Our very long journey… still in progress

As much as I’d like to get into the meat of my story, the best way to tell mine is to start from the very beginning – which takes us back about 20 years.
My wife, Samantha, and I are in our late 30s. We met in high school, and being a year older than her, I had dated quite a few girls and even slept with a few of them. Samantha, on the other hand, only had a couple of boyfriends, and they never went to bed together.
We first hooked up when I was 17 and she was 16. She was a virgin, and I was her first. I knew from the moment I met her that she was different, but I didn’t know why. While a lot of the other girls were stick-thin, she was curvy with amazing tits and a round ass. What I didn’t know then was that she was exactly the kind of woman I would grow to love and get horny for. At 16, she was at the point in her life where she was ready to get rowdy and have some fun. The first night we spent together, we went further than she’d ever wanted to with any other guy. We got completely naked and spent the night touching, fingering and jerking each other. We were so hot and turned on that I’d slipped on a condom and started to enter that sweet pussy before I stopped to ask if she’d done it before. I assumed she had because she was all hands with me and really seemed to know what she was doing. I was shocked when she confessed to being a virgin, and I immediately pulled away. As much as I wanted to drill her into the mattress, I didn’t want the start of our relationship to be like that.
We ended up spending a few weeks getting to know each other and each other’s bodies better. About a month into it, we decided to sneak out for the night, each of us telling our parents that we’d be spending the night at a friend’s house. We got a nice hotel room with a big bed and huge bathroom. In the shower, she jerked my cock while I stuck my fingers deep inside her twat. When she leaned in to whisper into my ear, “Make love to me,” I was out of that shower and in the bed with her in no time at all. Our first time was great: I took things slow, and we both had a wonderful time.
After that night, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We screwed like bunnies, anywhere and anytime we could manage. As teenagers, we were even able to do it several times a day sometimes. We took lots of time to learn about what we each liked and disliked, and we did plenty of experimenting. She once told me about how she’d sit in class, looking at the students around her and wondering which ones of them were having sex. She didn’t think it was many of them, and that certainly none of them were getting it as good as she was.
I eventually graduated and went off to college. She was still in high school for another year, but she visited me often, and when it was her time to graduate, she came to my school. We basically lived in each other’s dorms, and of course, we still messed around whenever an opportunity presented itself.
I remember in great detail how one night, I took her fingers and put them over her clit. I moved them in a slow, circular motion, asking her if she ever did that. She shook her head, so I rubbed a little more then let her take over. “How does it feel?” I asked her as I knelt next to her and began fisting my dick. We watched each other closely, and it was the first time we’d witnessed each other masturbating. It was absolutely amazing. When I saw her hips start to stutter, I couldn’t help myself: I crawled up to her face, put my cock at her lips and came when her tongue came out to lick at me.
When we’d cleaned up a bit and were under the covers, I commented to her, “You seemed to know what you were doing down there. Are you sure you’d never done that before?” She laughed and blushed. She told me that she’d been masturbating regularly since she was 12. She told me her favorite way to do it was to get into the tub, spread her legs wide and let the water from the faucet massage her clit until she came. When I went away that first year and she was stuck at home, she said that she’d masturbate in the tub every night. It got to the point that her parents started to yell at her about the high water bills; they couldn’t understand why she was suddenly taking such long baths!
That night turned out to be a huge turning point in our relationship. We were now 21 or 22, and it was the first time we’d ever been so open with one another. It was soon after that night that she started getting daring when we’d have sex. For example, one night she was going down on me. I had my fingers in her hair like usual, and she suddenly reached up, put her hands over mine and pushed down, forcing me deeper into her throat. Another time, I was fucking her doggy style, and I lightly slapped her ass. She moaned loudly, threw back her hips and asked me to do it harder.
Eventually, we started trying out new things in the bedroom. We experimenting with things during foreplay or tried fucking in different positions. We also liked having sex after having a little to drink because any inhibitions we might have left would completely disappear. Unfortunately, it also meant that I came a lot quicker than usual and it would take some time before I could get hard again. I once told her that I felt bad about that, and that’s when she suggested we buy a vibrator. She said she could use it on herself while I sucked her tits or something.
So, the next time I came too early, she suddenly pulls out this vibrator from under the mattress. I watched eagerly as she put it on her clit and rubbed it all around her cunt. I don’t know what made me say it, but I go, “It’s a shame that there isn’t another dick here for you to fool around with.” I bit my lip and looked up at her, sort of hoping that she hadn’t heard me say anything. She didn’t say anything, but she did start pumping the vibrator in and out of her twat. A few minutes later, she says, “Interesting.”
“What’s that?” I asked, my eyes glued to the toy in her pussy.
“Having two guys at one time,” she replied. The moment the words were out of her mouth, her hips started moving faster. I held my breath as I watched her cum harder than I’d seen in a long time.
That was the first time my girl and I had talked about bringing another dick into the relationship, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last time.

How it all began… Part 2

A few days after the encounter in his office, Richard called Bonnie and told her that they were going shopping. He dropped nearly $2,000 on new clothing for her, including dresses, blouses, shoes, skirts, nylons and lingerie. He told her that she had a dress code that she needed to follow if she wanted to keep her position. I thought that this dress code sounded odd, but the next day, I was treated to the sight of my wife coming out of the bedroom in 5-inch heels, red panties and bra, thigh-high stockings and a skin-tight blouse, jacket and pencil skirt. She then got into her car to pick up Richard and drive him to the office.
That night, Bonnie confessed that Richard was all over her on the ride to the office. He was kissing her neck and cheek, and he kept pushing his hand up her skirt to play with her sensitive cunt. She said she had to concentrate extra hard on the road to avoid an accident, and there were a couple of times when she swore she was going to have an orgasm. When they finally got to the office, poor Bonnie could barely walk she was so weak-kneed. Of course, Richard was a proper gentleman and steadied her with an arm around her waist.
About an hour later, Bonnie had returned to Richard’s office to bring him his coffee. She was on her way out when Richard called her back and told her to take off her pretty red panties. He put them in the bottom drawer of his desk and told her that if she was a good girl, she’d get them back at the end of the day.
He then had her sit down in front of his desk in a big, plush chair. While Richard spoke via speakerphone to some of his clients, he signaled to Bonnie that she should finger her twat, squeeze her tits or even come across the desk to fondle his prick. What he liked the best, though, was when she got on her knees and sucked his prick.
Two weeks later, Bonnie was so comfortable around Richard that she was good and ready to fuck her boss. We were naked and in bed when she told me this, and she shyly looked over to me to see if I was okay with it. I tugged down the sheets and revealed the raging boner that had come on while listening to her tell me about everything that was going on. She was so pleased that I was okay with it all, and soon enough, she was getting dicked by Richard on a regular basis.
If you asked Bonnie what she liked the best about the arrangement, she’d say it’s the power he holds over her. She’s a lot more submissive these days, and she’s been awfully generous with her blowjobs. She is the blowjob queen, and when she gives what I call a “cock massage”, it’s like being in heaven.
Bonnie had the opportunity to work for Richard for about another year before it was time for us to go back home to the States. Bonnie ended up finding work with three other guys before she managed to find herself another Richard — and he was just as sexually demanding as the last! It’s clear that my wife certainly knows how to attract Dick!
This is just one story about Bonnie and a guy she’s found to fuck. I’ve got plenty of others if you’d like to hear them.

The boudoir video – My wife’s birthday present

My wife and I had been on many adventures together in our lives and enjoyed experiences and visited places few others have. I wanted both of us to experience this new adventure in a daring area where few married couples dare to go. My beautiful wife was passionate but restrained, always the perfect lady, even whilst making love to me. I know that for her, sex is an act of our love, a part of our strong marriage, as it should be. Whilst other husbands get their “kicks” watching blue movies or going to strip clubs or having affairs; for me the most erotic thing is watching my wife climax.

I am a highly liberal sort of a guy and hence for my wife’s birthday present I had bought her a racy boudoir video session in Las Vegas. Sensual Video’s Inc. had promised on its website “an unforgettable evening for your wife” where “her chosen Adonis would sensuously pamper and caress her as far as she was comfortable to go”. Husbands were not allowed to attend but I had paid extra for the “closed circuit internet viewing option” in order to watch.

Tonight, as her birthday present, in short, I had asked her to produce as racy a video as she would be comfortable doing. To allow a stranger to sensuously touch her body and have fun until it became too intimate for her comfort and stop there. She liked the idea but seemed somewhat nervous as she left for the airport. I realized that she was perhaps too conservative and that after perhaps some touching over her clothes she would call a halt to proceedings.

I sat breathless watching on the internet in California as my stunning wife began to enjoy the caresses of her chosen lover a few hundred miles away in Las Vegas. It started with the camera focused on her and she looked dazzling tonight, dressed as a sexy cowgirl in a short dress with an open back and long boots with stiletto heels. Her gorgeous, body was fit and firm from the months of hard exercise she had been putting in daily. I could see though that she had clearly had more than a little to drink, perhaps to boost her daring? Then the camera panned out to reveal her companion lightly kissing the back of her neck and I gasped in surprise. Her chosen suitor was tall and heavily muscled with a washboard stomach. But shockingly she had chosen a black man. Whilst neither of us are racists I had certainly expected her to choose a Caucasian but she had seemingly chosen to have at least some illicit intimacy with a black man. It shocked me.

I could hear soft seductive music playing in the background of her Vegas suite as her dark muscular lover moved behind her and placed a blindfold on her and continued softly kissing her neck and exposed back. I saw her shiver as his lips lightly moved over her sensitive neck whilst his hands caressed her hair. Her faced was flushed and her breathing light as his touch slowly awakened her passion. After a few minutes he took off his shirt and I still could not believe that she had chosen someone dark. Her black companion pressed his muscular chest and hard stomach against her bare back whilst his hands danced lightly over her dress teasing her nipples through the fabric.

He turned her around and I could see her excitement as she touched and pressed herself against his hard body. I watched his hands begin exploring her body, one hand teasing and tweaking her sensitive nipples which now poked proudly through the dress whilst the other danced downward over her dress, down over her stomach in search of other areas to tease and explore… The dancing fingers reached the bottom of her dress and then disappeared under it, dancing upward underneath it. I expected her to end it soon but shockingly she instead moaned softly and shifted so that she stood with her long boots a little apart; allowing her lover’s dancing fingers easier access to explore her hidden secrets little further….

The fingers danced up my wife’s thighs until they reached her silky underwear. As his fingers found her sensitive areas and played on the outside of her underwear, astonishingly, instead of pushing his hands away as I would have expected, her lithe body responded by moving against his hand and shifting her legs just a little further apart. She let out a sigh as the clever fingers exploited her slightly opened thighs and moved rhythmically on the silky moist underwear covering her intimacy and her breathing soon became shallow and quick. As her desire rose up, her hands were exploring his muscular chest and huge arms and now lustfully moved down his hard washboard stomach to explore further down…

With a flick of his fingers the dress slid from her smooth shoulders onto the floor. I fully expected her to reach down and draw her dress back up immediately. But surprisingly she didn’t. Then I noticed the highly provocative lingerie she wore, almost like she expected that it would be revealed at some point on the movie. Most shockingly for me was that as her lover’s hands moved all over my wonderful wife’s body exploiting her lack of protective dress, she didn’t resist but instead allowed those hands to slowly ignite her passion and she responded as she unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor.

I stopped breathing as the camera zoomed in to reveal his hands now slipping into her moist underwear. Why didn’t she stop him? It showed them moving under her underwear and begin to explore the source of her womanly heat and passion. She needed to stop this. Her body shuddered as its arousal mounted. She began to give her lover encouragement. “Mmmm that’s nice” she whispered. His hands disappeared deeper into her underwear as she encouraged him “Mmmmm yes that’s it…yes touch me there”. Now she shifted and stood with her boots wide apart encouraging him in the most decadent way “Mmmm so good”. The muscles rippled in his forearms as his fingers worked deep within her moist underwear now as she as she sighed and her breathing further deepened.

As I watched I could imagine that her moist warm womanly scent was permeating the room, a signal to all that my beautiful wife’s desire was rapidly rising and was eager to complete this most intimate and illicit sexual coupling with this heavily muscled stranger; that her excited body and willing mind were ready to allow him full access to her in a totally uninhibited way. His hand reached out and plucked a smooth ice block from a glass and then disappeared back into her wet underwear sliding the ice block deep into her. She moaned as she felt the ice melting deep inside and held his fingers within her, inviting them to remain deep within her, probing and teasing her innermost being. Her body was shaking and moving now and I could see the muscles in his huge forearms ripple as her lover’s fingers; now buried deep within her played her like a fiddle and excited her further.

She squeezed his huge biceps as he picked her up and placed her on the bed. Now his hand returned to the moist secret source of her womanhood and moved deeper into my wife’s sodden panties. Shockingly she did nothing to stop them but instead she shuddered and gasped and ground herself against her lover’s hand as his clever fingers worked their magic deep within her secret wetness. I saw my gorgeous wife spread her thighs for her lover to encourage him further and give him easier access to her secret area. My beautiful wife’s nipples were hard now and her panties soaked right through as his strong fingers ignited her full passion. “Take me” she whispered hoarsely. “Make love to me…”. I could not believe what I was hearing. Did she actually want this black stranger to mate with her? No surely not.

In one motion, he tore her panties from her and the camera zoomed in, I involuntarily gasped as my screen filled with the lurid view of my naked wife’s pelvis squirming and shuddering. Her lover’s dark muscular arm was buried deep in her forbidden triangle as his fingers worked their magic within her. Now his thumb began directly massaging her clit. Her passionate response was immediate and he smiled at the camera as my wife’s pelvis jerked rhythmically as she lost control and began passionately humping his hand like a bitch on heat.

He suddenly stopped, denying her rapidly approaching orgasm. Then in one motion his fingers rolled back her clitoral hood and he applied a drop of some salve directly to her clit. The camera zoomed in further. Within a few seconds it swelled and reddened dramatically. My wife’s lover held her hands above her head as she gasped “Oh god it’s got so hot down there” she called out. Now she was truly writhing about as it seemed like her clit was overcome with some heated tingling sensation. “Please, I need you now” she called out to him. I fell back in my chair and gasped at those words.

His muscles rippled as he positioned himself between my beautiful wife’s thighs. “Mmmm that feels so good” she groaned as she felt his hard manhood slide between her thighs and his swollen head press against her sex. I hadn’t noticed up to now but the camera followed my wife’s staring gaze to his thick black member. His dark penis had several large dumbbell piercings in its huge swollen head. She smiled; “those are going to feel good inside me” she whispered huskily and she opened her thighs to invite her lover to enter her. Up to now it had all been sexual teasing and foreplay between my wife and her lover and I was able to keep my emotions at least somewhat in check. But now watching her face flushed with desire and her hips moving and legs shaking as her eyes fixated on her lover’s dark swollen head as its piercings pressed apart her lips and tried to enter her, a wave of jealously overcame me. I cried out as jealously overwhelmed me at witnessing another stranger’s thick black penis begin to slide into my willing wife’s body like some hideous black snake slithering into a hole.

She opened her thighs further and rotated her hips as her body adjusted to receive his thick member. ”Aaaah yes…mmmm soooo good…. take me now…give me more” she urged him as she opened her thighs more to accommodate each inch of his thick black manhood. “Oh God” I screamed out as the piercings slowly disappeared into her wet hot body. Jealously overwhelmed me and I let out an uncontrolled sob as I saw her encouraging this black muscular stranger to fill her in the most intimate and yet illicit way several hundred miles from where I was. Her hands still continued to explore his hard chest and muscled arms and she shivered and let out a low and long lustful groan as he slowly lowered himself onto her and his thick manhood slid ever deeper into her intimate wetness. “Ahhh god that feels sooo good” she called out as his manhood steadily disappeared inside her and the strange piercings moved deeper into her wetness. The sight of her lust as she grunted and groaned her encouragement glorifying each inch her black lover pressed into her was both mesmerizing and scary.

It was almost too much to bear and I felt intensely jealous, watching my beautiful wife’s body betrayed by her raw lust. Her thighs quivered in ecstasy as she felt this stranger’s manhood slide into her and explore so deeply inside her. The erotic vivid image of my passionate wife encouraging this dark stranger to sexually couple with her and watching him oblige as her beautiful body quivered passionately as it received his manhood into her most intimate place, a place where no other man but her husband should rightly be, will be with me forever.

Finally his dark hips met her cream pelvis and my daring beautiful wife let out a long lustful groan as she began one with her black lover. Tears rolled from my eyes as I saw his manhood now anchored deeply within her writhing body, her pelvis joined to his, her passion now coupled to him. She smiled and for the first time looked at the camera and whispered in a voice full of desire “Honey this was a fantastic birthday idea”.

Her legs now locked behind him and their bodies were entwined and moved as one. His pelvis began to grind and gyrate against hers forcing her aroused body to respond with ever greater passion. My jealousy was driving me demented as I saw my beautiful wife eagerly meet her lover’s thrusts with her own and ground herself on his hard manhood like I had never seen her do before with me. “Faster…make me come” she groaned in a low lust-filled voice as her debauched grunts became louder. His dark muscles glistened as he thrust and ground himself against my pretty wife and moved deep within her lithe body with the piercings providing exotic sensations.

Her legs unwrapped around him and her long boots thrashed around in the air as the camera recorded her lover’s strong dark hips rhythmically gyrated between her open cream thighs relentlessly massaging that sensitive clit driving her passion higher and higher. Her depraved body bucked and ground harder and harder against him as she continued to encourage her lover with lurid language she normally never uses “Yes…give me more…fuck me harder… faster…god those piercings feel good”. Their bodies moved as one, their fervor increasing with each passing second. My breathing stopped as I saw my gorgeous wife locked in such an erotic and yet depraved mating act with a stranger, a dark stranger. Her mind focused on the ever-increasing passion her lover provided. My mind swirled as I saw her raw carnal desire rise ever higher as she allowed this stranger to take her lissome body and mind away from me. Every thrust and gyration from his glistening hard black body stimulated her clit further and caused her to pant and groan and thrash about as his dark thick manhood moved deep within her and carried her passionate cream body and decadent mind to her illicit nirvana.

Each time she ground herself wantonly on him and eagerly met his thrusts deep within her I could see my wonderful wife truly lost from me as her mind focused only on the mounting pleasure her lover was providing her body. My mind swirled as I witnessed her in this most intimate act with a stranger, her thighs, which had only allowed me entry before, were now wide open allowing him to lock his pelvis to hers as he ground himself against her and she bucked against him in an animal-like mating frenzy oblivious to everything else. She continued to verbally encourage his every lurid thrust into her lithe body. Her mind was in a nirvana with her lover as their depraved coupling brought her climax swiftly closer.

I screamed for her to stop as I saw my beautiful wife tense hundreds of miles away as she began to reach orgasm. Her nipples suddenly darkened and hardened, her back arched and her legs locked around her lover’s hard body and tensed. Her lover knew that at this instant her body was at its most sensitive and I saw his fingers cruelly begin to squeeze her nipples. His thrusts and gyrations deep within her drove her frenzied passion ever higher but the pain from his fingers squeezing her nipples ever harder denied her body the passionate release it so fiercely desired. “Fuck me through the pain and your orgasm will be sweeter” he commanded. I saw my beautiful wife frantically grinding her pelvis against her lover’s as she closed in on her orgasm. “Fuck me faster, you’ve got to earn your release” he commanded as the camera focused on his cruel fingers tightened their grip even more on her sensitive nipples.

He looked at the camera and smiled as perspiration glistened on my wife. She grunted as she bucked and thrust against him in a feverish rutting frenzy as the exotic pleasure of feeling the piercings deep within her broke through the pain. He winked at the camera and suddenly pulled her nipples away from her body distending her breasts and then cruelly twisted them in his fingers. My wife gasped and moaned in the pain the stranger was inflicting on her but the pleasure of the eminent orgasm drove her body onward with increased fervor. My wife was simultaneously groaning in pain and grunting and squealing as she rutted with her black lover. I felt intense jealously at what the stranger was doing to my wife all those miles away. Suddenly he released her tortured nipples and with the terrible pain abruptly gone her whole body shivered and she screamed out in ecstasy “I’m coming!” as her body and mind exploded in her nirvana.

She had orgasm’d many times with me but as the camera zoomed in on her face nothing had prepared me for watching this, my wife’s most intimate moment, the moment when her mind and body is laid bare, normally only shared with me, her husband. But now I could only cry out in intense jealously as I watched her eyes stare into her black lovers eyes as she screamed out in her exquisite ecstasy hundreds of miles away. The camera zoomed out and I gasped anew as I witnessed her cream pelvis jerking and flailing against her lover’s dark hard manhood buried so deep within her as she screamed in her exquisite pleasure.

Her lust was so much greater than it was with me, the orgasm so much more forceful than I had seen her have before. Her hips bucked endlessly against her lover as she grunted with animal-like passion, feeling his manhood and piercings anchored deep within her. My normally reserved wife was grunting in wild abandonment, her body glistening in perspiration as she rode the waves of carnal pleasure this muscular stranger’s manhood was delivering deep in her.

After what seemed like a lifetime her screaming and jerking subsided and the camera returned to her face. Her eyes were closed but with a satisfied smile on her face. The connection was terminated and with it my mind was forever altered as I had finally seen the passion she was truly capable of. I needed to up my sexual ante if I was to compete…