Cum-Fast food

My girlfriend was working at the swift food joint business where only black people were working. But the only white girl was working there is friend of my girlfriend from her school. But after some time I started noticing as she was staring at me. Somehow we started making love together with my girlfriend, & every time we were fucking her pussy was getting looser than it was previously. She keeps claiming that it was due to small size of my penis. My girlfriend stared bringing me food from her workplace when we were dating for some time & after three months she told me approximately huge black cock that works together with her. That black cock was fucking her every week who messed with me & her. I was getting mad & horny knowing all that. Then she kept her talk, telling that his friends were moreover fucking her cunt, which was making me feel hornier. And the most astonishing thing is that those fucking guys were cumming on my food. Damn, it was such a lovely food with unrepeatable taste. Now I can’t wait for my best dinner again!

my name is Tony and i married my wife Diane six years ago now (by Tony)

my name is Tony & i married my wife Diane six years ago now , I must admit the first thing that attracted me to her was her massive heavy bust ..!!! they are quite HUGE & abnormal & her bra /cup size is 48 G .!!! & she is blonde too so you can imagine the looks & wolf whistles she gets on a daily basis from guys …..

Well very early on in the relationship one night we were chatting & Diane mentioned rather casually over dinner that her ex – boyfriend was a black guy, ….my first question was …”well baby is it true what they say ??!!” ……after a few seconds she smiles & replied…….. ”you bet baby he was HUNG like hell & so thick …!!!! ….- what Diane didnt realise was this was quite strangey turning me on & gave me a massive complex on !!! …..I then dragged her to the bedroom & we had the most astonishing sex ever ….-as she described to me his astonishing cock size & how he used to pump her stupid whilst grabbing her huge titties …!!! …..
i then one day …asked Diane ”why dont you call him & ask him round one evening ?”……

– Diane replied …”are you sure baby ?? ”…..”yes it would be rad to meet” him i said.
so – a week after he turned upto a small party we had & we all had a few drinks …it was now quite late & most people were saying their goodbye’s to us ….when i asked Diane ”hey why dont your ex stay over sugar ?….- ”he has had a few drinks so its rad with me !!” …..ok tremendous we all agreed & had a few more drinks just the three of us …the talk after a while invariably turned to sex & music etc , & Diane joked to her ex Roy….”hey Roy is your cock still as big..!!?” ……- Roy replied ….”YOU BET HONEY ..!! ” And we all giggled & Diane started whispering & chewing on his ear …’Roy then said to me out of the Blue….. I am gonna fuck Diane now ….!!! ” Do you want to watch Tony ?? ” ……”yes please..!” i replied quick as a flash ….and we all went upstairs to our king size bed & i watched on AS my wife unzipped his flies …….AND WOW !!! out flopped a massive huge supersized black cock !!! …”oh my god i said !!! ” ….Diane smiled …got on her knees & began sucking his huge black monster cock & i foiund myself wanking off my small white cock as events unfolded in front of my very eyes …..he made me lick her pussy til she came & then his massive giant cock entered my wife’s pussy from behind DOGGY STYLE with such ease !!! …he started fucking her gently as her huge white tits swang approximately everywhere before he started grunting & growling & all three of us seemed to come at the same time … !! what an experience we all enjoyed & i can assure any white man OR Couple thinking of trying this …that it is A COMPLETELY LIBERATING experience for all concerned !!! it is mind blowing sex at its best watching your wife getting screwed by Thick Black Cock ..!!!……Roy pops around once every couple of weeks now & we pull the curtains , take the phones off the hook & i watch Roy take Diane to heaven for three long hours ..!!!! …its just so rad 🙂 …….Tony -London, England

It is a true story that happed about a year ago (by Gary)

I met my lovely wife when I was at school, she is slim pretty with long brown hair, Dee is very submissive & likes to please me, & whenever I have suggested doing anything different she always agrees. we have always had a tremendous sex life & from an early age I fantasised approximately her having sex with other men, this fetish stems from my boyhood days when I would read the Fiesta magazine & men would share their love of watching their wife with another man. over the years we have had the occasional threesome with guys & had tremendous pleasant yet there was always something missing, my biggest fantasy was to watch her with another man who had a bigger cock than me & even thought she had had black guys they were at best just approximately the same size which was approximately 8”. Last year I found out there was a swingers club close to where we live, I was stunned because I had drove past it many times & never realised it was there, of course that was a satisfactory thing as we didn’t want anyone knowing that we are swingers, I suggested to Dee that we could go & find out what it was like, & she agreed. The night we turned up was party night & the place was full of black men, it turns out it was Coffee & cream night & these parties were held every couple of months, we had a tour round with the manager & then we received changed, the guys were already eyeing Dee up & one even came into the changing room to introduce himself yet it was a bit too early for Dee as she wasn’t in the mood due to nerves. We went into the bar & started to relax with the bottle of wine we had taken with us & over the next few hours the place filled up, after we decided to have a walk around & see what was happening & found a couples room where couples go & have some pleasant without being disturbed by single guys, we went in & started to kiss & play with each other, this turned Dee on yet said she would like to have another walk around before we received too carried away, so I agreed, as we were walking around a black man came up to us & asked us if we were new, we said we were & he started to chat to us, he put his arm around Dee & told her she was gorgeous & she smiled with a very grateful smile, we were standing in the hallway at this stage yet this didn’t stop him from leaning forward & kissing her on the mouth she responded by putting her hand up to his neck & returned the kiss, after a minute of making out in front of me he asked if we would like to go to a room with him, Dee replied ‘yes’ instantly, unfortunately there were no rooms available so I suggested he take her to the couples room where they wouldn’t be interrupted by the single guys, he replied ‘great’ then led Dee by the hand the room, the room had a small window where you can look in & watch the action yet it is mirrored so the couples inside the room can’t see who is watching, Dee received onto the large bed & kneeled down looking at him, as he took his towel off, Dee’s eyes widened as his cock came into view for the first time, he had received his back to the window so I couldn’t see what had shocked her so much & as he climbed on to the bed he kept his back to the window so I was still none the wiser, he started to kiss Dee & I could see she had received her hands between his legs playing with him, he then laid her down & started to lick her pussy, he was fingering her & I could see his fingers pushing into her, Dee was in a different world now she had lost herself & was moaning sweetly as he played with her, after a few minutes of warming her up he moved onto his back where I could see what had shocked her, his cock was huge at least 9 inches long & with a girth to match, Dee put her hand around it & started to suck it, her fingers still had an inch gap between them, she clearly had problems putting it into her mouth & within second it was clear she couldn’t suck it, so she moved on top of him & put it against her soaked & pre-stretched pussy, she rubbed his cock between her legs while he received a condom out, then she pushed his cock slowly into her, I could see everything & I was so complex I could have come there & then as I watched my wife take the biggest cock she had ever had, he then moved her onto her back & started to rhythmically thrust away at her, I could see his cock going deeper & deeper as the minutes went by & Dee completely lost herself, she was kissing him & holding his body next to hers like she did to me & I could tell she was approximately to come, yet at that moment he stopped & pulled his cock from her & asked her to obtain onto her knees, Dee was glowing & had a very red face & body yet she submissively kneeled over for him so he could continue using her, his cock now looked even bigger as it was now fully hard, he entered her again & started thrusting away again, pushing it in slowly at first then deeper & deeper, Dee jumped away at one stage as his cock was just too huge yet he held on to her hips & continued with pleasuring himself, until he was fully inserted it in her, he fucked her like this for approximately another 20 minutes until he finally pulled his cock out of her, quickly removed the condom & shot his of cum all over her arse & pussy. Dee’s pussy was now gapping open & swollen. They both sat up & kissed as they started to rad down & after a few minutes came out to me standing there with a cock that was approximately to burst, we went down stairs into the bar & had a drink together where Dee exchanged numbers with him, so…it looks like we will be meeting again………I hope.

Dave Chapelle and my fantasy

One of the most favorite comedians of my wife is Dave Chapelle, whose huge fan my wife is. I decided to bring to the comedy club Dave’ show was held. She was so enthralled with his talent that wanted to stay up until the time when everyone will leave that place, so she can meet him without distortion. When we meet him, I noticed that Dave instantly started checking out my wife. Without waiting for a long time, he asked us whether we want to go to the party in his hotel room, for which both me & my wife agreed unanimously. When we reached the door of his room he told me to stay there & wait outside. I was waiting out of his room in a hallway & since the hour passed he came out & said: “Shit, man. Sorry, yet I forgot that you are still here. I guess, now you can enter.” When I entered the room I saw my wife sitting on his bed with rumpled hairs. It was too late to drive back hole so Dave asked us to stay in his room. He gave me a pillow & said that I will be sleeping on the floor, while my wife will be sleeping on his bed. I woke up in the morning because of the loud groaning of my wife who was fucked by the Dave Chapelle. His amazed eyes looked at me & said that that my wife is lucky owner of nice pussy! “Go obtain me some breakfast, BITCH!” was what commanded me Dave after telling that in cafeteria downstairs there was a breakfast prepared for him. After that I immediately flied to downstairs for getting a breakfast. The whole day was spent at his place, while my wife was sucking his dick by the time when he was watching TV programs. Closer to evening time Chapelle told that he wants to turn my wife into whore & ordered my wife to put on some closer, yet he was so embarrassed when she was putting on her panties & commanded that she won’t need any panties. She put on super short skirt & shoes with high heels. We were driven to the downtown by Dave, where my wife needed to exit out of the car & stat making money. Each blowjob should be charged for $30 & every fucking is $50. And she was only allowed to be picked by black men who will be taking her into the motel. I was obligated to sit there & watch how one black driver after another picks up my wife & takes away to the motel room. After a while I felt Dave’s eyes on me & heard him telling to suck his cock with arguments that my wife is sucking some black moreover & why won’t I be do the same thing. I was quite surprised & shocked, because I was never tried doing anything similar. He untied his pants, pull out his large black cock & pulled my head towards it. I had nothing to do, yet to suck his cock as long as he was saying “Yeah!” from the satisfaction. Both, white man & his wife were sucking huge black cocks. He ejaculated in my mouth & hold down my head until I swallow every drop of his charged sperm. After he informed me that tomorrow it’s my time to start making money for him. And he called me BITCH again!

My girlfriend became my wife…

My girlfriend became my wife…we’re tremendous friends yet I was
unable to satisfy her…not virile enough for her, basically she
thought of me as a wimp.
She is a glamour model appearing in girly mags…she is
very striking to look at…blonde, she’s now coloured it
platinum, 38″ tits, attractive legs, 5′ 6″…she does stop traffic
when she walks down the street.
With these physical assets she is well aware the affect
she has on men…and uses them for her own advantage
when she needs to.

A few years on into our marriage I am now a cuckold/wimp,
she’s even fucked my father & younger brother, as well as
many men, white & black!
She goes out & brings back men…I go into the spare
bedroom & I hear her & sex partner fucking all night!
My father who is divorced from my mother, meets her once
a week usually, either at his flat or our house, sometimes
they go out for a meal & drink. My wife calls him ‘donkey
knob’…he likes photography & Ive seen photos of her in
glamour & porno poses.Of course he thinks I’m unaware
of what they’re doing…she’s told me never to say anything
to my father.
I now have a fetish of seeing her smoking in sexual scenes,
that’s because of photos of her taken by my father, of her
smoking, glamour poses…some of her smoking while she
is sucking him off!
She treats me like shit…but I’m used to it now & get
pleasure now from her fucking other men, even including
my father.
Her affair with my father started while my father was
married & we were not married yet, just courting.
I had a part time job & had to work late one evening, my
mother was in bed, it was midnight when I returned home.
A light was on in a room as I passed by the window just
outside approximately to come through the back door.
I had told them I would be due back around 2am, I was back
My girlfriend was sat on a sofa, my father stood over her,
his cock fucking her mouth…I was truly shocked but
couldn’t take my eyes off the scene.
Eventually my father’s spunk was all coming out of her
mouth, running down her chin onto her tits…ever since
then they’ve been seeing each other. I pretended I hadn’t
seen anything.
Not long after, a couple of months, my mother & father
were divorced & he moved into a flat…my girlfriend, now
wife, visits him on a regular basis…she tells me to accept
the situation & never tell anyone else…sometimes she
shows me photos of her in porn poses that my father has