just begging to be released. Trudy & Donald were still snogging away while the three of us swayed in time to the music. I decided to up the ante a little so I slide my hands up to Donald’s chest & tugged at his shirt buttons. He took the hint & as he continued to kiss Trudy he slowly removed his shirt & now he too was topless. Trudy moved her left hand from his ass & started caressing his hairy chest as she continued caressing his cock with her right hand. I slide my hand around to her front & started to run my finger up & down over the front of her leggings & I could feel her pussy lips through the thin cotton. She gave a little shudder of excitement which made both Donald & I stare at each other in disbelief. I had been rubbing my finger up & down for a few minutes & she was still rubbing Donald’s cock through his jeans, so I slipped my left hand from around her waist & gently pulled out the waistband of her leggings & slipped my right hand down inside her leggings & onto her knickers. I could feel the damp spot just below her clit where her juices were really starting to flow. I continued to stroke her clit & pussy through her knickers for a few minutes & she was moaning a little bit louder each time my finger passed over her lips. I don’t think I had ever seen or heard my wife as turned on as she was right at that minute. She was really snogging Donald quite complex by now as she continued to rub his complex cock. I thought to myself that this was the make or break point. I was amazed that Trudy had let me obtain this far so I thought ‘what the hell’ there was no going back now. So I gently eased her leggings over her hips & slide them down to her knees. At this point she stopped snogging Donald, she moved her hand from his cock & slide her leggings all the way down. She was wearing her really sexy little black lace thong which was near enough see through & both Donald & I nearly came on the spot as she bent down provocatively & slipped her leggings all the way off & just stepped out of them with this huge smile on her face. So there we were in my sun room, it was just after a quarter past eleven & my wife was standing there between my friend & I wearing nothing yet her very sexy black lace see through underwear. She then resumed gently rubbing Donald’s cock through his bulging jeans & started snogging him full on again. Donald at this stage was topless yet I still had both my shirt & my trousers on. I was so turned out at this stage that I undid my own shirt & slide it to the floor. I then started to take off my trousers & within a few seconds I too was standing there in just my boxers. My wife, sensing my movement behind her broke away from Donald’s lips & turned her head slightly to the side & started kissing me very complex on the lips whilst at the same time continuing to rub Donald’s cock. Her tongue was darting in & out of my mouth & as she snogged me she moved her hands down to my friends waist & started to undo his jeans. Donald was wearing lee cooper button ups so it took my wife approximately a minute to obtain all his buttons undone as she continued to snog me. While she was fiddling with his buttons, Donald started to gently rub his fingers up & down the front of her knickers & I knew that like me he would be feeling just how damp they had become. My wife finished undoing his buttons & then turned back round to Donald & tugged his jeans down over his hips & let them slide all the way down to the floor where Donald very quickly stepped out of them. It was just after eleven thirty & all three of us were in our underwear swaying to the music & my wife had started to kiss Donald again. She continued to snog him for a few more minutes before she stopped & bent her head back round to the side & started snogging me again. This time, as I was kissing Trudy, Donald started to kiss her neck & slowly moved his lips down to her breasts & started kissing them through the thin lace bra while he continued to rub her pussy through her knickers. This evoked another little gasp from Trudy & I knew the way her tongue was darting around in my mouth that she was really enjoying this. So I slide my hands up her back while she was still snogging me & undid her bra clasp. Donald wasted no time in slipping the bra from her arms & then proceeded to gently kiss my wife’s breasts & slowly suck each of her complex nipples. At the same time he slipped his hand in under the front of her knickers from the side & rubbed his fingers up & down her soaking wet pussy. My cock by this stage was straining against my boxers as I looked down & watched my friend slowly lick & suck my wife’s breasts & nipples & gently slide his finger in & out of her wet cunt. I could feel Trudy shudder a little each time Donald’s finger passed over her clit & she let out a little whimper or two. Then something truly unexpected & magical happened. Trudy broke away from snogging me & started to kiss Donald’s chest for a few minutes before she slowly kissed her way down from his nipples to his belly. By this time she was on her knees in front of him & she then ran her tongue sideways along the rim of his boxers really teasing him. Her hand was now firmly grasping his cock through his boxers & she started to run her tongue up & down tracing the outline of his complex cock through his knickers. Donald started to moan & Trudy started sucking the tip of his shaft through the soft cotton, she was really teasing him. I was left standing there with a massive complex on facing my friend who had his cock in my wife’s mouth & was just standing there smiling with a look of utter ecstasy on his face. After a few minutes Trudy gently eased the waist band of Donald’s boxers out & down & released his very complex cock. Donald’s cock was more or less the same size as mine slightly shorter yet it was unquestionably quite a bit thicker & his balls were huge in comparison. When Trudy seen it she gave a little sigh of appreciation & slide Donald’s boxers all the way down to his ankles whereby he stepped clean out of them. My wife, who was now wearing only her skimpy little lace thong proceeded to take my friend’s cock in her mouth & gave him the slowest sexiest blow job ever. I just couldn’t believe my eyes; I was in seventh heaven as I watched my wife slide my friend’s thick cock in & out of her mouth. She must have sensed me watching because she turned to me & said “don’t worry honey, your next” She told me to take off my own boxers & sit down on the nearest settee & just watch. Donald & I were gob smacked. My shy attractive wife was taking control of our little plan & she looked like she was loving every minute of it. She turned back to Donald & took his cock in her mouth again & slowly worked her hand up & down his thick shaft while she was sucking him off. His cock was really stretching her mouth yet she seemed to be getting really turned on as she sucked & slurped & kissed his knob & his balls. I sat on the sofa with my cock throbbing in my hand & very slowly started to wank myself off while I watched my wife donate head to my friend no more than eight feet in front of me. This was even hornier than all the times I had fantasised approximately this & I know this will sound strange yet I loved my wife more at that moment than any other time in all the years I had been with her. Donald’s groaning grew louder & louder & I think Trudy realised that he was getting really close to cumimg, She obviously didn’t want him to do that just yet as she stopped sucking him off & then she slowly stood up, took Donald by the hand & walked over to the settee where I was sitting. She slipped out of her very wet knickers & then took Donald by the hand again & pulled him in close behind her. Then she knelt down in front of me & pulled Donald down on his knees directly behind her. She smiled at me with a huge grin & said “now it’s your turn honey”. She pushed my knees apart & opened my legs & pulled me forward until my ass was just at the edge of the sofa & my erect cock was staring her in the face. She then took my cock in her mouth & started to donate me the same slow sensual blow job that she had given my friend only a few minutes before. Donald at this stage was kneeling directly behind my wife’s ass with the biggest complex on I had ever seen. He looked at me in a questioning sort of way & I just shrugged my shoulders, winked & nodded my head in a go ahead gesture. My wife must have sensed my movement again because she turned her head around & just smiled at him & simply said “do you want an invitation”. Well I very nearly came right there & then because that just wasn’t like my shy little wife. This attractive woman on her knees in front of me & with my friend kneeling naked behind her was way more confident than I have ever known her to be & she knew exactly what she wanted. And what she wanted was to feel my friend’s thick cock inside her while she sucked me off. Donald didn’t need to be asked twice. He placed his left hand on my wife’s ass & ran his right index finger up & down her pussy. I could see the moisture from her love juices glistening on his finger & I couldn’t stop thinking approximately how wet this was making Trudy & how turned on she must be. She spread her knees a little wider & pushed her ass up in the air a little bit & pushed gently back against Donald as she continued to suck me off. Using his right hand Donald started to slowly rub just the tip of his penis up & down my wife’s wet lips for approximately a minute or two. This was driving Trudy wild & she started to moan just a little bit louder while she kept sucking me off. Donald then slowly eased the tip of his complex thick cock into her pussy. His cock was more or less the same size as mine yet it was at least half as thick again. It was even thicker than Trudy’s huge latex dildo. She moaned really loud as he slide his knob in just a little bit more & I had a attractive view of my friend’s complex cock slowly disappearing into my wife’s very wet pussy. He was really stretching her & as he gently pressed his cock in a little further she let out a real gasp as it slipped right in. If I am being honest it was one of the horniest sights I have ever seen. It was way better than I had ever imagined it might be & I just sat there with a huge grin on my face looking up at Donald. He just grinned back at me & then started to build up a slow steady rhythm as he pushed his complex thick cock in & out of my wife’s cunt. Trudy was really sucking me off like her life depended on it & the more she groaned as Donald pushed his cock into her, the closer I received to cuming. I think I lasted all of approximately three minutes. My wife sensed me coming & she took her lips off my cock as I spurted my load all over my chest & belly as she just smiled at me & licked her lips. Donald continued to thrust in & out of Trudy so she just nestled her head down on my thigh & pushed her ass right back against his cock with each thrust. I could feel every move he made & hear every moan as my wife was getting fucked really complex right there in front of me by my mate. Doggy style has always been Trudy’s favourite position & she was really enjoying my friends thick cock in her. After a few minutes my cum was starting to run off my body onto the settee so I thought I had better go & obtain cleaned up before it made a mess. I gently eased myself out sideways from underneath my wife’s arms so as not to disturb her & Donald’s love making. As I stepped into the kitchen I looked back & saw that my wife had now folded her two arms up onto the settee & laid her head across them right down on the cushions & her attractive ass was really up in the air. Donald had his two hands on my wife’s ass & his huge cock was thrusting & slapping in & out of her right up to the hilt with a well practiced rhythm. This was unquestionably Trudy’s favourite position as was evident by her moans & groans. Donald then started to slow things down a little & he began to ease just the head of his knob in & out of her lips again. This was really driving her wild & she was groaning & moaning like I had never heard before. Sometimes when my wife & I are making love in this position, it hurts her when I thrust too deep inside her & she used to tell me that she really loved to feel just the tip of my cock slipping in & out of her lips. I was completely mesmerised as I watched my friend doing the exact same thing. And the fact that his cock was a satisfactory bit thicker than mine meant my wife was in absolute ecstasy. She was really moaning now as she pushed her ass back at Donald with each of his thrusts. I turned round & headed down the corridor to the bathroom to clean myself up with a huge grin on my face. All the while I could hear them moaning & groaning & getting louder & louder as my friend continued to fuck my wife really hard. It only took me approximately three or four minutes to obtain cleaned up & as I stepped back into the darkened kitchen I could see the whole way through the French doors into the sunroom. The lights were very low yet the sight I saw made me stop dead in my tracks & catch my breath. In the few minutes I was gone they had changed position. Maybe my wife’s knees were getting sore on the complex marble tiles or she just wanted to feel Donald on top of her because she was now lying on her back on the sofa in a semi upright position with her ass close to the edge & my friend was more or less lying on top of her with his toes on the ground & his arms placed either side of her. It looked like he was doing press ups on her as his complex cock slammed in & out of my wife’s pussy. From where I was standing I could see the wet from her juices glistening on his cock in the dim light. I quietly moved across the kitchen & stood right at the doorway into the sun room & just stood there with my hand of my cock which was rapidly getting complex again. My wife & my friend were totally lost in each other & they were completely oblivious to my presence. With each thrust of his cock my wife let out what sounded like a cross between a groan & a grunt. I stood transfixed to the spot in awe of what I was seeing & hearing. All the years of fantasising approximately this moment never even received close to the feeling of absolute elation that I was feeling right at that point. Maybe it’s just me yet there is something really attractive approximately seeing someone you love being pleasured by someone else & totally absorbed in what she is doing, so much so that she didn’t even know I was there. Even though this was very out of character for my wife she was very obviously enjoying every moment of it. By this time I had fully regained my erection so I stepped down into the room & started to slowly wank myself off as my wife lay there on the settee with her eyes closed, her pussy was dripping wet & she was thrusting her ass up at my friend as he rammed his complex cock firmly into her. She was starting to really moan & then she slowly drew her legs up until she was nearly lying right back & her feet & legs were now wrapped tight around Donald’s back with her hands firmly on his ass pulling him into her in time with each of his powerful thrusts. She just kept saying “ Oh My God Oh My God” over & over & over again. They still hadn’t even noticed I was there so I quietly walked across the room behind Donald & gently eased myself onto the far corner of the settee & just lay back & watched the two of them really fucking each other. They were no more than six feet from me & I could feel every thrust & could hear every little sigh & moan from both of them. It was incredible & I was so turned on again that I thought I was going to explode just watching them. Donald & Trudy still had their eyes closed & he leaned forward a little more & started to kiss my wife complex on the mouth as the tempo was getting faster & faster & the groans getting louder & louder. The whole settee was shaking with the movement of their bodies. As their breathing intensified I knew they were both getting close to climaxing so I just lay there quietly in the corner with my hand on my cock & started to wank myself off as I watched my friend thrust deeper & deeper & harder & harder into my wife’s very wet pussy right there in front of me. Finally after approximately five minutes he started to really grunt & thrust & I saw his whole body shuddering & shaking with each ejaculation. Trudy groaned & groaned & was pulling him into her really complex crying “yes yes” in time with each of his cum thrusts. I was transfixed as I listened to her moans & watched my friend continue to pump his cum into my wife for approximately nine or ten powerful thrusts. When he had finished the two of them just sort of melted into each others arms absolutely spent & sweating like mad. It was more than three minutes before either of them moved. Donald slowly eased himself out of Trudy saying that that was the most horniest session that he had ever ever had. He looked across at me & just mouthed the word “Wow” & then excused himself & went down to the bathroom to obtain cleaned up. Trudy started to come round as well & her breathing was slowly returning to normal. She opened her eyes looked across at me with a sort of guilty look on her face & said “Are you sure you are all right with this Paul”. I just smiled & told her I was more than alright with it. It was like all my birthdays & Christmases coming at once. I told her that because I was right there beside her & was able to share this with her made it more than all right & that this was a shared experience & we should not feel in the slightest bit guilty approximately it at all. She gave me the biggest smile ever & told me that she loved me. She held out her hand to me & pulled me across the settee so that I was beside her & she then started to kiss me complex on the lips. She took my hand & placed in on her tummy & sort of pushed it down between her legs. I knew that she wanted me to play with her so I started to gently rub her clit just like Donald had done no more than thirty minutes ago. As I lay there beside her on the sofa & stroked & fingered her I could feel the combination of her juices & his cum & she started to obtain really horny again. She started to gently thrust her pussy up off the settee as I eased my fingers in & out of her wet lips. “Go down on me she said” as she put her hand on my head & pushed my face down to her pussy. My wife always loved me going down on her after I had cum yet to ask me to do it right now, minutes after my friend had shot gallons of his hot cum deep inside her turned me on so much that I nearly came again right there & then yet somehow just managed to hold myself back.
Now the earlier position of the evening was reversed. It was my turn to be on the floor on my knees in front of her. Her legs were open wide & I gently caressed her breasts with my hands while my tongue was busy licking her soaking wet pussy. I could taste her love juices mixed with Donald’s cum as she pushed her pussy up complex to my tongue & mouth. I was amazed by the amount of cum that was just running out of her. I was so turned on by this time that all I could think of was how lucky I was that I had found someone that my wife felt comfortable enough with to have a threesome with & a friend who was willing to play along. Trudy put her two hands down either side of her pussy & spread her lips wide open like she always does so that I could rub my tongue up & down her swollen clit. She was moaning even louder than before & started to really thrust her pussy up at me with each groan. She had put her hands back on my head again & was really pushing my face against her lips so complex that I could hardly breathe. Her breathing was now coming in short sharp gasps. Then she cried out in a tone I had never heard before. It was more of a growl than a cry.
“I want to feel your cock inside me now ” she gasped . “Please Paul Fuck me like Donald just did” I very quickly received up from my knees & placed an arm either side of her body & gently eased my throbbing cock into my wife just like my friend had done ten minutes earlier. And with the taste of the both of them on my tongue I kissed my wife full on her mouth so that she could taste Donald’s cum as well. This seemed to excite her even more as she sort of licked her lips & then really started to pull me complex into her just like she did with Donald. I pushed my cock deep in & out of her as I snogged her & she just kept groaning & groaning & thrusting up at me. Then she lifted her legs up around my back & I when I thought of her doing this with Donald only ten minutes before I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I started thrusting faster & faster deeper & deeper & was gasping with each breath. Finally after approximately two minutes I could hold off no more & I cried out as I started to come. She was really shouting this time “Yes Yes Oh My God Yes” “Harder Harder” & I emptied another load of hot cum deep inside her as she pushed up & moaned & bucked beneath me. After approximately five or six more thrusts I collapsed on top of her absolutely knackered. It took the two of us approximately two minutes to calm down & obtain our breathing back to normal. I lifted myself off to one side & sat down on the settee beside my wife who was just lying there with a look of complete satisfaction on her face. It was now way after half past midnight & Donald was sitting naked on the other settee at the far end of the room just watching us & smiling & stroking his complex cock just as I had done approximately fifteen minutes earlier. Trudy then gave me the biggest hug ever & kissed me with a long slow lingering kiss. She then smiled over to Donald & told him to come on over & join us on our settee saying that he looked lonely way over there. He didn’t have to be asked twice & he stood up & walked over & sat the other side of my wife. So there we were the three of us naked sitting on the settee with Trudy laid back in the middle & me on one side knackered & limp & Donald sitting on the other with a massive complex on. To be honest I just didn’t know what was going to happen next. I was as thirsty as hell so I asked the pair of them if they wanted another drink. Trudy wanted a Bacardi which was a satisfactory sign that she was still enjoying herself & had no intention of going to bed just yet. Donald wanted another Vodka so I eased off the settee & went into the kitchen to fix us all another drink. The freezer in the kitchen was out of ice so I had to go outside to the garage to obtain some more from the chest freezer. I put on a fleece & a pair of slippers & slipped out the back door & across the garden to the garage. As I crossed the garden I could see my wife & Donald through the huge French doors. They were still sitting beside each other on the settee yet they had their arms around each other & were snogging again. It took me a few minutes to obtain the ice from the freezer & as I came back across the garden I could see that she had her right hand on his cock & her left hand was gently massaging his huge balls. He was rubbing her pussy with his left hand & had his right hand on her breasts. I went back into the kitchen & fixed us all another round of drinks. I made Trudy’s extra strong as I just didn’t want this night to end. I took them their drinks put another few CD’s into the stereo & then came out of the sunroom to head down to the bathroom to clean myself up again. By the time I came back into the kitchen I could see that my wife’s head was now bobbing up & down on Donald’s lap & she was obviously giving him another blow job, & by the look on his face he was enjoying every minute of it. His right hand was on the top of her head sort of pushing her up & down on his cock. As I stepped down into the sun room I just couldn’t believe my eyes. My wife who had already been fucked twice this evening, straightened up & swung her right leg over Donald & ended up straddling him with her hands either side of his head holding onto the top of the settee. I had a attractive view of her nice round ass as he rubbed the tip of his cock against her lips a few times before she gently lowered herself down onto his huge throbbing cock. She was really well lubricated by two lots of cum & although it took him a while to work his cock into her just twenty minutes earlier when she was on her knees, this time she just slide down onto it in one wet smooth horny motion. Once she was well settled on his shaft she leant forward so that Donald could lick & suck her breasts as he began to thrust his huge thick cock in & out of my wife’s pussy for the second time that evening, only this time she was the one on top. Between his cum, then my cum & her love juices his cock was absolutely soaking as he started to really thrust in & out of her again. He had his hands on each cheek of her ass & was practically lifting her up off his thick cock before she slammed back down on it again. The two of them were moaning again & this time it was Donald who was the most vocal. He was telling my wife to fuck him in no uncertain terms & this just seemed to excite her all the more & she really moved her ass up & down on his cock as he said “ Fuck me Trudy just Fuck me”. She was moaning & he was grunting & I was just standing there taking it all in. After approximately three or four minutes my wife slowed it right down & then slowly raised herself up off my friends cock & proceeded to turn herself round the other way so that she was facing me as she straddled him again. This time I had a perfect view of my wife’s neat shaved little pussy as she used her right hand to guide Donald’s complex cock back into her soaking wet lips. She lent right back with her two hands behind her on his chest & his hands were cupping her breasts as he slowly started to thrust his cock back up into her. She was looking me straight in the eye as she moaned & groaned & took every inch of his cock as his huge balls slapped off her cunt lips. Her clit was really prominent in this position & as I watched the two of them fucking again I felt my erection starting to return. I walked over & stood right in front of her for a few minutes just stroking my cock & watched as my friend’s thick shaft disappeared into my wife’s cunt. I looked at her & looked at him they both had their eyes closed & were starting to obtain lost in the moment again. I leant right forward & started to kiss my wife gently on the mouth & gently rubbed her clitoral hood with one finger. Donald’s hands were now on my wife’s hips & he was grinding her down complex onto his cock as her tits bounced up & down in time to his thrusts. I started to kiss & suck her breasts & after approximately a minute or so she put one hand on my head & pushed me further down until my face was right down in front of her clit. I was now on my knees in front of the two of them & my face was three inches away from my friend’s cock & my wife’s pussy as he thrust in & out of her. I started to lick Trudy’s clit & she really started to moan again. Her breathing was coming in little short sharp gasps & she was telling Donald to fuck her harder & telling me to keep licking her clit. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers & I could actually feel his huge magnificent cock as it slide in & out of her. Donald was doing all the work as he thrust his hips up off the settee & buried his cock in her cunt over & over again while I continued to lick her lips & clit with his cock inches from my face & his huge balls practically bouncing off my chin. This time it was my wife who came first. She was gasping for breath & practically screaming at Donald telling him not to stop as she kept saying to him “Harder Just Fuck me Harder” By this time I was rock complex & was so turned on by what I was seeing & hearing that I could feel my own climax building. My wife was practically hyperventilating & her face was all screwed up in the throes of a build up to a really strong orgasm. I could feel Donald’s tempo increasing as well & he received louder & louder as his cock rammed in & out of my wife & I knew that he was moreover close to cuming. Then my wife screamed & started to shudder & shake as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. I had seen my wife orgasm many times before yet this was something completely different & way more intense. Donald sensing her cunt tightening on his cock & feeling her orgasm moreover cried out as he thrust her up so complex that she practically lifted right off the settee as he emptied his cum deep into my wife’s pussy for the second time that night. With the two of them writhing in ecstasy in front of me I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I stood up & lent forward & with my hand on my cock blasted a huge load of cum all over my wife’s cunt & belly & all the way up to her tits. Eventually she stopped shuddering & she collapsed back on top of Donald. He hadn’t quite finished cuming & was still thrusting into her with the last of his ejaculations. When he had finished he just collapsed back down onto the settee with his cock still buried deep in my wife’s pussy right up to his huge hairy balls. They lay like that for approximately five minutes this time & I just sank onto the settee beside them to catch my breath. Trudy eventually opened her eyes & smiled at me again & she asked me to obtain her some tissues. I went into the kitchen & brought the kitchen roll in to her. She wiped my cum off her belly & tits & the front of her cunt & then she eased herself off Donald’s cock which was still semi complex & still well inside my wife. As she stood up there was a virtual stream of semen & love juices just running out of her. She smiled at the two of us as she said “Oh my God Donald, just how much cum did you shoot into me” She finished wiping herself & we all sat there for approximately another ten minutes or so just chatting approximately how much pleasant we just had as we guzzled the remainder of our drinks.

Trudy eventually received up from the settee & went down to the bathroom to clean herself up giving the two of us a huge smile & a attractive view as we watched her leave the room. Donald & I just couldn’t believe how horny we were all still feeling. Yes we were all still a little drunk (Trudy & Donald more than I). Donald told me again that he thought that Trudy was an absolute goddess & said that I was the luckiest man alive. At that point I had to agree with him. I have to admit though that I thought that would be it over for the night & that Trudy would probably be feeing real guilty & would obtain dressed into her pyjamas before she came back into the room & that would be the signal for the pleasant being over for the evening. How wrong was I? She had obviously been down to the bedroom after she received cleaned up because when she came back into the sun room she was wearing this sexy little see through baby doll negligee that I had bought her for her birthday & had slipped on a killer pair of high heels & sort of strutted back into the sunroom. She walked over to where Donald & I were sitting & just took the two of us by the hand & said “Let’s go to bed boys. I might never ever do this again so we may as well make the most of tonight” We followed her down the hall to our bedroom watching her ass wiggle as she strode in front of us. We didn’t really obtain much sleep that night as we spent the next three & a half hours just making love in lots of different positions. At times I would just watch her & Donald making love & sometimes he would be sitting on the edge of the bed watching me & my wife fuck. At one point during the evening Donald & Trudy were lying back on the bed in the 69 position while she reached across & wanked me off at the same time just to see who she could obtain to come first. I think I lost that one yet only just as Donald came seconds after me. Later on I who was making love to her as she lay back on the bed with her head on the pillows & Donald was straddling her on his knees at the same time & I watched as she gave him yet another blowjob as he slipped his cock in & out of her mouth. This time, just as he was starting to cum she gripped his cock tightly & kept just the tip of his knob in her mouth as he ejaculated. She was making sure that she drained every drop of his cum straight from his throbbing cock. That was another first for my wife that evening as she usually would refuse to even let me come in her mouth. I honestly lost count of the number of times my wife received fucked that night yet we all really enjoyed our time together. It was after four in the morning before we eventually received to sleep. Trudy was snuggled up to my friend’s chest & he had his arms wrapped around her & I snuggled into her back with my hands on her waist. We were all totally fucked in every sense of the word. The next morning Trudy woke first & received up approximately eleven o’clock. Donald & I recounted some of the pleasant from the night before & we both thought that Trudy would probably be feeling mega guilty & that we should maybe obtain up as well. But before we could make a move Trudy came back to bed with a couple of bacon rolls & just climbed back into bed between the two of us. What happened next … well that’s a storey for another day. !!

Photos of Laura

I had been seeing Laura off & on for a couple years, we were fuck buddies at best, & at our worst would go weeks not talking. We had been on again for a while when Laura called & invited herself over that night. Laura was exceptionally hot, long blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body, year round tan, nice B cup breasts, & a shaved pussy that I loved to eat.

Usually when Laura came over after work she would bring a sexy outfit with her & dress up for me, occasionally we took pictures of her in various states of dress & undress that we would save & look at later. That evening was no exception. When I received home Laura was already there, she’d let herself in. She was sitting on my dining room table, bare legs dangling over the side. She was wearing a pair of my boxers & one of my dress shirts, unbuttoned.

I could see her tanned stomach through the opening of the shirt, & a hint of her breasts at the edges of the shirt, she was smiling at me playfully from across the room. As I crossed the room to her she slid her hand down the front of the boxers she was wearing, rubbed herself, pulled her hand out & stuck two of her fingers in her mouth while moaning at me. I received to her & pressed up against her, she had scooted up to the edge of the table, & was pressing back against me. The shirt opened a bit & I ran my hands up to her tits.

Laura kissed me, shoved her tongue into my mouth, & started taking my shirt off. I backed up a bit & dropped to my knees, which let her completely remove my shirt. Quickly I reached up & pulled my boxers off of her, sliding them down her legs, over her ankles, & off her feet. Her bare, shaved, tanned pussy was right in front of me & I wasted no time in putting my tongue to it. She was dripping wet, her cunt lips were glistening with her juices, & I stuck my tongue right onto her clit. Laura jumped & then started wiggling her ass around on the table, she was wiggling her pussy against my mouth & tongue.

In no time at all she came, her moans growing louder & louder until she was practically screaming. I knew all the neighbors could hear us, & I knew that Laura did too, yet I think the thought of her letting everyone know how complex she was cumming turned her on more. Wanting to make her cum harder I reached up with my hands & started fingering pussy her while I sucked her clit into my mouth. I rolled her clit between my tongue & lips as I shoved two fingers inside her causing her to buck her hips against me. Her knees where on my shoulders, her hands on the table behind her, & she was holding herself up pressing her pussy against my face.

She started cumming again, & grabbed a handful of my hair with one hand & held my face against her pussy. Her moans were just as loud as the first time she came, yet she was wiggling more on the table. As she started coming down, her breath coming back to her, she looked down at me & said, “Please fuck me. Fuck me now”.

I stood up & Laura kissed me, sucking her own pussy juices off my tongue, while I started taking my pants off. Laura’s hands moved frantically trying to assist me obtain my pants & boxers off, she was out of control at this point, all she wanted was a complex fucking. My cock sprang free from my boxers & Laura hungrily grabbed it, slowly jerking her hand up & down the length of my shaft, still kissing me.

As I stepped out of the boxers Laura repositioned herself on the edge of the table, her wet pussy spread & waiting. She guided my cock straight to her waiting cunt, the heat her body was generating was intense. “Give me your cock”, Laura said, “shove your huge cock in me”.

She started kissing me again as I entered her. Both of her hands were on the table behind her, & I put my hands on her hips. Her pussy was so wet that I slid in with no resistance, & when the whole length of my cock was inside her she let out a loud moan. Immediately she started rocking her hips back & forth & I started thrusting to meet her. My cock pounded in & out of her pussy with each thrust, the sound of our bodies slamming together indicating that the whole length of my cock was inside her. Each movement brought my cock out of her pussy until just the tip was inside of her & then immediately she would slam back against me taking all of my cock.

“Yes! Fuck me! FUCK… FUCK…”, Laura was moaning in time with our fucking. I knew she was doing it just so the neighbors would hear us, not that we weren’t both already moaning loud enough for that. Our pace increased, our fucking becoming more fevered, both of us getting turned on by the noises the other was making & knowing that other people could hear us. She leaned back & brought her hips up off the table, using her hands as leverage, the position left her tits completely exposed & I stared at them enjoying watching them bounce in front of me.

It didn’t take long after that for me to start cumming. The feel of her tight pussy gripping my cock, the sight of her tits lewdly bouncing, & her chants of, “fuck me… fuck me…”, had pushed me over the edge. Laura pushed her body complex against mine, taking my cock deep in her pussy, as I started pumping her full of my cum. She had been having one long orgasm, yet she started cumming harder as I emptied my cock into her waiting cunt. We stayed like that for a minute kissing, my cock going slowly limp inside of her pussy, she was still on the edge of the table.

After that Laura & I took a shower to clean up & obtain rid of the sweat. In the shower she rubbed her body against mine, the soap & water making her slick, her tits pressing into my chest as she kissed me. I was starting to obtain worked up again watching her run her hands over her naked body & Laura smiled at my growing cock.

She knelt down in front of me, spreading her legs, & sucked my half limp cock into her mouth. Laura moved one hand to her pussy & started fingering herself & she put her other hand on my balls. “I love it while you finger yourself & suck my cock”, I said looking down at her. My cock was disappearing in & out of her mouth, she was moaning softly, & her hand was working furiously over her pussy. Watching her suck my cock & finger herself was completely erotic & I was getting complex again.

When my cock was completely complex Laura stood up & turned her back toward me. “Put your cock in me”, she said looking over her shoulder at me. She put her hands on the shower wall & stuck her ass out toward me. I moved up behind her, my complex cock sticking out in front of me, & aimed right toward her pussy. She pushed back against me & I pushed my complex cock into her, sliding into her pussy easily. We spent a few minutes fucking in the shower, her ass slapping back against me as I fucked my cock in & out of her tight cunt.

Laura came once more in the shower, yet I couldn’t cum again so shortly so we received out of the shower & headed to my bedroom. I turned on the lights in the bedroom & received out my camera, meanwhile Laura started getting dressed. First she slipped on a black thong, followed by a pair of sheer black stockings. I started taking some pictures while she was getting dressed & Laura was flirting to the camera the whole time, bending over to make sure I received a shot of her from behind, squeezing her tits toward me.

The final piece of clothing was a purple corset which she laced up slowly to tease me. “Where do you want me?”, she asked.

“Bend over the bed & stick your ass toward me”, I replied. Laura bent over the bed, her heels making her stocking covered legs look great, & she wiggled her ass at me. I took some pictures of her thong covered pussy, her stockings & heels, as she looked back at the camera over her shoulder. “Hook two fingers in your thong & pull it aside, let me see your pussy”, I told her.

She reached one hand beneath her, sliding it between her legs & into her thong. I kept taking pictures as she dipped two fingers into her pussy, her thong still in place. Laura never took her eyes off my still stiff cock as she worked her fingers in & out of her pussy, moaning softly as she did. Then she pushed the thong aside, revealing her wet cunt for the camera. Her pussy lips were glistening she was so wet, & I could see her clit poking out pink & puffy. I received close for some pictures as she worked her fingers back inside herself.

Laura turned slightly & arched her back, using her free hand to pull one of her tits free from the corset. I received a shot of her massaging her free tit, rubbing the nipple between her fingers, while her other hand was still buried between her legs. She continued to rub her pussy, the thong pushed aside, while I moved around to obtain some more pictures. “Climb on the bed & let me see you play with your pussy”, I told her.

I moved to the end of the bed & kept taking pictures as she received on her knees, ass & pussy toward me. Laura slid her thong down her stocking covered legs & then returned her hand to her dripping cunt. I managed to obtain a few more pictures of her fingers disappearing into her pussy, her tits out of the corset & hanging beneath her, before I couldn’t take it anymore. Stepping up to the edge of the bed I moved my cock to her waiting hole & slid inside of her. She started moaning again, loudly, as I fucked her from behind. I ran one hand across her ass, teasing her asshole lightly with my thumb, & she exploded in orgasm.

She came so complex she nearly pushed me back off the bed, the force of her pushing against me cause my thumb to slip inside her ass. This only drove her more wild with lust, she was completely out of control at this point, bucking against my complex cock & exploring hand. It went like this for a few minutes before I once again pumped a load of cum into her tight pussy. Laura orgasmed complex as I did, practically screaming as she came, our thrashing causing the bed to shake. Then, just as she was coming down & starting to catch her breath, I slid my other hand from her ass to her pussy & rubbed her clit again. Immediately her body began twitching & a string of moans was coming out of her mouth between her short breaths.

Laura’s orgasm was intense, her body kept bucking & she kept pushing back against my still stiff cock that was buried in her pussy. After a minute of this she couldn’t take anymore, between breaths I heard her begging, “Oh please…. please… no more… no more…” She had a firm grip on my wrist, yet I couldn’t tell if she was trying to pry my hand away from her pussy or if she was holding me in place making sure I didn’t stop rubbing her clit. Eventually though her entire body collapsed, her breath escaping in a loud moan, she separated herself from me & just laid there on the bed breathing heavily.

Her hair was a mess, the sweat glistening on her body making her hair stick to her. She had a huge smile on her face though, & as I laid down on the bed next to her she curled up next to me & laid her head on my shoulder. We fell asleep like that.


Home Alone

Julie & I had been married for approximately nine years & she was just as attractive as the day we received married, petite with a tight body, long brown hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, & firm D-cup breasts. It was late Thursday evening & we were looking forward to a three day weekend at home thanks to the Monday holiday. Our plan was to enjoy our time alone by staying shut up in the house & having a lot of sex.
We had just finished having sex & were cuddled in bed watching some television when the power went out. The entire bedroom went dark, my wife & I just sat there for a minute waiting to see if the lights were going to come back on, yet after a while nothing was happening. “Why don’t you go obtain us something to eat & drink, & I will light some candles?”, my wife asked.
So I stumbled downstairs in the dark, still naked, & headed toward the kitchen. I rummaged through the refrigerator grabbing some water & some snacks. When I went to stand up I felt a pain in the back of my head & then… everything went black.
When I came to it was dark & my head was swimming. I wasn’t in the kitchen anymore, it looked like I was in the master bedroom yet it was too dark to be sure. It felt like I was under water, I couldn’t move & I was having trouble making out why. I tried to call out to my wife, she had to have moved me, yet there was something in my mouth, some kind of cloth & all that came out were mumbles.
I was regaining my senses, yet my confusion was mounting. Moving was impossible because I was tied to the chair in the corner of the master bedroom, & there was some kind of cloth or gag tied into my mouth. There was no way to tell how long I was out & I had no way to tell what time it was now. For a while I struggled to free myself, yet wasn’t making any progress.
There was a light in the hallway, I could barely see it out of the corner of my eye, & it appeared to be moving toward the bedroom. I couldn’t be sure, yet it didn’t look like candle light. Julie must have gotten one of the flashlights & was coming to the bedroom. As the light received closer I could make out more of the bedroom, & I could see a figure on the bed.
My confusion increased as I slowly made out the person on the bed, it was my wife Julie. She was still naked & it looked like she was tied to the bed. The sheets, blankets, & pillows were all over the place; there had obviously been a struggle. Without the air conditioning the bedroom was getting stuffy, & I could see sweat forming on my wife’s body.
Noise from the hallway drew my attention to the bedroom door, & when I turned to look there was a light shining in my eyes; I couldn’t see anything. I heard a man’s voice say, “He’s awake”. The flashlight turned from my face & focused on the bed, my naked wife was clearly visible, & as I suspected, she had been tied to the bed on her back with what looked like sheets. There was more light coming from the hallway & I could see the man standing in the door to the bedroom. He was a large, black man, well muscled & over six feet tall, dressed all in black with a ski mask.
Two more men, dressed just like him, entered the master bedroom behind him, each carrying a flashlight. It was obvious they were robbing our house. The two new guys put their lights on me, blinding me again.
“I think we’ve received most everything”, a second man’s voice said.
“Lucky the power’s out”, a third man’s voice said.
“Check this out boys”, said the first voice. All three flashlights turned to focused on the bed, my wife laying still.
“Sweet tits”.
One of the lights shined back on me, I was still naked. “Looks like we caught them fucking”, one of the men said.
Another light landed on me, focused on my naked groin. “With that tiny dick?”, one of the men said. “Couldn’t have been too satisfactory huh honey?” The light returned to my wife. I was getting embarrassed, probably blushing red, yet my wife was certainly blushing from the three strange men staring at her.
“You want a real cock honey?”, one of the men teased. My wife shook her head & tried to slid over on the bed, yet was held in place by the sheets tying her down.
One of the men was moving toward the bed, his hand working at his zipper. “What the fuck are you doing?”, one of the other men asked. “We don’t have time for this”.
“Why not?”, the man near the bed asked. “We searched the house, there’s no one else here, & there’s no alarm”.
“Someone might be on their way here”, the third man said.
The large black man stepped over to me & took the gag out of my mouth. I screamed for assist & he hit me complex right in the face. For a minute I reeled, my head was ringing, & white flashes were clouding my vision. “Scream again & I’ll hit you again”, he said down to me. “Is there anyone coming to your house?”
I responded no before I could even think. “See, we’ve received all night”, the man by the bed said still working at his zipper.
“Fuck that. We’ve received all weekend”, the third man said. The three men chuckled & the large black man stuffed the gag back into my mouth.
“How approximately it honey?”, the man by the bed asked. “You want some of this?” He turned his flashlight down revealing a white cock sticking out of his pants. It was big, even half-hard it was clear that his cock would be huge once fully erect. My wife’s eyes received huge as she started at this guy’s cock, watched as he waggled it at her. “I think she wants some boys”, the man said.
My wife squirmed on the bed again, trying to obtain out of the restraints & away from the man standing next to the bed. She watched as the man took off his shoes, pants, & then his boxers. I was straining against my binds, trying to obtain free, & the black man beside me noticed. He smacked me again, for a minute I lost concentration, & then pain brought me back to my senses as he tightened the sheets.
After he finished I couldn’t move at all, & I was starting to injure all over. I heard the bed creak & I looked. The man that was naked from the waist down was climbing onto the bed trying to obtain between my wife’s legs, yet she was keeping her knees locked together. The other two guys went to the bed, grabbed some pillow cases, & started tying my wife’s ankles to the corners of the bed.
When they were done they stood back & looked. My wife’s legs were now completely spread, exposing her pussy for them all to see, the small patch of brown hair above her lips was shining in the flashlights from her sweat. The half naked man climbed back up onto the bed, between my wife’s legs, & put one hand right onto my wife’s exposed cunt.
I heard my wife squeal beneath her gag, she thrashed her head back & forth, & tried to buck her hips. The man held on tight to my wife with one hand, rubbing her clit, one finger inside of her. With his other hand he was jerking his cock to life, getting it hard, enjoying watching my wife try to obtain away. One of the other guys used the lighter to start lighting the candles my wife had placed around the bedroom, & shortly there was enough light to see without the need for the flashlights.
“You ready for this bitch?”, the man on the bed asked my wife. His cock was completely erect now & it was just as huge as I thought it would be, twice the size of mine easily. Julie looked down at it & her eyes received really big, she started screaming, yet the gag in her mouth muffled it. The man knelt closer to my wife, lined the head of his cock up again my wife’s pussy lips, & Julie started to pull away.
I started to yell against the gag which brought the attention of the man closest to me. He reached down with one of his huge hands & grabbed a handful of my hair, jerked my head to the side, & growled in my ear, “You keep making noise & I’m going to beat you unconscious”. He let go & I turned my head away from the bed, yet he grabbed my hair again & forced my head so that I was looking at the bed. “You’re going to watch this so you know that we mean business”.
My wife was still pulling away from the man on the bed as he tried to obtain his cock in her. He & the other man standing next to the bed were enjoying teasing her, they were laughing at her attempts to pull away. Despite her best attempts though my wife could not dislodge the guy’s cock head from between her pussy lips. When the man had enough teasing he grabbed my wife’s hips, held her still, leaned forward, & using his weight buried the entire length of his huge cock in her pussy.
Julie screamed against the gag, her head pressed back against the bed, her entire body tense. Her hands were gripping the sheets tied around her wrists & she was pulling on them hard. The man began sliding his cock out of her pussy & it just kept coming & coming, the length of it was incredible. “She’s so wet”, the man said, “she must really need a satisfactory fucking”. Just as the head of his cock became visible, still enveloped by my wife’s pussy lips, he slammed his whole cock back into her, their bodies making a slapping sound as they came together.
Again my wife screamed, her entire body was tense & straining against the sheets binding her, her toes curled, it was obvious she was in pain. I screamed against the gag, & the black man holding my hair looked down at me. “Of course she needs a satisfactory fucking”, he said, “look at this little limp dick bastard”. With that he reached down & smacked my dick & balls. It injure so offensive I almost passed out. When I looked back up Julie was on the bed, tears coming from her eyes, & she was looking at me with pain in her eyes.
Each time the man would push into her, Julie would grunt complex against the gag, never once did she untense or stop pulling against her binds. This nightmare scene played out in front of me for endless minutes before the man fucking my wife announced he was cumming. He pushed himself deep into my wife & I could see his balls tense up as he moaned. My wife stayed tense as the man pumped his cum into her pussy, the force of his thrusts causing her body to shake, which caused her tits to bounce back & forth.
“Mmm… look at these titties”, the third man said. Until now he’d been standing next to the bed, just watching, yet as his friend finished cumming & pulled out of my wife, he reached down & grabbed two handfuls of my Julie’s tits. I watched helplessly as the man massaged & played with her breasts, yet when he pinched her nipples my wife jumped. Her entire body twisted up, the man obviously liked the reaction, so he pinched them again causing my wife to wiggle again.
Julie pulled against the sheets that tied her to the bed. She was trying to free herself yet she couldn’t. The man that had just finished fucking my wife went to the bathroom where he received a towel & wiped his cock off. Meanwhile the man next to the bed started getting undressed. As his pants came off I could see that he too was black, & just as well built as the man that was guarding me, & from the way his underwear was straining it looked like his cock was already complex & just as huge as the first guy’s.
He moved to the head of the bed, right beside my wife’s face, & looking down at her he said, “You ever had black dick before?” Julie was just staring at the huge bulge in the guy’s underwear, her eyes wide with fear, & when she didn’t answer the man motioned to the man standing next to me. I looked up in time to see his fist coming toward me, & then with a loud smack I was hit again.
“Whenever we ask a question, you answer, or your hubby over there gets more pain. You understand?” I heard the man talking to my wife through a haze, yet clearly enough, I saw my wife nod. “Good. Now, have you ever had a black dick before?”, he asked my wife again. I knew my wife hadn’t, she’s only dated three guys before me in college & I knew two of them.
Julie nodded her head at the man. Surprise mingled with my fear & pain, surely she was just telling a lie to placate them. “Good, was it as huge as mine?” This time my wife shook her head. “Then I’ll let you have a closer look before I stick it in you”, he said. And with that he shoved his underwear down to the floor. His cock was long & thick, dark all over, with a darker head. It was just slightly bigger than the first guy’s. My wife just looked at it in shock as he held it inches away from her face. She was so surprised by it that she wasn’t even trying to obtain away. Like me, she could only stare.
And then he moved to the foot of the bed & climbed up between my wife’s legs. Julie tried to climb higher on the bed, to obtain as much distance between her & the monster cock moving toward her, yet there was nowhere for her to go. The man grabbed one of my wife’s tits & squeezed it causing Julie to twitch again, while her ran his other hand up & down the length of his shaft. “You want me to fuck you with this?”, he asked my wife holding his cock up triumphantly. Julie shook her head violently.
The man beside me slammed his fist into my gut. It knocked the wind out of me, & I was having trouble breathing with the gag in my mouth. I was afraid that I would black out from the pain & lack of air, yet I managed to stay conscious. “Every time you donate an answer we don’t like, we’ll injure your husband”, the man said to my wife. Julie was looking at me with tears in her eyes again.
“Now, do you want me to fuck you with this huge black dick?”, he asked my wife while still holding his cock up for her to see. Slowly Julie nodded at him, it was just a small nod, yet when she thought it might not be enough she gave a bigger nod. “That’s what I thought”, the man said to my wife. He moved himself right up between Julie’s spread legs & laid his cock on her stomach. The contrast between the dark color of his dick & the paleness of my wife’s skin was amazing, almost as astonishing as how huge his dick was.
For a minute he held his cock against my wife’s clit & just rubbing it back & forth in slow strokes, obviously enjoying teasing my wife. Julie wasn’t moving at all, just laying there under the watchful eyes of me & the three strangers. Then, the man moved his cock to my wife’s pussy & slowly began to penetrate her. As he pushed into her Julie grunted through the gag, yet she didn’t move. And then, after what seemed like minutes, the last of his cock disappeared into Julie’s gaping cunt. For a minute they just stayed like that, him completely buried inside of her, & her held tight to the bed by the weight of his body & the sheets she was tied up with.
Just as I thought the pain was subsiding for my wife, the man started pumping his cock in & out of her. He held himself above her, pounding his cock down into my poor wife, his huge cock stretching my wife’s pussy as far as it could go. The man was moaning with each stroke, smacking his body down against my wife, & Julie was grunting each time he would pull out & slam back in. I could only imagine how much pain she was in, the force of his fucking causing her tits to bounce & her body to come up off the bed.
As he received close to cumming his pace increased, & he was pulling almost all the way out before slamming his huge, black dick back down into my wife’s forcefully spread pussy. And then he came. The man let out a half-grunt, half-yell as he pushed down into Julie, all of his cock inside of her. Julie was grunting in pain, yet still the man held himself deep in her cunt as he emptied his load.
Julie’s body started twitching & I feared something was wrong with her. She had been breathing heavily & grunting in pain, I feared she might be suffocating, & her body had been tense the whole time. Helplessly I watched as she was held in place under this stranger while impaled on his cock. Finally the man relaxed & a few seconds after my wife’s body stopped twitching. “Damn this pussy is tight”, the man said, “and I think she just came”.
There was no way that was true, my wife couldn’t have gotten off from being raped. But as the strangers began to chuckle & I started to replay my wife’s motions in my head I knew it was true. I knew Julie too well, she had just cum as a stranger raped her, in our own bed. “Well honey”, the man addressed my wife, “Did you just cum on my big, black dick?” Julie nodded shyly. “See, told you”, he said to his friends.
“I think she’s starting to like this”, the black man that had been guarding me said. “Let’s see how she likes me”. The first man to fuck my wife handed a towel to the man climbing off the bed. Meanwhile the huge black man next to me was undressing.
He took off his shirt, pants, socks & shoes like the other guys, & then removed his ski mask. “What are you doing?”, one of his friends asked.
“It’s dark, they ain’t gonna see well enough”, the huge black man retorted. “And besides, once I donate this pussy a few more orgasms, she won’t want us to leave much less tell anybody”.
Again the three strangers chuckled. The huge black man moved to the bed, wearing only a pair of boxers, & looked down at my wife. “You want me to remove the gag?”, he asked Julie. She nodded in response. “I will, yet if you start screaming for assist I’m going to shove it down your throat & then we’re all going to beat your husband unconscious. Understand?” Again Julie nodded.
The man reached down & untied the cloth & removed it from my wife’s mouth. Julie immediately took a deep breath. For a minute the man let her lay there & just breathe. Finally he asked her, “Now, do you want to see my dick?” My wife nodded yet was interrupted by the man, “You ain’t received no gag anymore. You can talk”.
“Yes”, my wife whispered.
“Yes what?”, the man asked.
“Yes…”, my wife searched for the right thing to say. “I want to see your dick”, she finished. The man smiled down at Julie & then turned toward me, his back now to my wife, & then he removed his boxers.
I received to see his complex dick first, & it was the same length as the cocks of the other black man yet it was noticeably thicker. His smile widened as he turned back toward my wife, hands on his hips. Julie was holding her head up off the bed, watching the man turn toward her, & she gasped when she received an eyeful of his complex dick. He stopped with his dick hanging right in front of my wife’s face, & then asked her, “You like that?”
“Yes”, Julie said.
“Yes what?”, he demanded quickly.
“Yes, I like your dick”, my wife said rather convincingly.
“You want me to fuck you with this?”, the man asked.
“Yes, please fuck me with your huge dick”, my wife answered.
“That’s more like it”, the man answered as he climbed up onto the bed. “You make my dick complex when you talk like that”. He was positioning himself at the opening of my wife’s cunt, & I wasn’t sure that his cock was going to fit inside my wife. “You keep talking dirty & I’ll make you orgasm really good”. I could see the cum from the other two guys leaking out of Julie’s pussy & was thankful that she would at least have some lubrication so that it wouldn’t injure her as much. As he started to push into my wife she tensed up, her entire body went stiff again, her toes curled, & she grabbed the sheets bound around her wrists & pulled.
“Ahh…”, my wife exhaled a small pained gasp. The man pushed forward some more & the head of his cock disappeared into my wife’s pussy, her pink lips now wrapped around the top of his shaft. “AAHH!”, Julie yelped as he pushed deeper. She wasn’t moving, just holding still, breathing heavily, each exhale accompanied by a grunt of pain with the occasional yelp.
It was obvious that the size of his dick was causing her pain, there was a small stream of tears coming from the corner of her eye & her teeth were clenched. The man stopped moving for a minute, just holding himself in place. Julie had her head pressed back against the bed, yet brought her head up & looked down at the huge black dick that was penetrating her. “If you don’t tense up so much”, the man said to her, “it won’t injure as much”. She looked up at his face, yet his back was toward me so I don’t know what she saw there. “You haven’t had dick this huge before huh?”, he asked my wife.
“No”, she said more easily. Her body was softening, her grip & mouth loosening.
“Well I’m only a third of the way in”, he replied. It was true, I could see that not even half of his dick was inside my wife. “So you relax a bit & we’ll obtain through this part. This will only injure the first time”, he finished.
‘First time?’, I thought.
Julie laid her head back & started taking deep breaths, trying to relax, & it looked like it was working. She let go of the sheets around her wrists, rested her arms on the bed, closed her eyes, & her body relaxed a bit. After a minute the man started pulling his dick out of my wife, & then slowly started pushing back in. “Oohh…”, Julie moaned as his dick slid in a bit deeper. I was still hazy from all the hits to my head, yet it didn’t sound like she was in pain anymore, which I was thankful for.
Steadily the man rocked his hips, his cock pulling out of my wife’s pussy with a wet sound only to then push back inside her a littler deeper than the time before. With each inward thrust my wife gave a little grunt. Thankfully he was going slowly, & it didn’t look like my wife was in pain anymore. And then with one last push, after what felt like forever, he was all the way inside Julie’s cunt. From where I was sitting I could see her pussy lips stretched tight, a deep shade of pink, contrasting against the huge, black cock they were wrapped around. He held still for just a minute, letting my wife obtain used to the sensation.
Then he lifted his hips up & pulled the whole of his dick out of my wife. His cock head was still touching Julie’s pussy lips, & I could see more cum dripping out of my wife’s cunt. The guy’s cock was glistening wet from being buried in my wife. He held himself above my wife for a few seconds, & then as shortly as Julie opened her eyes he slammed back down into her. The force caused the bed to shake, their bodies slammed together with a loud smack, her eyes shut tight, & she let out a scream as her breath left her.
From then on her didn’t let up. The man just kept pulling all the way out & then slamming his huge dick back down causing the bed to shake & my wife to scream. “OH! OH! OH!”, my wife yelled in rhythm with his fucking motion.
“You like that bitch?”, he asked, never breaking his rhythm.
“Yes! Yes! Fuck Yes!”, Julie responded.
“Yes what?”, he demanded.
“Yes I like it!”, Julie was yelling, only interrupted when he slammed deep into her & the smack of their bodies coming together forced the air out of her. “Oh Fuck! I love it! I love your cock! I love your fucking! I love it! Oh Fuck!” My wife had hold of the sheets that were binding her wrists again, she was pulling on them tight, & then her whole body started shaking. As she convulsed I knew that she was cumming, harder than I’d ever seen her cum, & she continued to yell louder than I’d ever heard her the whole time she orgasmed.
I couldn’t take it any more. I broke down & started crying, my head falling down toward my chest, tears dripping onto my naked stomach as I sobbed.
My wife’s yells subsided & turned into deep gasps for breath. I looked up, still crying, to see the man holding himself deep inside my wife as she finished twitching, her hips bucking up against his. Julie let out a soft coo as her orgasm subsided. “Did you just cum?”, the man asked me wife.
“Fuck yes.”, Julie said contently. Everything approximately her had softened. Her reply caused all three guys to laugh slightly.
“Well obtain ready for a few more”, the man said as he resumed the piston-like motion. “And from now on, I want you to let us know when you’re cumming”, he commanded my wife.
“Yes!”, Julie said, her hips pumping up off the bed to meet the thrust of the guy’s thick black dick.
“Yes what?”, he asked. One of the two guys standing next to me hit me, I didn’t even see it coming through my tears, yet it injure like hell anyway.
“Yes! Fuck Me!”, my wife responded. “Fuck me with that huge dick! Make me cum again”.
“You keep talking dirty to me & I’ll make your tight little pussy feel good”.
My wife was moving her body in rhythm with the guy’s fucking, never once did she stop making noise. When she wasn’t grunting & moaning she would say things. Things like, “Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Oh Shit!”, & then after a few more minutes she announced she was cumming again. “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum… Oh Fuck I’m Cumming!”, Julie yelled.
The man fucking her increased his pace, groaning & slamming down into her complex with each stroke, & her yelling received louder. “Yes! Give me that cum!”, she yelled, “Give me your black cum! Fill my pussy!” The man pushed deep into her cunt, holding himself inside her with his weight as they both came.
Eventually they both finished groaning & moaning. I was crying at the horrible things happening to my wife, yet she had a smile on her face. The man on top of her sat up so that he was kneeling between my wife’s legs, his cock so long it was still inside her even from this position. “You want to cum again?”, he asked look down at my wife’s tits.
“Yes I want to cum again yet I don’t think I can”, Julie responded short of breath. The three strangers had fucked her for almost an hour straight.
“Oh yes you can”, the man said smiling.
He put on hand on her stomach & slowly started to slide it downward, inching toward her pussy. Julie figured out what he was going to do & started chanting, “Oh no. Oh no. Oh please”. And then his fingers made contact with her exposed, pink clit. “OOHHH FUUUCK!”, she yelled, her hips rose up off the bed as he rubbed back & forth. My wife was moaning at the top of her lungs, bucking her hips up & down causing his cock to move in & out of her pussy making a wet, squishing sound as it did. She must have orgasmed for a minute straight, moaning & chanting, “I’m cumming… I’m cumming… I’m cumming”, the whole time.
And then he moved his hand away & Julie collapsed onto the bed. His dick dropped out of her pussy, yet she just lay there, breathing heavily, her chest rising & falling. Both of them were covered in sweat, her naked tits shining in the soft light that filled the room. Cum was leaking out of her pussy & mixing with her sweat, running down onto the bed. Julie seemed oblivious though, she just lay there with a content look on her face, eyes closed.
The thick black man received up off the bed & wiped himself off with the towel. Both of the other men were complex again, their cocks sticking out in front of them. “It’s fucking hot in here”, the thick black man said. He walked over & opened both windows, the windows that faced the neighbor’s house. I knew it was too dark for anyone to see anything, & probably the neighbors were asleep at this point anyway, yet I strained my eyes in the hope of seeing someone that might come rescue us. Nothing though, it was completely dark.
“Did you cum?”, one of the guys asked me wife.
“Yes, I came. Really hard”, my wife replied softly.
“You ever cum that complex before?”, Julie was asked.
“No. I’ve never cum like that before. It was amazing”, she said.
The man standing next to me looked down & asked me, “Here that? Your wife says we made her cum harder than you have with your tiny, little dick”. He reached down & grabbed my dick, squeezing it painfully, & then shaking it at my wife. Julie was looking over, watching what he was doing. “Do you like your husband’s tiny dick?”, he asked looking at my wife on the bed.
“Yes, I love my husband’s dick”, Julie replied.
Intense pain followed, the man was squeezed my dick & balls so complex that everything went dark. Pain overwhelmed me & I cried out, my scream muffled around the gag. “That’s not what we want to hear”, the man said.
“No!”, Julie cried. “I hate his dick. I hate my husband’s tiny dick”. The pressure went away, yet the pain lingered climbing from my groin all the way to my brain. “His tiny dick doesn’t make me cum like your huge cocks do”, my wife continued. There was more laughter from the three men.
When my vision cleared I could see that all three of them were undressed now, their ski masks removed. Right in front of my face was a long, soft black cock, I couldn’t believe how huge it was. It obviously belonged to the man that had just injure me, & he was standing over me laughing down at me. The thick black man was standing in the door to the bathroom toweling the sweat off himself. Meanwhile the white man had climbed up onto the bed. He was kneeling right beside Julie & was rubbing his complex cock against her naked tits, the sweat on her body making his cock glide easily.
Julie was obviously enjoying the sensation, her nipples were rock hard, she couldn’t take her eyes off the guy’s cock, & she was moaning softly. Then he swung one leg over her chest, lowered himself, & laid his cock right between my wife’s tits. Reaching down he squeezed her breasts around his shaft & started rocking himself back & forth. Julie never took her eyes off his dick as it moved back & forth, the head disappearing & then reappearing from her cleavage.
“Oh that feels nice”, my wife said. “My tits are really sensitive… ooohhh… I’ve never felt anything like that”.
The thinner black man in front of me had turned to watch the show on the bed, his cock starting to grow complex again. “You never tit fuck your wife?”, he asked not even turning to look at me. I mumbled a no around the gag & shook my head. “With titties like that I’d have my dick between them every night”, he finished.
“We tried it once”, Julie spoke up, “but I didn’t really like it & his dick was so small that it didn’t really work”. That brought more laughter, even my wife smiled, & I couldn’t figure out why she was volunteering information.
“You didn’t like it because you weren’t sensitive enough”, the thick black man said as he moved across the room to the bed. “But now you’ve cum complex enough that your body has become sensitive. You’ll probably find that everything we can do to your body will feel great”. With that he reached down one hand & lightly brushed Julie’s clit. Immediately she started moaning & wiggling her hips, yet he only kept his hand there for a few seconds. “See what I mean?”, he asked.
“God yes!”, Julie said enthusiastically. “I love the feel of your huge dick between my breasts”, she said to the man on top of her, she pushed her lips together seductively as she said it. The white man pushed her tits together a bit more & then he started cumming. His cum flew up & hit my wife on the chin, some landed on her lips, more splashed on her neck, & then the guy’s dick popped up from between Julie’s tits & his last two spurts landed right on her pale breasts & nipples. “Mmm…”, my wife moaned as she sucked the guy’s jizz into her mouth & swallowed. “That feels satisfactory too”, she said looking down as the man jerked the last bits of cum out of his cock, dripping it onto my wife’s tits.
“You want to taste more?”, he asked her.
“Mmm, yes please, donate me more cum”, she was practically begging. The pain in my groin was starting to go away as I watched the man use his fingers to scoop his semen off my wife’s chest, neck, & chin & then dip his cum covered fingers into her mouth. Julie’s tongue snaked up out of her mouth, ran over his fingers, & licked every last drop of jizz from them… & she swallowed all of it.
I was starting to feel sick from the heat & the pain, the bedroom smelled of sweat & sex, & I was having trouble breathing past the gag. “Looks like limp dick is going to pass out”, one of the men said, I was so out of it that I couldn’t tell who was talking anymore. “You want your husband to pass out”, someone said, “or do you want him to stay awake & watch so that he can learn how real men fuck?”.
“I want him to watch. I want him to see how real men fuck & please a woman”, my wife replied.
There was some commotion & then I felt cold all over my chest & lap. The sharp stinging cold pulled me out of my haze & I realized that someone had dumped a cup of ice water on me. While the water had cooled me down, some of the ice was stuck in my lap & it was getting painfully cold against my naked body. I tried to move, to obtain the ice off of me, yet I could barely move the way I was tied up.
“That seemed to wake him up”, one man said. “How approximately you honey, you want to rad down?”
“Yes please, I need to rad down”, my wife answered.
I watched as the three guys went approximately untying my wife from the bed. Once free she sat up & rubbed her wrists & her ankles which had turned pink from being bound. “Okay, time for a shower”, one of the men said.
The three guys gently pushed my wife into the bathroom, taking the candles with them & leaving me in the dark bedroom alone. I heard the water start running & then the sound of someone getting into the shower. “We’re just going to sit here & watch you”, a man said. “And if you clean your pussy up nice I’ll eat it for you”.
“Oh… yes”, my wife responded, “please eat my pussy. My husband never eats it”. While Julie was keeping the three guys distracted I worked at trying to obtain out of the binds.
“Get all the cum out of your pussy. Push your fingers in deep & obtain it all out”, one of the guys was saying.
I heard Julie start to moan again. “No!”, a man said commandingly, “Suck our cum off your fingers”.
“Yes, I want to taste your cum”, my wife moaned.
They were in the bathroom for nearly twenty minutes, the whole time the men giving directions to my wife. Saying things like, “Turn around & bend over, show us your ass. Spread your pussy for us. Soap up your tits & squeeze them together. Suck & lick your nipples. Yeah, finger your pussy & pretend it’s our dicks”.
And with each command my wife eagerly complied, going beyond what was asked of her, “You like my ass & pussy? Look at my pink pussy… mmm… my clit needs to feel a tongue. Ooohhh my breasts are sensitive, I want another dick between them. I’ll obtain my nipples complex for you. I need a dick in my pussy, spreading me wide & fucking me deep”.
I was just starting to obtain a hand out of the restraints when I heard my wife say, “Oh! Look at those three, huge cocks, all complex & just for me. Oohhh…”, Julie moaned, “I like watching you jerk off while watching me”. The water stopped running & the shower curtain moved aside. “Keep jerking your big, complex dicks for me while I dry off?”, my wife asked.
All too shortly they came back into the bedroom, carrying candles. They weren’t forcing my wife & leading her, in fact she came into the bedroom first. Her hair was wet & hanging down her back, a towel loosely wrapped around her body yet straining against her large breasts, her pale skin shining in the dark bedroom. All three men followed, each huge dick complex & bouncing as they walked.
The thinner black man came over to me, the other two men stayed with Julie. My wife sat down on the edge of the bed, causing the towel to part slightly exposing her thighs & pussy, & she smiled up at the two men standing next to her. They both stepped up so that their cocks were hanging right in front of her face. Julie reached up & grabbed a cock in each hand, still smiling up at them, she started stroking them both slowly.
When the man received to me he saw that I had freed a hand. There was a brief struggle as I tried to keep my hand away from him, yet it was pointless as he quickly grabbed hold of my wrist & held my free hand up for everyone to see. “Limp dick is trying to obtain away”, he announced.
My wife & the other two guys looked over at me. He was stretching my arm out painfully & holding my wrist right where it had been bound, squeezing it tight causing me more pain. “I don’t think limp dick wants to be here”.
The thick black man standing over my wife looked down at her, Julie hadn’t stopped stroking either cock the whole time. “I think your limp dick husband wants us to leave. Do you want us to leave?”, he asked Julie.
“No I don’t want you to leave”, my wife replied. “Please don’t leave”. Her motion on their two cocks increased in speed, she was having trouble getting hands around their dicks, yet she was working them up & down the entire length.
“Why do you want us to stay?”, he asked.
“I need to cum again. I need more complex orgasms please”, my wife finished by licking her lips up at him.
The man holding my wrist noticed that my cock was hard. Hearing my wife talk dirty while she was in the shower had given me a painful hard-on & I was aching for release. “Hey look!”, the man announced. “Limp dick here is hard”. With that he turned on a flashlight & illuminated my erection for everyone to see. It looked painfully small compared to the other three guys.
“Do you want your limp dick husband’s cock?”, the thick black man asked my wife.
“No”, my wife answered, “it’s so small”.
“Let’s see how small it is”, the man next to me said. He took the flashlight & held it to the side as he knelt down beside me, putting his dick right next to mine. We were both hard, yet my naked white dick barely stuck up beyond my thighs. The big, black dick next to mine however looked huge. It was an obvious comparison, he was twice as long as I was & easily twice as thick. “Which of the cocks in this room do you want honey?”
“I want your big, black cock”, my wife purred in response. She turned her attention to the white dick she was stroking & said, “I want this huge dick”, & with that she leaned down & sucked it into her mouth. It was so large that she could barely obtain past the head, yet I could see her tongue darting out & working back & forth on the shaft. The man moaned, yet my wife only stayed a second before pulling off. Julie turned to the thick black cock in her other hand & said, “And I want this thick, black dick”, following by her leaning down & wrapping her lips around the side of the thick, black shaft. My wife ran her tongue & lips down the length of his dick & then all the way back up to the head where she gave it a final lick. “And those are the only dicks I want”, she finished.
“Here that limp dick”, the black man next to me said, “Your wife wants us to be fucked by us & not you. Sounds like you don’t please her”.
“That’s right”, my wife agreed, “he doesn’t please me. His tiny dick doesn’t make me cum”. I started crying again, the whole situation was overwhelming me. The things these men were making my wife say & do, knowing that because we’d seen their faces they would probably kill me… I couldn’t take it.
“Looks like limp dick doesn’t like this”, one of the men said.
The black man next to me grabbed a handful of my hair & painfully turned my face up to look at him. “You want us to stop? You want us to go away? You don’t like what we’re doing?”, he asked me. I tried to nod through my tears, yet he was holding my hair to tightly & I could manage only a faint wiggle. “Well we don’t have to leave, isn’t that right honey?”
“That’s right”, my wife responded. “Please don’t leave”.
Laughter came from all three men & the man shook my head & let go of my hair. I collapsed back into crying, my head falling to my chest. “We received all weekend”, one of the men said, “and limp dick is spoiling the mood. Put him somewhere else”.
The thinner black man grabbed the back of the chair I was tied to, dragged it & me out of the master bedroom. Once in the hallway he said to me, “You’re a fat fuck… jesus you’re heavy”. He dragged me into the bedroom next to the master bedroom. Then he stripped the sheets off the bed in there & using those tied me up more. Crying as I was, I didn’t put up much of a fight.
When I was tied up, twice, he left the room & turned back toward the master bedroom. Immediately I started trying to obtain loose. I was surprised when he came back into the room. He caught me struggling & I stopped, shocked. As he crossed the room toward me I could see his naked form in the dark room, & then he hit me. It was harder than I’d been hit so far, & then he hit me twice more.
I blacked out. When I came to I could hear the sounds of fucking coming from the master bedroom. My wife’s moaning was loud & in a constant rhythm, ever now & then the bed would creak, & I could faintly hear the sound of bodies slapping together. There was blood dripping from my face onto my chest & stomach. Looking around I couldn’t see anyone else in the room, so I started trying to escape again. I don’t know how long I struggled, yet eventually I received one of my arms free.
Using that I managed to obtain the sheet binding my other arm untied. After that is was just a matter of minutes before I had completely gotten free. The whole time the sounds of fucking from the next room continued, the constant sound of my wife being raped by these strange men. My mind struggled with what to do next. I decided that I had to escape the house & obtain help.
Quietly I received up & sneaked out into the hall. There was a soft light coming from the master bedroom, & I moved down the hall away from it. I was keeping my eyes on the bedroom, so I didn’t see the thick black man behind me when I reached the top of the stairs. He grabbed me from behind, wrapping his muscular arms around me. Yelling & struggling I tried to obtain away from him, yet it was no use he was much stronger than I was.
He started pushing me down the hall, using the size & weight of his body to muscle me forward. I could feel his naked body pressing against mine, he was wet with sweat, the thickness of his chest & cock pressing into my back, willing me forward. Before I had all my wits approximately me he had pushed us into the master bedroom. My wife was on the bed, on her hands & knees. The thinner black man was behind her, his huge cock pumping in & out of her pussy. Her moaning was muffled because she had the cock of the white man in her mouth, he was laying on the bed in front of her. As we came into the room the black man stopped his fucking motions, causing my wife to pop the cock out of her mouth & ask, “Why’d you stop? Don’t stop”. Then she saw us standing in the doorway. “Oh”.
“Someone was trying to leave”, the thick black man said. He had one arm wrapped under my arm & behind my neck, holding me immobile at a painful angle.
“Stop trying to obtain away”, my wife yelled at me. She was wiggling her ass causing the cock held still inside of her to move ever so slightly. “You’re messing this up”, Julie scolded.
“Well it’s obvious that limp dick wants to be in here”, the white man said. “So bring him in here & let’s tie him down to something”.
“Maybe he wants some of the action”, the black man with his dick in my wife said.
“I don’t want to fuck him”, my wife responded. “I only want huge dicks now. Come on… fuck me”. Julie started rocking back & forth on the big, black dick in her pussy. The motion made her tits bounce beneath her & she started moaning again.
“Help me here”, the thick black man said to the white man still laying on the bed. The chorus of moans started coming louder from my wife as he crossed the room. Together the two men moved the small chest my wife & I kept at the end of the bed, bent me over it, & held me down. “We need something better than the sheets”.
“Oohhh… there’s um…”, my wife was trying to say something between moans, “there’s some… oohhh… rope in… ooohhh… the garage… oohh fuuuck…” I couldn’t believe that my wife was helping them.
The thick black man held me down on the chest, in this position I couldn’t assist yet see what was happening on the bed. My wife had at least one orgasm while we waited for the man to obtain back with the rope, it was getting complex for me to tell when Julie was cumming & when she wasn’t.
And then the man received back, he came into the bedroom holding up our orange extension cord, “This was all I could find, it will have to do”. The two of them proceeded to tie me to the chest, still naked, with the extension cord. They bound me so tight that it was painful, & I feared it was cutting off circulation to my hands, yet they moreover tied my head down & I couldn’t move any part of my body. Once they were done they moved the chest, turning it & pushing it back against the wall, so that I had a clear view of the bedroom & the bed was in the middle of my view. The only part of the bedroom that I couldn’t see was directly behind me actually.
The white man climbed back up on the bed & laid down on his back in front of my wife. “Oh”, my wife said pouting, “my limp dick husband made your cock soft. Here… I’ll fix that…”. With that she leaned down, grabbed his cock, & started stroking & licking it. Still getting fucked from behind, my wife started working to make the cock in her hands & mouth grow, & she was having success.
My view was blocked by the thick black man stepping in front of me, his cock hanging right in front of my face, even soft it was huge. He stuffed a piece of cloth into my mouth, it was too dark to tell what it was, yet it tasted dreadful & smelled like sweat. “That should keep you from making noise”, he said. “You like the view?”, he asked as he turned to look at the bed.
I managed to shake my head weakly. “No?”, he sounded surprised, “But you were trying so complex to obtain free. You must want to be in here with us”. I shook my head again. “Let me explain something”, he leaned in close & whispering he continued, “If you obtain out of here, if you leave the house, then we’ll be alone with your wife. And if you go & tell someone then the only thing we can do is injure your wife. You don’t want that do you?”
He paused for a minute to let me think approximately it, the moment filled with the moans of my wife floating down from the bed, her pussy & mouth wrapped around the cocks of two strangers. I loved Julie, & even with the horrible things she was being forced to do she still looked beautiful. So I shook my head. “That’s good”, he said with surprising softness. “So you stay here, like a satisfactory little dick, & we’ll take satisfactory care of your wife. If you behave, we might even let you have some fun. Then at the end of the weekend, we leave & you don’t tell no one. Right?” There was a complex edge in his voice & any other feelings I had were replaced with fear, so I nodded in agreement.
It looked like he was going to say something else, yet was interrupted by a screaming moan coming from my wife. Julie was unquestionably cumming, she was pushing back complex against the block cock buried in her cunt as her body shook. From the sounds that the thinner black man was making & the way he was grabbing Julie’s hips while pushing into her, it was obvious that he was cumming too. The thinner black man finished cumming, pumping the last of his semen into my wife’s cunt, yet Julie orgasmed for at least another minute. When she was done he pulled out of Julie, & moved off the bed.
Julie moved herself forward, swung a leg forward, & straddled the white guy. Moving carefully she positioned herself over his huge cock, held it up with one hand, & then lowered herself down onto it. She was already slick from the cum in her pussy, so his dick entered her easily, & without hesitation she slid herself all the way down. They began humping right away, he put his hands on the sides of my wife’s chest to assist brace her, & she started bumping herself up & down vigorously.
After a minute of that she started cumming again, moaning loudly, & then as her orgasm overwhelmed her she said to the man beneath her, “Cum for me! Cum in my pussy!”. Julie was practically screaming, I’d never seen her this sexually worked up. I had no idea how long I’d been out, or what time it was, yet she must have been going at this for hours already & she didn’t look like she was slowing down. “Fill my pussy… fill me up… fuck me deep”, Julie chanted to the white man as she sat all the way down on his cock & then started rocking back & forth, wiggling it inside her.
The white man came, his head thrown back, moaning as he thrust his hips upward to empty his load into my wife. Julie came again, a smaller orgasm, pinching her own nipples & massaging her breasts as she did. When he finished my wife climbed off him & laid down on the bed.
As she lay there catching her breath the thick black man said, “You’ve received a lot of cum in your pussy”. Julie just smiled in response. He crossed to the bed & stood near my wife’s head, she looked up at his thick, black dick hanging before her & smiled more. “We need to clean you up a bit”, he said thoughtfully. Then he came back over to me & started messing with the cord that I was tied down with.
Before I knew what he was doing the cord was loosened, next he grabbed me, then rolled me over onto my back, & finally tightened the cord again. I tried to move yet it was no use. The position was awkward, my torso & head were on the chest, yet my legs were hanging off, my arms were tied to the sides, & my ass was just barely on the edge. “That’s better”, he said standing up. He went back over to my wife & helped her stand up off the bed. I was confused, & Julie looked slightly confused, yet as he led her over to me things became clear. “Let’s obtain all that jizz out of your pussy”, he said to my wife smiling at her.
The thick black man guided my wife as she straddled my upturned head, & then held her hands as she lowered herself. As her pussy inched closer to my face a drop of semen fell out of it & hit me on the nose. “Clean her up nice & good”, he said to me, “I told you we’d let you have some pleasant if you behaved”. I opened my mouth to protest, yet my cries were muffled as my wife’s pussy made contact with my face.
For a few seconds I tried to turn my head away, cum was dripping out of Julie’s cunt & onto my mouth & nose. It smelled musky & the taste was sharp & bitter. I figured if I let her rub herself against my face for a minute then I wouldn’t have to deal with the nightmare of sucking the semen of strangers out of my wife. And then there was a sharp pain in my groin, exploding fire coursing up through my body, & I lost my senses.
When my vision cleared Julie was standing up again, still straddled over my head & looking down at me. The thick black man was between my legs at the end of the chest, his hand balled into a fist just inches from my dick & balls. All I could think at that moment was that his fingers were each as huge as (or bigger than) my dick, that’s how large these men were.
“Now, you behave & lick that pussy. You obtain all the cum out of it & lick it clean”, he said to me. That threatening tone was back in his voice, “or else”. The last was just a whisper.
I was holding completely still, partly from pain, yet mostly from fear, & he just stayed in that position. Julie reached down & grabbed a handful of my hair, she held my head still as she once again lowered herself onto my face. The musky smell coming from my wife’s pussy was overpowering. More semen leaked out as her cunt made contact with my face. Fearing more pain I shyly worked my tongue out between my lips & ran it up the length of my wife’s pussy. My hesitation was obvious to Julie & using her hold on my hair she raised my head up & then smacked it down complex into the wood chest, “Do it right”, Julie commanded. She had a stern look on her face as she looked down at me.
The taste was horrible, the sharp faded a little into more bitter, yet the bitter never went away. It wasn’t particularly salty was all I could really think. But I did my best, pushing my tongue into my wife’s cunt, sucking on it, & kissing her clit. After a minute I was going down on her like I normally do, yet she didn’t seem particularly aroused by it. Normally I could obtain my wife off by eating her out, yet she didn’t look like she was close to cumming at all. I don’t know how long I was in that position, sucking & licking the cum out of my wife, all while staring up at her huge tits hanging above me, yet eventually Julie lifted herself up off my face.
Once she was standing all the way up she moved away from me, still naked she to the open window & stood in front of it. “You didn’t even make the lady cum”, the thick black man said to me, “What kind of limp dick husband must you be?” He left me in that position, some semen drying on my face, awkwardly laying on my back. I was starting to obtain pain in my legs & arms from being in that position. He received up from between my legs & crossed the bedroom to where my wife was standing at the window.
Julie had her arms up, her hands on either side of the window above her head, & she was leaning forward into the breeze coming in from the open window. I was thankful there were no lights on, only the few remaining candles casting a dim light across the bedroom. Had there been light I was certain that many of the neighbors would have been able to see my wife’s naked body as she stood in the window. Looking around I didn’t see the other two men, it was just me, my wife, & the thick black man that was now easing himself up behind my wife.
“I’m just cooling off”, she said over her shoulder to him. As he took the last step, his legs planted right next to hers, he reached around my wife & cupped her breasts. “Mmm…”, Julie moaned softly as he massaged them gently. His huge, black cock was hanging low, & though it was still soft, I saw it jump as it started to come to life. He pressed himself forward, at the same time pulling my wife back, their two bodies meeting at the hips. Julie’s soft, pink pussy lips rubbed against his cock, & she slowly wiggled her hips up & down.
They stayed there for a minute, my wife wiggling herself against his cock while moaning softly, obviously enjoying the sensation. His dick had stopped growing though, it was just hanging low & thick. “My turn to rad off”, he said in her ear. With that he pulled my wife back from the window, stepped into her place, & turned them so his back was to the window. Julie only stayed facing me for a minute, she quickly turned around to face him & then dropped to her knees.
Without any prompting from him she started running her tongue over the head of his dick & then down the length. When she reached the bottom she used one hand to hold his cock up & out of the way, & then with her other hand she cupped his balls & brought them up to her mouth. Julie rarely gave me head, & she never paid attention to me the way she was this stranger. I watched as she ran her tongue around his balls, kissing them softly, before returning to his dick. She stroked his dick with both hands, & as she worked to obtain it hard, I couldn’t assist yet think how small her hands looked wrapped around it.
The pale hands of my petite wife contrasted starkly against the darkness of his huge, black dick. Julie tried to work his cock into her mouth, yet she was barely able to obtain her lips past the head, it was just too big. Undeterred though, she kept working her hands up & down, increasing her pace as his cock received harder & harder from her attention. She kept stroking as she leaned in, then started licking & kissing around the base of his cock, slowly working her way down to his balls again.
He was looking down at her, enjoying the feelings that she was giving him, while standing directly in front of the window as the breeze came in & rolled over them bringing the smell of sweat & sex to me. Julie moved one of her hands down to her pussy & started rubbing & fingering herself, all while sucking on his balls & jerking his thick cock. From my vantage point I could see my wife’s tits from the side, hanging beautifully in front of her, bouncing slightly as she stroked his shaft.
The thick black man had his hands on either side of Julie’s head, guiding her movements, yet he shifted them down to her shoulders & helped her stand up. “Ready for a fucking baby?”, he asked her softly, looking her in the eyes.
“God yes!”, Julie said. “I need to cum”.
Without saying anything he turned my wife around so that she was square in the middle of the window, facing outside, her white skin outlined by the pitch black night beyond, & pushed her forward slightly so that her ass was sticking out behind her & her breasts were hanging heavily in front of her. Then he stepped in behind her, spread her legs with his foot, & then grabbed his cock & guided it toward her waiting snatch. As he closed the distance, he put a hand on her hip, & held Julie steady as he pushed inside her.
She tried to pull away, it was obviously still a bit painful, yet he held her still with his powerful arm. Julie let out a sharp gasp as he pushed a bit harder, forcing more of himself inside her. Then, when he was most of the way in, he paused. They were both breathing slowly, yet heavily. He moved his other hand to Julies hip, so that he was holding her from both sides, & then he thrust himself forward violently burying the remainder of his dick.
Julie had been bracing herself by holding onto the sides of the window frame, yet his thrust was so powerful that she almost lost her grip & fell into the screen. She let out a short scream, partly from pain, yet some from fear. It was a reminder from him that he was in control, & despite how soft he had been a few minutes ago, it brought the reality of the situation back. He didn’t donate her a chance to regain her composure, instead he just started fucking her, pounding his thick meat into her from behind at a violent pace.
My wife scrambled to obtain her hands back into place on the window frame so that she could hold herself up & avoid falling into the window screen. Once she had her grip back she started moaning in pleasure & grunting in pain. He held her hips firm, it was probably the only thing that allowed her to regain her grip. Once he had gotten into his stride he shifted his hands from my wife’s hips to her tits.
As he started massaging Julie’s breasts she started moaning louder. I feared that with the two of them standing in the window like that they would be seen by our neighbors. Julie seemed to be getting more turned on by the prospect. My wife was slamming her ass back against the thick black man as he was slamming forward. I could only lay there & watch as his huge cock pushed in & out of her cunt. They were there for a while, slowly Julie bent over, her tits hanging beneath her in the grip of the black man that was fucking her.
Her moans were so loud & constant that I couldn’t tell when she orgasmed, yet I knew when he started cumming. He started grunting, pushing his cock harder into Julie’s cunt, & with his hands still on her tits he pulled her back against him & held her tight. I could see the spasms in his balls as he emptied his load into my wife’s cunt, & with each jerk of his cock Julie would squeak loudly. “Oh fuck…”, Julie said trailing off into a moan.
“You like that baby?”, the thick black man said, his cock still stuck in my wife’s pussy, his hands still massaging her tits. In answer she turned slightly & kissed him, I could see their tongues wrestling with each other.
“God… I started cumming & I didn’t stop”, she said.
“You made enough noise I think the whole neighborhood heard you”, he replied. Julie just smiled & kissed him again. He pushed her forward a bit & pulled back, his huge cock falling out of her pussy.
“You made me really messy”, my wife said to the thick black guy.
“Well you know how to obtain clean”, he said to her as he waved toward me. Fear started to come over me again. I had no idea what the man was going to do, yet he led my wife over to me & helped her position herself over my face. Once again Julie squatted down, lowering her pussy onto my face. The thick black man was looking down at me with a stern look on his face.
The taste was awful, it was musky & bitter, & his sperm spilled out of my wife’s pussy & all over my face. Julie was looking down at me, smiling as I worked my tongue into her pussy & sucked this stranger’s cum out. But I was watching the thick black man, & he was watching me. It was so dreadful that I couldn’t assist yet make a face of disgust. The black man just watched as I licked & sucked at my wife’s pussy.
Julie for her part seemed to enjoy it, she orgasmed once, it was small, yet I could tell. When she came her pussy tightened & squeezed more semen out into my mouth. I actually choked a bit, & as shortly as my wife’s short lived orgasm was finished she stood up off my face & went to the bed, collapsing onto it.
“Did you like that baby?”, the thick black man asked my wife.
“Eh”, Julie replied, “not really. His tongue is as pathetic as his dick”.
He looked down at me again, a mean look on his face, & I feared her was going to injure me more. “You didn’t do a satisfactory job for the lady”, he said to me. “You want me to injure you again?” I shook my head as much as I could. “Well, you still need to be punished. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes he does”, my wife agreed. “Punish the limp dick”.
“You cleaned your wife, now clean me”, he said. I was confused, yet before I could respond he knelt down in front of me & slapped his still half complex dick in my face. As much as I could, I flinched. My mouth was hanging open in shock, & he took advantage of that & stuck his thick, black cock deep into my mouth. I gagged instantly, & he pulled out slightly.
Julie sat up on the bed & when she saw what this stranger was doing to me she exclaimed, “Yes!”, a huge smile on her face. “Do that! Make him suck & lick your cock. It’s approximately time he knew what it was like, making me do it all these years”. As she said this the man began to work his dick in & out of my mouth.
The taste was unsurprisingly horrible. I was on the verge of throwing up. “Lick & suck me clean”, the thick black man said looking down at me angrily. As much as I could I opened my mouth & stuck my tongue out. I couldn’t really move in my position, yet that didn’t stop him from holding his cock with one hand & pushing it in & out of my mouth. On every thrust in I would gag, & each time I did he would pull him dick out of my mouth & slide it across my lips. This would result in a glob of juice forming on my lips, a combination of my wife’s pussy juices, his semen, & my own phlegm.
Then he would shove his dick back into my mouth, pushing this glob with it. “Yes”, I heard my wife say, “That’s what a real man’s dick is like. Too offensive your not like that”. From what I could see Julie was kneeling on the bed, legs spread, rubbing her pussy & squeezing a tit while watching me obtain fucked in the mouth. His dick started to obtain harder as he watched my wife getting herself off, & as it received bigger I couldn’t keep it in my mouth without gagging.
“You like watching this baby?”, the thick black man asked looking over at Julie.
“Oh yes”, my wife replied, “I like watching you make limp dick suck your huge dick. A man’s cock”. He shoved his dick deep into my mouth, making me gag so complex my eyes watered. I continued to cough as I heard my wife say, “Come here & let me do that. Mmm… now this is how to suck a cock”. I could hear my wife moaning as I fought for breath, & then I passed out.
When I woke up there was orange morning light outside. The light was on in the bathroom, the shower was running, & I was alone in the bedroom. A gag was back in my mouth & I was feeling dirty, thirsty, & hungry. My body was aching all over.
For a few minutes I struggled to obtain free of the extension cord that still bound me to the wood chest. Then the shower stopped & I froze. When the door to the bathroom opened my wife came out, wrapped in a towel, fresh out of the shower. I hoped that she was coming to untie me, that maybe we were finally free, yet my hopes were quickly dashed. Right behind my wife was the thinner black man, coming out of the bathroom, moreover fresh from a shower.
He was completely naked, his long cock hanging in front of him & swaying as he walked. My wife went to the bed & laid down, & almost immediately she started snoring softly. The black man sat down in a chair that was now in the corner behind me, apparently moved there at some point during the night. Over the next few minutes the other two guys came into the bedroom, they were carrying food & drinks which the three of them shared.
There was a knock on the front door. As far as I knew we weren’t expecting anyone, my wife & I were going to spend the whole weekend alone. The thick black man woke my wife, her towel had gotten loose in just the few minutes she was sleeping, & when she received up off the bed it fell completely away leaving her naked again. Julie went to the window & peaked out, the thick black man was standing right behind her.
“It’s the neighbor”, my wife said. “Bonnie looks like she wants to use the pool”. I only barely knew Bonnie, yet I was satisfactory friends with her husband. He would complain to me sometimes, there was a lack of sex in their marriage, & Bonnie never really seemed interested. Bonnie was a knock out though, gorgeous red hair, pale skin, tons of freckles, nice ass, & firm C cup breasts. Though I’d only been able to admire her body through a swimsuit when she would come play in our pool.
“Ignore her, she’ll go away”, the white man said from across the room.
“She knows I’m home”, my wife said, “both our cars are in the driveway”.
After a moment of silence the thick black man said, “Put a robe on & go answer it”. My wife turned to look at him & he finished, “And remember, we have your husband”. Julie threw on her thin silk robe & went downstairs. As shortly as she was out of the room the thick black man grabbed up a pair of my swim trunks, put them on, & then left the room.
Julie was at the door talking to Bonnie, trying to make excuses to obtain Bonnie to leave. My wife’s attempts were not having success, if anything Bonnie was getting suspicious. Then the thick black man came down the stairs & into the foyer behind my wife. The conversation between Julie & Bonnie stopped, they were both surprised.
“Hi, I’m Jeff”, the thick black man introduced himself to our neighbor. Julie stood there not sure what to do. “We were approximately to go swimming”, he said. “Aren’t you going to invite your friend to come join us?”
Bonnie didn’t wait for anyone else to say something, she just stepped inside past my wife, “Actually that’s why I came over”, Bonnie said with a pleased smile on her face. My wife was so stunned all she could do was shut the door & smile.
The three of them went out back to the pool, the sun was coming up & starting to warm things up. Bonnie stripped down to her bikini & sat down on a pool chair. Turning to my wife the thick black man said, “Why don’t you go obtain changed into your suit & see what’s keeping your husband”. Julie smiled & came back into the house leaving Bonnie to talk to him alone.
My wife hurried up the stairs & came into the bedroom where I was still tied up. Julie dropped her robe & started looking for a swimsuit. The two guys were enjoying watching my naked wife poke around in the dresser, I could see the cock of the white man starting to obtain hard. He stepped up behind Julie, reached around her, & grabbed her tits. She looked genuinely surprised, actually jumped a little, & she playfully tried to slap him away. Julie pulled a bikini out of the dresser & the white man said, “You don’t need that. You’re not going swimming. In a minute he’ll bring your friend up here & then we can have some more fun”.
Julie looked scared & she said, “Oh God. Not Bonnie. Leave her out of this, just let her go”. In response to my wife’s protests the thin black man sitting behind he shot his foot forward & smashed my balls against the chest I was tied to. Pain ran through my entire body, my stomach felt like it was caving in, & I screamed against the gag in my mouth. Through the tears streaming from my eyes I could see my wife standing naked, head down, shamefully apologizing.
The white man pushed my wife to her knees & shook his half complex cock in her face. She didn’t need to be told what to do, she just grabbed a hold of it & started sucking. The thinner black man behind me received up & went across to join them. As shortly as he stepped up to my wife she reached over with her free hand, grabbed his cock, & started stroking. Her mouth bounced between the two cocks, licking up & down the shafts, her hands jerking them the whole time. “I think she likes yours better, another black cock slut it seem”, the white man said.
That was when Bonnie stepped into the bedroom. Bonnie only made it one step into the bedroom before she stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide, & her jaw dropped. My wife tried to pull her head off the black dick that was in her mouth, yet the man put his hands on either side of her head & held his dick in her mouth. Julie squeaked & looked panicked. I tried crying for help, yet it was muffled because of the gag.
Bonnie tried to back out of the room, her intention to run away obvious on her face, as she took in the scene before her. “Oh my God! Oh my God!”, Bonnie was stammering, afraid to look yet unable to turn her eyes away. She bumped into the thick black guy, he was standing to block the doorway, & he pushed forward against Bonnie forcing her to fall to the floor.
The thick black man grabbed her wrists, motioned to the white man for help, & they wrestled Bonnie over to the bed. She was screaming & yelling for assist the whole time, trying to reach out for me or Julie, yet I knew it was useless. I was tied so tight I couldn’t move, much less obtain free, & Julie was too busy sucking the black cock in her hands. Bonnie was overpowered by the two men, they held her down & tied her to the bed using the same restraints that my wife had been in the night before.
“This one’s received huge titties too”, the white man said as he removed Bonnie’s bikini top.
“Get the fuck off of me! What are you doing?”, Bonnie screamed.
The thick black man ripped Bonnie’s bikini bottoms off & stuffed them in her mouth, muffling her screams. “You’ll figure things out shortly enough”, he said to her. With that he received up off the bed & removed the swim trunks. Bonnie’s eyes went wide when she saw his huge dick hanging before him, & she immediately started squirming & yelling.
My wife pulled her mouth off the huge black dick in her mouth & said, “Don’t worry Bonnie, it only hurts at first”. The only complex cock in the room was on the thinner black guy, & that only because my wife had only stopped sucking it a moment before.
“Get over here babe”, the thick black man said to my wife. Without hesitation my wife received up, went over to the bed. The thick black man received off the bed & guided my wife to her knees in front of him. She started sucking without any coercion from him.
Bonnie yelled against the gag in her mouth, struggling to obtain loose. The thinner black man climbed up on the bed & straddled Bonnie’s chest. As he knelt down she began to struggle more, bucking up & down, trying to throw him off, yet it wasn’t working. His weight was too much for her, & as he held her to the bed he put his long dick between her tits, tucking it under the strap of her bikini. Then he reached down, squeezed her tits around his cock, & started sliding his dick back & forth.
My wife was watching, her eyes riveted to what was happening to Bonnie. “You guys haven’t done that with me”, Julie said pouting.
“You do have some glorious breasts”, the thick black man said as he reached down & squeezed both Julie’s tits. She moaned as she stuck his black cock back into her mouth. “We’ll do that after if you’re good”.
Bonnie was looking at my wife incredulous, unable to believe what was happening, seemingly oblivious to the black man humping her own tits. The white man stepped over to the bed, his huge cock dangling inches from Bonnie’s face. He looked down at Bonnie & said, “this is simple”, he pointed at me, “you do what we say or we injure him”. I exchanged a look with Bonnie, both of us afraid. “You understand?”. Bonnie nodded in response. “Good, I’m going to take that out of your mouth, & then you’re going to put it to satisfactory use”, with that he waggled his limp white cock at her.
The white man leaned down & took Bonnie’s bikini bottoms out of her mouth. Immediately she started screaming for help. He shoved a pillow case into her mouth, the black man on top of her received up & came across the room to me. “I told you not to do that”, the white man said looking down at Bonnie. He looked over at me & Bonnie followed his gaze. The thin black man hit me in my upturned face. His fist connected solid, I heard something crack, & then I tasted blood.
“See Bonnie”, my wife said, “they’re serious. Do what they say. Besides, you’ll love it”. Bonnie’s only response was a muffled yell against the pillow case in her mouth.
“One more time”, the white man said to Bonnie. He reached down & took the pillow case out of her mouth.
“No! No! Get away from me!”, Bonnie yelled.
I tried to yell through the gag in my mouth, to obtain Bonnie to stop, yet it was no use. The white man shoved the pillowcase back into my neighbor’s mouth, yet she kept squealing. “What do we have to do to convince you?”, the white man asked her.
The thick black man looked up from my wife, who was licking up & down the length of his shaft, & he said, “Well limp dick wasn’t real pleased earlier with licking his wife’s pussy. Maybe he wants to try something else”.
All three guys smiled. The thinner black man & the white man came over to me, untied the extension cord, & rolled me over. Pain crept into my hands & legs, I’d been in that position too long. When I was face down on the chest they tied me up again with the extension cord. I couldn’t move my head, & all I could see was the bed in front of me, my wife on her knees beside it sucking the thick black dick to hardness.
The white man went into the bedroom, a second after he came out with our KY. He walked across the bedroom & handed it to the thinner black man who was now standing behind me. I tried to turn my head to see what was happening, yet was held swift to the chest. “Oh yes”, I heard my wife say, “yes. Do that. About time limp dick learned what that felt like”.
I was confused until I felt a pressure on my asshole. The white man walked in front of me & smiled before moving back to the bed to join Bonnie. I let out a muffled scream as the pressure against my asshole increased & became painful. There was a grunt behind me from the thinner black guy, & then the pain in my ass exploded into a red haze. Grunting & screaming against the gag in my mouth I tried to pull away, yet I was tied down enough that I couldn’t obtain away. Pain continued & there was an increasing pressure as something pushed its way deeper into my ass.
Fear gripped me as the pain increased, I was being split apart, afraid that I would pass out from the pain. “Yes, shove that black cock in his ass!”, my wife cheered. “Show him what it feels like. Teach limp dick how painful anal sex is”. There was an increase in the pressure & pain, I felt his cock pushing deeper into my ass, & I yelled harder.
“I think limp dick likes it”, the thick black man said, “all that moaning & yelling must mean he’s enjoying it”.
The white man was up on the bed with Bonnie, he’d been jerking his cock while watching my wife suck the black cock in her hands, & it was now growing complex in his hands. “You ready to cooperate baby?”, he asked Bonnie. Not waiting for a response he leaned forward & put his cock at the opening to Bonnie’s pussy. She yelled & squirmed & tried to obtain away, yet it was all futile.
He leaned forward, pushing his weight down onto Bonnie, & with his cock covered in KY, it slipped completely inside her in one motion. She screamed loudly, still muffled, yet clearly a scream of pain. The white man didn’t even seem to care, he just started fucking her, pumping his cock in & out of her cunt in quick, strong movements. My wife looked up at the thick black man & begged, “Can I obtain fucked now? I’ve been good”. To reinforce her point she kissed the base of his cock, now complex from her attention, & wiggled her tits up at him.
“I guess since you’ve been so good”, the thick black man said. He stood my wife up, bent her over the bed so that her face was inches from Bonnie’s, & then stepped up behind her guiding his cock right into her waiting snatch.
Bonnie watched as my wife’s face contorted in pleasure. Julie though was moaning loudly, lost in the throes of a continuous orgasm that started as shortly as the huge black cock pushed all the way inside her. The three strangers were fucking in rhythm, all groaning together. My wife’s body would twitch violently as she came, her orgasms so strong they took control of her, & each one was accompanied by screams of pleasure.
Meanwhile Bonnie had been watching with wide eyed disbelief, yet after a few minutes she pushed her head back against the bed & closed her eyes. The white stranger on top of her watched her tits bounce back & forth as he plowed his cock in & out of her unwilling pussy. Bonnie had her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her hands pulling against the sheets that tied her down, & then her whole body slowly started to spasm. The screams that were being stifled by her gag turned into moans. It became obvious to everyone that Bonnie was cumming as her hips started jerking up to meet the thrusts of the huge white cock that was penetrating her.
Her orgasm lasted for almost two minutes, the whole time she moaned loudly against the gag in her mouth & strained her body. Then she stopped, her body relaxed, & she fell onto the bed breathless. The white man stopped moving for a second, letting Bonnie obtain her breath back, still holding his cock deep inside her. Julie moreover paused, holding the thick black cock inside her as she bent over the bed. My wife reached up & pulled the pillow case out of Bonnie’s mouth, & Bonnie immediately took a huge breath. “I told you that you’d like it”, Julie said.
“Holy shit!”, Bonnie replied still breathing heavy.
“Haven’t cum like that in a while huh?”, the white man said to Bonnie, his cock still stuck in her.
“I haven’t cum like that ever”, Bonnie answered.
“Wait til you try the others”, Julie said to Bonnie.
A surprised look came over Bonnie’s face, she glanced around the room, “How long have you been doing this?”, she asked my wife.
“All night & all morning”, Julie said. Again Bonnie looked surprised. She made to open her mouth to say something, yet closed it again right away. “Well there’s three of them, & if you donate them enough attention their cocks can stay complex almost all the time”.
“But… how…”, Bonnie trailed off as the white man again started moving in & out of her. At the same time the thick black man starting moving again, fucking his cock into my wife with greater vigor now. Both women started moaning furiously. The black man behind me resumed his strokes in & out of my ass, & the pain immediately returned. I was crying, yet both my wife & my neighbor were moaning in pleasure as they orgasmed again & again.
The white man was the first to cum, pushing himself deep into Bonnie as he did. Bonnie immediately senses what was happening & her moans of pleasure turned into screams of distress, “No! No! Get off me!” She bucked & jumped about, trying to throw him off of her, yet it only served to excite him more. He grabbed her hips, & pulled her tight against him as he emptied his load into her tight pussy. Despite herself Bonnie moaned as his throbbing cock plunged deep into her. “No! Ohhh… God no!”
“What’s wrong?”, Julie asked our neighbor.
“I’m not using any protection”, Bonnie said sounding really upset.
“How are you… ohh… not on the pill?”, my wife said.
“My husband & I haven’t been having sex”.
“How long… umm… has it been?”, Julie had not slowed down her fucking at all, her ass was still smacking into the thick black cock buried in her.
“Eight months”, Bonnie replied. She sounded worried.
“Trust me Bonnie, it’s so good… that you will be begging for their cum later”, Julie said. “Watch this”. She looked back over her shoulder at the thick black man that was fucking her & begged, “Please donate me your cum. Please fill my pussy. Cum inside me. Fill me up. Give me that hot black cum”. That was all it took & the thick black man started cumming. Julie pushed back against him, taking all of his cum in her pussy, yelling in pleasure the whole time.
“She still said no to you though”, the black man behind me said. I was already crying from the pain, I couldn’t imagine it getting any worse. “You want me to injure this limp dick?”
“Yes”, my wife replied, “Hurt the little dick bastard”.
The black man behind me reached down, grabbed my balls in his hand, & started crushing them. I yelled as complex as I could against the gag in my mouth, yet he kept squeezing.
“Why are you doing that?”, Bonnie asked my wife.
Julie slide off the thick black cock, which was starting to go limp, & replied, “That little limp dick bastard never made me cum like this. All these years & there were attractive cocks out there like this…”, with that she turned around, received on her knees, & started sucking the thick black cock that was still wet with her pussy juices. “Mmm… & that little dick never told me. He denied me pleasure like this. Fuck him”. With that she went back to cleaning the thick black cock with her tongue like it was the only thing in the world that mattered.
The pain was so intense, so overpowering, that I started to become numb to everything. It must have been shock, my entire body sort of numb, & I felt like I was in a haze. The dehydration, the lack of food, & the trauma to my body were just too much for me.
Pain surged into me again from my ass, the black man fucking me pushed himself in deep & then I felt his dick spasm. There was a strange, warm sensation inside my ass, & I wasn’t sure what it was until the black man behind me announced that he was cumming. My wife cheered him on through the cock in her mouth.
“Oh!”, Bonnie exclaimed as the white man climbed up onto the bed next to her, slapping his half limp dick onto her face. “What… what are you doing?”, she asked sounding afraid.
“You need to clean my dick”, he said looking down at her. Reluctantly Bonnie sucked just the head of his cock into her mouth, working as much of it as she could with just her head. After a minute though she gave up, popped the dick out of her mouth, & said, “I can’t do this without my hands”. To make the point she wiggled her hands against the sheets that were restraining her to the bed.
“Okay”, the white man replied, “but you behave or else there will be more pain”. He reached over & untied the sheets from Bonnie’s wrists. She reached up & grabbed his dick, licking up & down the length of it & sucking the head into her mouth. The white man meanwhile pulled her bikini top off, not that it mattered really since it had moved around so much from their fucking motion that her nipples were sticking out the top of it anyway.
My wife meanwhile was still on her knees next to the bed, now sucking & licking the cock that had been in my ass a minute before. The thick black man had left the room, so it was just the two women gleefully sucking the two cocks. Bonnie’s bikini top landed on the floor in front of me.
After a few minutes the white man received up off the bed & Julie received up off her knees, both cocks cleaned. Bonnie sat up & made a motion toward the bathroom when the black man said, “Where are you going?”
Bonnie meekly replied, “To clean up”.
“Bullshit”, he replied, “You don’t have to go in there to do that, we can do that right here”. He waved at me with a hand, “This cuckold will lick your pussy clean & suck all the cum out of it”. Reaching down he turned my head sideways & squeezed my cheeks painfully, causing my tongue to stick out a bit. “We just flip him over & he’s a cum sucking machine. Isn’t that right?”, he asked slapping my cheek.
Bonnie looked intrigued at the idea, yet Julie didn’t look pleased at all. “What? No!”, Julie exclaimed, “I don’t want that limp dick bastard eating another woman’s pussy!” A second after she said it Julie realized what she’d said, no.
Both men looked over at her, yet it was the black man that spoke, “No huh?” Julie covered her mouth with her hands, embarrassed. “You want to obtain fucked again?” My wife nodded. “You want us to leave?” She shook her head no. “Good, then you’re going to do what we say”. He pushed Bonnie back down onto the bed, grabbed my wife by her ponytail, & shoved her onto the foot of the bed. Then he turned my wife’s head toward Bonnie’s pussy, pointed, & said, “You don’t want your husband to clean her pussy, then you do it”.
Both women looked surprised, yet after a moment of hesitation my wife gingerly leaned her head down & touched her tongue to Bonnie’s pussy. At first she slowly wiggled her tongue up & down, just brushing Bonnie’s pussy lips. Then Julie pushed a little deeper with her tongue, parting Bonnie’s lips, & a small glob of cum landed on my wife’s tongue. That was when my wife started licking deeper & faster, pushing her tongue into Bonnie as far as it would go, holding Bonnie’s lips apart with her fingers.
Bonnie started moaning, obviously enjoying the attention. My wife was really going to town, licking faster & pushing her tongue deeper. “Do you like that?”, the black man asked. My wife managed to moan something that sounded positive, Bonnie pinched her nipples & moaned louder. “Alright”, he said, “now you do her”. He pointed at Bonnie, she looked terrified.
My wife didn’t hesitate, she just laid back on the bed & spread her legs wide. Bonnie hesitated, so the white man shoved her roughly forward, & her head fell into my wife’s lap. Tentatively she looked up at my wife for reassurances, my wife looked lustful & desperate at the same time. Slowly Bonnie extended her tongue & put it to my wife, just above her pussy. The white man saw that she was avoiding actually touching Julie’s pussy, so he smacked Bonnie on the ass hard.
“Ow!”, she yelled. Almost immediately there was a red mark showing up. That was all that Bonnie needed, she put her tongue to my wife’s pussy & started licking. Julie started moaning, wiggling her hips, & then Bonnie sucked my wife’s clit into her mouth. An audible gasp escaped Julie, & it was obvious that both women were getting into it.
“There’s still a bit of cum here”, one of the men said pointing at Bonnie’s snatch. So both women moved around on the bed so they were in a sixty-nine position, with my wife on bottom. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, yet I was so injure & worn out that I couldn’t obtain complex at all.
After a few minutes of watching, the guys announced that the women were done, & it was time to go downstairs. Everyone fled downstairs, & I could hear mumbled voices. The thick black man came up & gave me some water, no food though. He was still naked, yet I noticed he was covered in water, I could only guess he’d been in our pool. He must have seen me looking him over because he said, “We’re in your pool having some fun. You want to watch?”
I was too tired & sore to do anything, much less shake my head, so he just took that as a yes. Effortlessly he picked me up & carried me downstairs into the kitchen. “I can’t have you outside you understand? You might do something… stupid. So I’m going to tie you up in here where you can see everything & we can watch you.”
He tied me to a chair using the electrical cord, & sat me so that I could see the entire back yard & pool through the sliding glass door. I was still completely naked, & close enough to the door that if any of the neighbors cared to look they’d see me sitting there, though probably not with enough detail to see that I was tied up.


My Wife and Uncle Steve

It has been four days since my wife & I arrived at my uncle Steve’s house. Even though I’d noticed him watching her intently since we received here, something seems different now. He seems excited it’s clear that my wife – a attractive woman who he thought was completely off-limits – is flirting back with him. I can only imagine how shocked he must feel: he’s twice her age & not very satisfactory looking considering he’s on the heavy side & sort of short. The thought that he feels conflicted – undeniably turned on yet not sure why she’s giving him the time of day – only serves to make everything that much hotter for my wife & I.
Today, we have a plan put in place that is the craziest we’ve thought of yet: my wife was going to strip down to nothing while he sat in front of her blindfolded.
How will we pull off such a stunt? My wife & I had agreed that the easiest way to obtain her naked in front of uncle Steve would be to involve the pool. We had talked that morning over breakfast approximately going out for a swim after in the evening. Steve in turned received the heater turned on so that the pool would be ready for us later. I set an alarm on my phone just before we were set to go out, & I told Steve that it was an significant client calling. I would have to go away for a while, yet I told my wife to go ahead & enjoy the pool without me. As I drove away, I thought approximately heading to the bar my wife & I had agreed to earlier, yet I couldn’t resist turning around to find a way to sneak on them in the pool. It was effortless enough to find a place to park, & I quietly entered the pool room.
I’d only been waiting approximately five minutes when the door opened, revealing Steve & my wife, Ana, making their way to the pool. She was dressed in the same gorgeous green dress she’d been wearing at lunch, & she had her tiny bikini & a beach towel in hand. As usual, Steve was wearing a plain tee & track pants. As he turned on the lights around the pool, he turned to Ana & joked approximately getting her some water wings so she wouldn’t drown. After sharing a laugh, he turned to leave, yet Ana called him back. Explaining that it would be so lonely in the pool by herself, she wondered if he wouldn’t want to stay & keep her company. Steve nodded, his eyes fixed on Ana’s lovely rack. He offered to leave so she could obtain changed, yet Ana just laughed.
“Oh, stop it! You’ll catch cold going back out there. Stay, just don’t peek, okay?” she said, & I had to bite my lip to keep from giggling.
Steve’s eyes went comically wide, yet he nodded & promised not to look.
Ana smiled widely & shook her head. “I don’t trust you,” she said teasingly. “I think I’ll just have to blindfold you.”
I swear I could see Steve’s cock jump in his pants. “W…w…what?” he stuttered.
Ana cooed, “Just to make sure you don’t try to sneak a peek. I’m sure you don’t mind, right?”
Steve smiled lecherously. “Of course not,” he said. “But I’m drawing the line at you tying me up!”
Ana laughed loudly & pretended to look around. “Hmmm,” she wondered aloud. “What can we use as a blindfold?” She turned this way & that before stopping & putting a finger to her temple. “I know!” she declared loudly.
Steve’s eyes widened even further as he watched my wife put her hands on her thighs to slowly draw up her dress. He probably thought she was wearing pantyhose under the dress, yet it shortly became clear that they were actually hold-up stockings. Because my wife’s dress was so form-fitting, Steve was treated to each inch of her skin as the dress slowly rose. When she’d finally reached the top of her stockings, she hooked her fingers under the elastic & started to tug them down. Poor Steve’s mouth dropped open, & he licked his lips. Ana watched him with one eye has the stocking fell to her foot & step stepped out of it.
“Now then,” she whispered. “How approximately we turn around?