Holiday Relief. Part 7 of 10

I heard Karen laughing. “Ten? Is that what you are worth, Chris? That is all?” She asked.
 I could totally see where this was going and decided to soften my punishment before it gets any worse. “Twenty? And really hard,” I added as I was hoping that I will get away with that on the table.
“Well,” replied Karen, “that should be just fine for the moment since it is his first time. Keep in your mind what I told you earlier, Chris”.
Chris came from behind me and touched my manhood with her hand as she felt my device hanging down.
“Oh, look at him, it is getting hard”.
She took a step back and swung at me with the belt.
BOOM! I thought I was going to lose my breath as it hurt like hell.
“Awwwwwhhh, fuck!’ I screamed.
“Shut your pie-hole and remain silent,” said Karen, “or I will make her start it all over again and count each stroke”.
“One” I mumbled.
“One, my mistress” corrected Chris and swung my belt for another time.
“Two, my mistress” I said somehow.
“That’s a good stroke,” Karen added..
“Three, my mistress”.
“That’s what I thought,” said Chris.
“Four, my mistress”.
This process continued and I remember that by ten strokes I felt tears in my eyes and my ass was completely on fire. I was thinking to myself, how the hell I am going to make it through twenty strokes? And so I felt Karen taking all twenty strokes on my ass and the top of my thighs. Finally, we got to the point where we were going.
“Twenty, my mistress”. I felt my legs were shaking and could taste my tears rolling down my cheeks. And yet strangely, I could feel pre-cum running through my tiny and shriveled penis.