Hot Wife Stories: Humiliation and Lust

The passion has always burned strong inside of me, for as long as I can remember I’ve had this desire to control a man in ways that may not be the normal for most, but for me, it was the most natural feeling in the world. I tried to get passed it, but when I heard Trent ask me on that Autumn night, “Sandy, would you be my wife?” I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted more at that moment. But then, as the months drug by so slowly, I could feel myself withdrawing from him in ways that he couldn’t understand. I tried to explain that I wanted to remain married to him, because no one else would provide the financial lifestyle I had grown accustom to, and I knew how much he enjoyed going to his fancy work parties and having a hot wife on his arm, so that part worked out beautifully for both of us, but that is where the mutual satisfaction ended.

I wanted a cuckold husband, nothing more, nothing less. I couldn’t imagine myself crawling into our king sized bed each night and pretending that his touch did anything for me, because it didn’t. What I wanted was to share my body with another lover, to feel his hands sliding up and down my petite waist, feeling the softness of my skin while my breasts rested in the palm of his hands perfectly. I wanted a lover that I could flaunt in front of my cuckold husband, to let him know that he never brought me any sexual satisfaction, instead, it was the act of sucking and fucking in front of him with another man that excited me more than anything.

My words flowed through Trent’s mind, but I wasn’t sure he really understood what I was saying, so I decided actions should speak louder than words.

He got home at the normal time, and as I stood in front of the window, looking at nature budding to life in the Spring season he had nothing to say when he came through the front door. I looked at him, though to myself how pathetic he seemed to be and how much I wanted to drive the point home that he was a cuckold, and if he wanted to keep me as his hot wife, he would always be only a cuckold. When he sat down on the sofa to go through the day’s mail, I slipped my blouse off, standing in front of the window with my big breasts exposed, my jeans clinging tightly to my lean hips and my long hair flowing across my shoulders I could almost see the spark in his eyes, he was thinking I began to get naked for him, but how wrong he was. With the slam of a cab’s car door and the ring of the doorbell I greeted my lover in an already aroused state.

I walked him by the hand into the living room, and told him to pay no attention to Trent, he was just my and he would be nothing more than a spectator to our sexual endeavor. Since Adam was already hard as a rock, he didn’t rebuttal in any way except to unzip his jeans and allow my hands to wander inside, to unleash his throbbing cock. Trent sat with his eyes fixated on my every action, his jaw slightly dropped but not uttering a word. I lowered myself to the carpet and opened my mouth, applying my oral skills to Adam, sucking in his thick and might inches with a frenzy like I had never shown to Trent. I couldn’t resist but to make eye contact with him, I wanted to see the on his face and it greeted me with such an excitement, it’s as if it instilled power into the plunges I made to Adam’s cock. His hand wrapped through my long hair as he fed my face faster and I could tell the load was churning in his balls.

I stood up, slipped out of my jeans and then stretched across the loveseat, hiking my tight, sweet ass high into the air for him to take me, I wanted to be sure I was facing Trent, I didn’t want to miss one expression on his cuckold face, that was what would drive me into the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. My tits flipped and jiggled as Adam drove every inch deep into my already cream coated vaginal area, he plunged and thrust with a fury, as if it were driving him with desire as well to know we were being watched by the man wearing a matching wedding band to my own. I couldn’t hold back as my own orgasm was approaching and I found myself screaming things such as, “Watch us fuck, you’re nothing but a cuckold!” “You could never satisfy me this way, I feel like a real woman now!” And then the explosion erupted over Adam’s dick, my juices sprayed with force and encased his erection. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, and they were tighter and tighter, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before his own spurting streams of cum would be filling my belly with total relinquish.

Adam pulled my hair hard, and as his hips lunged forward, driving his salty spunk deep inside of me, the look of disbelief still showered across Trent’s face. We both collapsed across the loveseat, our bodies heaving as we tried to catch our breath, to regain composure.

As Adam pulled his now flaccid cock from my pussy he slowly began to get dressed, telling me that he had a job interview that he would be late for, but that he would call me later. I stood up on shaky legs and struck a bit of a pose in front of Trent, as if one more way to flaunt my accomplishment before reaching my fingers down to slide the mixture of our juices across my digits, and then I walked to Trent, rubbed my fingers under his nostrils and told him that a cuckold deserves to smell the scent of his hot wife and her lover. He just looked at me. I then demanded his wallet, after all, it was only fitting that he should pay for Adam’s cab fare back to town.

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  1. “дорогу одолеет идущий”. Желаю вам ни когда не останавливаться и быть творческой личностью – вечно!

  2. When I was 19, I met Sylvia in a college journalism class. She was 32 and married but very cool. We started going out to coffee after class and I really got to like he…especially her flirting. She complimented my body, my youth and, most importantly, my vilility. She told me I was 3 inches taller and 30 pounds lighter than her husband. He had gone to “paunch”, she said.

    The day that class ended, we went for our final coffee but, this day, she had two beers instead of coffee; she was celebrating finishing our class. After getting a little buzz on is when she complimented my “package”. She said she was totally attracted to the bulge in my crotch and would even like to give it a kiss as a goodbye gift to me. Holy Shit! And she was married! She licked my ear and whispered how she would love to suck my penis. Then she took a little nip of my ear lobe and told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She said she had been fantasizing how delicious my sticky semen would be and she was the best person to appreciate it. Then she said that as an added bonus my sperm would take away the wrinkles she was beginning to see…all this if I’d just let her suck my cock.

    As a horny 19 year old, it wasn’t possible to resist a beautiful woman begging to suck my dick. For a quick second, I imagined what those perfect, pouty lips could do going up and down on my oozing dick.

  3. In the mid 1970’s Julie and I found our self married at a very young age.

    Julie was proud of her well rounded breasts and wore low-cut or wrap around blouses that often could not contain them. She would my friends and workers at the local convenience store when we had no money but needed smokes.

    One Friday night my friend Joel came over with some weed, Julie had on this oversized wrap around blouse that her breast could not maintain. She always encouraged me to play with her breasts when one of my friends stopped by.
    All 3 of us were sitting on the couch, very high and laughing. I put my arm around, her reached inside and began playing with one of her breast, eventually, her entire breast was out as I stroked it and played with her nipple.

    Joel finally spoke up; “How can let your girlfriend wear cloths like that, then play with her tit with me sitting right here”!? She just grinned as I told him it was no big deal, it was only a breast. I then took out her other breast and told him to put his arm around her and play with that one. He couldn’t believe it, but went for it, Julie just kind of lowered her self down the couch a little as we played with her tits and talked like nothing was happening.

    Julie taking deep breaths said she wanted us to have a contest; who; could put the largest and most hickies on her breasts. After about 30 minutes her breasts were all shiny from our saliva and her tits were swollen with large purple marks all over them. The next few weeks when she wore those low cut blouses she proudly showed off her hickied covered tits.

    While she was open with herself, she was extremely jealous when it came to me, if a woman looked at me or I at her, she would go into a rage. She would take a razor and carve my arms. Tie me to the bed and beat me with a folded over electrical cord with such force that it sometimes broke the skin. Julie had a wood carving tool and would carve things on my back and legs like; “Property of Julie”, if you look at one of those pictures in my photo album you can clearly see her name on my back. She also used to tell me, that by causing me pain it helped to relieve the stresses she had in her own life.

    Most of our friends were much older then us, they were still “Hippies” in their late teens and early twenties, some older.
    We would most often gather at Carl’s apartment, smoke some weed and drink some wine. Carl’s girlfriend was 44 yrs old but the rest were men. My wife got along well with all of them, when she was high she would flirt and sometimes give them a quick kiss on the lips.

    There was one guy in particular she paid attention to; Cisco, a tall dark skinned Latino man around 19. She always sat next to him on the couch and on more then one occasion when coming back from a “booze” run, I could see them holding and kissing each other through the front window.

    One Saturday we decided to get away and stay the day at Carl’s place and just have sweaty sex. He was the only one home, he already knew we were coming, so he was about to leave. We undressed, got in the bed and began to sip our wine. Carl came back saying he forgot something in the bathroom. When he came out, Julia jumped up completely naked, walked quickly across the room, stood on her toes and kissed him goodbye.

    As he went into the living room we heard voices, it seemed Cisco had come to hang out there as well. We both heard Carl tell him about my wife that she had a nice young body.

    It was a hot day in Louisiana so as we had sex we began to sweat quickly. She made more noises then usual; I felt it was because Cisco was in the next room. When I came in her, we laid there holding each other smoking cigarettes and drinking wine. She was so hot she wanted to go at it again. She looked over and noticed there was a chair on the side of the bed. She then suggested to me that I ask Cisco, if he wanted to sit and watch. I protested, saying that once he was in there, he would want to join in. She assured me she would not let that happen.

    So I went to the door (a string of beads) and stated that Julie would like for him to come watch. He was more then willing to take her suggestion.

    Julie was sitting up in the bed, her breasts on display and smiling at him, telling him to have a seat. This time Julie was really in heat, she got on top of me, our bodies were slapping she was telling me she was going to “fuck my dick off”. Her ass and pussy was not far from his face. We glanced over at him and noticed he had his dick out and was playing with himself. Julie with her waist length hair all sweaty asked him to get undressed and make himself comfortable.

    She started to ride me even harder and began climaxing. I glanced over and noticed Cisco had moved his chair sideways and seemed to be fingering her asshole. That was it for me I exploded inside her.

    As we took a break, Julie patted the side of the bed and inviting Crisco to come lay down with us. She on the side of the bed nearest him, I on the other, out of breath sweating from the heat, I glanced over noticed that Cisco was caressing her right breast and her hand was not to be seen. I assumed she was playing with his cock.

    She suggested that Cisco screw her while I watched. It took my breath away; there was fear but also excitement. I simply shrugged my shoulder, which is all it took for her to take him by the hand and bring him on top of her.

    He tried to make out with her, but she was too far gone for that, she took his dick in her hand and placed it inside her. She wrapped her legs around him, I could see him going in and out of her, and I also noticed my wife with her head bent somewhat at the neck watching his cock as well. She had so much of her own juices and mine inside her that you could see his cock begin to drip and shine. As he began to fuck her harder, she grabbed my hand tight as both of them came.

    I look up and noticed Carl and his friend Barry standing in the doorway. If I recall both of them were in their mid-thirties at this time.

    Julie looked up and with a sly smile told Carl to come to the bed; we had to raise our knees up so he could lie on the bed sideways. Barry followed, sitting on the edge of the bed. Julie seemed very much at ease considering her age, I could tell she was still very horny and she was the center of attention. I think she enjoyed having this power over all of these older men she acted very innocent as she opened and closed her bent knees.

    She pulled Carl towards her and began to remove his old T-Shirt, he seemed very unsure of himself. Julie then unbuckled his pants and told him to take them off. Once doing so she had him straddle her chest and tit fuck her. She held them together while Carl pushed his cock back and forth through them.

    I was taken off guard, when she turned her head to the side of Carl and told Barry 2 simple words; “Fuck me”! With that he eagerly took off his cloths, I noticed he had a very large dick, much bigger then the rest of us.

    While she waited for Barry, she took Cisco’s recharged dick in hand then began to suck and lick his wet balls. When Barry entered her, she stopped, looked at me then over at Barry as his large cock began the journey into her pussy. She couldn’t believe the size of it! For a moment feared she couldn’t take it. However her cunt was so gooey and stretched in slid in fairly easily.

    As it went all the way in she pushed her head back, closed her eyes and moaned. Carl seeing this reaction, retreated and sat on the bed with us as we all watched. I could hear his large balls smacking her ass and the wet sound of his dick going way in and out of her snatch.

    She was coming like I had never seen her before. She sat up on her elbows to get a better look at this large cock driving deep down, where none of us could reach. Julie looked over at me as her body was being shaken and her tits were going backwards and forewords. She seemed to be in a non-stop state of orgasm. She asked me breathlessly to help.

    A pillow was placed under her ass, and then she lifted one leg up to Cisco, the other to me. She wanted us to bring her legs back as far as possible so she could observe Barry’s every thrust and ensure he had complete access. She moaned and yelled, her hair was now completely matted on her face, when Barry let out a yell, and his body began to shake as cum began to gush inside her.

    Once he finished cumming, she pushed us aside and had Barry move up the bed to her waiting mouth. She moaned while she cleaned every inch of his cock and balls. She did a slow stroke on his dick to see if there was any cum left, some came to the tip of his dick, she licked it away. Still holding his dick, with the balls on her chin, she looked at all of us as if to say; “This is what a real cock looks like”.

    For the rest of the day, we drank, ate and took turns fucking my soon to be wife, at a very leisurely pace, except when Barry was ready.
    Sometimes, while the rest of us fucked her, she would share a smoke with Barry. This went on till almost sunset, it was time for us to go. Julie was a mess, her cunt hair was flattened, pussy lips swollen and crusty, she had lines of dried cum down her legs, on her stomach, breast and around the outside of her mouth. Her inner thighs were bruised from all the pounding, her neck, shoulders; especially her breasts were purple and swollen from all the hickies and bites.

    On the way home we stopped at our regular store to pick up a pack of smokes, we had no money so she flashed her buddy, while giving her the smokes you could tell he was shocked by her appearance.

    During the next four months that Carl had that apartment, if Julie went there she was a willing fuck buddy for anyone present, including people we didn’t know, she also had her first bi experience with the lady that lived there.
    I would often stop by there after work, to see her with her legs up in the air, by the corner of the couch being screwed senseless by someone I didn’t know while others just watched the T.V or had a conversation. It was all very natural and they all protected my girl.

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  13. Dave and Cookie It was such a privilege to share your avrinensary celebration with you. Dave, you did an amazing job putting it together glad your Sunday School class could help. They were fantastic hosts and hostesses! And, Cookie, it was so wonderful to see you smiling and enjoying all the people who came to celebrate. It was a beautiful combination of celebrating the love you guys have for each other and a celebration of your life a life VERY well lived. Again, may God be very near now through these difficult days. May both of you know His abiding and unending love for you and may He continue to give you grace and courage to face the days ahead.Love you, Cousin Laurie

  14. Dearest Cookie and Dave,Yesterday we had our Support Staff picnic (it is Activity Week) and we went to Magra. I chose to walk so left at 8:00 am and rhcaeed there by 10:45. All along the way I thought of you. I so enjoyed the walk and the beauty and I wanted to share it with you. The blue sky, the green trees, the spectacular views of the valleys, gullys, steep ravines, the swooping kites (birds), donkeys carrying milk cans, the warm breeze in the sun and cool breeze in the shade. The only thing missing was the spectacular view of the snows too cloudy that side. I thought of you the whole way and day. We love you both and continue to pray for you. Judy

  15. It’s so great you made the choice for your husband. No playing games, this is the way you want it and this is the way real men want it. We want a wife is a porn star, takes a lover when she wants, feeds us a cream pie and gives us sloppy seconds. Any man who has been married
    10 years is ready and willing to accept this..
    What a thrill for a married woman to take a lover, come home and husband waits on his knees to be fed, have seconds and hold his wife for hours after. This the way it can and should be.

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