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I always was a very attractive woman. My life-partner, lovely husband admitted that & allowed to have pleasant in whatever extend I wish too, yet the only thing he was insisting is that he has to know all the things I do & sometimes even watch me doing that. I was very pleased & satisfied with my sexual life. Once there was a wedding of a friend of us, & we decided to stay at hotel. The wine was served by a man we had a talk after on. He seemed very comical & sociable guy. He was older than us definitely, probably nearing his fifties, not as attractive as it could be, yet very nice. The comical things he said made us all very pleased & smile. After the working hours the man closed the bar & offered us one more drink. He reminded that rather than spending a lot of money going to another bar, & spending time going & searching for it, it is much better to go to his place & have some drink there all together. The idea he offered seemed very nice for us, & there was nothing much we were thinking approximately besides another shot of alcohol. When we reached his place, he asked us of what we would like to drink, & I replied that I want Flaming Wine, yet I was pretty sure that he doesn’t have it. My husband was so drunk that he told that bartender that last time when we drank that wine, I made him a burning blowjob. Can you imagine what happened later? That old bustard offered me to do the same for the wine he got. I thought my husband would be very angry & start some fighting, yet he was surprisingly ok with that & told me that I could do whatever I wish to. Yes, I was very drunk & didn’t donate a damn who to donate a blowjob, even though the man was old & not as attractive as my husband. Guess what again? I started to donate him a very deep & swift oral. His cock surprisingly was so huge that made me forgot approximately all the cocks I have seen before, even my husband’s one. 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We always had dirty dreams approximately her fucking with another man. She loves to tackle with other man & talking with them a lot. She tells me approximately everything she talks with men, all the nice words they say towards her. Even such things as that she does at work, in the bank. Guys ask her to obtain some documents & she finds them whatever it costs. There was a time when she had a dinner with her male co-workers & they started to ask approximately her life, approximately her past. She never fucked before she received married. They made a joke of her being a virgin until marriage. One co-worker even offered her to have sex together with me joining them. We had a lot of conversations approximately it later. Topics approximately that made me very pleased & I told her to flirt & talk with them more. After 12 months new boss came in to their department. We both seemed to find the target of our dirty dreams, as I received deeper into the talks they have between each other. I saw him few times during company gatherings. I observed how he treated & looked after my wife yet he tried to hide it from my eyes & attention. Everything happening made me so satisfied that I asked her to tell me more approximately their job relationship & talking. Once while we were fucking in our bed in passion of agony I told her that she can sleep with him if it is just for matter of sex. She smiled at me that time, yet afterwards I noticed that she started to talk approximately him more & told me that it is becoming more & more obvious that he flirts with her at job time. That was time when she didn’t continue any relationship & chatting with one woman from her office, the reason was that she was a very gossiper woman. For my opinion she was not only one to talk approximately my wife after all that he does for her. Few times per year some people including her & him from the office would go outside of the town because of some business there. There was one trip, when she returned back very confused & excited at the same time. They stayed in the hotel. The place was very good, except that there was no shower for each of them, thus they used the ones given one by one. They decided to go to casino all together, yet my wife was against it & stayed at room. She decided to go anyway afterwards & was taking shower. At that time someone knocked her room’s door & she was sure it is one of her female co-workers. That is why she was just wearing towel on her body & opened the door. It was a man. Towel was very weakly wrapped & her body was not covered totally. That man was very shamed to see that & tried not to look at her straightly. Then there was a moment when she walked back into her room & suddenly saw him staring at her from the mirror. After that occasion he was even nicer to her, leaving her space in his car when they were going to go back. All those action made my lovely one to feel satisfied & aroused. After few weeks she approached me & told what they were talking about. Boss asked her if she has a satisfactory time during that trip, & my wife replied that everything was ok, & that the only thing makes her uncomfortable is that there is no enough time to play some machines in casino. He then told her that if she would like to play it, he can take her there again. She was very aroused for a long time & finally decided to ask me if I am ok if she goes out with him. They had a dating in three weeks’ time & she promised me that she is not going to have any sex with him. Can you imagine what happened? Leaving on Saturday night from home, she returned on Sunday afternoon. Definitely I could guess that she slept with him & that fact made me aroused even more!!!

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My wife is very attractive woman with smaller height & average weight. She has dark brown hair & a attractive rounded like a ball ass & 36DD boobs that makes every male to stop & look at her. The absorbing part of it is that she doesn’t know how she is beautiful. I really liked her sexy body & liked more when others stared at her. Even whenever she was young, she already received huge boobs & she was never skinny girl at all. She was always shy & hasn’t had self-confidence approximately herself & always tried to hide her body. I always say how she is attractive by mentioning her sexy ass & huge boobs. I suggest her to wear some short shorts, tight-fitting shirts & sexy bikinis. She likes when I say complements & suggestions to her yet still cannot overcome her thoughts of being full figured of her body. About a month ago we went out to a nice restaurant in our town. She dressed her sexiest clothes that I bought her for her birthday. The top part of the dress was almost shows her astonishing boobs & bottom of dress could slightly cover her ass when she was sitting. Then we ordered our first meal. Our waiter was a young man from Africa. He was a college student on a scholarship base. He was a bit taller than me with strong body & as dark as coal. I realized that he keeps visiting our table so often for drinks or to take our order & he couldn’t stop from looking at her sexy body. Especially her boobs were at its full sight from his height. It unquestionably had an impression our young black waiter because as he stands in front of our table I realized that he started to obtain erected from the view he saw. I am sure he was thinking approximately some dirty stuff.

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It was my wife, Kate’s idea that I wear an apron when I wash his car on the street. She was excited that anyone could see me dressed like this & cleaning a car that wasn’t even mine. I was not rushing clean the car because I was so calm. I knew that they would be upstairs in the bedroom for at least three hours & often longer & thus I could wait outside for long time. I didn’t know anything approximately him until she has told me. His name is Bob, her coworker, & he is married with three kids. They have been together for almost eight months now, & he used to visit us every Friday afternoon. However I didn’t feel sorry for weird admittance to her a year ago approximately my cuckold fantasy. I cannot accept the fact that how one can let his wife, the beloved one to be shared with anyone else. It was beyond any frames of relationship, love & marriage, & it didn’t make any sense. And the same like those husbands I suffered from unusual sexual tastes that were overwhelming. And thus every sunny Friday I go out to clean the car of lover of my wife. My fancy has caused me to lose everything that most husbands appreciate & protect, my wife’s love & respect, our sexual life, the chance of becoming a father, my own self-esteem & manliness. It may sound absurd to the rest of the people yet this I what I really wanted. I found my place by becoming a cuckold & required only minimum portion of a men. Some type of cuckolds wants their wives tell them approximately their sex with their lovers & even letting them to watch it. And this is true for those who is still unsure approximately this or have an open marriage. However for cuckold they don’t care approximately the sex life of her wife with the lovers. It was very clear from the beginning of the love affairs of my wife with his lover. I was excluded from our usual bedroom & had to sleep in the next room all the time. One of those days, I was finishing washing his car, & I received a mobile-message from her asking me to bring some refreshments, one juices & one cold beer. Accepting this, I went upstairs & brought them what they asked. I entered to the bedroom & saw him lying & hugging her from the back. They were both naked. Then she stood up once she saw me entering & starts to cover exposed parts. “Do you know how to knock the door?” she screamed, & wrapping the sheet more tightly around herself. I said sorry to her yet she didn’t want to listen to my excuse & started to miscall me with offensive words. Her reaction really surprised me. I knew that I lost all the right for marital life with her after my admittance & I was really shocked at being criticized for looking at my own wife’s boobs. Then Bob stood up & by hugging her he looked at me. “No more boobs for you, cuckold, no more having pussy” he smiled. Then he kissed her face by saying she belongs to him. “ALL mine” he said & kissed her. I realized that the way they hug each other & talked to me, she already fall in love with him. I quickly put the drinks down on the table & left the room. The most things that I want was, Bob would remain in his marriage & will continuously visit every week for giving her a satisfactory sex & she let me stay with her in marital house. I was ready & could do everything to live in my dreams of being cuckold to my beloved one Kate.