My first time going black

Our swinging experience lasts for 5 years already, and recently my husband started to talk about me having a black guy. I really wanted to feel a big black guy on me and actually couldn’t wait anymore, that’s why I made my husband talk me into it. Finding a black guy I put up and ad on the Net. Going through replies together, we chose one guy. He was a truck driver and came to our town quite often. So, we decided to meet around to see each other somehow and to find out if we really want to meet. The next time he was in town we met to have some drinks and actually to set a date when to meet the next week. This black guy was really hot and handsome, and I wanted him to be my first black lover just since we met him.
All the next week we spent finding out if my husband really ready for it and he wants me to do. If I do it I want my husband not to interfere, so I told him about it. Also I told that if this happens I want it to be without any rules and restrictions, I mean we could do all we wanted. He agreed and said that he only wants me to enjoy.
So, the night. It soon will happen. I tell my husband to take a car and get that guy here, to our house. I decided to do that in our bed, because I really wanted to have my first black cock there. And he didn’t mind. Also I wanted him to tell my lover that tonight I would be totally under his control and he could do anything with me, without any rules, in order to get total pleasure.
I was so horny waiting for them and thinking about tonight action and a big black cock moving inside me, and a husband watching his wife being under the dominion of a black guy. I was ready to make such a show that he would remember it forever.
We were sitting on a sofa drinking and relaxing a little bit, when suddenly the guy took me with his big strong hands and started kissing. Soon I became so horny because of his hands running over my body and especially covering it with kisses. I wanted his cock more and more. Soon I’ve forgotten about my husband and put my hand into guy’s pants to feel that big black stuff. That was really big, never felt something bigger in this case, so I couldn’t wait anymore to feel it into my pussy. Then I took his cock out and began stroking it. How big it was, I still become horny when remember! He told me to get down on my knees and suck it. I was down very soon; he just hasn’t finish to tell the words. I began licking that huge thing before taking it into my mouth. He was saying “Yeah babe, suck that black dick!” I sucked it for some minutes, but you can’t even imagine how I wanted to feel him inside my pussy! So I’ve taken his hand and led him to our bedroom. When we came upstairs, we took off all the clothes and lay on a bed. He started to push and kiss my body getting down to my pussy and making me totally wet and horny. When I felt his tongue touching my pussy I began cumming! He liked it and licked it all, licked all my juices. I said “Please fuck me, fuck me now!” He smiled and said “Do you want this black cock?” I answered “Oh yes! I want to feel it inside me right now!” He started to get a condom but I stopped him and said that I want to feel it naturally, without any other things. He just laid over me; I spread my legs widely and began rubbing his cock over my wet pussy, and soon took it inside. He started to move it in slowly and soon I felt it totally inside me. You know, I’ve never had such a big cock, that’s why I felt totally full. He fucked me so good making me cumming all the time long! We did it in some different positions until he was ready to cum too. He asked me “Where do you want me to cum”? I looked on my husband before answered “I want you to cum inside me, make my pussy full with your seed!” After some more hard moves in and out and I felt his cock actually exploding with hot cum inside me. Those feelings made me to reach one more orgasm. I’ve never felt something better than that! Still laying over me he asked “Did I live up your expectations?” ”Oh yeah, that was fantastic and I want more and more! I’m ready to do anything you want anytime you come here”. We had many great nights together after that, but then his route changed and I’ve never saw him anymore. I’d like to thank him for such happy moments of my life.

Second date so soon

It’s a Sunday night. My wife said to me that she would be late at home because she had a date with her new boyfriend. It’s enough to drive one crazy! How it’s possible so fast?

On Friday we went to her date. She asked me to be there because she would feel safe and calm in that way. She found this guy on the one of the date sites. We decided to meet at a bar. He was young and handsome. It should be mentioned that night was a brilliant music there. I like to dance with my wife, but that night she danced with him every fucking dance. They got closer and closer to each other. They had been charting and laughing openly, right in front of me. A couple of minutes later he put his hand on her ass and kissed her. He was playing with per panties and everybody on the dance floor saw them.

When they finally came back she said to me how it was fantastic to feel his hard erected dick and his hand in her panties. She asked me to buy some more cocktails for them. And when I came back they were kissing. I sat next to them and started to stroke her leg and feel her gentle skin and my fingers. She was going to take off right there. Then they decided to go to her new boyfriend’s place.

I followed their car. I could see her staying in different positions. When I came in to his flat I found them in the living room. My wife was staying on her knees in front of him, exiting getting his cock out. She started suck his hard fat dick, from time to time licking his balls. It was so hot that I was taken aback for a while. He lifted her right leg and asked me to take off her boots and panties. I removed her boot, the other boot, her jeans and her panties. Her pussy was wet and she was moaning.

It’s late. I’m sorry. If you want I’ll tell you this story late. Bye!

Amazing breakthroughs with my wife.

Last night was an exciting adventure for me and my wife. First, I should say that the entire story was in real and nothing is made up. We had a great experience having three amazing breakthroughs last evening. I can’t really wait anymore, that’s why I tell you about it right now.
My wife always makes me feel very horny, especially when I’m far from her. So that time I was travelling and actually thinking only about having sex with her. And we started to do it by the phone. Honestly, this time having phone sex was the hottest one ever for me. She told me about some her special fantasies which made me so horny, that my cock almost reached the ceiling. The first one was me being her girlfriend, wearing her panties and doing all she wants. She was fucking me with her strap-on in my asshole and I also sucked it deep. Imaging me in her panties was the first breakthrough. Actually I brought the idea when asked if she wants to feel my cock in her panties. She liked it very much. Her second fantasy was about us in a bar looking at some handsome guys, and I was still wearing her silky panties. She wanted me to talk to him. By the way, I thought that he would like to join our table and soon my wife asked the man if he wants to take a hotel room for a night cap. In a hotel she would get him ready and soon he finds out that her panties are on me. Then my wife’s fantasy goes this way – she takes wine and goes to the corner in order to watch some action. She tells the guy to use me like a girl and I make him a blowjob, lick his balls, and give him my cherry on my stomach with my ass in the air. Just when he cums, I have to clean it up and make my wife ready. Then she told me to go on telling the story, while the guy was having sex with her. I used such words that my story looked very real. That’s why I heard the sounds my wife’s vibrator a bit later.

When she came, the next part of the story began. She didn’t want to talk anymore because of her selfish character in sexual relations. She doesn’t really care about my orgasm, it’s not her problem. And this time she used denial when she came. I like it very much. But you are wrong if you think that it’s the end.

The story continues when I said that she would love to be with me in chastity. She said that it was an amazing idea and she didn’t even hear something like this for a long time. I thought she gone crazy. And, you know, I was not less excited, because when she’s excited by the idea so much I feel like the happiest man in the world! She really wanted to experience some chastity options, and suddenly I got such an idea! That’s fantastic! The idea of me being in a cock trap while traveling was really great and my wife liked it very much. Especially, thinking that she has the key, which allows me to get back. Also she liked the idea to control when I cum and if I couldn’t do anything with it. I told that I could be totally frustrated while flirting with a hot girl who works in a hotel. I don’t know what can be received from it but I still loved hearing her excited by the idea.

So it was nearly the middle of my talk when I worked on a fourth breakthrough and my wife got a fantasy where we were alone already and I was her girlfriend fucked really hard by her. I said different hot phrases, such as “Do you like me wearing your panties”, “Do you want me when I suck your cock”, “Do you want to feel my legs wrapped around you as you fuck my virgin ass”, and so on. But there was one more thing I really wanted to hear from her. So I asked “How do you want to call me if I’m your girlfriend? What name?” This moment I didn’t even breath, that’s how I wanted to hear the answer! Loads of names were turning in my head that moment; I really wanted to know what name she would choose. I expected to hear something like Kelly, Jennifer, Stephanie, etc. But that wasn’t so. Maybe this variant I expected the least. “Girl” – that’s how my wife wanted to call me. Well, I think that was just over her to say, maybe too difficult to cross that border. It was too real. But I didn’t stand my ground and that was probably the right way. The night was very long but never the less, there were really many breakthroughs, maybe too much for two people.