My story from the beginning by Donna. Part 2

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First, it had been a stressful day, and I was looking forward to some of his BBC to relax me. Second, for some reason, his words made me wet instantly. That alone is no small feat for a woman of my age. I simply nodded my head and whispered OK. He told me to first strip and get on my knees, which I did. Then he bent over in front of me and told me first to show his ass how sorry I am. I had heard of, and seen video of rim jobs, so I knew what to do though I had never given one. I spread his cheeks and tentatively licked at his hole. He reached behind grabbing my head and told me “No, show it some love. Slow, sucking, deep French kisses. This I did. His musk was not bad and somewhat sexy to tell the truth. I ate his ass with passion.

cuckold affair
After a couple of minutes, he told me that I had done a good job with the repentance, now it was time for the punishment. He had me on the bed on my knees with my head down. I was told that it was OK to cry, but not to shout out and to count each lick and thank him. The first wasn’t too hard, but did really sting. I counted and thanked him. By number eight, it was a powerful blow that had me sobbing, and I thanked him in a quivering voice. By 11, I was a blubbering mess. My pussy was dripping. It’s hard to explain, but the pain and shame of being belted naked by a young black man had me so horny I could hardly stand it.
I felt his finger in my dripping labia, followed by his huge cock taking me all the way to the cervix in one stroke. Again pain, pleasure. I was coming within a few of his strokes. He would pound me hard for another 15 or so minutes with me coming countless times and him finally opening me enough to take me to the hilt again.

I have to get to work now, but needless to say that night took our relationship to a different level.

Much more to come.