I will anything in order to please her

My wife was always dreaming to see me how I would be sucking penis of some other guy. She always keeps telling me how much it would arouse her if she will see the way my mouth will be filled with his cumshots. She starts talking approximately that every time as we start our fucking. Since couple months ago my wife started sucking me off & then feeding own cumshots to me myself. In our experience we received fucking in threesome sex with our usual friend before & during last time when were repeating it she asked him whether he will let me to such his cock or not. Of course he refused letting me suck his cock, yet my wife started sucking his penis & before he will be finished off she pulled it out, removing his condom & climbed on him. First thing that she have told in that position were begging him to fuck her like a dirty slut, as she loves to talk on a dirty language & uses it nasty as possible. Then asked to lick her ass & said to him fuck her cunt in the same moment. Seems like he didn’t notice that she pulled of condom & pounded his penis into her vagina, diving it deep there where he immediately discharged his cumshots. She received up & ran to the bathroom, called me to come there. When I came in she was lying on her back & holding her pussy. There she asked me to lie on my back, to which I have obeyed & followed her order. She received just above my face, took away her hands & those white cumshots started being spilled on by face. I was ordered to open my mouth & taste his cumshots, while she was sucking my penis. I leaned back & started pleasing her pussy as in a minute their mixed cumshots started gushing into my mouth. I closed my mouth in a rush as it was already full, & I have never seen such massive pussy cumming of her pussy. As I finished her pussy out of cumshots with my tongue we agreed that we need someone else for doing similar things for the next time, as her vagina liked it so much. Well, to tell you truth, I can’t wait for that!

It all started as playful flashing here and there, whenever we had an opportunity

It all started as playful flashing here & there, whenever we had an opportunity. Both of us are huge exhibitionist & I love to watch people devour my Neha with their eyes. Our fantasy & guts grew with each episode of flashing. I had her strip by the side of highway & put on a show for the passing cars. With each episode she became comfortable in showing her naked body to others. I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted her to be displayed as a slut & be used, while I watch. I have discussed approximately sharing her with others & at first she wasn’t ready yet slowly she became open to idea. I just didn’t want to see her getting fucked, my deviant mind wanted to do things which she probably wouldn’t do. I signed up on an adult website & started looking for a couple who would like to take her as a slave & Internet was full of ideas. It didn’t take too long for us to meet a couple. The couple was into BDSM where the female (will be referred as M for the rest of the story) was the dominant one & male (will be referred as slave for the rest of the story) was the submissive one. We initially chatted on the website & after over phone. We even a few webcam “sessions” with M directing us what to do. When both parties were comfortable we decided to meet. For our first meeting, I wanted Neha to dress slutty & wanted to see the look on their faces. So I decided she wouldn’t wear any underwear. Nothing underneath. She was very nervous as expected. The day arrived & we went to a restaurant I picked. Neha was wearing a skirt, which was knee length & I moreover told her that she has to sit with her legs wide apart. We were few minutes late & they were already seated. We went straight to the table & as I was walking I texted M to let her know that she isn’t wearing any underwear. Everyone on the table knows that she wasn’t wearing it. We exchanged greetings & started the usual initial conversation, when M dropped her phone & asked her slave to pick it up. As he was going down to pick, I made sure my wife’s legs were wide apart from him to enjoy the view. He looked up with a beaming smile & wife looked flushed. Just then M asked her,

“did you like exposing yourself to my slave?…

we know you aren’t wearing any underwear.”

My wife looked at me & I said answer the question. M proceeds to say

“you need to learn to answer when you are asked a question”

and then she looked at me & said

“I think we need to start from right now, This restaurant is a fine place to start our training”.

She requested that the guys should leave the table & come back after few minutes. I decided to take a restroom break & when I walked out I had an instant complex on. Neha who was shy & nervous few minutes ago, was flirting with the waiter. The first two buttons of her shirt were undone. The waiter had clearly view of her cleavage & it was obvious she was doing it to obtain his attention. As I walked towards our booth M saw me & stood up. She asked me to sit with her & I obliged. In the meantime M’s slave walked in & the only available place was next to my wife. To my surprise she stood up & let him in, while I was expecting him to take the seat she was sitting in. Now she had two guys besides her starring at her chest & M’s slave was getting closer & closer to her in pretext of reading from the menu she had. We finished ordering our food & M’s slave starts to compliment Neha on her perfume & on how she looked. She was completely flushed while I was having a raging complex on. M grabbed my cock & said,

“wow!! your husband seems to love it. He is very hard. I’m glad he likes it otherwise it wouldn’t be pleasant . right ? “

I was speechless as looked at my wife. I didn’t know what to say. The restaurant we were in wasn’t crowded especially the area we where sitting in. It was sort of private, so it created a perfect environment for us to play. M proceeded to unzip me & pulled my erect cock out. She turns neha & says ,

“Don’t believe me?. See under the table. He is loving it “

Neha couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw M stroking my cock & had a sort of angry/confused look. I sat there thinking this must be dream.

Now M turn to her,

“Its your turn Hun. Let my slave touch you. You are ours for the evening, so next time I’m not going to ask you. We will touch/do whatever we want with you. But during this time I will tell you when touch your husband.“

“Wow!!.. He is getting harder .. Control you freak, I don’t want you to explode now.. Its hardly 30 mins since we meet”.

M’s slave puts his right arm around Neha & starts to whisper in her ears. M instructs me to see underneath the table & I obliged. I couldn’t believe what I saw underneath the table. M’s slave had his left hand between Neha’s legs underneath the skirt & she was willing. With every thrust she seems to be opening her legs wider. This is woman who walked into the restaurant with me & within a span of 30 mins she is in the arms of a stranger. M turns to me & says,

“do you like it ?”. & then proceeds to touch my bare cock..

“you love it, don’t you . I spoke to your wife, she will listen to me whatever I ask to do. My slave needs some play time & I thought this would be satisfactory opportunity from him to enjoy his time. Once we complete our here we can go back to my place & I have few more things I want her to learn before she goes back home”.

The waiter even received a glimpse of what was happening when he dropped the silverware. After finishing our dinner, we walked out. I was with M & Neha was M’s slave. M suggested that we drive in one car, as she had planned something for us. I agreed without any resistance. I parked my car in a local parking garage & received into M’s car. I sat in front along with her slave, while she sat with neha in the back. M turns to neha & asks,

“so did you like it ?. how was it ?”. Neha smiles & doesn’t say a word.

” you know your husband wants to turn you into wanton whore & he told me all approximately your flashing. So are you ready to be a whore ?”. Then she puts her hand between neha’s thighs & I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My wife has never been another woman & always shrugged off that topic & here she is letting a woman touch her. M turns to me

“Your wife is wet, she is unquestionably is ready to be trained”.

We started driving out of town on the highway, when M instructs her slave to take an exit onto an offbeat road & asks him to pull over. All four of us obtain out of the car. She hands over a collar to her slave & instructs him to put it around Neha’s neck. The collar read “WHORE”. He happily obeys his mistress & puts the collar around Neha’s neck. M then instructs him to strip her naked & turns to me,

“I’m sure your gonna love this ”

and then proceeds remove my polo & runs her fingers on my chest. In the meantime M’s slave strips off Neha’s clothes , so only things on her body was the collar. She looked absolutely beautiful. The entire thing was erotic. M now tells her slave to drive away with Neha’s clothes & come back in 15 minutes. He obey’s his mistress command & drives away , while Neha stands naked by the road. M grabs my cock in front my wife & tells her

“Look, I you told he loves it. He has an instant complex on. Haha”.

She then instructs me strip naked & I did without any hesitation. She took my belt & ties it around my neck, sort of makes a leash out of it. She looks at Neha & then says,

“Look how complex he is, what do think we should do?.

I have been teasing him all this while, its time we make you watch” ..

She then proceeds to kiss me & stroke me. What she did next was unexpected. She instructed me to kneel down & then pulled down pants & put her bare pussy on face.

“Lick it , like you have never tasted one & tell me approximately it.”

Without even realizing that Neha is watching this , I started licking M’s attractive pussy & started saying

“ Yes. This is the best ever I have had & would love to do it over & over again Mistress “

M looks at Neha & says,

“That’s satisfactory hun. I’m glad you love it. If you are satisfactory I have more pleasant surprises for ya.”

And then proceeds to donate me a long kiss. Neha standing there naked felt humiliated in front of M & me. M then takes her lipstick starts to write on my wife’s body. It read “$1 FUCK”. She tells me to take a picture of my wife from different angles as she whisper something in my wife’s ears. Now I see M’s slave driving towards, M grabs me & moves way from Neha. She is now standing on this road Naked, with a whore collar around her neck & “$1 FUCK” scribbled on her body. M’s slave pulls close to her & asks her something, then proceeds to park the car by the trees. Neha walks towards the car as M’s slave comes out naked. He then proceeds to kiss her slowly & passionately & she seem to respond every action without any hesitation. He lays her down & then proceeds to lick her. With every lick her body would arch more & we could clearly hear her moan. I was completely blown away with what was happening.

All this seemed too much for Neha, she was twisting & turning as she pulled him closer to her hole. She then finally squeezed his head between her legs & came. Breathing heavy she gets up to find me recording the event. Most of the letters from “$1 FUCK” have been wiped clear expect for “UC”. M looks at her slave,

“Nice fore play, yet I thought you wanted some play time. This is your playtime you won’t be getting any till Saturday. From now she will be your play partner & Not Sandy”

and proceeds to look at me.

“Yeah. I forgot to tell you. When you guys are with me. I decide who you are going to be with. She is going his play partner & you with me. Don’t worry you will obtain play with some pretty women”.

She then proceeds to strip & instructs M’s slave to fuck her. Now I’m the only one who isn’t touching her. M is kissing & caressing Neha , while her slave has gone back to lick her. I was thinking to myself what did I obtain myself , my wife of 7 years isn’t even looking at me yet the sight of two people devouring my wife was overwhelming erotic. M has proceeded from kissing & fingering to sit on Neha’s face , while her slave decides to enter her. M is not offensive looking , she is a bit older with nicely shaped body(and I’m a sucker for Milfs). M was now moaning with every lick , while Neha was sliding up & down with every thrust. It was attractive sight. M squeezed my wife’s face between her legs & came on her. Once M climaxed she proceeded to spread my wife’s legs apart as her slave started moving in & out faster. By now moans were getting louder & louder, if sound wasn’t acceptable for M she just sit on her face for few seconds. Meanwhile, the slave was in heaven fucking my wife & kissing his Mistress. The thrusts have become faster & he was deep in my wife’s pussy. M asked my wife

“Where would like him to cum slut? Inside you or in Mouth?”

Neha hesitantly responds “Mouth, Mistress.”

M looked at her with smile & said

“sorry hun he is going cum in your pussy. Get used to it. Don’t worry I won’t ignore mouth. After all I need to take care of you.”

Her slave shot his cum deep into my wife’s pussy. M instructed me obtain closer to my wife’s mouth & then looks at Neha,

“ Since you wanted a man cum in your mouth, suck your husband’s cock & don’t forget leave even a drop “.

With all the things that happened it didn’t take long for me to cum. I came quickly with cum covering my wife’s face. M took a picture of Neha & then showed it to her.

“This is beautiful. What a slut “ & turns to her slave & says,

“you are going to enjoy her. Treat like the slut she is”..

Neha had cum on her face & on her pussy. She looked exhausted, used & dirty. The look on her face said it all. M turns to me ,

“As I said before, when you are with us she is my property. I’ll take care of her. She will play my slave. They are now a couple. I’ll arrange for collaring ceremony on Saturday where she will collared & would become ours. “

She turns to her slave ,

“You & neha will share the sub room from now. Make sure she place for her things. Clean her up”.

He then picks her up & wipes off the dried cum from her mouth & pussy & takes in his arm. M turns to me ,

“ She is now fully ready for further training & this whole episode was to see if she was ready for what she was going face in future.”

They dropped us at parking garage where I parked my car. Neha & me had very quiet drive & she infact slept most of the way home. Once we received home, we talked approximately this incident a lot. She initially had tears in her eyes & was angry at me for letting her to be used this way. After a while argument into a conversation approximately what we liked from this whole thing. Neha confessed she loved being submissive to someone & following orders & loved when she was used by both of them. She kept looking at the pic where she had dried cum on her mouth & in her pussy. We eventually had one best sex in a while. We roleplayed in the following & fucked each other like rabbits. We both accepted M’s invitation for collaring ceremony & decided to go head with this. M gave Neha a list of things to buy & prepare herself for the ceremony. She sent her a list of things to buy which included g-strings , leather wear, gags , butt plug & a ring. There is no normal wear in the list & it moreover included do’s & don’ts .One of the do’s was for me to use a condom whenever I had sex with her.

The ceremony day arrived. We reached M’s place around 10am. Neha was wearing a black skirt & see thru top. Underneath the top she wearing a bra yet it had these huge gaps that exposed the breasts. While her underwear was the same nothing to cover pussy, sort of crotch less leather g-string. M saw us pulling into her driveway & opened her door. She was dressed in all leather, exposing her curves.

She took us to her basement & found there were 2 other women in the room. M’s slave was serving drinks to everyone. Neha & me have never in a dungeon, we always watched on porn & never imagined that we would be in one. M then proceeds to introduce us to everyone,

“So she is my new slut & that’s her cuckold husband. I invited all of you her collaring ceremony. Once collared she will become mine & will be living with Martin as his partner”.

And then looks at me ,

“You will be serving me & other women, if you are worthy enough. Once in this dungeon or any where I’m present you will not touch Neha unless told. Outside of here you are still a couple” ..

“Oh one significant thing, I’m not married to Martin. He just my slave & has been for the past year. I needed a woman slave for my activities & Neha is perfect “.

That’s when it stuck, all this while I never bothered to ask if they were married or not & now is actually going to be with another man as his partner & I have been sidelined. All I can do is just watch & if I’m lucky might touch her. Just then M snapped me out of my thoughts,

“So go upstairs & obtain changed. There is bag the TV in living room , your clothes in it. Double up cuckold or you might even witness your wife’s ceremony” .

I hurriedly went up & changed. Bag contained yet a collar with “Slave” written on it & a cock ring. Went back downstairs to basement only to find M’s slave(will be referred as Martin from here on) & Neha holding hands. She was still wearing the same clothes. Just M saw me coming ,

“Ah. Look at this cuckold everyone. Good timing cuck”.

Everyone tuned their attention towards. I was only one naked in that place & it was humiliating. M then asked Neha & Martin to stand in front everyone.

“Martin, rip her clothes, I want her to feel she was freed. “

He did exactly what M asked to him do. Now Neha’s private parts were visible to everyone. She tried cover herself yet M stopped her.

“Don’t ever do that. Did I tell you cover yourself?. Answer my question slut, you were ready fuck martin that day & didn’t bother cover yourself , now where did this come from? . another slap”

“Martin , explain it to her “.

Martin took her to the upstairs & I was standing there didn’t what do. I felt slapping the bitch for hitting Neha. Just then M said,

“Cuck , go check upstairs. I hope they aren’t making out. If they are all three of you are in trouble. “.

I went up & saw that Neha was in his arms. He was running through her hair & consoling her. I felt horrible, I should be the one doing not him yet again seeing in arms of another person was erotic. With the cock ring on I was having a massive erection. In the meantime Martin saw me,

“hey bud, we were just coming down. I hope we aren’t late & Mistress isn’t angry. Neha, lets go , its significant day for us “and kisses her.

As I accompany them downstairs , Neha looks down at my erect cock & then looks at me . She then holds hands with Martin & stands in front of them. M grabs her by hair & then starts the proceedings,

Neha was made to kneel down & then M put a collar around her neck which said M’s Pet & then she announced ,

“neha. You have branded as a SLUT. Henceforth you will addressed as SLUT.”

Neha, was made to sit with her face down & holding on to M’s legs. M then summons Martin ,

“Martin , you have been nice sub for a long time. I have decided to present you with a Slut. It will be your responsibility to train & prepare her to serve me. So here put this ring on her & donate her wedding ring to her cuckold husband”.

M pulls up Neha by hair & then instructs to remove Martins clothes.

Martin puts the ring on her finger & then Neha kneels down puts a cock ring on Martin slowly with her bare fingers.

After this Neha , introduces herself as a Slut to the other 2 women in the room & exchanged pleasantries. One of the women asks M,

“So how are you planning to consummate this Union?. Is this Cuck gonna be involved? “

M looks at me,

“Of course. Without that we can’t consider this as Union, right Cuck?. She ready to lead new life as a slut. Now I need start training this cuck for this job. Are you ready?. Look at this cock, he still hasn’t lost his erection. Were you thinking how Martin is going to fuck Neha? . weren’t you ?.. haha. Don’t worry you will be seeing it. This is a gift from me”.

“Slut, show your cuckold husband what this means to you. Show him what he has been longing for “. & ties leash around my collar.

Martin holds Neha’s hands leads her upstairs to the bedroom. She smiled for the first time that day & seemed content in his arms. She didn’t even turn around to see if I was there or not. They went up first & as I was approximately to go with them , M stopped me,

“Did I tell you go ?. I have a couple of friends who needs some cleaning to do. Make sure clean their feet. Now you filthy cuck” .

M goes up & I start cleaning one of ladies shoes. I wasn’t allowed to look up unless told & other one decides to sit on my back. Just then M comes down with a camera along with Martin & Neha,

“Hey Slut , look at your cuck. What cute little puppy we have here, cleaning the ladies feet . are you done yet ? . You don’t want to be late for the fucking ” .

I turn around & obtain up to see Neha kissing Martin. Both them were naked & his left hand firmly clutching here breasts & other hand was exploring her pussy. As I make my way up I was expecting neha to look at me yet she didn’t instead was busy with him. We make our way the bedroom .M puts the camera on the tripod & ties my leash to the bed. The whole set up reminded me of the porn , yet difference is this happening with my wife. Martin then puts Neha & the bed & starts kissing.

M looks at me , ” She is not birth control , right ? . this should be fun” .

They both starting love & it wasn’t just fucking. It seemed like Martin was trained to seduce women. He was passionately caressing her, kissing her all over & moved down to eat her. She seemed to respond to everything. Every single lick made her twinge, it seems like she was oblivious to fact that there were others in the room . With every lick she was arching body & I was having confusing thoughts. On one hand , this is wife I shouldn’t be letting this happen, damn did I lose my wife ? . On other hand it was so erotic to see her this way . Just then one of the ladies turned the camera around & focused on me. M unties the leash & takes me closer to the bed.

“Look at this cuck. This is how you fuck a woman. It seems to you didn’t do satisfactory job, I mean you were married for 7 years right ?.. Look at her she is moving in rhythm with Martin. Poor slut has been missing this all these years. At least she will obtain what she deserves from now on.”

“Oh.. my look at your cock. Don’t cum unless you told to.”.

In meantime Neha reached her 2nd orgasm just from licking, breathing heavy she stops martin from entering her. She tells him ,

“My god you are good. It’s like knew what I exactly want ” . Just M slaps her,

“bitch all you need to do is open your pussy . All these compliments & cute talk can happen in your room. Not here . Now open that pussy” .

M hands me over to one of the ladies & proceeds sit on Neha’s face. She then splits neha’s legs wide open for Martin to enter. Neha is helpless & martin starts to pound her pussy. Other lady who till now just watching this whole episode sits beside the bed & starts nibbling on Neha’s nipples. Now there are three people devouring my attractive wife. I so wanted to jerk off yet couldn’t as hands weren’t free. I watched neha moaning with pleasure & pain . You could actually see her breathe. Her nipples were constantly erect & she must have had atleast 6 orgasms by now. Finally Martin shot his load into her, what surprised me is that when shot his load Neha was pulling him closer & was pressing against him. Like she wanted it . M orders martin to stay in her,

“martin , stay in her for a while. I don’t want a drop sperm to spill out of her pussy. I want to see if you can impregnate a woman” & turns towards me.

“so cuck. We finally consummated our wife’s union with martin. Now she is his play partner. You know we host swinging parties, so I want them to be couple in those parties. So I want you go head put note on the website (where I meet M & martin) that you won’t swinging with Neha & that she will be playing with Martin. Now go clean up the room for Martin & his new partner.”

“Martin , now that I have this cuck. I don’t need your service for this weekend. If you would like you take the slut out to have some alone time.

I know both of you would like to. This Cuck can drive you around in his car” .

For the first time I was so furious. I wanted smash M’s face. As I contemplating smashing M’s face , I saw neha , she was exhausted & weak. Martin was holding her in arms , as if nothing would happen to her & she slowly put her arms around him & kissed him. I left room & went cleaned up new couple’s room. Neha & martin entered the room as I finished cleaning up . Neha looked at me & then covered herself with a towel & walked out. I was like what !!!.. I’m your fucking husband bitch !!.. M just then walked in ,

“Cuck, it seems like you cleaned up good. then what are you still doing here ?. if you hope you weren’t trying to obtain a glimpse of them again ?. You need to obtain out of here. Remember she is Martin’s bitch not yours. You are my pet. double up & obtain up stairs “.

I felt extremely humiliated & was hoping that neha doesn’t develop feelings for this man & dump me. For the next 2 hours I was made to service M & other two ladies. Each one took turns & sat on my face. I licked them to orgasm , while I was denied any sort of relief. After this M asked to clean up as they going out to do some shopping. There was no sign of Martin & Neha. I was wondering if they again back to fucking. As M & I stepped out , I saw that my car was missing. M looked at me,

“If you were wondering where you car is ? it is with Martin & his slut. They needed sometime alone to develop their relationship & with you around she might develop feelings from him. So I asked him to take her out .

She really enjoyed today & seemed comfortable with him. Unfortunately you were cleaning up they left. Should have seen them , they looked like a perfect couple & oh I forgot to tell you I videotaped their time in that room. I will show it to you when we obtain back” .

My mind was running crazy. what the fuck did I do to my wife . At this rate she will develop feelings from him & then what happens to me ?. Did he fuck again or did they make love ? !!! .. With all this mixed feelings I drove M to the mall , I dropped her at the entrance & she told donate her a call when I find a parking spot. Took me approximately 15 minutes to find one & then called M. she told where she was . As I walking towards M , I saw Martin & Neha. They were like a pleased couple , laughing & kissing. It was like they were on their honeymoon. I tried desperately calling her call yet it was switched off & didn’t leave a message.

I walked to M ,

“Ah there you are. Need you to carry these bags to counter” . She saw me looking at them & pulled me aside,

“Are you having a complex on again ?. You freak . Listen when outside , learn to act as if you don’t know Martin & Neha. Even if they make eye contact . I expect you to do it too. after all I own you ” .

We were walking towards the counter , when I saw that they were moreover waiting in the queue. They turned around & made small talk with M as if she was stranger,

martin : They need to open another line . We can’t be waiting here for ever.

M : yeah , the line is big. It seems like you just one item ?.

Martin : yeah.

Martin to neha : I think we should go. I don’t want to be late to the restaurant.

Neha: Yeah. I think we busy these on our way.

Martin places are pair of g-strings on the counter & walks away with Neha. M turns to me ,

“didn’t they were cute!! .. Martin deserve this. he was satisfactory slave. If you are satisfactory , you might let you go on dates like this pretty women”.

After all the shopping , we received back to M’s house only to find martin & Neha cuddling & watching a movie. M instructs me to put all the bags in her room & asks me to alter into my cuck’s dress aka cock ring & the “pet” collar. I was given space in basement to have put my things & a baby monitor. THe cam was placed in martin & neha’s room. I come back up in my cuck dress only to find all 3 naked. M looks at me,

“I’m tired from all the shopping & need a massage. Since you are new you will watch donate me a message & learn from him.”

“Slut , while martin gives me massage stroke this cuck yet make sure he doesn’t cum. Make sure wear gloves, I don’t you to be touching with your bar fingers” .

“yes mistress.” replies Neha.

As we getting for M’s massage session, she gets a call & goes up. In meantime , Martin pounces on Neha & kisses her.

Neha : “I can’t wait for tonight”

Martin :”you know your husband is here ”

Neha: Yeah. yet he was the one who wanted it. I liked what I went thru today. Morning & afternoon was good”

Martin : M was right. You look sane , yet god your are an impressive slut.

Just M then calls Martin upstairs. I was shocked to hear what neha had to say & was pleased that he had upstairs.

martin : Crap . Mistress is calling me . Be right back.

Neha : wrong timing. Do you want me to come with you ?

Martin: She called me not you . So stay here .

Neha looks at me ,

“don’t try to act silly . Over here I’m not yours. I want to be faithful to Martin & Mistress. Remember she decides who we get. After all you wanted this. I mean you are still erect.”

Me : So enjoyed it ? . I mean whole morning thing & afternoon with Martin . What did you do ?

Neha : Not here. Not the right place for this talk. You will obtain know what I did.

She covers herself up with a towel. M & martin walk down ,

M:” Did he misbehave ?”

Neha : No.

M : Good. You can take off the towel. We are here . Good girl. I’m starting to like you.

M: Listen cuck. I’m going to swingers party on monday & want you to accompany as my slave. All of the people in the party are into Dom/Sub relationship. this way you obtain acknowledge as my slave . I was thinking Neha should stay with Martin here & cement their relationship. They would coming to the party yet as a couple. Martin is gonna her master.

M then received her massage & I saw M & martin making love to Neha. She had her first true 3 some , with Martin fucking her ass & then M fucking her pussy with a strap on. I stood there , watched them make love with no release. After while everyone was tired went to their repesective rooms. I sat thinking what have I done & finally jerked off thinking approximately the 3 some & doozed off. After approximately an hour or two , I woke to noises from the baby monitor. Neha & Martin were doing it again. It was like they couldn’t keep their hands off each. I could see wine bottles in background. I know she obtain tipsy even with a little bit of wine. The alochol seemed to assist her shed inhibitions. Martin knew I was watching yet she became oblivious to the fact there is cam in the room. She was truly enjoying him & it seemed like she has completely embraced this relationship. He knew where touch her & what it gives instant orgasm. With every pounding her body & Martin’s was becoming one. I had instant orgasm watching this. Finally Martin shot his load into her.

Neha: Stay in me , don’t take it out .

Martin : Did you like it ?

Neha: Like it?. You have driven me crazy. I’m verge of getting addicted. actually I’m. I need you everyday.

Martin: Good. THats the purpose of this union. You are my slut .

I realized what I have done & sort of accepted it & went back to bed. This continued for the rest of the night. They must fucked each other at least twice & I kept waking up the sounds. He was driving her carzy with all this sex & slowly cementing the relationship. Next two days went by. Went to party as M’s slave & finally received some action. One of new wives in group was trained & M let me fuck her, while husband watched. Thats when it became clear that this group is for training housewives to be become sluts to be used by everyone or sometimes just for one person, like Neha.

It’s been six months since this episode. Neha accompanies Martin to parties, events as his girlfriend & I accompany M as her Slave. Haven’t had sex with her in the past 6 months , expect for the occasional Bj as instructed by M. He hasn’t impregnated her yet, yet I’m sure that would come & its not far..

And this is how I become a cuckold.

Unintended outcomes

Old friend of mine has given me surprising call few weeks ago. Seems like Carl was in the prison for the last five years & now he is approximately to be released from there. He didn’t have any place to stay. I was quite surprised & little bit glad on his release so my wife told me that I should be watching my friend’s deeds well. She didn’t know that he wasn’t actually a friend of my, yet she didn’t want to know either. Later in a time, Carl moved to our spare room. After a while seems like my wife & he received a usual business together, which was ended visiting his room at nights by my wife & fucking him there. He owns large cock that is much bigger than mine, so I needed to stay in our bedroom & listen how they are fucking. Usually she was quite & tedious in the bed, yet Carl acts a bit rough with her, which loves so much. He even dares to fuck her anal pipe & ejaculate on her face.

Brenda was a student in one of the college courses I teach for a little extra spending cash

Brenda was a student in one of the college courses I teach for a little extra spending cash. I do not have to work yet it received me out of the house & put some cash in my pocket for a drink here, a rum soaked cigar there, or any little incidental my heart might desire.

She entered my class that first day like any other student. She caught my eye with her smile & soft movements of hair, lips, arms & hands; almost as if orchestrated by a mature conductor balancing & shifting notes to form sounds that are perfect to any ear.

The semester went on with the occasional talk or response to her assignments or questions; nothing out of the ordinary. I few weeks after the grades were released she e-mailed me approximately the possibility of lunch to discuss a project she wanted my assistance with.

We met at a sports club inside a major league baseball stadium. It was astonishing as she was seated there with her dark hair with a conservatively wild, wind shaped style. Her lips with a soft pink lip gloss & lashes sculpted to draw a man’s eyes to them. We talked & ate & talked & shared & thought & enjoyed the sensual tension that dances between & older gentleman & a younger woman.

We began to meet weekly exploring the various cuisines in the city of this size; never returning to the same place more than once. Our talks were like a drink of cold milk on a hot day for me as the attention from her was intoxicatingly rejuvenating.

Eventually that first kiss arrived & I was so deep in love by this time that falling seemed like flying. She shared intimacies that I had never felt or experienced. The way her tongue darting in between my lips stealing my desires before I could quench them was surreal.

When she hinted at moving in together I jumped much like a kid would at cotton candy teasingly surrounding the senses of the body. We moved in & things were wonderful for that next month. I slowly began to adjust to her special uniqueness. I was deep in the well by this time & not a brain cell was wasted on thinking of climbing out.

Then one Friday evening Brenda called from work that she was going to pleased hour with some of the girls from work. I felt odd yet when she came home I was relieved. She had come home to alter & her friend Connie was picking her up so she did not have to drive after of few glasses of wine. I received Connie a glass of wine when she arrived as Brenda was still preparing for her first evening out without me since we moved in together.

I had a pizza delivered & watched a basketball game & then some old movies. 10:00pm….12:00pm….2:00am? I hear a car pull into the drive & two car doors open & close. I was so pleased she was home. I did not know what to do; should I wait up or go to the bedroom? I was frozen so I stayed still watching the old black & white movie. I could hear laughing outside the front door yet it was not Connie. It was a man’s voice; laughing, whispering, I could not move. It seemed like eternity until it was silent & then the door opening & she was inside.

“Oh, you’re still up?” she announced in a louder than usual voice. I shared with her that I did not wait up & that I just received interested in the movie. She giggled & went off to bed. Nothing else was said.

Two weeks after the phone rang & it was Connie. She told me she would bring Brenda home later. I thanked her as I placed the phone down & repeated the Friday evening from two weeks ago, the last payday Friday. 10, 12 & 2 when the same car doors opened & closed. This time I heard her keys jingling the front door & in stepped her & a man. I was frozen still with eyes as wide as coffee cup saucers. “Oh, this is Todd” she blurted out as he closed & locked the front door. “Sweetie, he is pretty drunk & I do not want him to drive home. He is going to sleep on the sofa.” “You head off to bed & I will be there in a few”, she whispered.

I went to bed & laid there waiting for her, hearing that same laughter as before & the whispering. My heart was pounding & aching inside as wild thoughts filled my brain, bouncing off the walls of my intelligence. A little more than an hour & Brenda came to bed & was sound asleep in minutes. I laid there smelling the mixture of fragrances; wine, cigarette smoke, & a man’s cologne. I finally fell asleep fighting back my suspicions & petty thoughts of jealousy. Was I being silly or sound of mind?
In the morning I made them my famous omelets with all the fixings that I had been guided to prepare for my lovely Brenda. Todd showered in the guest bath while Brenda showered in our shower. He gave her a hug & shook my hand. I glanced to see Brenda smiling like the Cheshire cat. I was too afraid to make some silly & unfounded words approximately her two evenings out. I let it go; somehow knowing that was the best thing to do. I was beginning to question everything. I shook it off & forgot approximately it all the best I could.

Saturday morning came & I took her out for a very special breakfast as if I had been the one to come home late. The next two weeks were as wonderful as when we first met. I was nervous that next payday Friday as I relaxed & waited for the phone call. But no call? Around 10:00pm I called her cell phone & it rang – in our bedroom. She had not even taken her phone. I was incapacitated as the wild thoughts from weeks ago returned like a flash flood. It was 12:00pm when I heard her keys jingling at the front door lock. I was so pleased until Todd walked through first & then she locked the front door & dead bolted. Something else was different, no cigarette or alcohol smells? Brenda spoke, “Here Todd let me put that in the frig while I make us a snack.

Not knowing what to think or do I just sat there quietly. It was as if I were not even there. Brenda & him were talking & whispering & laughing in the kitchen, then the hall, then the kitchen again. Brenda came over to my chair, placing her arms on the armrests her gorgeous face inches from mine, “You do not want to stay up while we watch this movie, do you sweetie?” as her eyes enlarged. I received up & slowly headed for the bedroom & she followed. I was excited for a moment thinking she was coming to bed. I turned to sit on the bed as she closed the door to her head at the opening, “I do not think it would be a satisfactory idea for you to come out for the rest of the evening sweetie.” Her look scared me. I laid there straining to hear the sounds if any.

In the morning I showered & dressed yet did not leave the bedroom. I waited patiently as I heard him leave at approximately noon. Brenda finally came to the bedroom & walked around as if nothing had happened. She kissed me & hugged me, “I love you so much sweetie. I waited for so many years for a man like you to be in my life.” She softly whispered to me.
History repeating itself; the next two weeks were heaven sent after that last Friday evening. Nothing was spoken of the evening or night. I was anxious as the next payday Friday arrived yet was elated when at 3:00pm Brenda walked through the front door. I lost twenty pounds when I saw her eyes meet mine. She was moving quickly & seemed nervous or upset somehow? “Is everything okay my love?” I asked unaware.

“No Todd is coming over & he is very upset, those idiots passed him over again for the Principal position he wanted in his district”, she stated angrily. He arrived a half hour later. I started toward the front door when she approximately mowed me down, passing me in the red nightgown I gave her for Christmas. I was terrified as she met him at the door. Hanging on his arm & comforting him. She was wearing just red lace panties, matching bra, white thigh highs with rose lace elastic tops & the silk outer cover of the red silk robe. I disappeared into the walls as she comforted him & walked him to our bedroom. She returned & hugged me. “He is very upset & he needs me baby”, she stated excitedly. I started to follow her when she turned abruptly. “We are not going to do this now. You need to disappear until tomorrow, do you understand? She closed the double doors to our bedroom & locked them tightly. I crossed the hall & lay on the bed listening to the sounds of passion & heated love coming from behind the closed doors. Fighting back the tears as erotic thoughts swirled in my minds eye. Imagining my erotic woman comforting Todd in the same way she comforts me. My masculine muscle tightening with each nasty thought. Tearing my mind into a thousand issues & sides. My love challenged, my manhood challenged, the love of her to be pleased & fulfilled, imagining her atop his younger muscular body using him by pleasuring him using him; or is it me that is being used. Oh assist me know what to do.