Hot Wife Stories: Spice up our family life Part II

We left home around 5pm, getting to the motel and taking some time to unpack the overnight bags. When Tony went in to take a shower I slipped back to the car to get my “special bag” for the evening. As he exited the bathroom he found me standing in nothing but a kick-ass pair of stiletto heels, black, thigh high stockings and a skimpy g-string. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a look on my husband’s face, but it was all radiating from approval. I gave my best sexy walk over to him, and since he was nude already, I could see his cock starting to grow from excitement. I led him to the straight back wooden chair, told him to sit down and then eagerly handcuffed his wrists behind him as well as binding his ankles. At first he looked very confused, and then asked me where I had gotten handcuffs from, I just said, “Shhhh,” and continued the captivity.

Walking back and forth in front of him, letting my ass jiggle just enough and my large breasts sway to tease him, I began explaining how the past 19 months had been all about him, him, him, his work, his schedule, his thoughts, his stories, his life, and nothing included me, so today, today was going to be MY day, whether he liked it or not. I proceeded to tell him that I would be in charge, he would call me ma’am, ask no questions, throw no rage my direction, and just accept the fact that he was now a cuckold. Before he could utter a response, there was a knock on the motel room door. I stood back as I opened it, just in case it would be housekeeping or something, but it was Butch, right on time and looking extremely excited.

As he walked into the room and took off his coat, the rest of his clothing followed, he was wasting no time, maybe thinking I would change my mind, or maybe just because of his horniness that’s been building all week long. Tony was getting furious, his face was red and the big vein on his temple was bulging, as he started to open his mouth to put up a fight, I greeted him with my fingers over his lips and said, “Remember dear, you’re a cuckold, you have nothing to say.”

Butch immediately dropped to his knees and began to lick my slit that was already extremely creamy, my clit grew quickly against his tongue and my breathing told me that this would be a day I would never forget. After two orgasms from his oral stimulation, I noticed his dick couldn’t possibly get any harder, the skin was stretched tightly. I laid back across the bed, lifting my legs high into the air, making sure we were turned in a way that Tony would see every thrusting motion we made against one another. I was surprised by Butch’s endurance, giving how long he’d waited for this, he was going to do it right.

When he buried his face in my shoulder and his body began to tremble, I knew his orgasm was approaching quickly. He pulled out of me just enough to spew my vaginal lips with his salty cum, up my belly and across my tits were covered as well. There must have been a gallon of spunk! He rolled over, trying to catch his breath as I was doing the same. I lost count of how many times my orgasm ripped through me. As per our plans when he was composed, he didn’t say a word to me or to Tony, just softly placed a kiss on my lips, got dressed and left. I turned towards my husband and his face looked drawn, disappointed and humiliated, but his cock told me how he was really feeling. I got up and walked over to his chair, unlocking the cuffs, and untying the binds on his ankles. I expected him to lurch at me with anger, but instead, he just sat. So, I brought the finishing touch of my plan in. I again laid back on the bed and told him that as my cuckold husband, he would service me and do the clean up duties. He stood up and walked to the bed, bending over his mouth gobbled up the now cold cum from my tits, belly and smooth vaginal mound, from there he parted my swollen lips and ate the creampie remnants of my cuckold experience.

We never spoke about what happened the rest of the day, and I never did let him cum, all a part of my plan. What he didn’t know was this was not going to be our first time of him being humiliated and me being pleasured.

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  1. My first experience as a bull was at 19 as a freshman in college. I had a married girlfriend who liked to call hubby after every fuck and tell him how fantastic I was in bed and how she LOVED my always-stiff dick.

    After many hotel meetings, we started doing it at her house…with hubby watching…LOL! I liked it! It was hot fucking his wife in front of him.

    One day, I found myself standing naked in their bedroom. He was on his knees in front of me with my elongated dick hanging obscenely in his face!! Can you imagine the feeling…me, a 19y/o with a 46 y/o man on his knees in front of me.

    I could see by the look on his face that he was repulsed with the idea of putting a man’s swollen penis in his mouth…and sucking it! On the other side, he had to do it. His wife threatened him with exile from the bedroom while she and I fucked if he didn’t comply with her wishes. She was obviously totally turned on watching the imminent emasculation of her husband of 15 years at the hands of a college student…LOL!

    My dick quickly stiffened and, in fact, I think itwas the hardest it’s ever been! My cock stuck out straight at Bob’s face and was now oozing a long stringer of cum just to show his excitement.

    Bob said, “I can see you’re enjoying this”, whth a humiliated tone. “Yes”, I said, “I am, this may be the hottest thing I’ve ever done next to fucking Elaine while you watch”, I laughed.

    My testicles were hanging low and my dick standing straight out. I was hot and wasn’t going to wait much longer. If he didn’t open his mouth and go down on his cockmaster, he would be made to comply. My heart was pounding with excitement as I saw his glazed over eyes reflecting his resignation to his fate…to suck my dick while Elaine orgasmed over and over at the spectacle of a young stud dominating her wimp husband.

    “That’s it…enough thinking about it….get to it”, I ordered. I took a step forward pressing my drooling dickhead to his still sealed lips. I put my right hand on his head and he instinctively opened his mouth as I slid my dick past his teeth into his warm, slick mouth. Immediately, I felt his tongue begin exploring my dickhead and circumscision groove, piss hole, underside of the glans going over and over every part of the head familiarizing himself with the taste of my semen, the flavor of my masculinity.

    I knew he needed to have some “suck” time on my penis before I started showing him the way I like to get sucked off. Elaine knew every detail of my likes and dislikes and now was his turn to learn how I liked it.

    Elaine cooed from the bed…”let him show you what he wants honey”. I thrust into his throat gagging him causing him to pull back coughing and letting a copious amount of my seminal fluid drip off his lower lip.

    I loved it! I loved the power and control I had over him. I loved the idea that he wasn’t doing this willingly but only to please his sadistic wife who was truly enjoying the whole scene!

  2. I think this is a great post. One thing that I find the most helpful is number five. Sometimes when I write, I just let the flow of the words and information come out so much that I loose the purpose. It’s only after editing when I realize what I’ve done. There’s defiantly a lot of great tips here I’m going to try to be more aware of.

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  4. Hi Tony,Thanks for another good post. It sure sunods like you have a good relationship with your wife. To be able to even broach the subject is something I think a lot of men would envy. I have spoken to a lot of men who say they just couldn’t even mention the topic to their wives for fear of a really negative reaction. The fact that you feel “safe” enough to be able to talk about the topic at all is the sign of a healthy relationship.In thinking about those two questions you proposed the other day that were omitted from our survey, your further explanation above demonstrations a need to address those questions in more detail at some point. It really would be interesting to know the answers to both of those questions. I think it would also be interesting to know, in situations like yours where the subject has been broached, and the couple decided to keep it as a fantasy, in what ways was the fantasy addressed, i.e., in sharing stories, watching adult movies, incorporating sex toys, role-playing, etc. I think it would be interesting in identifying how couples keep it as a fantasy and how they go about it. It would probably be interesting to other cuck fantasists.One of the main purposes I had in posting the article on competition was to explain to women (and men too) why the idea of a competing male is so arousing to many men. I also point out that there are even biology reasons which support the notion that men actually become aroused at the mere thought of a competing male in their relationship. I also point out that even the illusion (or fantasy) of a competing male can have a similar effect. I’m real curious to know what women think about this issue. If you do feel “safe” enough to share it with your wife, I would be very curious to hear what her reaction was to it. For other men who are grappling with how to even broach the subject, this may be one “safer” way to at least introduce the topic. Thanks again Tony!Steve

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