Howdy! All names and places are fictional

For story purposes my name is Mac & I want to tell a story approximately a cuckold from the bull’s side of things. I first met my future babe in blue jeans at a university in Montana. Ruth. I was a geneticist & Ruth was a pleasant & very pretty girl who had just gotten a job at the university. She was married yet it shortly became known that she liked to play on the side. I liked to flirt with her & one thing led to another. One night at a friend party Ruth & were I hot-tubing with the others including her husband. He was there before the party started & it turned out was nude in the tub. He was starting to overheat & nobody would let him leave & finally he just received up & laughing walked to the back bed rooms to dress. As he stood up his complex cock was obvious to all. He was well trimmed & to be blunt maybe only a few inches long. Ruth was laughing at his predicament & revealing to the world his little cock. Long story short he drank himself to sleep that night & I convinced Ruth there were better & bigger things to be had in this world. When I entered her she let out the biggest moans & her eyes glazed over!
Ruth confessed to me that she rarely felt Russ in her & that he had never conceived a child with him! She said from early on he liked his balls manhandled & she believed he could not conceive. I then took it upon myself to make sure that she & I risked the possibility every time we had sex. Finally at one point the condom did break & walla! To this day I don’t think Russ has fathered any child & Ruth still likes to see me on the side!

Ruth and Raul:

From the beginning it was obvious Ruth liked bigger cock. Mine was not unusually small yet it was on the small side of things. I liked hearing what she did when she had a bigger cock & one day she talked approximately the janitor where she worked. He was Latin & she said one night she stayed after work. It sounded like they had a tremendous time & Ruth informed me that she went without protection. That was way rad as my little cock would not do. Bottom line Ruth liked his Montana cock way more & she said Russ she was going to let him impregnate her. My cumming betrayed me & she just laughed…. To be finished…

Our experience

“You’re positive you’re up for this?”
That was the question posed by my beloved wife as she prepared to embark on her very first date.
Married 15 years, my wife & I had never strayed outside of the relationship, & as I was the man she’d lost her virginity to, she’d never had another lover in her life. She’s a gorgeous, petite, shapely Latina who always has guys doing double-takes when she walks by. We’ve received a fabulous marriage & tremendous sex life, yet I’m small down there, barely pushing four inches when erect & even worse when it comes to girth. I love my wife so much, & I truly desired for her to experience more, something I couldn’t donate her. When I first told her approximately these wishes & every time after that first time, she laughed & kissed me, telling me that she didn’t care approximately “that” & that she didn’t need anyone yet me.
And while I have no doubt those were her true beliefs, that didn’t stop me from thinking she deserved something more, at least one time, to try it.
For a long time, I tried to obtain her to see things my way, to obtain her experiment & try something, yet she never relented. Undeterred, I kept pushing it, & one day, it paid off. She opened up to me & told me a little bit approximately a man she worked with. The man had always been friendly with her & others, yet lately he’d been paying more attention to her than usual. It was still innocent, friendly chit-chat, yet to me, it was a foot in the door.
I told my wife that it was clear this man was interested in her, & if she liked him & was interested in him, she would consider giving it a whirl. Over & over, she told me she didn’t need it, yet never once did she say she didn’t want it. No matter how much I tried to reassure her I was fine with it, that I wanted her to be pleasured by a real man with a real, long, fat dick, she declined. Then one day, the dude from work — Gregory, a tall, muscled, sophisticated black man — called her while we were together & asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink after work. As I watched on, a loving, comforting smile on my face, she nervously accepted his invitation.
They made arrangements to meet at a nice restaurant on the outskirts of town. There, no one would recognize them & they could obtain some much-needed private time to talk. When my wife told me, I was so happy, I felt I could literally jump for joy. I actually found myself fantasizing approximately how the date would go, dreaming approximately what they would do & what they would talk about. Friday could not come shortly enough!
By the time the end of the week finally rolled around, I was a ball of excited energy. I felt like a bottle of soda, shaken & under pressure. There was so much pent-up sexual energy under my skin, I probably could have powered a rocket into space. I helped my wife obtain ready, choosing a sexy black mini dress, garter belt & stockings for her to wear on her outing. She was going to wear a pair of matching black panties, yet I convinced her to remove them before she left. My wife’s such a satisfactory girl, & she doesn’t like going out without her knickers, yet I winked & told her approximately what a treat it would be for Gregory.
“Yes! Without a doubt, I want you to do this!”
That was the answer I gave my wife when she was walking out the door that day, a date with Gregory approximately to commence.
“Go on, have fun!” I urged her. “Be safe!”
I reassured her that if at any point she felt uncomfortable & wanted to stop, she could. But I could see the resolve in her eyes — she was going to go through with this. She looked so beautiful, & she smelled so nice, & everything was going to be fine.
She left, & I retreated back into the house. I was a wreck. So many emotions were battling inside my body at that time. I, of course, had wanted this to happen; I had pushed for it so much. But at the same time, this was going to be my wife’s first lover beside me, & that took some getting used to.
As the date dragged on, things started to become unbearable. I couldn’t tell if I wanted it to be over already so that she would be home with me where she should be or if it was because I wanted so badly to hear what had gone down.
Finally, after having been gone for over six hours, I heard her car pull up & ran to the window to see her walking up to the door. The lock turned, the door opened & she walked in. I ran up to her like a puppy missing its owner after a long day & kissed her on the lips. She pushed me away.
I don’t think it really occurred to me what happened. Confused, I leaned in & kissed her again, & once again she shoved at me, pushing me away from her. Alarmed, I asked her what was wrong. She looked fine, so what could be the problem. Angrily, she told me she’s blown Gregory in the car before arriving & that there was still cum lingering on her lips & in her mouth. I laughed & told her I didn’t care, moving in to deliver another kiss. She pushed me away a third time, shouting “no, that’s so gross!”
Undeterred, I relented. Fine, fine… at least tell me how the evening went! I was dying to know what had happened because she never gave me blowjobs!
She told me that it was a nice date. They had a pleasant dinner with some light chit-chat, that is, until the wine was brought out. They enjoyed the drink, loosening up & becoming more comfortable with one another. At one point, he put his hand on her thigh, & when he looked to her to see if she wanted it removed, she just smiled. His hand moved up slowly, & that was when he discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties. He asked if she’d done that for him, & when she said she had, his face broke out into a huge smile.
When they’d finished their meal, he paid the bill & they went out to his car. The casualness from earlier returned, & they spoke of simple things on the drive to his home. When they reached his apartment, it was as if they were totally different people! They could not tear their clothing off swift enough, & they kissed & touched each other until they were so turned on they felt they might burst. He carried her to the bedroom, where he lied her down on the bed & proceeded to eat out her delicious pussy. My wife said that she squirmed & wiggled in immense pleasure as his talented tongue played with her folds, darting around & not missing an inch. After making sure he’d tasted all she had to give, he thrust his manhood into her. She said she didn’t see how huge it was, yet it was unquestionably bigger than mine. He took things slowly, pumping into her leisurely while she moaned & whimpered in need. She said it had been her intention to use condoms, yet things received so hot so quickly, she completely forgot. When it came time for him to blow, she told him to pull out & cream on her stomach, yet it was too late. He ended up depositing some sperm deep inside of her before pulling out & leaving the rest on her overheated skin.
When they were done, they laid down together, tired & sated. They talked some more & cuddled & kissed. After a while, she told him she had to obtain going. She received dressed, & they went back to the restaurant to obtain her car. They talked more intimately on the car ride, & he wanted to know when he would be able to see her again. She said she wasn’t sure. Without hesitation, he had moreover asked approximately me. He knew my wife was married having seen me come in to have lunch with her on several occasions. He wanted to know if I knew what was going on, & my wife told him that I didn’t & that she would be keeping their affair a secret. When they finally received to her car, she leaned over & blew him, swallowing down his cum before stepping out & into her car to come home.
By the time she was done telling her story, I was as horny as a teenager! She received up then, saying she wanted to obtain cleaned up, yet I told her that my poor dick couldn’t wait. I was so pleased for her, & I thanked her repeatedly for doing this for us. She tugged up her skirt & I entered her, going slow because she was feeling sore. I could actually feel the wetness from her co-worker’s cum, & that aroused me so much that I came in approximately a minute.
So far, she’s only gone on one date like this. She still thinks my request & desire for her is strange. I haven’t pressured her, not the way I had been doing before. She knows now what I want, & I’m sure Gregory is on the other side talking to her, trying to set up another rendezvous. I told her she could do it, yet asked that she be open with me approximately it.
Last week, I went to her office for one of our usual lunch obtain togethers. I saw Gregory as I was walking through the office, & we exchanged hellos. I went to my wife, gave her a kiss on the cheek & had a normal lunch. It was strange coming so close to the man who had fucked my wife, yet I have absolutely no regrets approximately what went down.

From Insecure to Evil

Having finished my daily housework a bit early, I jumped on the computer to surf the internet. I had only typed the first letter of a website I wanted to visit when the browser suggest a website that caught my attention. I thought for a moment before curiosity received the best of me; I clicked. When the site open, my jaw literally dropped open. In front of me was this slideshow of hot guys being spanked, teased & forced to perform all kinds of emasculating activities for the entertainment & pleasant of women who looked like their wives or girlfriend instead of a professional Dominatrix. There were some tabs across the top of the website leading to sections that focused on things like spanking, denial, ruined orgasms, forced cum eating, pegging & cuckolding. It suddenly occurred to me that Eric must have visited this website, & that’s how it ended up in the web browser. In a state of shock, I clicked on the browser history & found at least 10 more sites of a similar nature, all visited recently. I’m not a prude, & Eric & I have watched plenty of porn on the internet. But this stuff went in a vastly different direction than anything we’d watched together. In confusion, I stared at the screen, trying to process what I was seeing. I actually felt quite alone, as if I just learned that Eric was cheating on me. This felt like such a big, dark secret, such a violation of trust. The more I thought approximately it, the more I started to blame myself, like I usually do. Obviously, I wasn’t fulfilling his needs anymore, so he was looking for places with women who did. But how could I know I wasn’t doing right if he never told me?
The next couple of weeks, I watched the computer closely. I reviewed the internet history almost daily, & I learned that Eric visited that first website & many others like it on a regular basis. I knew I should put a stop to all the secrecy, yet I didn’t know how. Where do you commence when you’re dealing with something like this, & how? As days passed, it became clearer to me that I was no longer the type of woman who pleased or excited my husband. All my adult life I’ve been insecure, & that insecurity kept me from sharing my deepest fantasies with my husband, fantasies that involved me being completely submissive to a dominant man. And now, I was dealing with the reverse from my husband. Realizing the only thing I could do now was educate myself — learn more approximately why men fantasized approximately the very things I, myself, did — I turned to the biggest source of information available: the website right in front of me. I spent the entire day reading articles & stories approximately dominate women, looking at various blogs & even joining some chat rooms. After that day, I spent all my free time reading everything I could obtain my hands on to learn more. I even went so far as to have a few online conversations with other women who had at one time been in my shoes.
What I learned was that while there were indeed real-life marriages that involved slut wives having unprotected sex with strangers then going home to spill that spent cum on their husband’s faces, there were not many; however, the ones that did exist were vocal & had an online presence. Some women claimed sexual monogamy with their husbands, while others freely admitted that they had sex with other guys & would do so again. The one constant I saw that completely baffled me was that no matter how engrossed in the lifestyle these women were or how often they “played”, they insisted that their husbands had full knowledge of the activities & either accepted it, or in some cases, even approved of it.
Of the women I met, Mary was the I grew the closest to. From our first chat, I felt like I could relate to her because she was the most like me. She was moreover a woman who had been shy & insecure, & she had learned approximately her husband’s secret fetish in the same way I had. Mary was honest with me, echoing fantasies that matched mine yet were the complete opposite of what her husband was quietly seeking. The second time we spoke, she went into more detail approximately her relationship with her husband. She admitted that her domination of her husband, Tom, made is possible for her to obtain out of the house every once in a while & take trips to spend time with her ex, Nathan; all of this, of course, with Tom’s explicit approval. She told me the reason she divorced Nathan was because of the way he treated her, like a whore to be used instead of a wife who should be loved & cherished. We shared a satisfactory laugh at the irony of the situation, how now they all received to indulge in their fantasies whenever she went away on a weekend jaunt. The details she shared approximately her wild weekends with Nathan left me aroused, & strangely, envious of her circumstances.
She’d met Tom shortly after leaving Nathan, & the two were married within a year. Tom was always a loving, caring man, & she insisted nothing had changed. As a matter of fact, the new relationship actually enhanced their marriage & made her want Tom as a husband even more. By her own admission, Tom would always be the husband of her dreams, yet no one could compare to the wild way she was fucked by Nathan.
Mary was extremely familiar with the website I had first clicked on weeks prior. She was generous with her time, giving me plenty of detailed instructions regarding the various things she’d done to Tom based off the site. Because Mary was so similar to me, the fact that she was able to do these things to her husband made things seem more real for me, more possible as it was. Mary told me approximately how Tom brought her to orgasm daily by licking her & how she verbally & physically teased him to keep him in a constant state of arousal. She detailed how Tom would do anything — anything she asked for — when he was horny & how she used this power to dominate him. It was significant to her that I understand that all of this play, all of Tom’s willingness to be teased, spanked & humiliated stopped the moment he ejaculated. When he came, the spanking would stop, though they usually did continue on with things like the forced cum eating. She made it clear that she’d never slept with Nathan while Tom was around & she had never come back from a trip to Nathan’s covered in his fluids. Before she left for a lurid weekend, she would tease Tom for a day or two approximately all the dirty things Nathan would be doing to her — all while not allowing Tom to cum — & when she came home, she spilled every nasty detail of what the two of them had done. It was the act of leaving Tom desperate for release while Mary fulfilled her needs with Nathan that served as the reminder that Tom was her cuckold, while Mary received to experience the brief thrill of being Nathan’s toy without complications.
In addition to the many hours I spent conducting research, I spent just as many reflecting on what I’d learned. Paragraphs & articles, conversations with Mary, endless videos — they are filtered through my mind & started to make sense. I began to understand Eric’s needs & fantasies, & I began to re-evaluate & re-discover my own; I realized I could make his come true, as well as mine, while moreover becoming the one woman my husband desired more so than any other. As scary-exciting as this was, I moreover thought approximately what I might turn into. Was I cut out for this, or would I turn into some kind of fake, cookie-cutter Dom & lose my sense of self? I felt a very real fear that my entire plan would implode before I was even able to put it into motion.
I logged online that day, & I felt a sense of relief pass over me as I saw that Mary was moreover online. I poured my heart out to her in a series of sentences & paragraphs that seemed to have no end. I explained my concerns approximately getting in too deep, hating the lifestyle & being unable to obtain out. What if I hated bossing him around? What if I didn’t even have it in me to tell him what to do, to act like a bitch, to hit him & tease him & humiliate him for pleasure?
Mary — the doll that she was — let me type until my fingers were sore. She didn’t interrupt, didn’t try to stop my mind from unraveling & careening. When I was finally done, & I sat there, staring at the computer screen as if awaiting a death sentence or pardon. When her response came, it shocked & relieved me at the same time:

“I felt exactly the same way in the beginning.”
Now it was my turn to sit & listen, reading approximately Mary’s initial concerns & how she had changed over time, had grown to love everything she was doing with Tom. She talked approximately how her self-confidence had grown & how her feelings had evolved. Hearing approximately the evolution of her feelings, how at the beginning, there were desires & activities Tom liked that she didn’t, yet as she explored them with her husband, she found herself enjoying them immensely. The things that Tom admitted to her, the things that were emasculating & embarrassing, he was able to do because she was the woman he loved. She learned that it wasn’t necessarily the pain that came from a spanking or the flush of cheeks that came from licking spilt cum that excited & aroused her husband, yet rather the fact that he was being forced to perform these things by his wife, a woman who he loved & who was holding power over him. She assured me that she & her husband talked at length approximately what they were doing, & that understanding came from those talks; she was certain that if I were to talk to Eric, I’d have similar results.
My foremost concern was that no matter what, I would not find doing these things to Eric erotic in the least & that he would be able to see through any act I put up. I was hoping Mary could donate me an out, yet she didn’t. The saying “don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it” came to mind; rather than assume the worst & think I might not enjoy these bedroom activities, I needed to go into this new arrangement with an open mind. I needed to let the excitement of things new & strange overtake me, & I needed to explore the new roads before us alongside my husband. If I didn’t show as much enthusiasm, if I didn’t try, Eric would never find satisfaction. Mary told me that if I wasn’t willing to truly embrace this new journey, to take my place as the woman who my husband fantasized about, that I should just stop before I received started. It was sort of the out I had been hoping for, yet when I signed off for the night, I spend the evening lost in my thoughts, feeling dejected & in no way feeling as if I’d found the magic answer I so desperately hoped existed.
A week later, I told Mary I was ready to go into this thing 100%: I was ready to do whatever it would take to try to fulfill my husband’s fantasies, while moreover exploring my own. She passed along a link to yet another fetish website, this one complete with detailed videos that would donate me a first-hand glimpse into what would become my new life. She told me to use the videos to assist clear up any residual doubt that might still be lingering. I clicked on a video, & like that night that seemed so long ago & many nights after, watched with a bit of shock as men moaned, whimpered & pleaded as they submitted to the various depraved acts being requested or demanded by their cruel wives. Once I’d watch a bit, I received over my initial discomfort like like usual. This time, though, something else happened: I found myself becoming fascinated by the strength & power of the women I was watching as their men gave them wonderful, toe-curling orgasm while they were left hanging themselves. Watching these ladies stand over their husbands, confidence oozing from their pores as they spanked these men, whipped them & teased them, it was suddenly breathtakingly erotic. I thought approximately how much my husband loved taking my ass, & then I was thinking approximately donning a strap-on & taking his. What would he think approximately that? The men on the screen were certainly enjoying it, & even though I was apprehensive of actually penetrating my husband’s ass, I was beginning to enjoy the mere thought of it. Of all the videos, it was always the cuckolding videos that baffled me the most. I had spent many hours deliberating approximately whether Eric would really have any desire to see me used by another man or wait at home, pacing & wondering what I was doing while out on a date, much less have to bare witness to cum leaking from my pussy or even having to lick it up. Whenever my line of thinking went down that route, I thought of Mary & her Tom, & how putting him in his place as her cuckold allowed them both to explore their deepest wishes. Never before had I truly acted on any of my own secret fantasies, yet watching these women try out theirs, shoving their husbands’ faces in their used cunts after a fuck, had me throbbing down below. I wasn’t naïve enough to consider myself convinced that everything I’d do to Eric would be a turn-on for me, yet I did know that the thought of seeing him submit, melt under my control like the poor saps on the computer screen — that unquestionably would arouse some feelings in me, just as it would in him. When I told Mary approximately it, she was truly pleased for me. Her only advice was to put on a brave, confident front — keep from my husband any conflicts I might still be battling, for those concerns would shatter the world he was trying to submerse himself into.