Hot tub of our neighbor

To start with, I’m a mere wannabe. Then, my wife claims she would never cuckold me. She would sometimes play with me with some porn on, & occasionally she gets upset with me if I’m too insistent approximately this matter.

A few nights ago I mentioned to her that I had a dream approximately her making out with the neighbor in his hot tub. Just her & him, alone in the hot tub while I was at home. She has been in the hot tub one other time with him alone (for real)…and nothing happened. Thats where I assume the dream came from. I mentioned it again yesterday approximately her & the neighbor…she told me today that she had a dream approximately making out with him. She seemed kinda kiddish approximately it. I didn’t say to much. I came home for lunch & kidded her approximately another fantasy of mine…which I know she doesn’t like…she came out & said…”You have a better chance of me making out with the neighbor, before I would ever do that”.

Some nights ago I told her approximately my dream where she was making out with the neighbor in his hot tub. They were alone, just her & him in the tub, & I was at home. Actually she was this one time with him alone in the tub, & nothing happened. I guess this is where the dream comes from. I brought it up again yesterday approximately her & the neighbor. Then she told me she dreamed approximately making out with him. She seemed to be joking & giggling approximately it. I didn’t say much. Then, I obtain home for lunch & make jokes approximately another fantasy I have… I know she’s not into it… She says like ‘you received a better chance of me making out with him before I would do that.’

After all this she says she would never cuckold me. I hope the seed is planted here. In just a few weeks I’m taking her on a 8 day cruise… Let’s see what happens. Hmmm, I sort of hope she’s taken to the idea. Maybe she makes out with that neighbor or anyone else, soon. To the future!

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Birthday Present in Progress. A True Story.

Though I’ve been lurking around this site for a while, this is my very first post ever. I never thought I might at some point actually post something. Thing is, yesterday I had a surprise from my beloved wife which I could not yet share. I assure everyone this is a true story, every detail of it, & it’s happening as I’m writing this. My point was to document it & accumulate courage to share, believing others might enjoy it.

To start with, a bit of background info. My name is Derek, my wife’s name is Renee. We are both 28 years old & we live in a pretty huge city in the Midwest. Ours is a medium sized house in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs. My wife is a thin attractive girl, she has short blond hair, C sized tits & an ass I’m raving about. I guess I will post a pic or two after on to make it more visual. We’ve had quite a nice sex life for our 5 years of marriage. There were some tremendous adventures to keep things exciting. Starting from the beginning of this year, we’ve had the privilege of working from home. Anyway, our relationship has gone up & down through that time. I guess it’s like that with many young marriages.

Last year I was excited approximately my coming birthday in August, as, like most guys, I was expecting something special from my wife. My birthday came & went & everything I received was a card from her. I kept thinking approximately a possible sex gift, a surprise she might have, yet nothing really happened. I spent a few days wondering why it was like that. I ended up frustrated & we had a couple of fights. Other problems were there as well, yet anyway we received over all of them. This summer, I brought this up again & told her I was really injure by not getting anything special for my last year’s birthday. She told me she understood it, was sorry, & would love to do something extra special this year.

Prior to that, she’d been involved in the ad industry, & it took a lot of her time. As I’ve said, our sex life was pretty good, yet she was away a lot, & I ended up on the internet, browsing for porn, to fulfill my desires & fantasies. I guess it happens to guys. Around 2 years ago I received acquainted with the cuckolding scene, & it struck me. I loved the idea of a powerful white wife going out & doing other guys while her hubby was at home. This turned me on. I liked the black bull aspect of this fantasy thing. It brought me to this site, as well as to some others, where I read stories & saved dozens of movies with white wives fucking some black dick.

So, approximately a year ago from now, I brought up this fantasy in our bedroom. First thing she did was dirty talking approximately it while we had sex, saying things approximately her fucking a black man. She was always so vivid & so excited, & I enjoyed every second of it. But that’s what was ever to it, just bedroom talk. About a month ago, however, I was watching TV in the basement while she was working on her laptop nearby me. She suddenly asked approximately any sites I knew or any porn I had approximately white wives & black guys. I said sure, why. She said she was interested in things I fantasized approximately & wanted more connection. She asked for links to stories & videos. I did send some, & a couple of weeks passed without any mentioingn of it all.

Then yesterday came. She spent most of her day at the laptop. But she did not seem like working. I could see her smiling, typing stuff, & then smiling at me again. I asked what was it, & she replied that I would see. I started feeling something was going on. I was watching a football game at approximately 9pm, when she suddenly shut her laptop & asked me to stand up. I was perplexed yet did as she said. She ordered me to kneel down on the floor. I never heard this commanding voice from her. She started speaking & I could not yet listen very attentively.

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Cassandra and Francis

I was browsing through a bunch of paperbacks in the mystery department of Mulligan’s bookshop when I took my first notice of her. She was in the romance section, some shelves to my right. I never saw her enter the store. I must have been busy with the books.

She looked like a woman in her mid thirties. If I told you her cute face caught my eye first, it would have been a lie. Her face was in fact really pretty. But her body was much more than that, it was something to remember. The catchy, provocative clothes she had on made it clear she was well aware of her insanely appealing figure. The tight-fitting top she had on had trouble confining her massive rack, & that miniskirt barely covered the tight cheeks of her lovely butt.

A small wave of arousal passed through my loins when I noticed her sandals, toes open, high heels, toenails painted red. I had to bring all my self-restraining powers together to prevent myself from falling to her feet & licking these yummy toes.

The long brown hair she had was pulled back in a ponytail. Her style was all approximately a woman on a relaxed Saturday morning shopping round. Still, her dark eye makeup & lips, bright red, gave an impression it was more than books that she was looking for. This was exactly the female type that gave me the shivers & thrown me into uncontrollable panic.

My name is Francis Townsend. My mom gave me this name in honor of a war hero. It, however, did not prevent the bullies at Charles Gordon Elementary from harassing me. They had real pleasant mocking my female name. The fact that I was a short, thin man with barely any effeminate features at all did not matter. As I was growing up I was always the target for never-ending playground jokes.

My older sisters, of which I had two, & their friends, always enjoyed dressing me up as a girl. I was always so humiliated when they finished their job & laughed approximately how totally convincing I looked.

Don’t obtain this wrong, I’m not trying to say I’m gay or transvestite. I am a heterosexual to the bone. I still have to admit I often fantasize approximately powerful, dominant women. I have a bit of foot fetish as well. But hell, everybody has his or her couple of kinks.

What I’m really trying to tell you is that I have never been the macho type, the soccer-playing hunk who attracts lovely girls. The girls like the one who was only steps away from me. Generally I try to avoid getting too close to such women. I feel scared shitless. But of course I do appreciate a cute face, a huge sexy rack, & a well-shaped behind. Any man who does not?

As shortly as I noticed this super-hot goddess, I could not stop myself from taking secret peeps. I was really smooth at that. I pretended I was reading some preface while I furtively observed her with the corner of my eye. I was feeling like a naughty kid secretly staring at lingerie mannequins as he was walking through a huge store, his mother grabbing him firmly by the hand. That was naughty, yet I could not assist it.

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