My Cuckold Experience

I found your blog just recently & really enjoyed the stories you have, too offensive you don’t have many of them so far, yet I hope it’ll change. By the way, I joined one of the sites you recommend, very hot indeed.

Anyway, I though that it would be a satisfactory idea to share my story with you. After reading some stuff on the internet, I came to realize that I not only wouldn’t mind by I desire . I told my wife several times approximately my desire, we did some reading together on the subject & decided that we would donate it a try at some point.

But I never expected it to happen so soon. One night she just brought this man home, around 11 PM, after saying she was going out with the girls. I didn’t even know the man & – it turns out – neither did she. She met him at a bar.

They came in as I was watching a sports show. She told me to turn it off & to go make drinks for them. Sighing, I went into the kitchen, made the drinks & brought them back out. Well, my wife’s blouse was off. I stared at her in disbelief as his hand ran up the front of her & cupped a tit in his hand, right in front of me. She looked at me with a complex look & thanked me for the drinks, then told me to sit down across from them.

“I want you to watch us fuck,” is all she said, “Stay right there & watch it all. Maybe you can learn how to fuck a woman.” With that she laughed, as did he & she turned & kissed him again, wrapped in his arms with her boob once again being mashed & her breath getting shallow. He was pawing on her & treated her a bit roughly by my standards yet she seemed to really like it. I couldn’t believe I was sitting here watching her like this. But I never moved. There was moreover something very much a turn-on at the same time & some line had officially been crossed.

I sat uneasily as he removed the rest of her clothes. Naked, she received on her knees in front of him & began removing his clothes. When she received to his complex cock, I had to notice it was huge. She moaned audibly as she pulled it free & stared at it lovingly. She caressed it & rubbed it on the soft skin of her cheek, looking at me as she did. Then, right before my eyes, she opened her mouth & – still looking at me – she went down on him, sucking that huge dick into her mouth & then going up & down with his hands in her hair. She kept her eyes on me for a bit, sucking him. This was something she badly wanted me to watch & I could see it was turning her on, sucking him off in front of me.

Taking her lips off his cock, she looked at me & told me to jack off while they fucked. “Go on, jack off for us while you watch us fuck, dear,” were her words. I slipped off my shorts & began stroking myself. It was acrually very sexy somehow & I knew she liked watching me as well as having sex with him, so it felt OK. My small cock felt pretty liberated & was as complex as a rock anyway.

Both of them were naked & the guy’s cock towered over her face as she licked at his ball sack. She was getting pretty heated up & pistoning her head all up & down rapidly over his cock. He had mashed her face into his crotch & held her there as she had choked a few times. It was pretty hot as he did stuff to her I never had.

Finally, she received down in the floor at my feet, spread her legs, looked up at me & said: “I want you to beg Mark to fuck your hot wife. Do it now!” At that point I was so turned on that anything would go. I looked at the man & said: “Please Mr, I really”. He received put of his sofa spot & joined her there. They were so close I could smell them & hear every single small sound they made, right there in front of me. As he mounted her, I could hear her intake of breath as she nearly swallowed her tongue at the sheer sensatioon of that huge cock tearing up inside her. He sent it inside her in small increments, to her obvious ecstasy, & then he began fucking her harder. She went wild.

So there I was, jerking my own pud & watching this huge fellow ravage my wife. The weirdness of the situation hit me as I stroked myself & yet, it sort of simply was what it was. It was hot, I’m telling you, watching my gorgeous & very previously-demure middle class wife getting fucked by this stranger in our own house – & right at my feet now!

The urgency climbed down there & in my hand, too, as the fucking increased in intensity. Her moans & gasps were stunningly hot to hear. He then turned her around & put her on all fours. I could see her face completely this way as he fucked her, as she looked up at me, taking this huge log with a real fiecreness from behind & helplessly crying in ecstasy. She saw my cock spurting cum as I lost control & let it rip, some of it even hit her face, it spurted so far. God, this was hot. She sort of smiled at me – I think – then lowered her head, wagging it back & forth as he finished. She had cum at least 3 times I know of.

When he emptied himself inside her his body wracked, shaking & cumming up her hot cunt, & she had screamed from the sheer sensation of it. He stayed there, just draining himself & she was not even close to moving. She was milking this man with her pussy & loving it. Finally, spent, he withdrew his cum riddled cock from behind her. She moaned as if in loss, then looked at me, pointedly.

Did you enjoy honey?” she asked. “I hope you did, because tomorrow I’ll bring him back.” She then turned around & sucked at his dick again, milking more cum from it.

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  1. You are a real man, with big balls. It takes a big man to ask his wife to fuck other men. Now you have received the ultimate reward, your wife taking pleasure of other men while you watch. Wish i had the guts to do as you did.
    Having a hotwife, must equate to having a hard on at least once a day.
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  2. One of the greatest I have browsed so far. All details was well thought of and correctly written down. The best of luck in with your upcoming work.

  3. We just middle 40’s couple married 28 years
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