My girl friend, and her ex

I’m at home, waiting. She’s out, in clothes I bought, and she’s with her ex. She looked so hot, when she left. I know she’ll kiss, touch his hand. It’s nothing. She’s always like that. But it’s not nothing.

An hour, and an hour, and then the taxi, and the key in the door. I go to greet her.

She’s not alone. He’s with her. She has on her favourite heels. I love those heels. Usually, I’d kneel and kiss those heels.

‘Something wrong?’ she asks.

She turns to Jude, her ex. ‘He usually does this little thing,’ she explains.

I can’t believe she did that. But…. I’ll be denied, if I let her down. I kneel, in front of her, with him beside her. I kiss her feet, the tops of her classic 4 inch stilettos.

‘Good boy.’ she says. Like I’m a dog.

She goes in to the lounge, they sit on the sofa. She asks me to get drinks. I obey.

Once everyone has what they need, she looks at me. She knows what I like, but… surely not now?

She points.

I get down on the carpet, below them. She rests her feet on me. The heels dig in. She’s flirting with him. Finally, the shoes come off. They’re kissing. Her foot is on my face. Please, not him too. Not him, for any of it?

I’m thankful I’m not naked. Often, I do this naked. If I was naked now, she’d see how hard I was. He’d see, too. At first, it was only shame. But as it began to burn, the shame became hard.

And anyway, surely I can do this one small thing? For my Goddess?

She stands. He stands too. She moves, to kiss him. I feel her whole Goddess weight, first one foot, then the other. Both feet.

Finally, she steps off me. She leads him to our bedroom. She calls me to follow.

She’s on the bed, my dream girl, so sexy. He’s undressing. There’s no role, for me, except to watch.

He pounds her, over and over. They swap, she rides him. He’s spent. She puts her mouth to his cock, their juices mixed. He comes, one more time.

She looks at me. Thanks me. Kisses me, her tongue in me.

‘I have a little job for you,’ she says. ‘But first…’

He leaves. I’m in the bedroom, waiting. On my knees, defeated. That was so harsh, so cruel.

‘Kiss my feet!’ she says. When she returns.

What can I do? I put my lips to her toes, with the cherry red nails that I painted for her. For her, and for him.

She goes back to the bed, lying, legs open. I follow her feet, trying to keep my lips close to her heels, my tongue close. She lets me, for a while. She has a new idea.

‘Kiss my cunt’, she says.

What can I do.

‘Now,’ she says. ‘Lick!’

I hear her moans, I feel her hand, rough, on my hair.

His cum, her cum, more cum. Except, not my cum. On my tortured tongue.

‘OMG, OMG.’ She orders me to keep going.

Finally, it’s over. I kiss her cunt, one final time. But it’s not my cunt, tonight. She has her hand back on my hair, yanks me away.

She’s sleeping. I’m at her feet.

I know it’s not the end.