GF told her bestie I was a cuck. They decided to team up on me at a friend’s party. [part 19]

Alyssa seemed to be enjoying herself. She stared at me, almost sympathetically, still lightly rubbing her index finger back and forth over my tip. I felt my face become flushed and my heart begin to beat slightly faster. This was the first time all night that my face had turned red for a good reason, and not as a result of some public humiliation. As soon as that thought crossed my mind, an image of the convenience store cashier’s puzzled face flashed in my mind. It was the face he’d made right after Patrick said he was going to fuck my girlfriend. My heart fluttered and my face turned even more flushed. I could feel my pulse in the tip of my dick. Alyssa’s touch was subtle, but it felt very good.

“What do you want out of tonight?” Alyssa asked me, still speaking softly. “Um,” I said after first thinking on it for a minute, “I don’t know, I feel stupid saying it.” Alyssa moved her whole hand over on top of my throbbing dick, and leaned in to push her hand up my shaft, and then back down. She rubbed it like that a couple of times. “You really shouldn’t,” she said, “come on, it’ll be fun to talk about it.” I cleared my throat so I could speak up a bit. “Well, I want to see Kay have a mind blowing orgasm, for one. It’s…incredibly hot to watch,” I answered. “Mkay. And what else?” She prompted. “And, honestly I enjoy all of this. I mean, parts of tonight have been rough. But I love the way she talks to me. I know it sounds dumb, but like the stuff she was saying to me in the truck, and just watching him take her. It’s all so hot,” I said.

Alyssa tilted her head some. She kept rubbing my dick through my pants. “It is,” she said, “when she told me you’re a cuck, I thought she just got to fuck whoever she wanted. But I love that it’s like this role play that keeps you both engaged. And, if I’m being honest, I kinda love watching you squirm. There’s something about seeing a man put in his place, having zero control over the situation.” Her eyes drifted off as she spoke. She stared off into space for a moment, and then snapped her eyes back to mine. “Yeah,” I said, “I get it.”

“Hm,” she pondered. “So, you want to be… dominated?” She questioned. She stared at me, and I subtly nodded my head yes. “Put in your place?” she said. I nodded again, feeling my face turn possibly more red than it had been, even at the gas station. “And…maybe a little…degraded?” she continued. My heart fluttered again. I stared back at her, but didn’t move this time. I felt my eyes change, as if to beg her to keep going. Or, maybe to stop. I wasn’t really sure. She had told me I wasn’t allowed to cum, so I didn’t really know what her plan was. But in her most seductive bedroom voice, she kept pouring it on. “Like… reminded that you’re a little bitch, maybe?” she asked, not looking for a response. She kept rubbing me, and she kept staring into my eyes.

She let a few seconds pass and then continued. “Or maybe…” she said, pausing. Suddenly, she stopped rubbing me and pulled her other leg up onto the couch, standing up onto her knees. She scooted forward until she was straddling me. “Maybe,” she said, as she lowered herself onto my lap. When she sat down all the way, I could feel how warm she was. She continued, “you should be teased until you break.” I stared up at her. Her hair fell slightly in front of her face as she tilted her head to look down at me. “Until I break?” I asked, not sure what she meant by it. She slowly moved her hips back, and then slowly brought them forward, grinding the warmest part of her on my still throbbing dick.

“Mmhm,” she said, starting to grind back again, “like, maybe if you really want to cum, you’ll do whatever it takes to earn it.” The expression on her face turned a bit more dark. An even kind of lust. She was enjoying this. She kept grinding on me. I started to speak up, “Like wha-” “Shut up!” she said, sharply, cutting me off. She reached out and laid her hands on my chest, leaning forward onto me. “Ding!” Her phone played its notification tone. She ignored it and kept her eyes on me. I felt a concerned look come over my face as I stared back up at her. She continued to grind on me, picking up pace a little. “Does that feel good?” she asked me. I nodded yes. “Answer me!” she ordered. “Yes,” I said.

She slowed down her grinding, and worked her way to a stop. Still leaning on my chest, she lifted her hips up off my lap and hovered maybe and inch over me. “Good,” she said, “do you want me to keep going?” I replied, “Yes.” An evil smirk grew on her face, and she sat up and backed up to get off me. “Good,” she said. She sat back down at the far end of the couch and brushed her hair back. Her face was a little red too, but by that point, my entire body was flushed. I felt hot all over, and my balls were starting to ache again, worse than before.

Alyssa picked up her phone. I watched her intently. She unlocked it, swiped a couple of times, and looked at it for a second. She turned it around to show me a message from Kay. It said, “OMG!!!” followed by several heart-eyed emojis. As I was looking at it, another message came through. “We’re coming in,” Kay said. Alyssa turned her phone back to look at the new message, and then laid it down. She looked back at me. “I told you she wouldn’t last long,” she said.

We stared at each other for several seconds. She could see that I was breathing heavily and could probably hear my heart beating. She laid a hand on my dick again to feel that it was still throbbing, and then slid her hand down the length of my leg, stopping just below my knee. She paused there, tilted her head, and started to chuckle. “You’re shaking,” she said.