I Bet My Manhood And Lost

It has been almost 25 years now since I thought I was safe in betting my Manhood against the Womanhood needs of my Wife. 25 years ago we would have been married 9 years. A great relationship with a knock out beautiful sexy wife, 2 children, a healthy sex life, employed, and my family financially in a decent place. At the time, I was 39 and my wife 36. My world was about to change.
I developed some heart rhythm problems. Doctors said not something that was going to kill me but non the less, it did call for medication to control the rate or something down the road could just do that, kill me. So, no brainer, you get on the meds and find out it will be a lifelong daily routine and you can’t stop. Doctor informed me of the side effects and there was nothing to indicate any serious worries that could affect my life in much of any way.  So, no big deal. Started the pills and all seemed OK for about a week.
After a week on the medication I noticed a slight reduction in the hardness of my erections. Not enough to interfere with our sex lives but I did notice. 2 weeks into the pills and there was a definite difference then before I stated taking the pills. Now, my wife noticed and should some concern. I and she thought it would be a good time to revisit with the doctor. After stating our concern of the changes that were taking place, the doctor said, “I thought I mentioned that could happen.” Well doc, no, you didn’t.
Now, there was some unwanted news. We asked the doctor if medicine could be changed. No, it can’t. A different dose? Nope. What happens if I stop? Not good news. My wife who is not one to be shy asked about her needs and how are we supposed to take care of each other sexually? The doctor mentioned that for a while Viagra would help but was honest in his comments that it too will have an effect less and less over an unknown period of time. Everyone is different. My wife asked about after that? We were just told that we would have to discuss that with each other and figure out the best thing for us. So, with a prescription for Viagra in hand, off we went.
The Viagra worked for a couple weeks. First 50mg and then a full 100mg. Then, it worked less and less. Was I now impotent? Well, yes and no. 75% erections did come but it took a lot of work on my wifes part. I needed more and more stimulation all the time to get anything up. Erections sometimes didn’t show up at all when they were needed but suddenly, in the middle of something totally unrelated to anything exciting, pop, there it was. At home, we used those opportunities to continue our sex lives whenever we could. Truth is, with kids and work, it wasn’t much. When I did get any kind of erection, it wouldn’t last long enough to have any kind of fulfilling sex. Especially for my wife. We had to start rethinking our whole sexual relationship.
Fortunately, one of our greatest assets is that we could talk honestly about anything and the other always took the time to listen and at least try to understand. Open, honest communications had always had an importance for us no matter what the topic was. So, we talked and talked. We agreed that since I had what my wife considered above average oral skills and could always bring her to orgasm that way, that is what I would do for her. For me, she will try everything she could to get me excited as much as possible but any penetration is out because if things go down once in, it just causes disappointment. She said she will use her hands and mouth on me to try and get me to cum. We both still had the same wants and needs we had before but trying to fulfill them because rather difficult. Especially mine. Sometimes I could get close to release and then things go completely soft and it just doesn’t go any further. Frustration is an understatement.
We continued seeing the doctor each month for my checkups and no change in anything good. Health wise, everything was in order. Penis wise, forget it. On one of the visits about 4 months in, we asked the doctor again about our needs. Pretty much the same thing adding that we should find new and more exciting ways to get some arousal in me and that for my wife besides oral and stimulation with toys and such, there isn’t anything outside of taking a no strings attached lover. My wife immediately denounced that idea.
We decided that we were just going to accept the hands we were dealt and go strong when we could and just sit back when we had to. Frustrating to say the least. My wife was so involved with trying to make me cum as often as possible. She bought vibrating toys to use on my penis and balls to add stimulation. Her mouth because a vacuumed trying to keep in as much blood in my penis as she possibly could until I would explode. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as often as I really needed but still was greatly appreciated what she would do for me. The problem was, she just wasn’t getting what she really wanted. Yes, she had orgasms, 3 and 4 a session. Whenever she wanted. They just were not the only way she longed for. She needed penetration and fingers and dildos just were not satisfying. We talked about how they never felt like live, pulsating, moving human flesh. Yes, even the advertised ones that say flesh like. Not even close for her. Our regular sex conversations turned to what we needed to do for her. It was at that time I suggested what the doctor mentioned, a lover.
My wife told me that wasn’t possible because she had no feelings for someone else and would think that she cheated on me and would feel extreme guilt. She stated it wasn’t an option. I continued with that she wouldn’t be cheating because she would go with my permission. I added that being just a physical thing, she wouldn’t need to have that connection feeling and just be in it for the pleasure. We agreed to discuss it more if we had some additional information about it and the pros and cons of it. We both felt that it was the way to go, find more information.
Being before the internet and a desk top computer in every home, I had to turn to basically the only source of information out there. The public library. I spent hours there reading and making notes. I never checked out a book because of the stigma involved. I mean, “yes Miss Librarian, I would like to check out this book on cheating wives phycology,” wasn’t going to happen. I read a lot about why wives cheat and stuck mainly to those that did so because of not getting the sex they need and want at home. I also read a lot about the Swing lifestyles that became more mainstream in the 70s. It was within those pages I discovered that there were actual magazine publications dealing with the Swinging Lifestyle. Off to scour the adult book stores for some of those. With head down, eyes lowered, I bought a few. They were called “Connections” and were regional for our area. It had pictures and profiles for those advertising in them and what they were looking for in others. There were couples looking for other couples but we knew my condition would keep us from that. My wife did mention that she would be more at ease if we were talking about a couple then just some single random guy. With that I knew she was loosening up some to the idea or she was just trying to appease me. We did look at the single guys who advertised. It was obvious that they were not looking for commitment and just looking to get laid. Actually, that was a good thing. No commitments or expectations of anything on going. Problem was, my wife didn’t see anyone there that she would have the remote interest in hoping into bed with. Actually, she said something to the effect that she wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with any of them. There were no females looking for companionship in the bedroom.
We talked and talked. I kept saying that I didn’t mind and wanted her needs met. She is a lot easier to live with when that happens and she isn’t flustered by the lack of physical contact. She would just say we’ll see. Have to find the right guy. More like she was just saying something to shut me up. But, none the less, we were discussing it with no hard feelings. I also knew that if she was totally against something, she would just come out and say so. Her needs were building on her and I think she was actually considering it or something that could help.
One time while talking about it, I suggested we rent some porn and watch it for my excitement. Maybe she would get something out of it too even though she always said she wasn’t into porn because it never did anything for her. She wasn’t a prude. I was not her only sexual partner in her life. I was the only one once we married and she took those promises made before the Minister as personal to her. Know her life is changing and all those fun, carefree free for all in the bedroom have pretty much stopped or became much more work and less satisfaction. So, on my way home from work, I rented two porn movies. Now, we just waited for the kids to sleep, move the video player to our bedroom, turn the sound way down low, and pushed play.
My goodness, do people really have sex that way? We watched, were amazed. I was excited big time. Felt good but she wasn’t ready to relieve me just yet. She was fixated on the action. I asked her if she was getting turned on? She took my hand and placed it on her pussy opening. Soaking wet. The sheet below it was soaking wet. Yep, she was liking something. I asked her what was turning her on. She said when they were fucking. Not the oral stuff but when there was full penetration. She said watching him go in and out of her and seeing the lips stretch was awesome. I took my lead from that statement. I started fingering her so her view of the TV wasn’t blocked. She moved with every change in and out of my finger. I then asked if she wanted that dick inside her, She moaned yes. I asked if she wanted to fuck that dick, she repeated yes. Then, she orgasm and it was better than it has been for quite some time. Over and over she did with small looks at the action on the TV.  When hers finally subsided she reached for me. While I continued to watch the TV, she stroked me, them leaned over and brought me into her mouth. Only took a few dips of the lips before I exploded in her mouth. We didn’t finish the movie and turned it off. We had them for the weekend so we could catch the other one before we needed to return them. After wards, we spoke a bit. It was my opportunity to see how she felt. I reminded her about how she said she wanted a dick like that in her. I asked if she is ready to find someone. I told her that I was fine with it because I knew she would always be spending her time with me. That was the most important thing. Neither of us ever took sex as something concerned with love. We both discussed this a long time ago. Sex was the feeling you get when you hit your peak and feel the release. It didn’t change with marriage. You were still going for that feeling of release. I asked her again, do you want to find someone? She just said, we’ll see. Then we slept.
We didn’t speak about the night before the next day but I was sure thinking about it and I think she thought about it too in between all her motherly and wifely chores she did. I was constantly wondering if she would really fuck someone else. It really wasn’t her style or way. Actually, I thought that just the stimulation of seeing the action would keep her happy and turned on allowing me to make her feel good again. She wasn’t about to go out and just have sex with someone. She needed to know them. To have some relationship with them. She nor I would have any knowledge in finding someone like that.  I know she would never allow a friend or relative to know what she had done so I was pretty confident that she was just going to stick with the visuals.
That night we repeated the same routine and put in the next tape. Again. She talked and laughed through the oral scenes sometimes stating she would have had him off way before the actress even got him that excited. I agreed. Bring on the fucking she said. And, they did. Wetness returned. She was getting into this one just like the night before. I wasn’t as excited this time but was enjoying watching her. My hand made it to her clit again. Wet as can be. I flicked it and she was now into it totally. I brought her to orgasm again but this time, while she built up while I was massaging her, I teased her about the cock on the screen. Do you like that cock I asked. Yes. Do you want that cock in you I added. Oh yes she said. What would you do with that cock in you I continued with? She immediately blurted out, I would fuck it. I would fuck it until it couldn’t fuck anymore. She went on with, if that cock wears out I would fuck another one. Then, she came. Big time orgasm. She was enjoying the movies. This time, we didn’t turn off the TV. We waited for the next couple. She seemed a bit spent from her orgasm but she wanted to see what was next. Damn, this next guy was big. I don’t mean just big, he was gigantic. OK, I don’t have a monster cock. Average at best and in it’s condition at the time, probably less then average since it never really gets fully hard. This guy was 4 or 5 times bigger then me. My wifes eyes widened, she said she could never take a cock like that. It would rip her apart. My wife is a very petete Asian girl. Even I was big for her and even after nine years of me pounding away at it and now being not so hard, she is still tight to me. Nope, that big cock on the screen was nothing for her. She didn’t enjoy seeing it. We fast forward to the next couple. Ahh, much better. Still big but not a monster. She was liking this one. After the oral stuff and the penetration started, she was back at adding the wetness to the bed sheets. I was back at her pussy but now with my tongue. I couldn’t see what was happening on the screen so I told her to describe if for me. She didn’t say much. Much too fixated on what was before her eyes. I started my round of questions again. Like it, want it, what would you do with it? Again, she answered positive to all questions. I added, “are you ready to find a love to take care of your pussy?” I was a bit surprised but excited when she said “Oh Yes. Please find someone for me.” With that, she started her orgasms. When she relaxed, she played with me but I didn’t come. I had too many thoughts on what the heck do we do now in my head.
We did sleep. Her better then I. My mind was running all over the place. Who, where, how, why? Yes, why? Am I sure on this? That will take some thinking and discussion. The discussion came up the next day when the kids were out with friends. I never started it though, she did. She said, about last night, are you upset with me for saying I wanted someone else? I told her not in the least. I told her I understood but we would need to do a lot of planning and discussion so we would both be happy with this. She agreed. She said she wouldn’t do anything if I were to change my mind and decide she shouldn’t because I was more important than anything else. Ha, here I was, the guy who came up with the idea, told her I was all for it, encouraged her, created the idea to begin with but I really wasn’t sure. How would I feel?
Nothing else was said for a few days but it did come back up. Again, by my wife. We were watching TV late night when she asked if I had been thinking about it. I said yes and asked if she had been? She said yes also. She asked, are you sure, absolutely sure? I found myself saying yes if that is what she wanted and it was only a physical thing. She said it would have to be that only. I surprised myself in saying yes. I have doubts but her needs and my feelings for her just cast that doubt to the side. More then anything, I want her to be happy. If I can’t take care of the needs in her groin and someone else can but she can love me and remain at my side, who really am I to not allow it. I told her we would need some ground rules for it to work. No matter what, rules will always be followed so both can accept this new path. She added that if anyone broke the rules, it all comes to an end and we just go back to frustrated married people. I agreed.
We started discussing rules. First, discretion. We both agreed there was no way we could let others know what we were up to. Protection. A no brainer. No feelings developed. If she even started having feelings for someone, she ended it. I would know who she was with and where at all times. She would meet the person and get to know them somewhat before ever deciding on having sex with them. I would know what she knows and have input. I would have veto power over any potential partner. I would have an active role in finding a partner for her. It would only be a bi or tri monthly thing. If she were to go out in the evening, we would get a babysitter and leave together but then split up. I would meet in person any potential partners. Any potential partners would know, no means no. We discussed a lot. She asked me, do you know anyone? I said no, just friends but I wouldn’t go that way. A Too humiliating since they wouldn’t see it like we do. I asked her, do you know anyone or have the hots for anyone? Surprise, she says yes. What? That was quick. Who, I asked? Your doctor she replied.
Now she has my full attention.  My doctor? She then proceeded to tell me that she had spoken to my doctor twice over the past month when she visited the clinic for her things. She first just happened to run into him the first time and the second she asked his nurse if she could just quickly ask a question of him. She went on to tell me that since it was he who first brought up the idea of a lover, perhaps he could give her some guidance on how that actually comes about and perhaps some advise on the pros and cons. He told her the routine things about always use protection and if her partner refused, she should always refuse him. He told her that he knows it is not as uncommon as many think and that he has other patients with the same condition as me whose wives are being sexually looked after by lovers. He mentioned swingers to her and told her that is where she may want to start out because just because there is a wife, it doesn’t always mean she is involved. Evidentially he didn’t have a lot of time to talk so he told her to stop by again sometime if she wanted additional information. She did. The second visit he came clean and said he was involved with a small swingers community in town. He is not married, divorced but does play with others. He told her that even though I was not in a condition to play, I could still be present with her and take a different active role. She told me she liked that idea of me being present but worried that she wouldn’t care for a group surrounding and that I would have a hard time seeing her with someone else. I told her I would prefer being there. This way, I can feel like I am at least going through the motions of being her protector. I said, OK, my doctor is a cool guy. He won’t run around telling people about you or me. What comes next, I asked. She will contact him and set it up.
She called my doctors nurse and asked that the doctor call me. I was to speak with him and he would give me some insights as to what we were getting into. He called me that evening. He explained that I should relax. If I wanted my wife to have what she needed I would need to show her I am comfortable with this. He explained that it would not be a group of couples but would be him alone. I am invited and can watch if I like. He repeated over and over many times how beautiful my wife is and he thanked me numerous times for the opportunity to spend time with us. We set up the time and day. We will meet him at a hotel in Mid Town. I handed over the phone to my wife and she spoke and giggled. She is into it.
The time came to head to the hotel. I asked if she was sure and she asked if I was sure, We can either back out, We didn’t. Off we went. When we arrived at the hotel my doctor was waiting in the lobby. We went into the lounge and had a drink. I think this was needed for those edges we were on. The doctor suggested we head to the room. Nice place. Comfortable and he had a bottle of wine waiting there with three  glasses. Never the odd man at at least. We all sat down. Me in the chair, he and my wife on the edge of the bed. His arm around her shoulders. I never realized I would get an odd feeling when seeing another mans arm around my wife’s shoulders. I mean, friends and relatives have done it before and no big deal. This is different. It is a start of the things to come. I think I was just sitting starring at them. Watching my wife look only a bit stiff. She mainly was looking like she was looking forward to this. I guess that is good. Would not be a good time to be freaking out.
Doc started explaining about things that will happen before my eyes. Directing most of the conversation towards me. He told me to sit back and actually enjoy the fact my wife was getting what she needed to be fully happy. He said it would be OK if I wanted to join in but it should be by the invitation of my wife only. It was OK if I wanted to remove some or all my clothes if I were more comfortable that way. He also said that it would be OK with him if I should feel the urge to masturbate to do so and then asked if that was OK with my wife who immediately said by all means. He then turned and kissed her.
Not a big intimate kiss. She didn’t seem to respond to that type intimacy. He reached for her blouse and stated unbuttoning it starting at the bottom. Once he reached the top, he slid it off her shoulders and down her arms. I couldn’t take my eyes off this sight of another man undressing my own wife right before my eyes. I already could feel a reaction in my pants. Why was I getting excited when someone is seducing my wife? He slipped off his shirt then. His hands reached for the back of wife and easily undid her bra. He slid that off forwards over her arms. Her firm small breast sticking out in what seemed to be for all the world to see. Her nipples were fully erect. He removed his tee shirt. I then seen my wife reach for his belt. Was he going too slow? She unbuckled it, undid his pants and slid them down but not off. She grabbed both sides of his shorts and pulled them down. Docs rigid cock sprung from it’s position to straight out. He was bigger them me. Not a monster but definitely bigger even in my good days. His veins on his cock were raised indicated he too was aroused. Me, oh yes, full erect but encased in binding pants. My wife grabbed his cock in both hands and appeared to be dropping to her knees but doc stopped her. He undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood there, hands on his cock in her bikini panties. Better then any erotic picture I have ever seen. Wish I could have a picture for eternity. Doc reached and removed her panties. There was that little landing strip right above a definite wet area. Doc then reached down, removed his shoes and slipped out of his pants and shorts. Now, there were two fully naked people right before my eyes and most amazing is, one is my wife. She continued to hold his cock, slowly moving her hands up and down. She then does drop to her knees and starts to engulf the cock in her mouth. She is going deeper and deeper on him. I can’t remember her ever going that deep on me without gagging. Maybe I just missed something. She was definitely enjoying that cock in her mouth. Doc was rubbing her shoulders. He moved around and sat, then laid back on the bed. She devoured that cock. He had to stop her saying it wasn’t time to cum yet. He added that the evening is young and a lot of good times to be had. He lifted her face off his cock and leaned up and kissed her lips again. This time she was accepting. I could see her tongue darting inside and exploring his mouth. She was really in need.
I looked down at my own crotch and seen a definite wet spot coming through my pants. Hard to go home like that I thought but them placed my attention back on the fantastic show in front of me. Doc slipped down between my wife’s legs and his lips parted my wife’s pussy lips. His licking was a bit noisy. I think because she was already so wet. He was there for maybe a minute when her back arched and she let out a moan that was probably heard across town. He didn’t stop though. He kept his face buried there while she had another quick three orgasms. He backed off then. She was pulling on him to get higher. She wanted that cock in her. She needed it in her. He slowed her down and just went up and spooned her. Funny how a different perspective like this is. You are watching your own wife having sex with someone other then you. Most of the things she is doing she has done with you but seeing it in action is a total turn on. You are not conducting the show in any manor but you still feel part of it.
My wife looked over at me and gave that, do you approve look. I nodded yes. She stopped looking at me and reached down and grabbed doc’s cock again. She was stroking it when she looked back at me. She asked me if I would take off my clothes and come by them? I was hesitant. I mean, there is another naked guy right there and it may look gay. Doc sensed my apprehension and told me not to get hung up by male or female nudity. No one is gay in the room and they are just naked people. I relaxed and removed my clothes. I hade a full hard on. My wife noticed and said, now we know how to get you hard. Doc snickered and said he would need to add it to his list of treatments. I laughed too.  At least my pants and it’s wet spot won’t get any bigger. I went over by my wife. She reached up and took my cock in one hand. She looked into my eyes and said out loud, babe, I am going to get fucked by this man shortly, are you sure you are OK with it. Let’s see, my erect cock in her hand, I get to see her get fucked by another. I’m OK I said if you are. She said, I want to fuck. Doc, fuck me. Wither that she let go of my cock, turned over on her back, doc got on top and they fucked. He already had a condom on. They didn’t just fuck, they must have changed positions ten times. Doc came in the middle pulling it out, pulling off his condom and spilling it all over her back and neck. A few minutes later he was back at it, new condom in place. She probably orgasm six or seven times. I couldn’t or didn’t count. My cock was still hard. That hasn’t happened in half a year. My wife looked at me, reached up, touched my cock and said come here. I got closer while she was still getting her pussy pounded. She licked the underside of my cock. She then told me to beat off while she watched and cum in her mouth. I grabbed my cock and started  to stroke it. The scene in front of me was enough to get me off in a minute or less, I tried to cum in her mouth but the first squirt hit her face. The rest, she sucked right out of me. She never swallows but what the hell, at least I came in her mouth while she was getting pounded pretty hard because that is what she insisted on now. Doc pulled out, removed his condom and unloaded another round onto her. He seemed pretty spent and she looked like she was just removed  from one of those old washing machines with the rollers. She wiggled her way up face to face with doc. She kissed him. Whoa, my cum is in that mouth. Doc didn’t say a word. Looked like he didn’t care. I went back to my chair and they softly spoke to each other. I really couldn’t hear them but figured they should have some time for themselves.  The thing is, after that little soft conversation, he reached for her pink swollen pussy. Gently he began to carries it. I could see it react to his touch. It was like I could see her clit start to engorge and grow fuller. I think she craved more. Have I denied her so much since my condition came into the picture or have I always denied her what she craved? Was I not what she needed sexually but she accepted it since we loved each other? Questions start to go through ones mind. She reached for his cock. It immediately reacted to her touch. I have always been one to cum once and I’m done. He has already cum twice and I think I am viewing the beginning of the third.
She turned over and they were spooning. He entered her from the back. I could see a smile on her face when he parted her pussy lips with his cock. Slowly they began to rock in unison. She was still wet or wet again and I could clearly see her juice coating his cock. I was soft but still felt some excitement. I just couldn’t believe how many times he was fucking her and she him. Five minutes into it, she was at orgasm.  Another first. I have never seen her orgasm when taken from the rear before. A minute later, he pulled out, ripped off his condom and shot on her side and back. My wife was now done. So was doc.
My wife slowly got to her feet. She was a bit wobbly but made her way into the bath and showered. Doc turned to me and first asked if I was OK. I confirmed I was. He told me how fantastic my wife was and said he hoped this wasn’t an only time experience for her. He told me that even if it’s not him, but another man, this is what she really wants. He said that while he hopes like hell to have another time with her, she shouldn’t be denied. He said he does know that it will be up to me and she will abide by my wishes but that I truly would be making a frustrated Woman who could eventually cheat on me because of her needs overpowering her common sense. So, he hopes I will remain OK with it and to always remember, she will be going home to me and our family, not her lover. With that my wife emerged from the shower looking fresh, wet, and very naked. Beautiful. We sat and had a glass of wine and then bid our farewells, They kissed before we left and doc shook my hand. My wife then kissed me and we left, together, to return to our home and family.
The ride home was a quiet one. My wife asked me if I was OK, I said yes. I asked her is she was OK and she said yes. I think we both had doubts about the other. We got ready for bed, I showered and she showered again. Both drifted off to sleep rather easily it seems. Me wore out from just watching and a little participation and her from being, well, exhausted. After a quiet next morning about anything other then the normal day to day family stuff, the afternoon gave us a chance to talk and reflect. I asked her what her thoughts of the previous evening were? She  told me that she did really enjoy herself. She felt better then she has felt in a long time and thanked me for allowing it to happen. She said she was glad she could include me and to see that she was a participant in making me feel more aroused then I have in a long time and making me cum. She did add that her little deposit of my cum into doc’s mouth was to make sure I left my mark on things. I laughed. She said doc didn’t even seem to notice and if he did it didn’t matter. She told me that she did orgasm more then she ever had but thought that was because doc had so much stamina and the excitement of the moment. She then asked what I thought. I told her that I did have mixed emotions at first but just the sight of her being made happy and fulfilled was a great sight to behold. I told her about seeing things in a different perspective and that the sight of her in another man’s arms, her hands on another man’s cock, her lips around another man’s cock, and another man fucking her so erotic and a really exciting turn on for me.  I was surprised by how deep you took his cock in your mouth I said. She answered she never even noticed. I asked her if her needs would be met with a man every two or three months. She said probably but, I don’t want to do it again. I was suddenly speechless. I asked why but she said she didn’t know. She just knew she didn’t want to do it again. I questioned her if she got hurt or did someone do something wrong? She said no to all and that she did really enjoy it but just doesn’t feel like doing it again. I said OK. Totally up to her.
Three months passed with little to talk about that night. A memory now. So, I have not lost my manhood. Still the man of the house, take care of my wife’s needs the best that can be expected and she takes time to make sure I am content and happy. Same life we had before that night. So I bet then and didn’t lose. Can’t say I won but I didn’t lose. Well, not yet. Things were about to change in the bedroom and our life. A little over three months after that erotic night my wife said she was horny and wanted a man. I was a bit stunned. To just come out and say she needed a man like there was no man already in her life. I asked what was going on? She started sobbing and said she was sorry. She loves me and will till the end of time. No better father, ta da, ta da. BUT, she needs some cock in her. She is not happy. She tired to be but it just wasn’t working. She told me that after that night she really thought she would be OK and we would just go on like before but, she felt what she needed and I just couldn’t give her that. Over and over how sorry she was came out of her but she said she no longer could live that way. She said she didn’t feel that I was the sexual man she needed and that is what she means by needing a man. I wasn’t whole to her any longer. I felt hurt but I did realize how great she felt after that night. I remember our home life after that night was in harmony for some time. She needed something I couldn’t provide. I do understand because I love her and want her happy. Time to regroup and start over with this I guess. We agreed to discuss it in the night time after the kids were asleep.
That night we laid in bed. Each waiting for the other to break the ice. Finally, she did. Again leading in with the I’m sorry. Really I am. She went on to explain that she really tried but just can’t get the idea of being pleasured and relieved by a cock inside her out of her head. I told her it didn’t matter. All that matters is her happiness and well being. If it takes another man to fulfill her sexual needs, then so be it. I explained that as long as we could continue to have our sexual relations I won’t hold her back from seeking release elsewhere. She agreed that we had to continue our lives just as we do now. She said that no matter what, I am her love and life and that will never change. With that, we agreed to get her some cock. She adds that we need to change the ground rules a bit though. I asked in what way and she said that the timeline needs to change is all. Maybe once or even more a month if she feels like it. Hmm, OK I said but you can’t just up and go out. There is a family here. She said she knew that and everything would be  worked out and of course, I would have final say. I agreed.
Funny thing is, she said she has met a guy that she would be interested in having sex with. Wow, that was quick I said. Not really she replied, she met him quite a while ago but just recently when she started thinking about this again she thought of him. OK I thought, sounds logical. My wife asked if it would be OK if we set up maybe a dinner out with him and I could meet him. I said that was a good idea. She then asked if I not say anything about her sleeping with him because it would be uncomfortable for him and her knowing her husband allowed someone to sleep with her. I agreed to that. We went off to sleep with that me thinking something could happen in the next few weeks.
The next afternoon my wife informed me we were going out to  dinner that night and I and Jimmy could meet. Jimmy it seems is a delivery person  for a major package delivery company and they met at our door a number of times. He knows she is married but has no idea that she is up for having sex with him but he seems hopeful with his flirting when  he has made deliveries. My wife assured me that she has had no contact with Jimmy besides at our door. She thinks Jimmy just wants to get laid with her and turns on the charm. He thinks this is her way of saying she is interested but the husband is coming along for safety or something. Actually, I have no idea what he thinks. So, we get ready to go out. My wife slips into a slinky skin tight dress that I have not seen before in my life. Like it, she ask. No, I do not. You look cheap and that is not the message anyone should have about you. She agreed and changed into something more appropriate. Still sexy but with some class.  Off we went. Jimmy was already there waiting when we arrived. He greeted my wife with a kiss on the cheek and shook my hand while introducing himself to me and me to him. We sat down and ordered cocktails. Small talk until our meals arrived. He was well mannered and dress well. Seemed to be educated. Said delivery paid so well there was no need to actually work in his field of the up and coming computer field. After dinner we retired to the lounge in the restaurant and had a secluded corner table where the music wasn’t too loud. There where we were all closer together and the drinks were flowing a bit faster then with dinner, the talk also got more lose lipped. My wife excused herself to go to the ladies room and left Jimmy and I at the table together. This is where the talk should go to work or sports or man stuff but I guess Jimmy didn’t know this. Jimmy slid closer to me and looked right in my eyes. Mr. he said, you have a fine wife. A beautiful sexy wife. I was a bit taken back. Guys are not supposed to talk like that about another’s wife.  Didn’t matter to Jimmy. He wasn’t through. He continued with, I know she wants me the way she talked to me and came up with this dinner. I like her style. He still wasn’t finished and knew with my stunned silence, he could continue. Mr., I’m going to fuck your wife. Do you know that he asked. I said no. he said, just wait and see. I’m going to fuck her and it is going to be tonight. When I fuck her, you will be holding her hand, taking care of whatever we may need. You will help her have sex with me. Do you know that he asked. I said no, I don’t . Well, he said, we shall wait and see what your little Asian slut has to say about that. I replied I’m sure that if you call her those kind of things and are that forceful, she will be leaving with me shortly. He just said, we shall see. We shall see.
My wife returned all smiles and sat down between us. Jimmy pulled her over a little closer to him. I seen that his hand closer to her remained beneath the table. I also seen the look on her face that something surprised her but was OK. I mentioned to my wife that Jimmy stated he was pretty confident that she was going to fuck him tonight. My wife just looked at me with somewhat wild eyes. I told her about Jimmy referring to her as a slut and that I would be helping her have sex with him. My wife looked at me and just said, I’m sure he didn’t say all that. Don’t make problems. I think Jimmy is a very nice man and would treat us with nothing but respect. Right Jimmy? Yes man, he said. Nothing but respect when I’m pounding that sweet pussy of yours and your husband is licking your clit at the same time. Oh Jimmy she says, you’re so naughty. Jimmy looked my way, winked and asked if we are ready to accompany him to his apartment. Only 2 blocks away. We can walk. Sounds great my wife says. I immediately said I would like to speak with my wife alone for a minute. Jimmy said sure and walked towards the door.
Looking straight into my wife’s eyes I asked, what are you doing? He has no respect for you or me. He’s a jerk and thinks he can treat Women like meat and you want to go with him? Lighten up she says. I’m sure he isn’t as bad as you make him out to be. No matter I said, I don’t like him and remember, I do have final say. You have to be reasonable though she replies. You are not so you shouldn’t have a say. I want to go and have a good time. You can come too or you can go home and sulk. I want to get laid. He has a big cock. Bigger then I have ever had. How do you know that I ask getting a bit heated now, I felt it in his pants while he played with my pussy at the table. He makes me feel good and I want to fuck him. Are you coming, or not? I couldn’t let her just go off on her own with this jerk. No telling what he has planned. Granted he is a little bigger than me and probably in better shape but if he causes any problems, I can handle him. She is insistent we are going so OK, I just hope it gets better. We meet back up with Jimmy just outside. Geesh he says, I thought you were never coming. You might have to work harder to get me good and hard again he says to my wife. Don’t you worry, I will, she replies. We walk the two blocks.
Jimmy has a decent apartment for a single guy I guess. Not junk furniture or anything, just not a lot of it. A chair, a couch, and a double bed in his one bedroom. The bed wasn’t made but then again, it is a singles place. We get inside and he closes the door. He immediately grabs my wife and starts kissing her. She returns the kisses passionately.  Jimmy holds his arms out with my wife in his hands and looks her over. I bet you are a knockout when your naked he says. Let’s find out. You need to be naked so I can look you over and see if I want to fuck you or toss you out on the street, My wife lifter her right hand and started to unbutton her dress. No, shouts Jimmy, let your husband undress you for me. I looked at him and said she was very capable of undressing herself. Then my wife says great idea. It will be fun. Please undress me for Jimmy. I started with the buttons on top and worked my way down to the bottom. The full front was open and it was then I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties, just her bra. I looked at her and asked why she didn’t wear panties. She says to me she did but Jimmy removed them in the lounge. Where are her panties Jimmy, I asked. Setting on the bench in the lounge. One of those little pervert servers can find them and go sniff them while they beat off to your wife’s hot juice aromas. I looked back at my wife and she was just smiling like she was enjoying herself. She tells me to hurry up and get her naked. It’s taking too long. I remover her open dress and undo and remove her bra. Even in front of this asshole, she still looks absolutely beautiful. She spins so Jimmy can see all sides of her. She really seems to be enjoying herself. Jimmy walked up to her and started feeling her breast and then moved his hands all over her body. Surprising, he seemed gentle with her and not rough like his talk. His hand reached down and he put a finger or two into her wet pussy. He called me to come closer and when I did he removed his fingers and stuck them into my mouth. Sweet tasting Woman, isn’t she. I pulled my head back and said I knew quite well how sweet she tasted.
Jimmy looked at me and said, OK Bud, time for you to get naked. I asked what he was talking about. Just get naked. It’s a party and everyone has to be naked. He looked at my wife and asked for support of which she gave. Yes, it’s a naked party so get naked everyone. I walked over to the chair and removed my clothes. I placed them on the chair and turned around. Hey Dude I heard Jimmy exclaim, where’s your penis? I looked at him and said I have a penis. I was feeling a bit humiliated. No dude, says Jimmy as he removed his pants, this is a penis. Jimmy stood there holding what had to be nine inches of fat cock. OK, in comparison, I don’t have much for a cock. My wife now that she actually sees it, goes right up to it and drops to her knees and starts sucking on it. Her small mouth can’t even fit around it. No wonder this guy is so cocky, he has the equipment to back it up. His attitude though is keeping me soft even though my wife’s attempt at sucking his cock is quite erotic.
Dude, come over here and remove my shirt. No way I said, get your ass over here and remove my shirt for me he repeated. Oh, what the hell, I did it. I don’t know why. I guess I just didn’t want to make a bad scene as I seen it worse. My wife is at his knees still working on his cock. I remove his shirt and now, three naked people. Two involved and one on the side. The two now move to the bed. My wife hates unmade beds but she isn’t even paying attention to this messed up one and just lays on it. Jimmy positions himself with his mouth between her legs and slurps, yes, slurps up some pussy juice off her pussy. Then, he stops. Let’s fuck he says rather loudly and lays on his back. That staff of his is pushing the air out of the room I think. OK, I’m impressed by it. He tells my wife she will need to get on top because she has to go slow so he doesn’t split her in half. My wife looks at it and I think had second thoughts. I think it is even bigger then she thought. She is dripping juice out so she if definitely lubed to try. She positions herself over it and tries to hold it in place so she can lower herself on to it. Dude, get over here and hold my cock so your wife can get on. Sorry I said, I’m not gay. He returns with fuck you, I don’t want you to give me a blow job, just hold my cock or are you too scared of it. I go over and put my hands around his cock, so big, I hold it so it is straight up and my wife starts to lower herself on to it. Slowly she goes down. I could see her pussy lips spreading out to her legs. She was going down on it and opening wider and wider. I asked if she was OK and she just tells me it feels incredible. She continues until she gets to my hands. She tells him that as far as she can go. He says move and she starts going up and down on him slowly at  first but increasing her spead a bit with every lowering motion. He starts meeting her movements with thrust of his own and I can clearly see that she is now taking all of his. Her eyes are wild with lust. She is in a trance it seems. She’s bobbing up and down while squatting in a fast and rhythmic motion now. She is shuddering and within a moment explodes into and orgasm. He pulls her forward where she’s laying on his chest and he is thrusting fast. She comes to another orgasm. He pulls out and turns her around to face his feet and we watching with intent. She lowers herself back on him. This time she goes all the way to his balls. He pulls her back onto his chest and the keep moving.
Dude, get up there and lick your wife’s pussy for her. Interesting, I think I would like that I thought to myself. I place my head above her pussy and lower my tongue to her clit. I then realized I was within and inch of his moving cock in and out of my wife’s pussy. I kept my eye on that while I liked my wife. She had another orgasm with the combined interest in her pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that cock pulling her pussy lips down every time he backed out and pushing it in every time he thrust. She was red and wet. Jimmy decided it was time to move again and this time he put her in a missionary position and he pounded her raw I think. Didn’t matter how wet she was, I couldn’t see how any pussy could take a pounding like that. She must have enjoyed it because her multiple orgasms started and it was like they were never going to stop. Normally when she has multiples,  there is a big one followed by smaller ones. Not this time. It was either one forever lasting one or big ones over and over. With one big final thrust, Jimmy proclaimed he was going to come. She told him to shoot on her stomach. He pulled out and started shooting. First her hair, then face, then breast were covered with more cum than I have ever seen. Three times the best I have ever produced. My wife took her finger and whipped it off her face, She then proceeded to lick her finger. Tasty, she says. It was at that moment looking at that big monster resting on top my wife that I realized it was unprotected. Shit, what is that? Not in the plans and not a good thing.
Jimmy was done. A one shooter like me. Just a much bigger result. We were done but still my wife played with his cock, When it was time to get up and get cleaned up she moved one leg and I noticed she had a gapping opening where her tight pussy used to be. I mean I could see inside. I hoped that would go down. Not good at all if it stayed like that. Still, she was smiling and very happy. She cleaned up with a towel and we put our clothes back on. She kissed Jimmy goodbye and he said he will see us again. I said probably not and he just added, yes you will. She will. My wife didn’t say anything and we walked the two blocks back to our car. I was glad it was getting a bit cool at night. I needed that cool down.
I tried to bring up the evening in the car but my wife said she wasn’t feeling like talking. Let’s just go home so I can shower and go to bed. We drove home in silence. We cleaned up and went to bed in silence. I because I was upset, she because she was still in her sexual pleasure trance.  We will see what the morning brings.
The morning came and went with pretty much a cold shoulder towards me. I don’t know why she would be upset with me, I tried to protect her in every possible. If she was upset about how she ended up with an asshole then I have to say it is her own fault. Not mine. Later in the afternoon I had had enough and asked her point black why she seemed so upset with me? I told her that I feel I did everything to keep her away from that jerk. Right away she shot back at me. What are you talking about? She insisted she had a great time but the spoiler in the whole thing was me. All I did was get in the way of a really great time. She told me it probably would have been a much more enjoyable evening if I would have just stayed home. I was taken back by what she was saying. She thinks I was a spoiler of her fun. How could that be. I wanted to follow our guidelines and protect her from this asshole. She it seems disagreed. She proceeded to speak forcefully towards me in explaining that she wanted Jimmy. He was an adventure. He didn’t treat her badly and that she really enjoyed his Alpha male ego. She explained that she liked a man that could take control in the bedroom and while pointing directly at me, she added that it isn’t you. Humbled, I asked about the guidelines we set up. Screw the guidelines she shot back. It’s my needs, wants and my body. I know what I want and I want to find out what more is out there I may want. OK. She asked? I was feeling smaller and smaller knowing that my place in the bedroom is getting less and less important. Seeing the look in her eyes and the tone of her voice I knew she was serious and since I still felt I wanted her happy, I agreed and asked what we need to do now? She replied that there will be some changes and that she will let me know tonight what they will be. Not we will discuss it but it will be what she says. Sigh.
Night came and I sure wasn’t going to bring it up but this time she did without pause. We need to talk now she said. I am going to tell you how I want to go about taking care of my sexual needs. First off, know I love you. I doubt I could ever love anyone the way I love you. You are the man of my life, the father of our children and a good one. You are the provider for our family and have treated me with utmost respect. I love you and appreciate you being the biggest part of my life. The problem is and we both know it is that my life is not complete. It is lacking in the bedroom. You are not the king of my body. In reality, you are the joker in our bedroom. I’m sorry for being so blunt but you have to know how I feel. First off, you will not be expected to please me any longer. That doesn’t mean you have to ignore me but you will not have access to my pussy in any penetrative manor. Yes, you will be able to touch and lick my clitoris when I want it but no penetration. On occasion, I will take care of your needs but again, it will be when I want to. You may address your own needs in the bathroom whenever you like. I just don’t want to hear about it. I own my body and will do to it what I please. That doesn’t mean I will be so stupid to have it abused in any way I deem abusive. Last night I made the mistake of having unproductive sex. That will not happen again and this coming week I will go and be tested for STDs. As a matter of safety, I will have STD test conducted every four to six months. I sat speechless just listening to this new force I haven’t been exposed to before.
She wasn’t finished though. She continued with telling me what was going to happen. She added, you will not have a say about who I wish to have sex with. I know myself better then you so will make my own decisions. You can not give me any opinions about what you think of anyone I sleep with. Keep them to yourself. You will still know who I’m with and in all likelihood, where I’m at. There will be times you are invited and other times you will not be. It will depend mostly on the wishes of my lovers. Got that? I nodded yes still lost for actual words to escape from my lips. I will be discreet as we promised each other. I will not date anywhere we are known so not to bring embarrassment to you or our family.  Do you understand what I have told you she asked. I mumbled yes. She just said good, time to get ready for bed.
After we were in bed she seemed to fall easily off to sleep. My mind was racing. I was asking myself just what I heard for sure just an hour ago? Was I being eliminated from her sexual life all together? It seems I still have a small role but it will only be on her terms. What if she even tires of that? What am I allowing myself to be reduced to? Should I be that dominate male and put my foot down and tell her this all comes to an end now? I don’t know that I could do that. I am still the dominate one of the home. I certainly know that if I force this to an end, the home will not be very harmonious and know that could lead to her just sneaking around on me. Better to at least know what is happening and with whom.  On the occasions I get to observe her having sex and not with an asshole, I get really excited and that feels good. I started thinking about my excitement when she is enjoying another lover and now it all feels good to me. I did have to wonder if I was just becoming some kind of wimp to my wife or am I still someone she needs around. Conflictions setting in.
Almost two weeks passed and everything seemed normal. Well, there was a couple time I tried to initiate sex but was put off with a I don’t feel like it from her. As it ends up, the late night bathroom became my sexual release compartment. It seems I needed to know it was very private so I waited until all were asleep. I know, guys like to fantasize about sexy women doing all sorts of things to them while masturbating and I admit when younger I did the same. Now it seems all my visions of the erotic are of my wife with someone else. Having sex or doing all sorts of things. Even things I have never experienced or seen in person. The thing was, all fantasies contained my wife without me and they always helped get me off.  She is my life in every way. While nothing was talked about in that two weeks, it seems it was always on her mind. She approached me and told me that she had set up a meeting with someone and would tell me about it after our oldest daughters 10th birthday was over tonight.
Birthday party went well, I was the proud we were the proud parents of a beautiful birthday girl. We have two daughters. One now 10 and the other soon to be 9. Our lives are for our children first and foremost. That will be never questioned. We want them to grow up with a good education, independence and the opportunities and tools to be whomever they want. So far, we have done a pretty good job and have tow beautiful daughters.
After the clean up and the girls in bed, my wife and I relaxing on the sofa, she mentions that she has again been in contact with doc. My doctor. She said she had been thinking about this swingers group he belongs to and is curious to what a group setting would be like. She told me she informed doc of her desires and he invited us, yes us to a swingers party happening at a local home. She said that he told her that there will be anywhere from ten to fifteen couples in attendance. He said that there will also be a couple single females there. There are no single males allowed. He told her she could come as a single female or as a couple. Evidently she asked about my involvement because she told me that doc told her I didn’t need to be active unless I wanted to be. As a matter of fact, no one had to do anything they wished not to. The main rule at these parties is no means no. I asked her if she wanted to go. She said she already accepted for us. I asked if she shouldn’t have asked me about it first. She looked right at me and said, no, it doesn’t work that way any more. Do you want to go or stay home with the girls? I said I would go with her. I asked her, what if things were working that night? Could I just join in then if I want? No, she said. You will sit there. You will be either clothed or naked. I don’t know what they do at these. You will decline any advances and never proposition anyone. The only one that can take care of your dick is me. Plus, I wouldn’t want you to embarrass me if suddenly you stop working. So, you will sit there. Maybe you could get drinks or something to be useful. We’ll see how it goes there. OK, I replied. Whatever you say.
The party was the next Wednesday evening. Odd night for a party that didn’t start until nine PM. We got a babysitter that could watch the kids until late and got ready for the party. I was ready by 8:15 and ready to go. My wife was still fussing in the bedroom at 8:30 and we needed to get on the road not certain as to exactly where the house was, just the street and area. My wife came from the bedroom already wearing her coat. It was a cold night so all looked normal. Off we went. We found the address and parked in the drive along with another eight or nine cars. It was 9:20 PM when we rang the bell. Surprising the doc answered along with a beautiful, slightly clad young female. Doc said, ha, I thought it may be you two. Good guess, huh? Yes I replied. Doc introduced us to his young companion and explained that she was his date to these parties since single males are not allowed, no exceptions. He went on to say that they normally just split up and may not actually speak to each other the rest of the evening. It’s just a way in the door. Doc said to toss our coats in the room off the main entrance. I removed mine and asked my wife for hers so I could put them in. When she removed her coat I realized why she came out of the bedroom with it already on. There was that slutty little dress I was against the first time she was meeting up with doc. Sexy but really slutty. No matter, it looked great on her or should I say she looked great in it? Doc took up into a main room where basically, many were dress just as slutty as my wife. Everyone was wearing clothes and while I was expecting a pile of bodies wiggling with each other, nothing sexual was going on. I took doc aside and asked if he could explain just what happens at these events. I really didn’t know.
Doc explained that by 10:00 or 10:15 people will stop mingling so much and start choosing partners to start. There are five separate bedrooms that can be used upstairs or there is a large empty meeting room off the grand room that is pretty much lined with mattresses. That is for the party people. That is also where most end up, more flavors to choose from. I asked about me. What should I do. Doc said my wife told him that I would have absolutely no sexual involvement so my options would be to stand around fully clothed and look like an ideot, or I could get naked like all the rest to blend in. I was free to roam around and watch anyone I like as long as I interrupt in no way. Every room can be viewed by others who wish to view. You can masturbate to any activity you like but we ask that you either cum in a condom or if not wearing one, a tissue. Cleaning that stuff up is a real pain in the ass. Doc then walked me over to my wife who was just chatting away with an older couple. I would like you to meet our gracious host doc says to me. Your wife has already met them it seems. They seemed just like any normal couple in their 50s. Nice to meet you both. Everything was on a first name basis only it seemed. The male host turned to me and asked me if everything is OK with me? Yeah, very nice place I answered. He went on with, we understand you will be a voyeur this evening. I acknowledged that I would be. Fine he says. Just don’t make too big of mess and laughed. The female hostess interacted that my wife explained that I am not a participant and she understood our agreement. She added, good of you to obey your wife. Obey I thought? I agreed. I am not obeying. Or, am I. Maybe I am. Damn, more humiliation thrown in and by someone I just met ten minutes ago.
It was about 10:10 or so when I seen there was clothes starting to disappear from the participants. Just dropped in place I guess to be claimed later. Groping was starting and some cocks were starting to stand erect. I looked for my wife but didn’t see her. I wondered over to the group room and there were four people in there performing oral sex on each other but not her. I started going up stairs when I nnoticed I was the only one now wearing clothes. I went back down the few stairs I had climbed and removed my clothes and piled them at the bottom of the steps. I went up the steps and starting walking slowly down the hallway looking into the room. The first room had doc and his escort sucking his cock while he was twisting her nipples. The second room had the Hostess with a maybe 24, 25 year old stud eating her pussy while she kept telling him harder. Have to admit, for someone in her fifties, she still had a youthful body. Room number three had two guys and a pretty female. She had a hold of one cock and that guy had a hold of the other guys cock. I guess my first experience with what they call bisexual. Actually, after a couple minutes of watching them and seeing there was no qualms about male to male contact, it was kind of hot and I noticed my cock was enjoying it. On to room four. There was my wife. Fully naked with a man of about 40 I would guess. They were in a 69 position with her on top. I really couldn’t see his face well since her pussy seemed to be covering it quite well but I could see while she bobbed and stroked his cock he was quite well endowed. Not a Jimmy but still blessed. She must have been enjoying the taste because there was a lot of saliva dripping down the sides of his cock when she rose up. I was feeling a bit odd standing in the hall with a full erection now and strangers moving about, in and out of rooms. Another man came and stood next to me and was watching the same as me. He said that she was hot and hoped to get some of her action tonight. I said, that’s my wife. He said, lucky guy. About that moment, my wife looked over at us and stopped and gave us a smile. One guy eating her pussy, two other watching the action. The guy I was standing with reached over and took my cock in his hand. I pulled away. My wife seen that and again smiled and then looking right at me, nodded like she was giving her approval of the action that just took place. The guy didn’t react and just went off to look in another room. My wife then kind of waved the back of her hand towards me like she wanted me  to go. I didn’t want to because I enjoyed watching my wife but as instructed, I moved on to bedroom number five. My goodness. The world just changed right in front of my eyes. The man I was standing with watching my wife was also at this bedroom. The expected man having sex with a woman just wasn’t there. Here, the man was on his hands and knees and the woman had a dildo strapped to herself and was fucking the guy in the ass. Now, I know that little pucker hole has a lot of nerve endings  on it because my wife has played a little with mine but I never thought of putting something up the exit hole. No so in this room. The guy was really enjoying it and the woman was too. There seemed to be a sense of power in this woman. The guy next to me whispered to me. I bet you would love to be that guy, I know I would. I returned with, never tried it and it must be painful. He says, only at first. Once you get into it, nothing but pleasure. Pure pleasure. I asked, is that guy gay? Not at all he says. Straight as an arrow. That doesn’t mean you can only have vanilla sex though. Hell, you don’t even need to be bisexual to enjoy another man’s cock. You really don’t need an attraction to men to play with one. Just a sense of adventure. Take me for example. I am not attracted to men. Only females. At the same time, I have no problems with sucking your cock right now. Would you like me to show you? Ah, no thank you I said. No really, you have to burry your inibitions and open up. Again he reached and put his hand around my erect cock. I glanced down and ge was erect too. I for some reason didn’t pull away like before. Touch mine he says. I place my hand around his cock. We were close to the same size. I was a bit bigger them him. Now, he says. Is that so bad? No, I guess not I said. Stroke me he said and he started moving his hand up and down my cock. I returned the movement. No big deal, right, he ask. I guess not I said. He took his hand away and I did the same. He then dropped down and immediately put his lips around my pulsating cock. I closed my eyes and to be honest, I had no idea if it was a man or women there. Just a nice warm mouth. Just then as I was enjoying the feeling I heard my wife wisper in my ear. Enjoying yourself, she asked. I pulled out of the guys mouth and turned to her sweaty body. Er, I suppose so I replied. Sorry, not sure what came over me. Don’t worry about it she said. You are allowed to have sex with any guy here that will have you. Just let me know when you are going to suck one off so I can watch and maybe give you some pointers. She laughed and walked off alone heading to the steps down. I turned to the guy and said sorry, don’t know why I was getting into that. Never happened before. He told me not to worry and once my wife showed up he could see I was one of them. One of who I asked. You know, the submissive husband. You need permission before you can actually do anything. Probably got you in trouble by doing what I did. You can blame me so maybe your punishment won’t be so bad later. What punishment I asked. My wife doesn’t punish me for anything. OK, if you weren’t afraid of her, why pull out right away. Why when you are having fun and tou hear her voice, you go limp? She has control of you and punishment may be a physical reaction or mental reaction from you know, there will be physical punishment coming at some time. It is the natural evolution of the hotwife life. Hotwife? More and more questions.
Me and my limp dick wondered back downstairs passing all the bedrooms again who had more and different people in them and there was a real assortment of things happening. I passed my clothes still at the bottom of the steps and went over to have a drink. Made a quick one and walked towards the playroom. There I could sit on a sofa and watch a bunch of people moving around and doing all kinds of things to each other. There were males with females, two males with one female, two females with one male, males with males, and females with females. Searching for my wife I finally found her in a threesome with a male and female. The male was fucking my wife and amazingly, my wife was licking the females pussy. Now, my wife has always told me she had no interest whatsoever in being with another female. Guess she changed her mind. I sat the with the reappearance of my hard on. Welcome back fella I thought to myself. While I was watching my wife in action and she seen me sitting there, another woman sat next to me. She just came from the bedrooms. She reached over and started caressing my cock. I looked at my wife who seen what the woman diod and my wife shook her head no. OK, how do you tell a hot woman not to touch you. She was now working me well and I was building. I had to stop her. I looked at her and told her, please, you will need to stop. I don’t want to cum just yet and need a break. She stopped and got up and said no problem. I seen that woman shake her head no so I understand you are one of those. If we meet again I will get permission from your wife first. Sorry. Again, the ONE OF THOSE.
I figured I better move around before I get in trouble. I think I needed to cum so I would lose the erection. No one will bother me if I don’t have a useful tool. I decided I need a place to go and masturbate. I remember I either need a condom or tissue. I don’t like the idea of beating off in a condom so I went searching for some tissues. It was at that time my wife walked out alone and called me over to her. What are you doing she asked? I explained my plan to keep away from trouble by masturbating. I asked if she was having a nice time? The best she said. I have had sex with four different guys so far and orgasm with each. This is so much fun. She then said that she didn’t want me to masturbate. I said I had to do something. She said wait and she would find someone to give me a blow job. Hmm, she is being nice. Right back she said, stay right here. Alright. I could feel the pulsating in my cock while I anticipated a blow job. My wife returned with another couple. She asked me if I was ready for a good sloppy blowjob? Oh yes I replied. Great, the other girl said. Sit down and get those legs open. I did. Great she said, mark can’t wait to get his lips around your cock. What? Mark. My legs started to close but my wife came over and pulled my legs apart. She told me remember, She told me no sex with a woman tonight. I told you that you could with a man. So, if you want to run around the next few hours with a hard on because I forbid you sex with a woman and I forbid masturbation, then your are going to look awful funny. This is a place for release and there are no rules here how one achieves that. The only rules that pertain to you are what I place on you she tells me. Now, open your legs and let Mark take care of that hard on of yours. Loosen up, you’ll love it. Cathy says Mark is very good at it. I think I am stuck now and my hard on didn’t go down. I don’t understand why it does at home. Is it just the surroundings here being more filled with excitement? Perhaps. I opened my legs and Mark took his place between them. He lowered his mouth onto my cock and it was soft and warm. Cathy was behind him speaking but I didn’t look at her. I could hear her tell Mark that he was being a good boy and to make sure he did a good job for my wife’s sake.  He did feel good on me and not seeing who the mouth was connected to did make a difference. Cathy went on speaking to Mark, do a good job and bust his nut good. If you do I think he will reward you for me. I didn’t know what Cathy was talking about but yes, I would thank him when he was finished and I released my juice. Mark moved up and down on me and I immediately returned his movements with my own thrust. He went all the way to the base and then up to the head. No one has ever gone all the way down on me and I was loving it. His mouth felt like he was pulling the cum up me with the sucking he was doing. I think this is the best blow job I have ever had. I didn’t care what I was feeling at this time. It felt good. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and started to cum. Mark kept his mouth wrapped tightly around my cock and just kept moving and sucking. I came over and over, each spurt like jello being pushed through a tiny tube. Finally, I had to remove my dick from Marks mouth. It was getting just too sensitive. Cathy and my wife started clapping. Cathy told Mark he did a good job. She added that he should be rewarded and turned to my wife. Cathy asked my wife rather loudly if she would permit her man to return the favor to her man. My wife immediately said, of course, it’s the least he could do to show his appreciation. I looked up at my wife. She seen the I don’t think so look on my face. My wife looked right at me and said, please honey, do it for me. This is what I want and you should do what I want. You do want to please me, right she added. I am getting stuck here again. My wife added, dear, I want to keep fucking and having a great time but you are stopping me. Here Cathy was nice enough to let her man please you are you act like a child. I’m done with your crap, now, get off your ass and give Mark what he earned from you. That fierceness was unbecoming of her but it got me right off the chair and getting ready in my mind to put my mouth on the first cock in my life.
Mark took a seat where I was sitting. My wife pushed down my shoulders and I was positioned over Marks cock. My wife started pushing down on my head. I wanted to fight it but didn’t do that well. My lips touched the tip of it. There was precum on it and it touched my lips. Oh look, Cathy said. Mark is getting wet waiting for your husband. Lick it I heard my wife say. Yeah, lick it I heard from an unrecognizable voice. There was now another in the audience it seems. Female. My tongue slowly came between my lips and touched the precum. It was a pretty good sized ball of it setting right on the pee hole. Lick it all I heard. I licked more. Suck it, go ahead, suck it I heard someone say. I started to part my lips and I put them over the tip of Marks penis. More someone said, go down on it they said. I opened my eyes and looked to the sides the best I can. I seen at least eight people standing around now including my wife and Cathy on my right. Everyone seems to be watching. They were also cheering us on. I dug down and got the courage to go lower on Marks cock. I closed my eyes again so I couldn’t actually see what I was doing. I kept lowing myself on his cock until I got to a point I thought I would gag. I started back up. Slowly I started moving up and down on it. Suck it said someone so I tried to do that more. Stroke it while you suck it someone said. I reached up and grabbed marks cock. It was soaking wet and I could only figure that was from me. I sucked, stroked, and moved my lips up and down Marks cock. Use your tongue someone said. I started flicking my tongue on the tip of Marks cock. I felt him stiffening even more and suddenly without warning I could feel his warm cum shooting into my mouth. Hold it in someone said. Someone else was saying swallow it. I didn’t swallow it but as Mark came it seemed to squirt out the sides of my mouth. There was so much of it. I then noticed the salty pungent taste and I felt like I wanted to vomit. I pulled my mouth off him and started spitting his cum out. Fresh air helped. Suddenly, everyone started applauding and telling me how good I did. Someone asked Mark how long it’s been since Cathy has let him cum. Six weeks he relied. How do you feel someone asked him. Fucking fantastic. Mark then looked at Cathy, thank you mistress he told her. He didn’t thank me, he thanked her.
Everyone went back to their fucking, sucking, licking, and other fun things and I sat on the couch. Naked and limp. Nothing really to do. I lost the interest in seeing other fuck once I cum. So, board and wanting to go home I sat. After a good twenty minutes, Mark came back in and sat next to me. Thanks dude he told me. My pleasure I guess I replied. He laughed. First times are the hardest. Only time I hope, I replied. No sir, it won’t be the only time. There will be more opportunities where it will please your wife having you suck on another males cock or sometimes do other things with a male. Are you gay I asked. Not at all. Love me my female. Why other guys then, I asked? Because it is what Cathy wants, demands of me for her pleasure. Lots of guys seem to be pleasuring her, why do you need to be with other guys. It’s not a sexual please so to speak. It’s power over her man. She has control in all sexual situations mainly but it does spill over into our home. How so, I asked? Well, I always know she is in charge even though I still make the mans decisions when it comes to the home and family. I can be the manly man but in reality, estrogen rules the house. I clean more, do more errands, some laundry and just  more of what would have been considered the woman’s work not that long ago. Why, to please her and not make her unhappy with me. Do you ever have sex together, I asked? Never. I am forbidden from even touching her unless she commands it. I can help her get ready for her dates but that is about the extent of it. I ask, what happens if you want sex or if you don’t want to do only what she says. Whew, I hate to think about that. Cathy can get pretty wicked with spankings and she is an expert in cock and ball torture. Me, I like to avoid those things although I seem to end up fucking up and get some spankings. That is better then getting my balls tied up feeling like they are going to fall off. What if you just put your foot down and said no more, I asked? She would be gone with the kids in a flash and I would be begging her to come back willing to do whatever she asked.
Mark told me he knew that my submissive training was just starting and he said he wishes me well. I have someone that seems to be a great wife and definitely wants to look after my well being. He said I shouldn’t worry that my wife will probably take good care of me. I told Mark I didn’t understand this power thing. I agreed she could see other guys for sex and that she had a lot of freedoms now. Doesn’t matter he said. Women need the power over a man and they are getting better and better at finding that power. In 10 or 20 years I can see women dominating everything. Home, work place, and just everyday life surroundings. Wouldn’t surprise me to see women running for president. Ha, I said. That will never happen. Look at the current president’s wife. She already thinks she’s president. It will happen. Women will dominate everything. Me, I think we will be better off. Whit that Mark said he needed to get back to Cathy. He had been missing way to long but she had sent him to talk to me. I guess he is my  educator tonight.
An hour after talking to Mark my wife appears. She is covered with sweat. Since she sweats very little I can only guess it belongs to others. Having fun I asked? Oh my yes. I didn’t get to fuck every guy here but I sure tried. I’m ready to head home. Pretty sore now she said. How about you, ready to go home. Very much I replied. She went off to the bathroom and we dressed. Before leaving we bid our farewells to anyone who could listen and we were able to thank the host for a great evening. He thanked us for coming and told my wife to give him our number and he would keep us informed when they have another get together. My wife did that and we left for home.
The ride home was always a quiet one but tonight, or should I say this morning since it was almost 2:00 AM. My wife was looking really tired but was a chatterbox all the way home. She just kept talking about all the cocks and pussies she seen and the ones she felt personally. She got to lick pussy for the first time and enjoyed that but when another woman licked hers she said she was in heaven feeling the softness of another woman‘s mouth on her pussy. Everything was just so great for my wife and the sexual energy she felt in a group was the wildest it could be she said. She told me that tonight was the best so far and was looking forward trying to top it sometime. I asked, top it? Sure, why not, she answered. No, every time I go out fucking I don’t expect a neighborhood of people to be present but I’m hoping there will be some opportunities. I thought, go out fucking, opportunities, half a neighborhood equals indiscretion. How was your night she asked? Interesting I replied. Good she said. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Not sure I did, I injected. Oh c’mon. I seen you. You were enjoying yourself. You were letting that guy stroke your cock and you had no problems letting Mark suck your dick and let’s face it, once you got started on Marks cock you got into it so don’t tell me you didn’t have a good time. Maybe next time if it was so bad you can stay home. Is that what you want she asked? I said no, that is not what I want. I just couldn’t get it out that I would like to go but I don’t really want to suck a cock but I think she was correct about getting into everything after I got started. I mean, I am still the same man I was now as when we first arrived. I think.
Another year has passed since that first swing party. There has been one a month since then and my wife made sure to attend every one of them. In between those there were the male lovers and a few couples in their home. Ones she met at the swing parties. I no longer have any sexual contact with my wife. I can’t touch her except when she insist while with others. Mostly to lick her pussy while she is getting fucked but now I’m not allowed to just lick her, the males shaft is included in my efforts to please her. At every swing party I am instructed to give one of the males a blow job and I guess I’m getting pretty good at it. She seems pleased. I have had no female contact in over a year now and I just no longer see it happening. My condition has not improved but that was expected as was it getting worse. Never get a full erection ever. Maybe 75% at best. Still shows up at odd times and I find myself slipping into the bathroom at any hour of the day. My wife has pretty much taken control of my life now. I get permission now to go anywhere. The physical punishment I heard about from Mark has not happened but it has been threatened. I guess I deserve it. The mental anguish is less now since I am more accepting of my role now. The important thing is, she is happy and home is a wonderful place when she’s happy.
Another 6 months on and I learn what physical punishment is. I also learn a bit more about humiliation. We visited the apartment of one of her regular lovers. She actually has four regulars now. They all seem to be ready and willing whenever she calls upon their service. This one is Tim. 5 foot 11 inches. Body of steel and a beautiful 7 inch cock. Short hair and a shaved body. Everywhere. Tim is 31 and a teacher. I do not know how they met. Well, we go to Tim’s place. I have been there twice before. My wife has been there numerous times alone. We went up to his apartment and my wife had a key. She opened the door and Tim was standing there fully naked. I see you brought the old man with you, Hi, how you doing? I replied well, thank you. How about you. Great he said. Always good when I get to spend some hardcore sex time with your wife. I bet I thought to myself. Have a seat he tells me while he takes my wife in his arms and kisses her passionately. She returns it in the same manor. Want a beer Tim finally ask me? Yes, please I answered. He went off and got me the beer. In the mean time my wife slips out of her dress. No panties on and undoes her bra so she is completely naked when Tim returns with my beer. Tim hands me my beer and places his now cold fingers between my wife’s legs on her pussy. She moans with the sudden coldness. You’ll need to work harder to warm that up now, she says. Don’t you worry about that he says. Don’t I always get you hot? The conversation is going on like I was invisible. I count for nothing I thing.
Well, during that encounter while Tim is fucking my wife nice and slow with her sitting on him facing his feet, she calls me over to perform my licking duties on her and him. I rise up but then she adds, get naked this time. Tim has never seen you naked. I shrug my shoulders and get fully naked. Dick is pretty limp. Maybe not all the way but not at it’s 75% either. I start walking towards them and Tim is looking me over. Damn he says, you do have a little dick. He looks at my wife and says, you were right. That thing isn’t good for anything. Are you sure that’s not just a bigger clit Tim adds? I look at him, I am red with embarrassment. That was a low blow. I tell Tim, I’ll have you know that there was a time when I was in your place. I was the man for my wife. I’m sorry but due to medicines I have no choice in taking, I have a cock problem. You should be happy because you wouldn’t be getting her if I didn’t. My wife was looking at me with her finger up against her lips to shush me. Tim tells me to lighten up dude. My wife now tells me that I have no business talking to Tim like that. She adds, it’s true, you are useless as a fuck. You can’t so what good are you? You are only around to take care of what I want so you either do as your are told or we are done. Do you understand she added forcefully. I said I did. It’s not that I just gave in easily. All the time the two of them are yelling at me, they are still fucking like I’m just an afterthought. I really didn’t matter. I am useless to her. I sat in a chair and pretty much sulked all the while they ignored my presence. They seemed to have a great  time and my wife is very much multi orgasmic yet. He was good for two himself. After they cleaned up and they had some small talk my wife turned to me and said let’s go. We drove home and I got a lecture about embarrassing her in front of her friends. I asked what about me and she told me that it didn’t matter. My friends can say and do whatever they want with you and you will accept it. If I disapprove of anything it will be my place to stop it. Understand she asked? I do, I replied.
After we reached home things were normal in the house. We had dinner, the girls did the dishes, some evening TV, put the girls to bed, showers, and off to bed. We have since we got married slept in the nude. That hasn’t changed. I was laying on my stomach. Left hand off the bed holding a book I was reading a bit of before lights out. My wife crawled into bed but she kept crawling for some reason. She crawled right on top of my back and sat on my waist. SMAK, I felt a sting on my ass cheak. Immediately I asked, what are you doing? SMAK, the other ass cheek takes a hit. Stings like crazy. Enough I said and since she is such a tiny person I just got up on my hands and knows with her still on my back. SMAK, oh my god, right on the back of my balls. I pulled my knees under me in agony, SMAK, SMAK on my ass again. I rolled to the side and she came off. I was in a bit of pain shooting through my entile body. What are you doing trying not to raise my voice and wake up the girls? You embarrassed me today. You insulted me in front of my lover. You will pay for that. It is unacceptable she continued. So you spank me I asked? That could be the least of your problems if it ever happens again. Well, he and you humiliated me I said. Too fucking bad was her reply, You deserve it. I never deserve to be insulted by you. She got off the bed and stood next to me. I was on my back now, legs open thinking the boys needed air or something. Do you understand she said in a raised voice while she turned. I said nothing. She took one step forward and then suddenly turned around and SMAK, oh my god, Right between the legs. I curled up in pain. Do you understand she asked again. I moaned yes. It hurt so bad. Good, she said. Let this be a lesson. No more embarrassment and walked to the bathroom. I was better upon her return. She climed into bed, gave me a peck on my cheek and said good night. My first lesson in true humiliation and my first physical punishment. All in one day. In the end, I agreed to follow her rules.
Another four years on and life goes on. Nothing like six years ago, five years ago, four years ago, three years ago, two years ago or even one year ago. We are now in a home dominated totally by the female. I still work full time and provide for my family. I also take care of the laundry, dishes, housecleaning, any rides the girls need, and service whatever my wife likes. I help her dress for her dates now. I actually enjoy getting things layed out for her to make her as sexy as possible while keeping her class in mind at all times. I shop for her to make sure there are always nice new things for her. I draw her bath when she desires it although the shower is still the preferred bath style. I do help in making sure she is cleansed all over. I seldom go with her now to visit lovers but on occasion there is need for me to perform on someone that is perhaps new to the dominate woman type of life. I have also been used as a slut for guys to now fuck my ass. That was a different experience but none the less, when called upon to do it for the first time, I was ready and never questioned it. Painful at first but as a bit of time went on I grew to actually enjoy it. Matter of fact, I can cum when someone is in me. I just can’t make it the purpose of the penetration. The pleasure really is for someone else, not me. As for physical punishment. Well, that went from me objecting to it to actually accepting it when given. I know will lower my pants if ordered to do so and bend over something and take whatever I get.  Sometimes I walk away with welts and blisters but, they go away. Now when I get spanked, my dick always drips cum. It hurts like hell but at the same time it is pleasurable. My balls still seem to be a target if I really mess up and they can stay tender for days when she gets finished with her squeezing and hitting. Ever what to make a man cry, squeeze his ball sack where his balls are tight in the bottom of it and smak them with a rubber sandal. Guaranteed crying and the inability to walk for a half hour at least.
I do on a regular occasion wear women’s panties. Never at home, only when she takes me out. I am her slut and wear the appropriate clothing for her. The satin feels nice against my always shaved mid section. She likes to show me off with my pretty panties. Some of her men prefer me that way and love to call me their little pet names like my little sissy, pretty in pink, slut hole, and little fuck me tender. My wife gave them all the names for me. I can suck cock better then any woman can and remove the cum from a cock like a vacuum. I have developed a taste for cum and drink down all that is offered me.  I said my home is ruled by the female and not just one. My girls are teens  now and over the past years they have seemed to pick up on the power of female domination. I am unable to scold them or tell them anything. They will order me around and make demands of which I know I need to follow. They are not having sex yet to the best of my knowledge but they seem to know a lot about it. They seemed to have been briefed on how I am used sexually and I think they are looking forward to the day they too can have their own submissive. Some no longer a man but someone who is their pet. Manhood is such a waste of time.
Now into the present. Another 18 years into all this stuff. I haven’t changed from who I was at six years. I am still used as I was. Actually, more so now. I am retired so I have more time to devote to my wife and her desires. She is sixty now and really hasn’t slowed down too much. Less lovers but that is not because she has lost any, it is because we moved. My wife is from an Asian nation that is predominately Muslim. She up and decided three years ago that it was time for me to take her home. She had spent years living in my community and now it was time for me to give back to her. I took an early retirement before I could draw social security but that was OK,. My 401 would be enough to get us through. Our daughters are grown and both have careers and yep, submissive husbands. My daughters so wanted to make sure their husbands were right they both had my wife take charge in training them. I even was utilized to teach a few things. The weirdest thing was when my one daughter had been married for three years and the other one year, my wife brought everyone in the family together. That was a few years back. In the living room of our home, she instructed everyone to strip down to nothing. She had already been working with the husbands but still I asked about being naked with our daughters. It was my youngest daughter that spoke up. It’s OK dad, we have seen pictures that mom has of you and your little dick. It won’t bother us. Love it, my own daughters can humiliate me. We all stripped down to nothing. I admit that seeing my full grown daughters fully naked was a bit unsettling for me. I don’t think I have seen them that way since they were 6 or 7 years old. I have to admit that they got their beautiful forms from their mother. While having larger frames then her, they were still in excellent shape and well, beautiful. My wife took over. She explained to everyone that she had invited over a couple friends who should be arriving soon. In the mean time the men will go to the kitchen and make us all drinks and get some snacks ready. We girls will be here waiting.
Here was a 57 year old woman still looking like 35 instructing her 60 year old husband and two sons in laws what to do while they are fully naked. While the guys were out, the women all put their clothes back on. The doorbell rang and my oldest son in law was called to open it. He came back into the living room, seen the girls with clothes and stated picking up his pants. His wife said, no way, stay naked and open the door for Mothers guest. He dropped his pants and went to the door. While standing behind it he opened the door. Outside were another four women. My wife called to invite them in. He told them to please, come in. They did and then they looked around the door. Cute said one. Yes, just the way men should always be dressed in mixed company. Come in ladies my wife yelled. They all did. My wife informed them that her husband and other son in law would be out from the kitchen in a moment. We both exited the kitchen unknowing to us who was at the door. We seen all seven total women. All completely clothed as we were completely naked. We came into the living room and set down the trays with the drinks and snacks. Comments from the women came at a steady pace. Wife and daughters were no exception. Kind of like the cat calls from construction workers that see a girl walk by. Very humiliating.
My wife lined up the three males. She told us all that the girls are having a little party. There was supposed to be nine but two had to cancel so there are only seven. While we have our little get together, you men will be our servers. You will take care of any needs we may have while we have our party. You will accept anything any lady wants to say to you and you will do whatever is requested of you. Is that clear? We all shook our head  in agreement. She then added, anyone who does a bad job will be punished by me, the one that does the best job in serving us will be rewarded nicely. Now boys, are you ready to start the party? We all nodded our head yes. Good she said, serve our drinks and then make sure we get our little snacks while we chat. We did as ordered.
The three boys all knew right away we would be competing with each other for the reward and none of us wanted the punishment, that was for sure. As we moved around the room serving the women it was became ovious that the main competition would be between myself and my oldest son in law. He knew what he was doing and was very comfortable in his role. I think it was because he was raised in a home with a very dominate Mother. I was trained well and long so much of this was just second nature. The youngest son in law unfortunately for him is still relatively new having only been married for a year to his Domme with maybe a years worth of experience before that. My competition keyed on the elder son in law.
We all went about our simple duties of serving like waiters but then the women stated commenting on things. First was how fat I was even though it was just some age spread. Many seemed to pick up on it and comments about being too out of shape to being a good server spread. There were comments about little or small dicks coming from everywhere. I was thrown off my routine first off by my eldest daughter. She started commenting on how useless my dick is. She went on to say that Mother was so disappointed it couldn’t take care of a Barbie dolls needs. She shoked me when she reached out and took a hold of it and acted like she was examining it. I really didn’t expect my daughter to do something like that even in this setting. I was wrong. Strike one against me for my reaction and was scolded for it my another lady. The other lady quickly explained to me that here there is no family. Only females and servers. That the men here are not considered family and we may as well get out of our heads that we have any relationship with any of the females unless they want it. She asked if I understood. I said, yes mam.
The day went on and the women were feeling pretty good with the cocktails and atmosphere. All of the servers were humiliated in any way you can think of. We were groped, touches in all places, examined, and put down with one thing after another all while serving the  ladies whatever they wished. My youngest son in law was instructed to take one of the ladies to the bath room so he could wipe her clean when she finished. Ended up she was just going pee but was having her period. He had to change the pad and had some problems with that as I understand it. She wasn’t too happy with him when they exited the bathroom. Actually, he was scolded for one thing or another most of the party  so I knew he was in line for the punishment. My oldest son in law seemed to slide through easily on most levels. Only humiliation and he took everything else in stride. I had my work cut out for me to get rewarded.
The women were now loose enough to start demanding oral pleasures from the men. I was ordered to lick one woman’s pussy. I guess you could say that this isn’t out of the ordinary except I have not done that with anyone except my wife for over 30 years. Needless to say. I was excited. Oh look, said one woman, he is getting all drippy on his cock. While my face was buried in the woman’s pussy, a finger slipped over the end of my cock and collected the precum. My head was pulled back and a finger connected to my youngest daughter placed the precum in my mouth. She tells me, we don’t need any useless dicks making a mess on the floor. Keep control of yourself or you will be liking the floors clean. Have some respect for my mother. I said OK. She said, OK? Is that how you address me? I immediately tell her, sorry mam, I will be careful. She then told me to get my head out of that pussy and get her a drink? I did as told.  The day became more challenging as it went on. Slowly the women pretty much became naked as they received their personalized servicing of massages, nipple rubbing, pussy eating, and our praise for how great they looked. My oldest son in law was called upon to kneel in front of my standing wife and another lady and tell them who looked better naked. That was a lose lose situation and I was happy it wasn’t me. Although he compared them as being equally as beautiful, that didn’t fly. He had to choose who looked better. I admit, they both looked fantastic but the one woman was 20 years my wife’s junior. My son in law I believe took the path of smartness. He had to exist in the life of my wife far longer then the other girl so he chose my wife. Now, that would be the smart move but the younger girl unloaded on him about her being younger and in fact better looking because of it. She tore him a new asshole up one side and down the other. She was relentless. After that died down, I guess it was my turn to face the challenge of my lifetime. I was instructed by my youngest  daughter to come and kneel before her. It was awkward for me but I knew I had no choice. I knelt down at her feet and she sat in a chair. Before me was my daughter. I tried to keep my look in her eyes but still, I could see those firm breast pointing out and her hairless genitals sitting right before me. This is defiantly a place I never in my life imagined myself. My daughter spoke first. Father, a term she had never called me. Mostly dad or daddy. Father, remember a couple years ago when you were always trying to catch a look at my breast> I said I did not remember such a thing. She continued, remember in the hallway when my towel slipped and you while trying not to be seen, seen my breast. Again, I said I do not remember such a time. Truth is, a couple years ago while she spent the summer at home away from college, she was always wearing a braless tank top or on many occasions a towel. I am a man, yes, I did try to get a look at some breast. Yes, even my own daughters. I was starving to see a female in any form. All I wanted was to get a small look. Her towel did slip and I did see her. I never in a million years thought she seen me. Father she continued. I know you were always trying to get a look at me. You’re a pervert and you know it. Right? No, I said. I am not. Yes you are she replied. Don’t you realize that if a girl want someone to see her breast, she makes like an accident so you can. I let you see me while you were hiding around the corner. I knew you were a pervert and thought I would give you a little show. Did you like what you seen? Admit it, you did. OK, I said. I guess I did see you by accident on one occasion but it was an accident, I swear. C’mon Father. Admit that you were always watching me to try and get a look at me. Admit it. She wasn’t going to stop so I just admitted it. Yes, I did watch you from time to time to catch a glimpse of you. I’m sorry. Sorry, why are you sorry she asked? Because a father shouldn’t be doing that with his daughter. Why she asked? Are daughters uglier then other girls? Of course not, I said. They are family. Blood. It wasn’t right for me I said. She laughed. She looked at the others in the room and asked, OK girls, how many think my father went and beat off after he seen my breast. Everyone’s hands went up. Including my other daughter and wife’s.  I didn’t do that, I swear I replied immediately. I really didn’t and I don’t think I even thought about it. Everyone thinks that is what you did so I need to ask you, she said. Did it make you any harder seeing my breast. Were you dripping precum all in your pants when it happened? How long did it take you to cum? I swear, I didn’t do that. Sure dad, right, she says.
She was doing a good job humiliating her own father in front of all at the party. She was good at it and it showed through her husband. Dad, she said. Since you were so interested in my breast, maybe you should have a treat. Come up here and lick my nipples. I rose and went over to her breast and started lapping on her nipples. One and then the other. They were growing with excitement and I think the precum was starting to flow out of me.  My daughter was catching it in her fingers. Father, you do that very well, now, go down and do the same to my flower. I froze. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I told her I am sorry but out of respect for my daughters and their mother, I couldn’t do that. My daughter raised her precum covered fingers and stuck them in my mouth. You are such a waste of a human being she said. I suppose you won’t touch me there because you feel it is wrong with your daughter. Well pops, I haven’t considered you my father for years now. I have no father. If I did, he would be a real man, not some wimp of a male like you she blurted. Now, get down there and lick it. No, I’m sorry. I can’t. The room exploded with yelling and insults directed at me. I think I will be looking towards the punishment soon.
After being instructed to remove myself to the corner and face it, the party started winding down. I think all the woman had been serviced in one way or another and I believe there were a few orgasms amongst them. The ladies were all sitting on furniture in simi circle now with the three males in the middle. My wife rose up and said it was now time to announce the punishments and who the lucky lad is that will be rewarded.  Girls, are we all in agreement the first to be punished is my youngest son in law. Everyone happily agreed. I figured I had no chance of a reward with the ordeal with my daughter but that was a price I was willing take pay.
My wife pulled the arm of my son in law over and had him turn the living room chair around so it faced away from the ladies. Bend over subby my wife instructed. You are going to get ten whaks with tis new paddle that was brought to the party just for this occasion. Now, lets see who shall have the honors of administering your punishment. I know, everyone can have a whak for seven of them and I get the remaining whaks. Oh, by the way, it’s ten per cheek or there about. I’ll start and my wife held up a leather paddle tha had various sized holes in it. It was stiff as a board and looked like about 14 or 15 inches long with the handle and a good 4 to 5 inches wide. My wife raised it and SMAK onto his left cheek. SMAK on to his right cheek. With each smak I could see my son in law straiten out. That looked awful painful. OK, Whose next my wife asked. I am came a voice from the group and another lady took her turns. SMAK, SMAK. Tears were starting in my son in laws eyes but so far, he has been quiet. Next and it went on through all seven of the ladies. My son in law made it to the fourth lady, his wife until he stated reacting verbally in pain. His ass was already turning a dark crimson. After the seven, I could see blood seeping out from his blisters where the holes in the paddle had left their marks. This was the worst beating I have seen and I stood silently wondering if the next persons, probably me, could be as bad or worse even. My wife took the paddle over again. She had six whacks remaining to give.  My son in law was begging her not to do any more. He begged her to stop. The women were all encouraging her. Teach him a lesson he won’t forget the yelled. Make him suffer for his mistakes. Show him who is the boss. My wife teased him. Do you want me to stop she asked. Yes mam was his reply. Why do you want me to stop she asked. It hurts so bad came his reply. Too fucking bad she said. You deserve everything you get, don’t you. Yes mam was his reply. My wife then placed two whacks on his bloody swollen ass. Now subbie, are you going to remember what will happen if you make mistakes again and dishonor your wife? Yes mam came his painful reply. SMAK, SMAK onto the back of his legs. He bucked almost falling to the floor. He held on to the top of the chair and didn’t let himself fall. Good subbie, you are getting it, aren’t you/ Yes mam. SMAK to the back of his left leg, SMAK to the back of his right leg. She was done, he was too. My wife ordered him to stand against the wall now but don’t make a mess. I handed him a towel as he passed me by.
OK, time for punishment number two. Are we all In agreement it is my wimpy husband? Yes came the reply in unison. OK then, time for my husband to lean over the chair. Oh god, the same thing. I don’t know if I can take what my son in law just took. My husband being such a wimp would drop dead if his punishment was the same so we have to change it up some. There will be three different punishments placed on him, the first, four whacks with this handy paddle. 2 each by each of my daughters who say they deserve it. All agree? Yes came the chorus of voices. I took my place over the back of the chair. Both daughters approached me and the oldest on took the paddle from my wife. Count for us dad my daughter instructed me. SMAK, pain tore through my right ass cheek. One I replied. The paddle was handed to my youngest daughter. SMAK, pain tore through my left ass cheek. Two I replied. Back the paddle went to my oldest. SMAK, as more pain tore through my right ass cheek, three I responded with definite pain in my voice. Again back to my youngest, SMAK, and the only good thing was it was finished. Four I said with a desperate voice so happy it would stop now.  My wife stood next to my surely red ass and announced it was fine for phase two of this wimps punishment. First the blind fold. I was blindfolded and they did it so well that there was not light getting through anywhere. Now, my husband is to lay on his back on the floor. I was laid on the floor with help from others. Now, he will spread his legs and someone or someone’s grabbed  my ankles and spread my legs as far as they could go. My junk fully exposed and hanging there. Now ladies, you may all come forward and tease, pinch, bite, squeeze, grab, or whatever suits your fancy with Mr. wimps balls and cock. Please, let him know who is in control. I sensed everyone moving in my direction. I felt the first grab of my balls and a hind tighten around them. Another hand slapped my tight balls. I felt pain run through my body. I think someone snapped them with their finger. Someone placed their warm lips over my cock but then bit down. I’m wasn’t sure at the time if they broke skin. People were telling me I deserve everything that happens to me because I’m such a disrespectful ass hold. They told me that I better start leaning to do as I’m told and never question a woman and especially a family member woman. They were hurting me while asking if I understood. I had to say yes, yes, yes. I will always obey and I promised never to question a woman. My hands tried to cover the assault of my groin but people held them down. It went on for what seemed an eternity. It was in really bad shape and thought they are finished as a cock and balls. Alright girls I heard my wife say. I think he has had enough of this part. Lets all have a seat to enjoy round number three and the final punishment. My wife told me to stay where I was and to let go of my balls. I slowly removed my hands expecting another assault on them but nothing happened. I was instructed to hold my arms straight out from my sides. I did so. My wife said that for no reason will I move an arm or leg and asked if I understood. I said I did. Good she said, it is time for you to pleasure a couple of my guest. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. I did so and with that someone lowered their pussy onto my mouth. Not just lowered it but covered it. I started licking inside it but realized I couldn’t breathe. I tried but there was no way. I started trying to escape and when I thought I was going to pass out, she lifted a bit and let me breath. Then, she lowered herself again shutting off my air. Deeper, go deeper daddy I heard my youngest say. Was she talking from the side or was it her pussy? Again, my body had used all the air I had but she lifted again and let me breath. I want to feel more daddy she said as she lowered herself again. I paused and she insisted I better get going if I want to breathe again. I drove my tongue as deep as I could. That’s better daddy. Make me cum. She lifted up and slid her clit over my mouth and I licked. I licked like crazy for some reason. The taste of pussy, the aroma it gives off. I was excited. Hey look, you’re giving your dad a boner. My daughter started sliding her clit over my tongue. I worked it best I could and I did remember how I did that before. Suddenly, she shuddered and I could feel the wetness escape from her onto my face. Oh god, I just gave my own daughter an orgasm and worst of all, I got excited doing it. I just became the worst father in the world. My turn was a voice from the group and I recognized it as my oldest. What can I say, if I can do it to my one daughter, I can do if for the other. I just need to get out of my head who it is and just take in the taste and aromas. She lowered her pussy over my mouth and as before shut off my air. I could smell and taste what I longed for so I just went to work on it. I still kept running out of air but whenever she lowered herself back on me I went right back at it. She then slid her clit over my tongue and someone then removed my blindfold. All I could see was my daughters ass hole and part of her back but it was inviting. I worked on her clit and she leaned forward and told me that I am a pervert. She wanted me to admit it. She took my cock in her hand and said c’mon, admit you’re a pervert. I admitted I was. I didn’t want her to stop. Yes, I’m a pervert. Admit you are just a piece of trash to be used by  women as they please. I admitted it. Tell everyone how you are no longer a man. I said I wasn’t a man. She was enjoying it because she orgasm right then. She squeezed my cock hard while she did and when it subsided, she continued to hold my cock, squeezing precum out all over the head of it. See dad, you are a pervert. You just gave your two daughter orgasms by eating them out. What kind of worthless being would do that to his own daughters? You are disgusting All I could say was yes mam, I am.
OK everyone, time for son in law number one’s reward for being a good obedient servant at our gathering my wife announced. What do you all say to letting him fuck until he cums. Yeah came the reply from the group. I thought, lucky, lucky guy. My wife asked my oldest daughter how long it has been since he has been allowed to cum. Just over a week she replied. If I knew he was going to get this kind of reward today, I would have withheld it longer. Shouldn’t take him very long though since he is a quick lousy fuck any way. OK, then he gets to fuck. Ladies, don’t you feel sorry for my poor husband and his torment of giving his own daughters orgasms? No, came the reply. Well, I do she says so I think he should join in on the reward. She called me over and I was starting to feel better now. She called my son in law over and asked him if he really wanted to cum. He said yes mam, very much so mam. Good she said. You get to fuck and she handed him a tube of lube. Use as much or little as you like. Your father in law won’t complain one bit, will you as she looked right at me. I guess my participation in the reward is going to be my ass as a receptacle. She turned to my son in law and asked, are you ready to get off. He paused, mam he said, I have never fucked a man. Have you ever fucked an ass of anyone she asked. No mam. Well, if you want to get off and I know you do, this will be the ass that will do it. My wife then knelt down in front of him and took his limo dick into her mouth. She cupped his balls in both hands and started to give him a sloppy blowjob that he looked to be very much enjoying. After a minute she withdrew her face and everyone could see he was sporting thick six to six and a half inch cock. I think it was bigger then any strap on my wife had. Well, thicker. My wife guided him by his cock over to me and instructed me to bend over. I did so. She pushed him up to me and told him to have at it. He tried to enter me but it wasn’t happening. My wife suggested some lube and took it upon herself to lube him and me up pretty well. He tried again to enter me. I was starting to get stretched pretty good. Suddenly, he just pushed all the way into me. That hurt and it felt that I was being ripped apart. He was in. in all the way. My wife told him to get busy and get his reward. He started moving slowly but picked up speed pretty quickly. It was becoming easier to take now for me as I loosened up and the lube spread more evenly. He pumped hard and drove all the way into me and announced he was cumming. He seemed to pump all the way into me five or six times and then stopped while staying all the way in. My wife told him he did a good job and asked what it felt like to be gay. I could feel is erection go completely down. He removed his cock from me and I could feel his cum starting to come out of me. I could hear him say, I’m not gay. Bull shit my wife said. You just fucked a guy in the ass. You are so gay. Now the others started getting on his case. Faggot, fudge packer, sissy, you name it, he was probably called it. I was standing on the side trying not to let any cum drip on the floor. My oldest daughter came over to her husband, grabbed his hair and brought him over towards me. You faggot she said, you’re a disgrace. Do you know that she asked. Yes mam was his reply. Good, for your disrespect, I have a job for you and if you complain, I will put you outside with your balls ties to a tree for everyone to see. Do you understand. Yes mam was his reply. She told him to get on his knees. He did, She instructed me to bring my ass back to his mouth. I did. She then instructed her husband to eat every drop of cum that runs out of dad’s ass because now she has changed her mind and he shouldn’t  have been able to cum so he has to take it back. He looked at his wife but it wasn’t going to help. She pushed his head up to my ass hole and told him to start licking. He did and I let my muscles loose and his big cum started flowing. I was holding it in so it came out enforce and he couldn’t keep up with the flow. His wife pushed his mouth hard against my hold and told him to suck. He started sucking the cum out my ass. I could feel him pulling it out with his mouth. She told him to swallow every bit so he takes it all back. He did just that until she told him he did a good job and could now quit. See she said. I told you that you are just a sissy faggot. Do you believe me now? Yes mam he replied. Thank you mam for showing me my true self.
The party was over. The ladies left and we guys thanked everyone of them individually as they left. We remained naked. The three remaining family women called us into the living room. Upon entering we were informed it was now our duty to clean the house. We were informed we made a big mess and should get it all cleaned up quickly. By the way my wife interjected, one of the nice ladies here videoed the total party and mostly your involvement. All the women will have a copy of it and we three would just like to inform you all that if you behave, are respectful and totally dedicated to us, do as your told and obey our every demand, none of your friends will see it or the part with you in it. If you don’t follow our demands, the bits with you in it will be found somewhere by your friends. Won’t they be surprised?  We kept that on our minds as we went about cleaning up. The youngest son in law wasn’t moving too quickly. He wasn’t dripping blood but the welts and the bruises looked like he was in front of the receiving end of a herd of horned bulls taking him one by one. It was bad and was going to take weeks to heal. The older son in law was pretty quiet. I think he could still taste the cum he got out of me or at least thought he did. I tried taking to him but he just started crying. I gave him a hug and told him he would be OK. He asked if he was really gay now. I asked him if he was attracted to men. He said absolutely not. I told him he wasn’t gay and that if commanded to perform with another man ever, just do it. It’s just another human and there is no connection. Life will be easier then. He thanked me and went back to cleaning. Me, I needed a cold bath. My balls were still feeling the wrath of the women who I think, hate balls. At least my balls. OK, let’s get the cleaning done before something else happens to us.  The ladies reappeared as we finished up. Good job they all agreed. The daughters took off for their homes with their husbands and my wife and I sat down. She said, wow, a great day don’t you think? Yes I replied. A great day. Bed came early that evening.  I never again had any sexual contact with my daughters and I am glad of that. I have on numerous occasions seen them naked. There was a few times my wife and one or the other daughters would double up with some lovers with their husbands in toe. I have had sexual contact with one of my sons in law since that party and that was by order of our wives to get them excited. At least, I have never kissed a man.
Sorry, back into the present. I retired early and my wife wanting to move back to her home country I seen as a thing that would bring her party lifestyle to a close. I mean, we are in a Muslin majority nation and these sorts of things just don’t happen. There are bars and clubs that do have girls but they are all in their early 20s and it would be hard for my wife to compete with that. Plus, these girls work for money. My wife never did. She never would. She only likes the excitement.
Sold everything or donated it to charities, cashed out my 401K, got the proper paperwork needed for me and off we went. Settled down. Rented a house. Spent a lot of time with family getting to know and reknow them. No clubbing or any partying. Wow, this is pretty nice. Not. The internet is a powerful thing and if there is a swinging dick out there connected to a white or black guy. American, Canadian, New Zealander, Australian, or an European that speaks English, they are fair game. Fair game and she seened to find some. Within six months of our arrival she found three of which two became regulars. I am always with her now but only as a prop. One time my services were called upon because the internet introduced my wife to the term Cuckold. Along with that a couple of her partners have read all about them. They think someone eating their cum off of his own wife’s body is hot. Yeah, well she thinks so too. She isn’t as active as she was back home but she is 60 now. She sure doesn’t look it and I doubt she tells any prospective cock she is.
She has a couple guys she sees every few months. They have a lot of action to the girls where they live but they can’t help but fly into this country and visit with her a night ot two.
So, in the end, even though the end isn’t here yet, I have leaned some things.
I at first thought it would be fun watching my wife have sex with another man. It was. A great turn on and actually, to this day it is a turn on.
If you set ground rules, stick with them. Demand them or they will change and they will change with her hand. She has the power if you want to admit it or not.
One shouldn’t just feel they should let their wife just go if they are for some reason struck with some condition stopping themselves from being the main attraction for their wives needs.
If you find yourself in a cuckold position remember, your are still participating in your wife’s enjoyment.
All cocks are not the same. Some are big, some small, and some are just right. Every girl has different demands. Of those cocks out there, both black and white have some big cocks. Both black and white have some little cocks. Matter of fact against the BBC hype on the internet with cuckolds, the smallest cock my wife ever encountered was on a black man. She walked our as soon as she seen it. So, the BBC is just because it is supposed to be so taboo. Times are changing and it is much more common to see black and white couples so the taboo is dying. I’m sure the internet will come up with some other taboo in the future. To me it’s funny to see all the cartoons on cuckolding with blacks. Whites are probably getting more fucking of another whites wife then blacks are. Yes, there are black cuckolds. Where are they on the internet. I know they are out there. I have met a few personally. I have absolutely no objections to mixed relationships. Our marriage is one of them. Every race has something to be desired. SE Asians lack in the size field but try to make up for it in other ways.
Even though you feel you and your wife have great communications between each other, make it even better.
My biggest regret to this day is the involvement I had with my own daughters. You may say it was forced on me so I shouldn’t feel bad, the truth is, they are my daughters and it just wasn’t supposed to happen. I did have a talk with my wife about it and according to her, While I am their father in family ways, they were taught to just see me as another submissive male at their mercy. They would not consider me a father then but an object.
It is OK to encourage your wife to sleep with another but help her out and keep some control. I think she would like this better then you just sending her off on her own.
If you don’t want your life to change, stop the changes early. If you wait you will be past any chance of returning.
The term cuckold actually means someone who’s wife is cheating on him and while others know, he does not. I hate the term because my wife never really cheated on me. She always had my blessing. I’m not sure what a better name would be for the likes of me but I don’t think it’s cuckold. Thanks the internet again.
There is nothing wrong with your wife stepping out and getting more then you can offer. At the same time, the guy should have the same opportunities. Just keep the love in the family and continue to support and take care of each other.
Swingers are pretty neat people and have a lot going for themselves. Wish we could have been them.
I probably even at this stage of my life know what I’m really talking about. I never planned any of this except for that first time of my wife being with another man for her benefit.
I do know that I love my wife. She loves me. We still have a great life together. We raised two wonderful, successful, independent daughters. My wife never developed feeling for anyone where it could hurt our marriage and there were better men then I and ones who could provide for her better then I. Still, she remained with me.
If you want your wife to have sex with someone for her and your benefit, weigh all options carefully. Futures depend on it.
I lost my manhood. I bet with it and lost. If you are willing to do this, go all in. If not, think again if you have plans to share without your involvement.
Good luck all ladies and gentleman.

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