Pathetic Cuckold (part 2)

I woke to the phone ringing, Lynn answered it with a Well Good Morning Sweetie, I was just dreaming approximately you & your huge cock. She tuned looked at me with a smile & told him, yes my little wimp cucky is right here yet tomorrow I’ll be waking up with you in my bed & I can’t wait. She sat up at the edge of the bed & said, cucky come over here & lick my pussy while I talk with my boyfriend, it’s already wet from dreaming approximately him. It was clear that she had not changed her mind over the course of the night.
After she was done talking with him she pushed my head away from her pussy & told me, go make some coffee, when it is ready you can bring me a cup, while it is brewing you can start cleaning the house. As I began to leave she said hold, take off the nighie, I want you naked for now so I can see that little shaved dick of yours. While I was undressing Lynn received up & went to the closet. When she came out she tossed a pair of pink 1 inch heeled slippers toward me. Put those on wimp, you’ll look cute walking around in them & they will assist you learn to walk in heels. Laughing she added, it’s best you obtain use to them now because your going to be wearing them when you answer the door for my boyfrind tonight.
I felt so low as I stepped into the slippers. When they were on Lynn said, lets see you walk in them my littled dicked wimp. Get you nighie & walk over & hang it up in the closet by your other things for now. As I walked to the closet Lynn laughing said, say thank you for my slippers Mistress. While I hung up the nightie I said, thank you for my slippers Mistress. When I walked out of the closet Lynn began laughing, look at that little tiny hairless thing of yours wiggle around as you walk. Thats not really a cock now is it wimp, it”s more like a clit isn’t it wimp? I didn’t know what to say or do, I just looked at her saddly accepting the huliliation she was dishing out.
What, nothing to say wimp? Look down at that little thing of yours & tell me, Mistress, I am a wimp I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit, she barked at me. My eyes began to tear up when she said it. Do it now, she barked at me, do it now or I’m going to send the pictures I took of you sleeping in my pink nighie to everyone we know. I was trapped, I knew that tone of voice of hers, she meant what she said. I looked down at myself & said, Mistress, I am a wimp, I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit. Say it again, louder she said. Still looking down I repeated Mistress, I am a wimp, I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit. That’s better she said, now keep repeating it over & over while you go & make the coffee, & make sure I can hear you saying it. I walked off toward the kitchen repeating over & over, Mistress, I am a wimp, I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit.
Lynn walked into the kitchen naked, hold her open laptop & cell phone. She placed the laptop on the kitchen table & said, be quiet for a moment, I want you to see this so you know wha I have. There I was on the screen walking out of the closet naked in the pink heeled slippers. She had recorded everything that had taken place in the bedroom including me saying, Mistress, I am a wimp, I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit. Don’t think you’ll obtain away with erasing this, I’ve already sent it off to my boyfriend for insurance.
Get back to what you were saying & obtain me a cup of coffee, then you can start cleaning this kitchen. I began repeating over & over, Mistress, I am a wimp, I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit as I poured her coffee & began cleaning up the kitchen. Her phone rang & she answered Hey Babe, I take it you received the pictures, video & message I sent you, did you watch it? She was laughing as she said, yep I have him saying it over & over. They talked for a while & all of a sudden Lynn gets up & is laughing complex while saying, that’s a tremendous idea, I love it, lets do that.
When your done with the kitchen, obtain the living room dusted & cleaned, then you can take care of My bedroom. I want fresh sheets on the bed, the new red silk ones that I told you I was saving for a special occasion. Also, I want your stuff out of My bedroom, all of it, you can put it all in the spare room, that is going to be yours from now on, only Real Men will be sleeping in My bed from now on. That said she walked off down the hall toward the bedroom.
Once the livingroom was completed I walked into the bedroom, her bedroom now, still repeating the phrase over & over I found Lynn putting on her makeup. She stopped, looked at me told me, quiet for a moment wimp. Before you start in here, obtain your stuff out of my bathroom, I don’t want to see any of it in there or here when I obtain back, is that clear? All I said was Yes Mistress as I walked off towards the bathroom. While I was collecting my things, Lynn said, obtain back to repeating your line, I want you to fully understand your place. As I walked out of the bathroom with a handfull of my things Lynn stopped me & took away my razor & shaing cream. Wimps aren’t allowed manly things like these, I’ll obtain you new ones while I’m out shopping, pink is now your new color. By the way, when you make up your bed I want you to put on the pink sheets & cover.
I was removing the last of my things from the bathroom when Lynn said, I’m going out shopping for a while, I’ll call you when I’m on my way back so you can start drawing my bath for me. When you answer my call I want you to answer it with your line. You better obtain moving you have a lot to do before my boyfriend gets here & it is already after noon time. With that said she walked away.
Just as I was beginning to make up my new bedroom Lynn called, Hello Mistress, I am a wimp I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit, I answered. Thats right my cuckold you are, I’ll be home in approximately 15 minutes so you can start preparing my bath in approximately 10 minutes she said & hung up. I finished making up my bed & walked to the master bath & started filling the tub for her.
Lynn came walking into the house with several packages which she placed on the bed. She handed me two bags & said, take these & put them in your bathroom then obtain back over here. As I walked away I looked in the bags, pink ladys razors, ladys shaving cream, bubblebath, pink towles pink bathrug, pink soap, pink hairbrush & a pink toothbrush. When I was done putting them away I went back to her bedroom.
On the bed she had laid out a pair of shear pink laced panties, & a pink see-thru robe, there was moreover a black dress & another bag. The dress is mine for tonight, the rest is yours, the panties & robe are for you to wear tonight, the rest of the stuff is for you to put away in your new bedroom. Take them to your room & obtain them put away while I soak in the tub for a bit. When your done you can meet me in there so you can save my pussy for my boyfriend. Yes mistress I said as I took the things & walked off. In the bag were 2 packages of lacy panties & some pink nighties. It was clear that pink was to be my new color.
In the bathroom I had to listen to Lynn talk approximately how tremendous a lover her boyfriends was as I shaved her pussy. She made me repeat over & over Mistress, I am a wimp I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit & I’m saving my wifes pussy so her boyfriend can fuck my wife. once her legs & pussy were shaved she told me to go take a shower, shave myself all over & then obtain dressed in the things she received for me. I was directed to repeat over & over Mistress, I am a wimp I have a pathetic little useless dick that looks more like a clit & you need a Real Man to fuck you. I will let my wife fuck other men so she can obtain the pleasure that I can’t donate her.
I was walking to my room when Lynn met me, she was already in her new black dress & her makeup done, she was looking amazing. You had better hurry up, he is going to be here shorly & you need to be ready to greet him at the door. I expect you to do everything he & I tell you to do, if you don’t, I will not hesitate to send the pictures & video to every one we know, is that completly clear my littled dicked wimp? Yes mistress was all I said. I was shaking as I dressed, I had no choice yet to do what she wanted or my friends would be getting a e-mail that I never wanted anyone to see.
Lynn was sitting in the livingroom drinking a glass of wine talking to him on the phone when I joined her. I noticed that there was a brown bag sitting on the coffeetable yet said nothing. Lynn end the call saying, I’ll see you in a bit babe. She looked at me & again said, I expect you to do everything he & I tell you to do, if you don’t, I will not hesitate to send the pictures & video to every one we know, are we clear on this? Yes mistress I replied. By the way, I have a few surprises for you in this bag yet they will have to wait until he his here she said with wicked smile. Moments after the doorbell rang.
I was shaking all over as I walked to the door. The bell rang again just as I received there. I looked out the peephole a received the shock of my life, there was a huge black man standing there. Before I could say a word he knocked on the dorr hard, Hey Bitch, open this door & let me in, I’m not going to stand here waiting. Lynn yelled out, open that damn door Bobbie or else. She didn’t need to say any more, shaking all over I opened the door. He walked in looked at me laughed & said, ah yes you must me the little dick wimp your wife has been telling me about. don’t ever make me wait at the door again he barked, now take me to that white trash whore of a wife of yours you fucking wimp.
As I led him toward the livingroom he told me how he had been fucking her for months now. He told me he met her at a bar early one evening & while they were sharing a drink he placed her hand on his crotch & asked her if she had ever had a back cock before. He stopped me in the hallway & said, listen to what I’m telling you you fucking wimp. When I asked her, the first words out of that white trash whore mouth of hers were, not until tonight sweety. He told me he took her right out to his car to try out her mouth before he would bring her to his place. I made her sit on the passanger side with the door open, I told her to hike up her skirt remove her panties & spread her legs wide open for me. As she did that I unzipped my pants pulled it out pushed her head to it, slapped her face with it & told her suck my huge black cock whore. Your wife took my cock right into that married mouth of hers & sucked my cock in the parking lot with her cunt exposed while others walked by. I made her deepthroat me, I gagged her with it over & over & she loved it. I made her suck me unitl I came in her mouth, when she was done sucking me she took off her skirt turned around & said Fuck Me Right Now, Right Here. I just wanted you to know that, now take me to her.
As we received to the livingroom entry he stopped, he grabbed me & said, I want you to bring her to me. Your to take off your robe, lower your panties, bring her to me & offer her to me & say, Sir I am a little dick wimp who can’t please a woman, here is my wife, I offer her to you for your use & pleasure, she needs a Real Man to fuck her. The tears were flowing as I walked toward Lynn. Please don’t do this I said, is this what you really want I asked. Lynn looked at me with a huge smile & said I’ve been waiting for this for to long, damn right this is what I want now take me to him & donate me away you pathetic little dick wimp. As she stood up she told me obtain the robe off & pull the panties down so that your pathelic little dick & tiny little balls are exposed, I want him to see just how pathetic you reaaly are. My head was lowered as i removed the robe & said Yes Mistress.
When the panties were pulled down Lynn said take me to him & donate your wife away to another man so he can fuck me. I led her to him, standing there with my panties pulled down crying, him laughing at me & making pleasant of how small my cock really was I said, Sir I am a little dick wimp who can’t please a woman, here is my wife, I offer her to you for your use & pleasure, she needs a Real Man to fuck her. He pulled her over to him & she kissed him. He broke the kiss & said you are My Whore Now. Did you dress as I told you you fucking married white trash whore? Exactly as you instructed she replied. Well lets just have a look & see he said as he reached to her dress & tore it off of her. Lynn stodd there, totally naked in nothing yet her black highheels.
Spread those legs open you fucking worthless whore, I want to see that shaved pussy, don’t ever let me see them closed again unlees I tell you it’s ok. Turn around & face your husband he commanded. Wimp lets obtain something stright right now, she is your wife & my whore. I own the both of you now, is that clear wimp? I was looking down at the floor as I said Yes Sir. Look at me wimp he said. I looked up at him crying, he was running his hands all over her body, Lynn had a smile on her face, clearly she was enjoying being treated like this. His hand went between her legs, when he pulled it out he opened it & said, look at this wimp, she is fucking soaking wet down there already. Go to the middle of the living room & face us wimp.
I walked to the center & turned to face them, Lynn was kissing him, I could see that she had a hand on his crotch rubbing him. When he broke the kiss he told her, go obtain the ice & lets obtain this done so we can have some real fun. Lynn returned with a large ziplock bag filled with ice. She placed it in my panties & pulled them up tight on me. Keep that there while I obtain things ready. As I stood there I couold hear Lynn open the bag & dumped the contents on the coffee table. Wimp you stay right there & don’t move at all, Tim why don’t you come & check these out. Tim walked over toward her he was laughing & said yea those will do just fine, just save that one for after on.
It became quite for a while, the few sounds I heard were that of kissing. After a while Lynn walked in front of me, pulled down the panties to the floor & said oh yes, perfect, it’s extra tiny now. Ok wimp, it’s time for one of you special gifts. Look down at your little dick I have something for it. Looking down she reached down & took me in her hand & put me into a chastiy device & locked me up. While she put it on me she said, now that I have a Real Man to fuck me I have no use for this worthless little thing of yours anymore so we may as well lock it up because your never going to fuck me again. When she was done she told me step out of the panties I want you naked locked up & in nothing yet your slippers for now.
Tim walked over to me wearing nothing yet his boxers, looked at me smilled & said on your knees wimp. He looked at Lynn & said obtain your ass over here you fuckin white trash married whore. Get the fuck over here & obtain to work & make me happy. Show your husband how much you like sucking my huge black cock he barked as he pulled his shorts down & kicked them away. I could not belive what I was seeing, Tim cock was soft & huge. It was over 6″ soft & it was clearly thick.
Lynn walked over, received on her knees & took it in her hand. She looked at me & said, now this is a Real Mans Cock, nothing at all like your pathetic little thing. Look at me my little dick wimp, I want you to watch your wife WILLINGLY suck another mans cock. Do you hear me wimp? Yes Mistress I replied. With that she began it kiss it & lick it. MMMM she moaned as she slid her lips along the side of his cock. Tim grabbed her by her hair, stop playing around, obtain to work & suck that cock & spread your legs open wide whore. Show your wimp husband what a satisfactory black cock sucking whore you have become.
Lynn opened her mouth & took him in without out question. Holding her by the hair he pushed it all into her mouth. Get it all in that white trash whore mouth & suck my cock you worthlees bitch. He controlled her head moving it up & down his cock. It was growing quickly as she sucked away. When it was complex he pulled it out & began slapping her face & mouth with it. It was a massive cock 8 1/2 ” & very thick. He pushed it back into her mouth, shoving it all into her mouth, she strained to open wide enough. He held her there, I could see her gagging on it, her eyes tearing. He pulled back let her obtain a breath & and forced it all the way down again. When he pulled out again Lynn moaned & said yes baby do it again, shove the whole thing in my mouth again. With both hands he pulled her down on it, & held her there. He looked at me & said this white trailor trash whore wife of yours loves it, she can’t obtain enough of deepthroating my huge black cock. He let her up for air & let go of her head, Lynn took a breath & took it right back into her mouth.
Tim let her suck for a few moments then pshed her off his cock. He sat of the sofa & told Lynn obtain over here whore, lay next to me with your legs wide open & obtain back to work sucking my cock. You wimp, obtain over here kneel & lick your wifes whore hole while she sucks black cock. Lynn’s pussy was soaking wet with her juices as I licked away at her. Tim barked, obtain that tonge all the way up that cunt that my black cock has been fucking for months, lick that black cock pussy satisfactory & say I’m a pathetic wimp & I love licking my wifes black cocked pussy. As I licked I said over & over I’m a pathetic wimp & I love licking my wifes black cocked pussy. Tim was laughing as he said, thats right wimp, lick your wifes blacked pussy & obtain use to doing it because one of your jobs is to clean it up after I’m done fucking it.
After licking her for a while Tim said, hey wimp, I received a idea, come crawl over here & kneel between my legs. As I crawled over to him I saw Lynn’s head slowlly bobbing up & down on his cock. Tim pulled his cock out of her mouth & turned her head so she was looking at me. Now wimp lean in there & donate your wife a nice BIG KISS & use lots of tongue. Kiss your wifes black cock mouth.I bearly received the words please not that out of my mouth before Tim smacked my head complex & yelled, DO AS YOUR TOLD YOU FUCKING WIMP OR I’LL GET UP AND KICK YOU WIMP DICK ASS. Lynn was laughing as she reached for my head pulling it toward her while saying yes wimp, come here & and kiss your wifes black cock sucking mouth. As I tried to kiss her lips she pushed her tongue into my mouth & held herself to me. Tim held my head to hers & said that’s it wimp suck your wifes black cock sucking tongue & taste my black cock. I felt sick knowing that I was sucking on Lynn’s tongue right after she had a black cock in her mouth.
While I sucked on Lynn’s tongue Tim began rubbing his black cock along the side of me face. A few moments after he pushed the head of it to our mouths. Laughing he said oh yes the wimp & his married white trash whore kissing with black cock at thier lips. He made a point of rubbing it at my lips as i was sucking on Lynn’s tongue. All of a sudden he grabbed me by the hair & pushed my head up. Look at my cock wimp, & don’t take your eyes off of it, look at it & say Sir, I love your huge black cock & your huge black balls & keep saying it until I tell you to stop. I knew better then to talk back & started repeating Sir, I love your huge black cock & your huge black balls. As I spoke he looked over at Lynn & said whore obtain up & bring that lipstick over here & put it on your wimp husband.
Lynn received up & returned a moment after with a lipstick tube. Hold ing it so I could see it she opened it while saying, I received this just for you, it’s a nice cock sucking red. Tim told me shut up wimp, & let her put the lipstick on you. She put some on me & said move your lips around like I’m doing. I felt so humiliated as I did as i was told, I could not stop crying. Lynn pushed my head towards Tims cock. Look at him & tell him Sir, I love your huge black cock & your huge black balls, please fuck my wife now & fill her pussy with your black seed & then kiss the head of his cock with your red lipstick lips. I froze not knowing what to say or do. Tims knuckles wacked me on the fore haed as he yelled Do What Your Told Wimp. I look up at him & said Sir, I love your huge black cock & your huge black balls, please fuck my wife now & fill her pussy with your black seed. He pushed my head down & said kiss it wimp & ask me again while your looking right at my cock. I felt my manhood draining away as I leaned down & kissed his cock head & said again Sir, I love your huge black cock & your huge black balls, please fuck my wife now & fill her pussy with your black seed.
Lynn yelled out Yes, now make him kiss it again, make him kiss you all over your cock & balls & beg you to fuck me with your huge black cock. Tim said you heard her do it, kiss it all over & beg. I was crying non-stop as as kiss all over his black cock begging Sir, please fuck my wife with your huge black cock. When I received down to his balls he said kiss them & then I want you to take my balls in your mouth & beg me to fuck your white whore wife as you softly suck & lick on my balls. I leaned down, kissed them & took them in my mouth & began softly suck & lick on them. I did my best to beg him to fuck with her with my mouth full of his huge black balls.
As I sucked on his balls he told Lynn to climb over him facing him. Wimp he barked, keep my balls in your mouth & hold my cock up & push it into wife whore wifes pussy. Make sure your wacthing it as you do it. As I took hold of it & held it up Lynn positioned herself so his cockhead was right at the edge of her pussy lips. She moved herself back & forth until it was at just the right spot & then told me OK wimp I’m ready put that huge black cock into your wifes pussy so a Real Man can fuck me. I took it & rubbed it at her pussy lips & pushed on it so it until her lips opened up to it. I wached as it streched her pussy open & the head went in. I knelt there with his balls in my mouth, hold his massive cock as Lynn slowly began to pump up & down on it taking more & move with each movement.
It was not even half way in her & she was already moaning in pleasure. Oh yes baby, I love that huge black complex cock of yours, she told him. She was breathing complex as she pushed herself down on it all the way. I saw his black cock covered with her pussy jucies as she pulled up then she slammed herself down on it. She was going wild, screaming yes, fuck, fuck me with that huge black cock,shove it in me as complex as you can, fuck me like a whore. In no time she was yelling Oh My God Yes, I’m coming, fuck me harder. Lynn looked back at me & said lick me wimp, lick your wifes black cock filled pussy like a satisfactory little wimp. I did my best to lick her as she road up & down on his black monster cock. After approximately 15 minutes of fucking Tim began pumping his hips up complex into her. Moments after he slammed himself complex into her & began grunting, he emptied his balls deepinside my wifes pussy. Lynn yelled out Yesss thats it donate me that black cock cum load. She sceamed out, I’m coming again.
When they were done she collapsed in his arms, panting like a dog, soaked with sweat she kissed him all over his neck & mouth. They stayed together for several moments before he said OK, off me bitch. Lynn climbed off at sat down next to him, her head on his chest & her legs sprad wide open. Her pussy hole was still open from Tims massive cock. There was cum leaking out of her & running down her leg.
Tim looked down at me & said Ok wimp time to obtain to work, obtain your mouth down there & clean her up so she ready for me to fuck her again. i knew better then to complain, i was not going to obtain hit again. I moved over to her, put my mouth to her soaking wet cum filled pussy & began licking her clean. Lynn put her hand on the back of my head & pulled me into her deeper. Get that tongue in there are far as you can & obtain all of his come out of there, suck it out of me if you have to wimp. I felt the mixture of her juices & his cum drain into my mouth. Thats it my little dick wimp, lick my boyfriends cum out of your wifes pussy she said as she ground her pussy to my face.
They made me lick her fro a satisfactory 15 minutes befroe they were satisfied with my cleaning. Tim stood up & grabbed the lipstick & told Lynn, put this on him. Once it was on Tim walked over to me holding his semi soft cock in his hand. He stood next to me his cock inches from my mouth. He place his other hand on the top of my head & said OK wimp time to clean me now. Tim pulled my head to his cock & said look up at me, open that fucking mouth & suck my cock. I looked up at him as he pushed my head to it so it was touching my lips. Open your mouth now & obtain that cock in there & suck it you fucking useless wimp, it’s time for you to learn how to be a wimp cocksucker. Lynn yelled at me do it now or I’m send out that e-mail. Kiss his cock & open your mouth now she said. I knew she would so I kissed it opened my mouth & accepted Tims cock. He rested the tip of it in my mouth & told me, close your lips on it & lick around the tip of it with your tongue. I did as i was told & carefully close my moth on his cock & lick all arounf the head of that black cock. I could both smell & taste the mix of his cum & my wifes pussy juice on his cock. After a few moments he pushed at my mouth & said OK now take more. He held my head as he pushed more of his cock into my mouth. Lick it wimp, lick that cock all over. My tongue moved around lick his cock, he pulled my head down & aging pushed more in. Now start sucking it as you lick it wimp. i began to softly suck on it as I lick at it. Thats it wimp, suck me black cock like a satisfactory little dick wimp cocksucker. Lynn was now standing next to me. She laughed & said thats it suck that cock that just fucked your wife suck it like a satisfactory little wimp. Tim held me head pushed his hips & pushed the rest into me mouth & held me there. I felt the tip of it at the back of my throat & felt a sudden gag reaction. He held me there & said suck & lick it clean my cock with your mouth wimp. After a few moments he said OK slowly move your head back until only the tip is in your mouth & then slide it all the way back in as you suck on it. He control my head moving it up & down as I sucked on his cock.
He pulled my head down & held me there & asked, what do you have in your mouth wimp that your sucking? I tried my best to say to say your cock Sir. And what color is the cock in your mouth that your sucking? It’s a black cock Sir I mumbbled with my mouth full. Say I’m a black cock sucking wimp for your wife. I’m a black cock sucking wimp I repeated. Ok I’m going to let your head go so you can suck my cock all on your own, can you do that? Yes Sir I responded. Tim told me to holdthe base of it in my hand. He left go of my head & said obtain to work & suck my cock. I began slowly moving my head up & down his cock while sucking on it. It was growing in my mouth as i sucked on it. Lynn said Tim, you know what he is going to make a tremendous cock sucking faggot for us.
My mouth was straining from the thickness of Tims cock as I slid it in & out of my mouth. When he was completly complex he again took hold of my head & forced more of his massive black cock into my mouth. Suck it you wimp bitch, I want it working on getting it all in your mouth faggot. My mouth strained as he pushed it in. He pulled out a little & pushed it in even deeper. Open that mouth wider & obtain my cock in your mouth. He pulled my head down complex & then shove his hips into me. His cock head found found its way down my throat & my lips ended up resting on his pubic hair. He held me there for a second & pulled out before I threwup. I barely received a breath & he did it again shoving it all into my mouth. He did it over & over until it slipped right down my throat.
He let go of my head, pulled his cock out of my mouth & began slapping my face with it. Ok back to work you fucking cock sucker. Suck my cock & do it until you make me cum. He pointed it to my mouth & I took it in & went back to work sucking it. After 10 minutes of sucking he began pumping his hips & fucking my mouth as I sucked up & down oh his massive black cock. Thats it you faggot bitch suck my cock, suck it like a satisfactory little wimp cock sucking faggot he said. Lynn joined in, suck that huge black cock you hungry cock sucker, suck it & make him cum in your mouth wimp. Move your head up & down faster bitch & look up at me while you suck my cock. While looking up at him I began bobbing my head up & down faster as I sucked him. Oh yea thats it bitch suck it just like that you fucking faggot & don’t stop I just approximately there. I moved my head up & down as swift as i could sucking on his cock wanting him to finish, so my mouth could obtain a rest. A few momnents after he grunted & began emptying his cum load into my wating mouth. Open your mouth bitch & keep it open he yelled as he took his cock & stroked it as he shot is cum in my mouth. When he was doen he wiped the remaining drops of cum & my lips & said Ok now swallow it you cock sucker. Still looking up at him I closed my mouth & swallowed down the load of cum sitting in my mouth.
A while after I was made to suck him & obtain him complex so he could fuck my wife again. When they were done I had to again clean her pussy & then his cock. I was sent off to my room & directed to put on my pink baby doll nightie. Lynn & Tim went off the her bedroom for the remainder of the night.

Excerpts from the Life of a Superior Black Man.

Intense public humiliation, brutal physical punishments, total financial dependence & of course, strict sexual chastity for women & castration for white bois, these are the tools of the BlackDom. Wielding these tools deftly, the Dom can turn any white girl or boi into a submissive, obedient cock slave to the Black Man’s every will. —Black Daddy Derrick

The following is reprinted from Issue #14 Vol. 7 of Black ‘n White Magazine (Fragment missing)

While Black Daddy Derrick’s many white slaves have nothing yet a life of humiliating Black service & sexual degradation to look forward to—often involving prostitution, cuckoldry, domestic service & of course a brutally repressive system of financial & sexual reparations—Black Daddy Derrick leads quite an enviable sex life, often laying up to 10 different girls in a single month.

Some of the girls to have come forward & admit having a sexual relationship with Derrick include numerous college freshmen from around the country, several dozen fashion models & a handful of the world’s most attractive actresses. Names linked with Derrick’s include Amanda Bynes, Scarlett Johansen, Hillary Duff, Kristen Dunst, Angelina Jolie & Ellen Page.

Although most Hollywood actresses have remained relatively tight lipped approximately the details of their affairs with Derrick, Scarlett Johansson & Derrick have both commented openly on their sexual relationship, all this despite the fact that Ms. Johansen is currently married. Despite the rumors of midnight seduction of the young impressionable newlywed, the couple has insisted that it was in fact Ms. Johansson who originally sought what she calls “A sexual-business relationship.”

When pressed for details approximately her relationship with the large intimidating Black man, Ms. Johansesen has said “I can’t go into too many details yet I will say that I was very satisfied by our business relationship (Smirk)” Interviewer: “You say it’s a ‘business relationship’ yet you have insinuated elsewhere that your relationship with Black Daddy Derrick is closer to that of a paid sexual transaction, can you comment on the rumors that you paid Derrick a not insubstantial amount of money for certain sexual favors?” “What favors” “Well, especially, Scarlett that you paid Derrick to accompany you on your honeymoon & that while in the Caymen islands you & Derrick engaged in lewd & sexual behavior on the beach including oral sex and…I don’t know how else to put this other than to say that—at least according to one witness—Derrick relieved his bladder on your face & in your mouth while you lay sun tanning in a bikini.” “(Laugh) Yeah well, I can assure you, I don’t know anything approximately that, yet I am moreover not going to deny that Derrick & I have been seeing each other sexually for some time & it would be useless at this point to deny that Derrick has benefited financially from that relationship.” Interviewer: “Are you saying you paid Black Daddy Derrick in exchange for sex?” Scarlett: “Let’s just say I paid for services rendered (Wink).”

The other night

Just had to share what happened the other night. The wife is not normally that dominating, a bit of cock & ball slapping is all I get. Well that changed a couple of days ago. First thing I knew that she was in a randy mood was her telling me to obtain to the bedroom, well what could I say. Quickly getting naked & in the bed I had to wait a few minutes before she came out of the bathroom. Wearing just a little red slip she looked fantastic. I noticed she was carrying a handful of sex toys, this was getting better.
Pulling back the bed sheets she took a satisfactory look at my body & said something approximately my cock being so complex already. She took hold of my hands & tied them to the bed & started to run her hands over my body. It didn’t take long before the slip had been taken off & she was sitting on my chest with her tight ass in my face. Her hands playing with my complex cock stroking it, then the first slap came making my cock sting. She continued for a while then grabbed my balls pulling them down which she knows drives me wild. Leaning down to lick the pre-come off my cock she moved her pussy over my face. She was already dripping wet & tasting so good. Pressing her self down on my face so I could lick her deeply & play with her clit. This distracted her from licking my cock, yet it was well worth it.
Then a slap to the balls came, not to complex yet just enough. Thats how it stayed with her slapping my cock & balls whilst sitting on my face until she came. This was quite usual for an evening yet then things received even better. Sliding off me she turned around to dribble so of my pre-come into my mouth & asked if I was ready for more. With out waiting for a reply she open the lubricant & applied a liberal amount to my ass hole. Working it in whilst the other hand played with my twitching cock. Then pressing a large butt-plug up me, not being to careful. The feeling is just bliss of my ass being full making my cock so sensitive to her touch.
I had brought a whip sometime ago, it had largely gone unused apart from a couple times lightly on her ass. It was not used lightly this time, first making me lift my legs high so she could hit me. Then making go on allfours slapping & whipping me. It didn’t take to long before she pushed me back on to my back. Before I knew it she was on my cock her pussy so wet & tight around me. After all that play it wasn’t long before I was filling her with spunk. She looked at me & smiled & told me she needed to come again. With that she moved up to sit on my face again. As she moved up some of the spunk started to drip out of her, just before it feel I was able to lick it from her. I have tatsed my pre-come on her many times yet not spunk. Before I could swallow that down her pussy was pressed against my face. The spunk was flowing out of her as she rubbed her self against my face. The taste of my come & her pussy was fantastic. I licked & sucked her so much to clean her she came twice again.
She asked me if I had minded her making me lick her clean of my come. Well, you know the answer to that. She tells me next time to expect the strap-on up me & I will not only have my come to lick from her yet I will have to drink her piss. Looking forward to that. Although what I would truely love is for her to fuck another man as I lick her clit then clean up his mess.