the fantasy came true today….

Popped out to the shops to get some bread and when I got back my key wouldnt work in the door, that was puzzling so I knocked and had a to wait a while until my wife finally came to the door. She let me in and that was when I noticed she was dressed in stockings, high heels and some very sexy lingerie. She just smiled at me and led me upstairs.

Sit there she said, and I sat in the small chair in the bedroom and in walked Rob. He is 6ft 2 and works at the gym where we are members he is a superb specimen of a man six pack and Ive often caught him looking at my wife, and vice versa.

He didnt really aknowlege me he just walked to her and kissed her, she looked so small against him nearly a foot smaller. He allowed her to remove his shirt then his jeans his boxers were struggling to retain his cock, she looked at him as she eased him out and I watched as it dissapeared into her mouth. She licked and sucked his erection he must have been a good 8 inches and I watched as she worked him.

He lifted her onto the bed, stepped out of his jeans. She winked at me as he removed her flimsy pants and put his head into her crotch. I listened to her moans as he licked her and she was clawing at his head, I watched as her body convulsed and an orgasm ripped through her body.

He stopped licking and removed the rest of her lingerie, they were both naked now. She lay next to himplaying with his swollen cock before he moved onto her and pushed himself inside. I watched her claw his back and her legs wrap round his waist, she was sighing hard and slowly he pushed deeper and deeper inside her. He had her coming quite quickly he didnt stop just carried on ploughing into her faster and harder she was moaning harder now, she was telling him she was going to cum again and I watched as she thrust up to him his moans grew loader and with two huge thrusts he came inside her I could see his balls squeeze and throb as they emptied inside her.

He fucked her three times before he left her pussy is red raw with the pounding…cant wait till next time he may bring his mate.