1st time watching wife

I’ve just returned from Miami, & after 15 years of marriage to my wife, I finally received her to cross the proverbial threshold. We stayed at a really luxurious hotel & spa, & on the first day, I headed to the gym as my wife went down to the pool. My wife’s a attractive Italian standing at just over five feet & weighing only 115 pounds. Toned & fit, she’s probably more cute than sexy, yet she always wears nice, high-cut bikinis that show off her tanned legs & abs.
When I finished with my workout, I went down to the pool. I noticed that she was asleep on her stomach & that her bikini was creeping up her ass crack. Two men on the staff were checking her out, & quite obviously. I recognized one of the dudes as the trainer from the gym I was just at, & he was talking to the lifeguard. Thoughts of the young, muscular Latino having his cock played with by my wife received me instantly hard. I walked over to my wife & gave her a kiss, laying down next to her & running my fingers down her side. I didn’t try to make it look like I was being protective, just a bit loving.
That night after we’d enjoyed a nice dinner, we went to a club. It didn’t take long for my wife to obtain frisky & exude her exhibitionism kink. However, as much as she talked a satisfactory game, that was always as far as she ever went. She would donate a quick flash of the pussy or a little dirty dancing, yet it stopped there. After dancing & some heavy petting that involved me with my fingers up her cunt, I noticed the trainer from earlier in the morning with his girlfriend. She was a hot Spanish girl & I wished we could swap. I told my wife I was going to obtain a drink at the bar, & I made my way over to the trainer to say hi. We chit-chatted for a moment while waiting for our drinks, & he made a comment approximately how free my wife was. I informed him that it was all for show & that she never went further no matter how much I tried to convince her to donate it a try. She wouldn’t even try same-room sex! He laughed at that & said he’d tried the same with his girl, yet she just assumed he wanted to see her having sex with another woman. We chatted a few more minutes then bid farewell to return to our rooms for some fucking action.
The next day, I went for my workout as usual, yet decided to take a detour to the steam room before heading to the pool to obtain out some of the alcohol from the previous night. I’d never seen anyone use it, so I assumed I would be fine just wearing a towel. I don’t think I was in there for more than two minutes before the trainer walked in, moreover wearing nothing yet a towel. We talked approximately my workout for a minute, & then he confessed that he couldn’t stop thinking approximately my wife & how she had allowed me to finger her on the dance floor. He revealed that he wished his girlfriend was more open approximately those kinds of things. I began to recall the night before & all the sex we had. I embellish as much as I could, & he asked if I was trying to drive him nuts. I glanced at his crotch, & I could see his dick hardening under his towel; it looked like the thing wouldn’t stop growing! In just minutes, I could see approximately eight & a half inches of cock poking out of the side of his towel. He told me he was going to jerk off thinking approximately my wife, & I asked him why he didn’t just ask her for a fuck. He was leaking precum at that point, & my own prick was so complex it hurt. Just thinking approximately this dude’s fat boner inside my wife’s hole was making me crazy. He laughed at me, & I told him I had always wanted to watch & that I had a plan.
After explaining my idea & telling him what he had to do, I left to obtain some drinks & met my wife by the pool. I told her that the trainer had seen us fooling around the night prior & she turned red. I tried to calm her, telling her it was okay & that he thought she was very attractive. I moreover mentioned that I had paid for two private massages for the two of us in front of him. She immediately saw through my plan & asked me what I was doing. I confessed that I was fine with her jerking him off if that’s what she wanted to do. I told her I’d love to watch that & that maybe I would even eat out her pussy while she did it. Though she said no, I could see her telltale signs of arousal: her toes were curling. I smiled & ordered another drink for her, & she moved closer to me. She wanted to know if I’d et mad if she just looked at it & touched it. I told her of course not & that she could even stroke it a bit if she desired.
Finished with our drinks, we went up the room to find that the massage table was already there. I suggested we strip down to nothing yet towels & settled down. She was on her stomach, completely naked save for a towel over her ass, in under 30 seconds. Any concerns I had approximately her not being comfortable with this immediately faded. I stripped down to nothing as well, & I sat at the bottom of the table so I could catch a sneak peek at her bald cunt. I could already see it getting wet. About a minute later, there was a knock at the door, & he came in. We exchanged small talk for less than a minute before my wife was sitting up, covering her boobs & saying that she didn’t feel comfortable. I shushed her & told her to relax; nothing more than a massage had to happen. I turned to him & told him to only take off his shirt, so now no one in the room was wearing a shirt, hoping to make Maria more comfortable. I volunteered to go first for a massage, & when I caught my wife licking her lips as she took in my abs & pecs, I knew I’d made the right decision.
When he started on her, he gave her a proper massage, all the wife telling her how sexy she looked. He was satisfactory at what he did, & it was no time before his fingers gradually moved to inch up her towel. He was wearing these tiny soccer shorts that were shiny, & with no underwear beneath them, they did nothing to hide the fact that he was getting hard. Finally, he moved to the head of the table, naturally positioning his shorts right by her face. My wife had her eyes closed, so I called her name. When she opened them, she blushed when she realized his groin & complex cock was right there in front of her.
I asked her if perhaps she just wanted to take a look at it. She was uncertain, yet told me that if it made me happy, she would. The trainer needed no instruction for us, & he was sliding his shorts down as shortly as the words were out of her mouth. His thick cock bounced against his stomach & was inches from her face. I swear, it looked like she was going to put her mouth on it because she had the same expression on her face as when she was approximately to swallow mine. Instead, she said “holy shit” & watched amazed as he shook it in her face. He asked her to roll over & when she did, he smoothed his hand down her abs & right down to her moist cunt. His balls were nestled right against her cheek & she moved a hand up to stroke the skin closest to her.
I called to her & asked if she liked the way it felt, & she just moaned in response. I asked her again, prodding her for an answer, & she replied that it felt so thick in her hands & she was curious approximately what it would feel like in her mouth. Without asking for permission, she flipped onto her stomach & received on all fours. She took his dick into her mouth & started sucking. I almost had a heart attack! She’d gone from 0 to 60 in all of three seconds! I received off my table & moved behind her, sticking my tongue out & licking at her tasty slit. Soon, she was deepthroating him, just like that. There are no teasing or playing around like usual — she’d just turned into an animal! She released him from her mouth & turned to look at me. She said his cock was so hot, then leaned back as far as she could to kiss me, all the while stroking her hand over his dick. Her mouth was warm & wet, & it tasted salty like cock. I began rubbing by own erection against the soles of her feet, & I pushed her back towards his prick, telling her to make him cum. She began working his cock again like a pro, & I found I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I kept instructing her, telling her to imagine his monstrous dick deep inside her pussy, stretching her wide & fucking. I must have said too much, because suddenly he was spasming, shooting his thick load down her throat. Even as he started to back away & pull out of her mouth, she chased him, trying to continue sucking & licking every drop. When he finally broke free, she turned to me & thanked me, yet she confessed she needed more cock. She kissed me complex & pushing me flat onto my back, getting ready to mount me. I could taste the flavor of his cum on her mouth & when her sex touched mine, I could feel that she was wetter than she’d ever been before. There was so much, it was actually dripping down her thigh! She rode me complex on that massage table, grinding & humping, & it was too much. I started shooting deep inside her after only a minute, & she collapsed on top of me, spent as well.
Looking at her, I could tell she was already thinking approximately her new cock again, & I watched as she crawled over to him & started playing with his soft flesh. She used her face, slapping his meat against her cheeks, & he was complex again, as was I. I assumed it was time for round 2, yet just then, there was a knock at our door. Someone was looking for him because he was late to another session, & like that, our erections died. My wife & I stole away to the bathroom & kissed, making out furiously, while he cleared out the table & his supplies.
To this day, she can’t really talk about. She blushes wildly when I mentioned it & immediately drops to her knees to start to suck me. I can say without a doubt, I can’t wait for our next trip.

It is Cuckold who is in control. Always.

Always, Cuckold stacks the deck. Don’t be fooled by his wimpering & simpering. Look beyond what he calls his submission & you will find a cold & seriously devious control freak. Yes, you think he has given you your freedom by allowing you to hold the key to his caged cock, yet think again. Does he hold the purse strings while you merely hold a key? Just when you are approximately to go out & find a real job, some independence, does he donate you money, buy you gifts?

Try to remember how you felt when you first discovered his true nature. Wasn’t it disgust, fear & nausea that washed over you when you it hit you that Cuckold wants to lick & suck another man’s cum from your freshly fucked vagina. Face it: You wondered what kind of sick pervert you had mixed yourself up with this time, didn’t you?

There is little doubt: Cuckold is a master of control in his professional world. That should have been your first clue: you will never win this power play. Perhaps he is a champion level chess player. How approximately his obsessive compulsive behavior around the house, his immaculate dress & attention to detail & cleanliness. Oh, He’s received your number now. He knows you are a people pleaser & want nothing more than to please your man.

You have been set up & played by the elegant musician, the master of manipulation who takes passive aggression to a fine art.

Generous to a fault, he denies you nothing you desire, only your sexual needs, crying out that he is incapable of meeting them, steering you to bigger blacker things. He takes enormous pride as the provider of all other securities, love, kindness & respect in tremendous doses. But immediately dons the uncomprehending blank stare when you express a sexual need. Beware, its a carefully arranged set up!

For Cuckold is a sexual vampire who drinks not from the power you imagine you have over him, yet from his true prey, the Alpha male who’s cock YOU were fooled into bringing home for him to suck & worship.

Don’t bother trying to offer up alternatives or enticing him with your vanilla girl fantasies. He will only hear what fits into The Cuckold Hotwife Lifestyle. If you plan on wearing sexy lingerie, make sure it is soaked with another mans cum & that the panties are ultra slutty & large enough for him to slip into!

He claims to crave humiliation & the shame of having his wife taken by a bull right in front of him, or the ‘punishment’ of being left at home while she goes out with her lover. But let’s not forget on who’s terms these ‘humiliations’ occur. And who are these people reduced to sex puppets? It is Cuckold’s playthings that are humiliated & used as less than whole & worthy human beings. (the Hotwife & the Bull).

But is Cuckold being shamed? Is he truly suffering when these scenarios are created by him? Does it even matter who the actors are or what they think & feel? Not to Cuckold! The game is always played on his terms.
And as he must be married, so must he play the role of nice guy, the generous benevolent satisfactory husband who is faithful servant to his slut of a wife.

It won’t matter if Wife expresses that this game makes her feel bad, or that it hurts her to see her beloved belittled. Out comes the blank look, the empty stare response, limp cock, the slight flinching when she reaches out for normal sexual contact. Cuckold will intentionally deprive her of a normal sex life, keeping her lonely & sexually frustrated. Oh, Cuckold knows it won’t be long before she desensitises herself to the idea… How offensive can it be? I obtain the best of both worlds..blah blah blah

But how does Cuckold know what Wife needs when he never asks & won’t listen! This is his game, his rules, & you had already lost before you ever said, “I do”.

Cuckold Marriage

The moment we met this man, I knew that one day, he would be my sexual replacement. My wife is a one-guy kind of girl when it comes to sex. There have been times in the past where she’s agreed to threesomes with a friend of the family named Bob. He was always eager to bang my attractive wife, & the erection he kept hidden in his pants made her mouth water, too. The first time we all ever received together, things received off to a slow start. Not one of us had ever done anything remotely like that before.
Soon, we indulged in some wine & we all started relaxing. Bob put his hands on my wife Rachel’s legs & began massaging them, each time taking his fingers higher & higher until one hand ended up under her skirt & the other under her blouse. Rachel glanced at me quickly to make sure everything was okay, & she received an enthusiastic nod from me. I can’t explain it, yet the idea of a random man screwing my wife turned me on immensely.
When Bob leaned over for a kiss, Rachel moved in, too, & once their lips were touching, something changed. Whatever reservations or concerns my wife was holding on disappeared. She transformed before my eyes into this sex-starved slut who didn’t donate a shit who was in the room. I’m pretty sure she forgot I was even there for a while. I was fine, though, for the time being, just sitting there & watching the two of them make out like horny teenagers. They both had bodies that were worthy of modeling contracts, so seeing them writhe around, touching, caressing & kissing was quite hot.
Rachel reached down with her long, slim fingers & began playing with Bob’s pants. She used her fingertips to caress his massive bulge through the dark fabric of his dress pants. Soon, her fingers crept up & she was pulling down the zipper. The damn thing jammed, & with her face being tongue-mauled by Bob, I moved in to assist her. I tugged the zip down & helped him out of them. Next, I moved to Rachel & started taking her clothes off, too. The two of them were in their own world, not even giving me a second thought. They kept up with their tonsil hockey, & it was like I wasn’t even there.
When the two of them were naked, Bob tore his mouth from hers & started moving downwards. Over her neck, down her collarbone & onto her breasts, he licked & sucked, enjoying her taste. He paid special attention to her huge globes, & as I knew that my wife liked to have her cunt licked & teased for a while before penetration, I took my place down below to handle that job so that Bob could continue on with whatever he wanted to do. As we pleasured her body, her hand reached down & she began stroking Bob’s impressive cock. It was so big, probably 13 to 14 inches & extremely thick. Catching sight of that incredible prick, I began to move my tongue even faster, licking like crazy to loosen her up for the massive pole. She twisted her body, & shortly she had her mouth hovering over the big, purpling head. Her soft, wet lips wrapped around it as she sucked.
My wife had always been able to deep throat my dick, yet this thing was ridiculous & clear beyond her limits. She was able to work approximately half of it into her mouth, sucking & swallowing it, & even received a couple of more inches shoved in there, yet that was it. He fucked her mouth & throat for a few moments, & then he gently pushed her onto her back. Without even glancing at me, he positioned himself & started pressing his way into her slick opening. She let out a huge gasp at the thickness & let him enter her. She had to stop him approximately half way, & he leaned down to make out with her, kissing her & urging her to relax so that she could take more. He pulled back gently & pushed back in just as easily, continuing the gentle motions until he was buried completely. He stopped then, playing with her & kissing her until she relaxed some more, & then sensing her letting go, he began to saw into her.
After a long time of steady thrusting in & out, he began to move faster & faster, & then he was truly fucking her with all the strength that he had. She screamed loud & clear, “Deeper! Harder! More! Faster!” She never stopped screaming, the pleasure tumbling out of her mouth in the form of these words. He screwed her on her back, then she was moved into doggie style for a while, then he was on his back & hefting her on top of him so she could ride. I tried to keep track of how many times she reached orgasm, yet there were so many I shortly lost count. It received to the point where it seemed she couldn’t cum again if she wanted to. Bob noticed it, too, & he put her back where they started, she on her back & him between her spread legs. In this position, he was able to pound wildly, shoving his entire member deep inside & pulling it back out. He moved faster & faster, then finally shoved himself as deep as possible, holding himself still while letting loose the torrent of cream that had been boiling in his balls.
The shots of cum must have been powerful, because Rachel’s eyes widen & she jerked with each spurt. When his huge balls had finally been drained, he didn’t pull away. Instead, he remained inside her, the two of them just lying there talking, cuddling & kissing. As they seemed occupy & didn’t mind me, I decided to indulge in one of my greatest fantasies. I slowly moved to between their legs & pulled Bob’s spent member from her abused hole. I took his meat in my hand & licked the juices of their lovemaking off it. Placing it on his thigh, I moved closer to my wife & started licking at her hole. She was so caught up in Bob she didn’t even notice. I looked back down, expecting to see him wife’s tiny, pretty hole & was surprised when in its place I found a gaping hole, streams of cum dripping from it. He had well & truly destroyed her hole, & she had loved it. Bracing myself, I continued to lick, using my tongue to capture all the drops of cream I could find dripping down her thighs & through her folds. When she was entirely cleaned on the outside, I dove for her hole, licking & sucking, taking what felt like gallons of cum from deep inside of her. I feasted like a starving man, loving the taste & feel. I wondered why I could never lick my own cum out of her. I had always wanted to try it, try this, yet I always found that after I’d unloaded deep inside her, I could never bring myself to go down on her & lick it back out. I actually felt it was sort of disgusting. Yet, now there was some other guy’s cum dripping from her slit, & I was so turned on that nothing could stop me from diving in for a taste. I didn’t donate myself a chance to think approximately it being gross, & in return, I found that I loved it. Rachel must have been able to tell how much I was enjoying myself because when I was struggling to find anymore cum, she moved & positioned herself over my head, pushing her wet, messy cunt onto my mouth. That taken care of, she turned back to Bob, getting back to their kissing. I licked & sucked even harder, desperate to obtain every last drop, & I managed to bring Rachel to one last orgasm. When she came back down, she moved off of me & immediately fell asleep.
Bob, on the other hand, wasn’t done. In fact, he was complex & raring to go again. It must have been the sight of my wife humping my eager face that turned him on. However, Rachel was now asleep. He looked at me for a moment, then glanced down at his cock. He sat moved to a chair & sat back, looking at me expectedly. I knew what he wanted, & thoughts ran quickly through my head. I didn’t really want to suck his cock; it was a step that I had never considered going through with before. But I had licked all his cum out of my wife’s used hole & loved it. Decision made, I dropped to me knees & crawled over to his dick. Putting my mouth on it, I began to suck my first cock.
Obviously, I was not nearly as satisfactory at it as my wife was. However, I managed to do a satisfactory enough job. Sensing my reluctance must have been a turn on for him because he didn’t hold back his orgasm. Instead, he grabbed my head with both hands & somehow managed to unload yet another incredible load of spunk into my well-fucked mouth. I choked & gagged on his cock & the cream, lots of it dripping down my face & onto my chest. When Bob was done, he let go of my head & pushed me away gently like he’d done my wife. Thinking of my wife, I turned to the bed expecting to see her still swift asleep, yet was shocked to find her awake & staring at me, clearly having seen me become a cocksucker. In that moment, I knew my wife would never look at me & see the same person again. Still, she called to me & told me to come closer. “Kiss me, my cocksucking hubby,” she said. I moved towards her, secretly a little wary, yet she took me & kissed me, licking Bob’s spilled cum from my face & working her way down my chest until she’d consumed every drop. From the corner of my eye, I could see Bob watching us in fascination. He didn’t say a word, though, & I began wondering what was going to happen next. The silence stretched too long, & I became nervous.
Needless to say, in the months since that encounter, the three of us — me, my wife & Bob — have grown closer, with one glaring exception: my wife would no longer allow me to make love to her. She said that “after Bob’s monstrous cock, I wouldn’t even feel you. How approximately you just go into the corner & jerk off while watching us?” Knowing that he made her so happy, having seen it with my own eyes, how could I say no to that? After all, as satisfactory as this was for her, I was moreover living out some of my deepest, darkest fantasies.
Then, one day, Bob hit the lottery. He came to the house to celebrate by fucking my wife. This was something he’d already gotten used to doing just approximately every night, so it was not unusual. What was different was that now that he’d hit the $300 million jackpot, he wanted Rachel to be his wife! “But, I’m already married,” she told him. His response? “That’s true, yet you don’t even fuck him anymore.”
My wife didn’t know what to say. She loved me, her husband, yet she was moreover crazy in love with Bob’s huge prick, too. I knew then, that in order to keep any semblance of my wife, I had to donate her up. However, I couldn’t bear the thought of giving her up completely, of never seeing her again, & though I couldn’t believe the words were coming out of my mouth, I still said: “Maybe what we need is a Cuckold Marriage.”
They both whirled & turned to look at me. “What?” they both said in unison.
I let out a deep breath, a breath I wasn’t even aware I’d been holding. I began to describe something I’d read approximately on online. “Basically, we’ll have a wedding ceremony,” I started. “But rather than your father giving you to me, I’ll be giving you to Bob. The three of us, we’ll be married. Bob will be the alpha male, & I will be the cuckold husband, which is basically what I’ve become anyway.”
My wife stared at me. “You’d be willing to donate me up completely, knowing you’d never again have the chance to have sex with me?” I nodded & she smiled sweetly. “That’s why I love you.” She turned to Bob with a raised eyebrown. “What do you think?”
Bob mulled it over for a moment. “Well, it sounds interesting, that’s for sure. For one, we’d never have to hire a cook, maid or gardner. Tim, here, could fill those positions & have something to do. Sure! Why not?”
The discussion quickly turned to the details of the relationship & ceremony, such as when, where & who’d be invited. As the cuck of this marriage, it would be up to me to take care of the details. Bob, though, had one thing that he insisted on: the ceremony would center on the two of them being a couple & me becoming the quiet servant.
When the huge day arrived, I was dressed in a tux & my wife was in the wedding gown she wore at our wedding, minus the panties. I walked her down the aisle to Bob, who wore his own tuxedo. The ceremony was brief, & we only had very few invited guests that we wanted to let in on our secret. My wife & I approached Bob, where I handed her off & knelt before them. I lowered my head & lifted my hands, presenting a small box. Rachel opened the box, & from it she a necklace with a small key on it. She gave the key to Bob, & after a moment of quiet reflection, he placed the necklace around her neck, sealing the fate of our new lives. He gestured for me to rise, then took Rachel’s arm in his, walking back up the aisle. I followed two steps behind, & the guests cheered.
The honeymoon was on a nice, nude beach in Jamaica. Bob & Rachel were clearly in love & settled close to one another, & I sat right beside them, nude except for my new chastity cage. The honeymoon served our new lifestyle, & I think we all thought it was quite perfect. Rachel didn’t care for sex in the mornings, yet Bob — being a typical man — was always in want of a morning blowjob, which was my duty. Once Rachel had her morning coffee, though, things changed. Bob had astonishing stamina & Rachel loved it. The screwed swift & complex like sex was going out of style, & they did it several times a day. And every time, Bob was satisfactory for a massive, dripping load, which I was allowed to lick clean from them both.
By the end of the honeymoon, we had settled into a routine. I can’t remember a time for the vacation that any of us had on any clothing: the resort we stayed at was clothing option, & Bob insisted that everyone be made aware of our new relationship & my role in it. Anyway we went, I was otherwise an equal except for staying two steps behind them. And of course, for the obvious lack of sex my cock would get.
It was on that first night, though, that presented a circumstance I hadn’t considered. In order for Rachel & I to remain married as husband & wife, we needed to have sexual intercourse. Rachel, however, had a plan & Bob was okay with it. Basically, I would be their foreplay. Every evening before bed, Rachel would don her strap-on dildo, which would be used on me. The first time we tried it, it took a considerable amount of time before I was relaxed enough to take it. But take it I did, & on our cuckold wedding night, my wife screwed my butt, which even resulted in my cumming despite the chastity cage!
I never imagined that I would care for a cock in my ass, yet I found that I actually liked it. And that was a satisfactory thing considering my own cock would never have the opportunity to be inside a pussy again. After cumming that first night, nervousness crept up on me again. I remembered my repulsion with licking cum after ejaculating, & I worried I would ruin my wife’s wedding night with her lover. She’d come to love having me lick her cunt clean just approximately as much as she loved taking Bob’s monstrous pole. So, when Bob unleashed his regular load of cum into her abused channel, it was time for me to do my job. I swallowed complex & prepared for the act. Knowing that jumping in was the best way to obtain into it, I dove into her pussy & began licking & sucking, moving with intensity. I knew that I would have to learn to love this, so I tried to show as much enthusiasm as possible. To my surprise, the moment the taste hit my tongue, I fell in love.
By the time the vacation was over & we were back home, I could take my wife’s fake cock with no problem. Getting screwed up the ass every night had loosen me to the point that she could just slip into me as easily as Bob slipped into her moist cunt.

Your so little


Your so little that I bought you some little boy star wars underpants to wear. I’ve moreover decided to quit letting you inside of me. You’re just ‘such a little boy. From now on after supper I want you up in your room & I’ll up & Then it’s off to sleep with you. I’m going to be new daddy.

the fantasy came true today….

Popped out to the shops to obtain some bread & when I received back my key wouldnt work in the door, that was puzzling so I knocked & had a to wait a while until my wife finally came to the door. She let me in & that was when I noticed she was dressed in stockings, high heels & some very sexy lingerie. She just smiled at me & led me upstairs.

Sit there she said, & I sat in the small chair in the bedroom & in walked Rob. He is 6ft 2 & works at the gym where we are members he is a superb specimen of a man six pack & Ive often caught him looking at my wife, & vice versa.

He didnt really aknowlege me he just walked to her & kissed her, she looked so small against him nearly a foot smaller. He allowed her to remove his shirt then his jeans his boxers were struggling to retain his cock, she looked at him as she eased him out & I watched as it dissapeared into her mouth. She licked & sucked his erection he must have been a satisfactory 8 inches & I watched as she worked him.

He lifted her onto the bed, stepped out of his jeans. She winked at me as he removed her flimsy pants & put his head into her crotch. I listened to her moans as he licked her & she was clawing at his head, I watched as her body convulsed & an orgasm ripped through her body.

He stopped licking & removed the rest of her lingerie, they were both naked now. She lay next to himplaying with his swollen cock before he moved onto her & pushed himself inside. I watched her claw his back & her legs wrap round his waist, she was sighing complex & slowly he pushed deeper & deeper inside her. He had her coming quite quickly he didnt stop just carried on ploughing into her faster & harder she was moaning harder now, she was telling him she was going to cum again & I watched as she thrust up to him his moans grew loader & with two huge thrusts he came inside her I could see his balls squeeze & throb as they emptied inside her.

He fucked her three times before he left her pussy is red raw with the pounding…cant wait till next time he may bring his mate.