GF told her bestie I was a cuck. They decided to team up on me at a friend’s party. [Part 1]

My girlfriend (Kay) has a very close friend (Alyssa) who she tells pretty much everything. They used to get into trouble together in high school. Alyssa has been in a serious relationship for years, but always seems to have a side piece that her fiance doesn’t know about. She tells Kay about her adventures, but I don’t think she really gets to see her side guy all that often.

Naturally, when Kay told Alyssa I was a cuck, Alyssa was jealous. They talked about it some and Kay told stories about some of the fun things we’d done. Kay and I have only been dating a few months, so things haven’t gotten too wild yet, but we’ve talked about ramping things up pretty heavily and I’ve told her that I want her to push my limits. She told Alyssa all this, of course.

One of Alyssa’s first questions was about where she finds guys to hook up with. Kay told her she has met a couple of guys online, but really likes to flirt out in public and try to pick up guys right in front of me, and those have been some of her favorite times. Alyssa got really excited about this and said she really wanted to see. So Kay invited her to come out with us the following weekend to a big annual hog roast that a close friend of mine does.

My friend Kane lives on 400 acres of family land. I’d guess nearly 100 people show up to his hog roast every year. He does it in the early fall and usually has a local band play and a couple of big bonfires. BYOB and a tent in case you can’t drive home. It always ends up being a good time, although there’s usually a fight or something eventful that goes on. Last year’s fight was over some dude’s girl trying to leave with another guy.

Funny enough, that’s how Kay and I met. I made a joking comment that night like, “let her go, she might have a good time!” And Kay laughed at me. That turned into a philosophical conversation about how I don’t think you could stop a girl who wants to fuck someone else, and why even try… She’ll just resent you for it and leave anyway. She said “what’s the answer then? Just let her do it?” I said “I mean yeah if you have an emotional connection and still wanna be with her, at the end of the day sex is just sex.” Kay was dating someone else at the time. They broke up soon after and her and I started talking several months later after she slid into my DMs.

Anyway, Alyssa showed up at my place the day of the hog roast. Kay wasn’t technically living with me yet, but she was there most of the time. It was the first time I’d seen Alyssa since Kay had told her about me being a cuck. When Alyssa walked in, she followed Kay over to the kitchen where I was standing, and gave me a smirk. The kind of smirk that said “I know something you don’t.” I gave her a cheeky, awkward greeting with her own name. “Alyssa…” I said, smirking back, knowing what she now knew about me.

“How are you?” She asked. “Fine,” I said, “did you bring a tent?” I asked her. “Kay said you have a big one… uh, tent, that is…” She smirked again, proud of her pun. Kay said, “I mean I’ve definitely seen bigger.” They looked at each other and laughed. Alyssa cleared her throat. Her face turned a little bit red, she hesitated, and then said, “recently?” She looked at me and then back at Kay, who replied, “Mm, yes but not recently enough.” Alyssa spoke more confidently as the red left her face, “well… If we’re lucky, maybe somebody just needs a tent for one tonight…” She looked at me and winked as she said “one”. The red that left her face must have gone into mine. I’d never let anyone else know I was a cuck. I felt so embarrassed.

If I knew Kay though, she had no plans to sleep in a tent. I’d also bet that if they had talked about this, she already had a guy in mind. Kay had a particular type in men. Especially in the men she would cuck me with. She liked the bad boy, metal head type. Tall, muscular, tattooed… I thought back to last year’s hog roast and who all was there. It’s hard to remember so many faces. I could only think of one guy I’d seen there in the past who was a dead ringer for Kay’s type. The only problem though is, I couldn’t stand the guy.

I didn’t really know the guy to well, but he didn’t like me either. He had an arrogance about him that pissed me off. His name was Patrick. I think he was a family friend of Kane’s wife maybe. The first time we met, I’d turned down a shot because I don’t drink, and he called me a pussy. I gave him an “okay pal” kind of look. He was nearly drunk already. He turned to his friend and said, “who’s this fucking guy? I’ll slap that look off his face.” He was way bigger than me so I just looked away from him. “That’s what I thought,” I heard him say. The next time I met him was at last year’s hog roast. He was dead sober and remembered me. “Hey you old enough to drink yet?” He said as he laughed. I didn’t say anything back to him.

“Are you ready to go babe?” Kay asked. I snapped back to reality. I looked her up and down and she looked so hot. Fuck, I hope she wasn’t thinking about taking to Patrick tonight. “Yeah.” I responded. Kay said, “okay, bring your cooler so we can stop and get drinks.” I threw the cooler in the truck as well as a tent and some blankets just in case we stayed long enough that I was too tired to drive.

On the way we stopped at a store for drinks and ice. Kay turned and looked at Alyssa in the back seat and said, “he’s buying, tell him what you want.” Alyssa said, “I don’t care, whatever you guys get.” Kay said, “he’s not getting any, just you and me.” Alyssa chuckled and said, “aww are we still talking about beer?” She reached up and patted me on the shoulder. Kay chuckled too, and said, “don’t sympathize with him. We deserve this, girl.” Alyssa said, “we do! What’s the guys name again” Kay replied, “Patrick.” Alyssa said, “yeah, get whatever he would like.”

“Fuck!” I thought to myself. “Yes!!!” Kay said, turning to me, “he drinks whiskey… Get something good, I want to do a shot with him!” “Me too!” Alyssa said. Kay continued, “and get blue moon for us.” I gave Kay a questioning look. “Are you serious? I’m not buying whiskey for that dude, he’s a dick!” I said. Her eyes widened. “Excuse me?” She said. I said, “babe come on… Have you been talking to him?” Kay said “I have.”

I rolled my eyes. “That’s not cool, I can’t stand that dude.” Alyssa was quiet in the back seat. Kay said, “he’s been trying to hit me up for a while. You said you wanted to turn things up and push your limits.” I pleaded, “but not with him!” Alyssa spoke up, trying to smooth things over, “you said there would be a ton of other guys there too.” Kay ignored her, looked at me and spoke firmly, “don’t tell me who I can’t fuck. You’ll regret that and you know it. Now hurry up.” I slammed the truck into park and went inside to get drinks and ice, making sure to get some water for myself.