Three ideals

We’re three young married girls who have recently discovered this blog. I’m Natalie and I’m thinking of going with a very handsome bull at work. My husband Jeff works overseas a lot- in some dodgy places shall we say, so it would be easy to have an affair if I want one. I’m Tricia and I work as an air hostess. I have had a few one flight stands with pilots that my husband Ian knows about and has decided to accept as part of the work that I do. I’m Greta and I work in healthcare, whilst my husband Stewart works as a teacher. We have actively started looking for a stud to service me.
We appreciate that most of your correspondents are more experienced than us, but still hope that our post, the ideal stud, the ideal cuckold and the ideal social scene will still interest readers. If we seem a bit radical, it’s perhaps because we’re all college educated, we expect a lot out of life as our husbands will find out.
The ideal cuck
We’ll start with what we know best, our husbands. As all of us like the idea of extra marital sex, we have been slowly positioning hubbies to become cucks.
1. He is ready to be ruled by our lover. You could ask goodness, why don’t you want him to be malleable to you? But from our point of view, why bother with managing someone, as long as he does what your beau wants? Truth is, a sexy stud will have him submit to you anyway, treat you as a princess, and all without you having to think more than about where the next big cock shafting is coming from. We differ a bit on how far that goes, him dressing up and such like, sucking stud cock. I (Greta) quite like the idea of Stewart sucking bull cock, just as long as my cum is all over it.
2. He has huge humility. If he’s insecure as well, then that’s his look out. But we want the cuck to accept that other guys are better hung then he is, that they know how to fuck harder, better and longer and that in consequence he should stand aside. Of course the humility is directed to us too. He should feel utterly inferior to you, and probably that you have married down in some way, that you tolerate his shortfalls, no more. As Tricia puts it, ‘Ian ideally accepts that I fuck with other men not just because of opportunity but because he’s not fit to service me’.
3. He’s generous. We think its sexy to be rewarded for being a bitch- it shows that this is a turn on for him too. So nice clothes, raunchy lingerie, should be part of the scene. One it accentuates your status over him, two it just increases the lust between you and Mr right and three it helps you become accustomed to the best of everything- not just cock.

4. He knows his own mind. Surprising right, but if he floats around and doesn’t quite know what thrills him, you get complications later on. For example he should feel envious of what a stud does with you, but not lose his composure. If he says he’s ready for you to breed with your stud, then he better mean that! I’ve been working on that with Stewart from the off as I suspect that at some time I will want to come off the pill for my future lover (Greta).
5. He’s flexible- he knows that sometimes you want him there in the act and sometimes he should piss off and wank somewhere. Women get bored with the same old voyeur thing.

The ideal stud
6. He’s black, well built and handsomely hung. If you’re male and white then just get over it. Charming you may be, but you don’t have the same appeal. None of us would look at a white lover now. You can analyse as much as you want, but black cock is definitely best.
7. He’s very direct and very raw about sex. He will seem arrogant, but that is also the hottest, sexiest thing for a woman to find in a man. He knows what he wants and it’s between your legs. He’s about to teach you to become obsessed with your cunny and the sensations that it can provide. Natalie observes that her husband is too refined, too genteel, too smoothed out about sex like most other things. Frankly the sensual has been bred out of the man and has left him seeming weak.
8. He’s ready to rule your cuck husband. You may think that this is the same as 1 above but it’s not. We’ve heard of lots of horny bulls who like to stoke white cunny, but it’s a different matter managing that so it’s his alone and the cuck is assigned another role. We feel sexiest when the right man is utterly in charge and to our benefit. So if that means sending cuck out for the night, having him drive us to our dirty weekend away, sleeping and wanking in another room, so be it. Natalie said that the sexiest letter she ever read was about a bull servicing a bride on her wedding night whilst the groom smoked a fag outside. The sheer arrogance of it, made her touch herself!
9. He’s a teacher as well as a stud. Educated we may be but when it comes to sex there is still more to discover. Becoming a bitch isn’t an overnight thing and it has lots of nuances, cuck put downs, hedonistic pleasures and lifestyle adjustments. We want our studs to teach us the ‘dark side’.
10. If he rides bareback (and we’d prefer that) he’s ours alone. Greta promised no health lectures, but we’d be fools to do this any other way. So Mr right must want this a great deal, to make it a lifestyle thing, rather than just a conquest!

The ideal situation
Our dirty little minds ran riot here, but ideally…
11.There’s a new elite and its considered the most natural thing in the world for girls such as us to couple with raunchy black guys. Its choice come of age and the right man is….(see immediately above)
12. Girls happily have their kids fathered by one guy, the right guy, and have other men, cucks, to do other softer, less masculine things they’re good at. Greta laughs and says that Stewart will be like a cook and nanny, but we know what she means. He will have a role where he doesn’t try and compete with what can’t be competed against.
13. There are clubs and pubs specifically for our sort of dating. You can find the right bull, with the right physique, the right attitude and the right success profile to ensure that you really do want to catch with him. You can’t wait to get a bulging tum and as only one guy has stoked the fire, you know what that means!
14. There are classes for cucks- at present the training is all at home and it can be tedious for us. So perhaps he goes to night school, to understand his pathetic need to submit to another guy and let him do the fucking in your household.
How are we doing then? We haven’t ‘done it’ yet. We will ready our husbands first. But we hope you agree that we have potential!

Natalie, Tricia and Greta

42 thoughts on “Three ideals

  1. hi Natalie- a question. How are you preparing Jeff for his new life? I ask because i have a similar situation with a hubby working abroad. He already feels second best to his mate Liam who wants me to sleep with him, but I need to arrange all this securely. It would be easy to just jump into bed with Liam- he is so much more physical.

  2. Girl’s your post is refreshing I must say- but is it really the case that there’s no dominatrix in any of you? My wife Jean enjoys that, insisting on me doing chores whilst she is out with her boyfriend. Yes too- her man is beautiful and black- she would agree your assessment of what’s best.

  3. What about the ideal hot wife then ladies?I get some of it from your comments on other things, but do you have an ideal for yourselves?

  4. I can almost picture Liam, but I wouldn’t jump yet gal- I’d get your husband thoroughly accustomed to the idea of elite sex first. If your old man is already feeling inferior to Liam that’s a honest start. Talk about why some men are better at sex, why women are instinctively driven to chose the best. Remember, women chose- we call the shots, literally.
    As for my preparation, they have been done with Jeff at a distance. We email and text a lot and have talked about masturbating. I encourage Jeff to jerk off a lot and thinking about me rather than some woman in a blue mag. I want him focused on me and my pleasures! To help with that, and because i can draw a bit, I sent him a sketch of me taking a big black cock. It was all fantasy stuff, and a bit risky maybe. He could have panicked, but instead he wrote back saying that he had tossed his load looking at it. He noted how much bigger the back cock was and I responded calmly, ‘I expect bigger’. Happily its started a raunchy correspondence and we’re now talking a bit more about me and my needs. It will eventually get around to my rights-given my superior breeding. That’s how I will handle things.
    Meantime, with the healthy bank balance secured through Jeff’s work I’ve bought some new and raunchy clothes. The tightest possible pair of leather jeans. I’m teasing Mr Right at work just a little. The knack will be to have Jeff ready to give in and let someone else service me before the urge to fuck gets too great for us here back in the UK!
    best wishes,

  5. Just spoke to Tricia and Greta Dean, so here is our reply.
    None of us right now are really big on the dominatrix thing, although we know other sexy women are. It may be something that develops when you have secured your menage a trois? The first step seems to be to secure better cock and to have your hubby stand aside. To facilitate that, some things may be necessary-but it shouldn’t get in the way of what’s most needful!

  6. What can we say, the ideal hot wife is hedonistic for sure and yes she must know her own mind big time. There is responsibility here as well as pleasure! But perhaps too she is on a journey inside her head, one that’s to do with living with instincts. We have as big an appetite for sex as men and sometimes bigger. we can be very discerning, very selective, so why shouldn’t you deal with that. I mean, look at football. There is the premiere league for those who do it best and the Sunday afternoon park for those who dabble. When it comes to sex we aspire to the highest standards and of others then watch- OK.

  7. Just to add a thought to what Natalie has posted about dominatrix lifestyle. She’s captured our position very well, but there two things that I would like.
    First, I would want Stewart in one of those perspex cock constraints once I’m going with someone. Its not that he could compare with a big black dick, but I could end up feeling soft about him sometime- all that compliance! If Stewart’s cock is nicely locked away, then I know for sure that I will be carrying the right baby.
    Second- its not especially a dom thing, but it would be sexy to party some time, the three girls and their bulls. I would expect Stewart to use his camera to take the pics, to get the shots of very stiff black cocks sending us into multiple orgasms. Stewart is probably ahead of the others in his preparation for submission to a black master, so he might have to help the others along!

  8. I showed this blog to a male friend of mine, one who thinks that he’s pretty classy with the ladies. He’s white, sweet and very interesting in a toy boy way. But I had to put him straight about the dominance of black cock. Black guys are so well hung, they have so much attitude. They love their massive tools and teach you to love them too. Arrogance is part of it I suppose- the way they make you submit and get in touch with your bitchiness.

    Whilst I’m not wanting a sprog straight off, I can see why Greta wants this so much. Its very in your face. It resets the social mores, and for she and her cuck, its a radical lifestyle choice. But if I find the right stud, we develop the right arrangement, and we’ve rode a while, then the pills will go down the pan I can tell you.

    Other blokes are envious -of black cock and their power I mean. It’s inconvenient, jealousy provoking, but that brings us back to the central thing doesn’t it. The lady chooses, and what she wants goes. This is the revolution we’re talking about, women controlling sex more, determining the gene pool.

    Sweet boy child male friend asked whether the pilots I shagged were black and I had to admit no, they weren’t. By the time I gone to Jamaica a few times though and compared the swimming trunk lunch boxes I was cured of that predilection.

  9. My turn now- why don’t men post here and accept what we’re saying, indicate that they will think about asking their wives to find someone better. Decades of the same cock, as you wrinkle away is hardly an edifying thought. Hell, if its tiny to begin with and shrinks some more?!
    Anyway Martin- who rang me after I’d shown him our blog conversation…yes the bride did insist before she got married that her stud would continue servicing her. She had all the control there- she owned the house, had the better paid job, came with the better education, was in short, better bred. If her pansy husband had objected to the arrangement, then it was easy to dismiss him. There’s lots of women these days who out earn their other halves, who are already an elite in one form or another. Its time for a matriarchy (look it up weak males if you’re unsure). She married him because he was the nurturing type- she had more testosterone than he did. So it would work out- she getting the sex and he looking after the babies that ensued.

  10. Wow-machine gun posts-bang, bang, bang!
    Question ladies- do you think the menage a trois arrangement, dominant bull, compliant cuck and blissful hotwife is sustainable long term- or does boredom creep in? Could it be that you will need other thrills over time? Honest query-no political views. My mother cucked my father years ago, so I’ve no special stance on this.

  11. Thanks for the question Dave- a good one.
    We’ve talked about this and of course thought about the comparisons. One in four marriages end in divorce, so what chance a menage a trois? Of course, lots of people don’t marry these days, they form long term partnerships but accept things can and do change. We decided that the following was key to determining how sustainable this all was…

    1. how ready the hubby is to be cucked- especially if it comes to breeding. He has to find his way too and you have to respect that in him, even though its so second rate to you.
    2. How intelligent you all are. If you’re thick you’ll make poorer decisions, struggle to work with the ups and the downs ahead. Use your intelligence- all three of you.
    3. How intrigued the bull is by what the relationship could become. Sure he can move on to fields anew, but if you’re imaginative, and the sex is really good, then there’s new things to discover.

    In the end its two relationships for us girls- one with a lover and one with an also ran. Both need attention, both can be sensuous in their different ways. When I’ve read about a husband lapping lover’s spunk off a hot wife’s sex, I get all goose bumpy. There are side order pleasures- things that sustain each in their different ways.

    I guess that a hotwife might have relationships with a series of handsome studs. Cuck husbands might even facilitate that. For me, it would be serial though. I want to savour each in turn and not rush around like a mad woman.

  12. Bloody hell Tricia, you make this all sound so logical and right, so normal and such. I wonder why other women aren’t working on the same projects!

  13. You’re lovely aren’t you- thanks for the almost real time chat Dave.

    It is logical though isn’t it. I guess you might like beer, so you drink the brand that you like the most. You find out what pleasure is and then within bounds, getting others to agree things, you go for it. Great sex is a pleasure, it is connected up to appetite and what I’m saying is that women often wrap up their appetites, they don’t demand enough. If you’re very lucky, and you can help your husband to understand that regards sex, the appetite will be largely met elsewhere, then you are very fortunate. You don’t need to divorce, you live differently. You still got to the cinema with him, attend the school play, visit in laws, its just that someone bigger and better fucks you.

    Talk about cars- blokes love cars too-yes. Well we do as well. You can drive the length of Britain in an old wreck, it will with the help of the motoring organisations perhaps get you there. But if you can arrange it, wouldn’t you prefer to travel in a sports car of your preferred brand? Women can see men in the same light. Sometimes you have to do it in style, especially if you have been brought up to expect the best. Just lately Nat, Greta and i have been viewing the show rooms. Black is best, that’s simply our view. We’ll work on hubbies to help them submit to that view, accept our choice. It doesn’t mean that we won’t keep a nostalgic old motor as a second car in the garage though. We just won’t be seen out in it too often!

  14. Am I an old banger? I wonder Tricia. Pre war Citroen 2 CV?!

    Anyway, will you and the other girl’s post once you start cucking your husbands?Its unusual to get such a clear view of the woman’s perspective. Its usually cuck husbands with their hands on their dicks as they post!

  15. Dave, bumping over the furrowed fields with a suspension that keeps the farmer’s eggs intact!?

    Yes, sure, I guess it will be Natalie who posts first. She is so hot for the guy at work and she has Jeff wanking away nicely now. Greta may be next, she’s very focused on this too. What we post first may be the try and see stuff- we won’t make our minds up over a long term bull any time soon. but if it will help blokes come to terms with black cock supremacy, more importantly still with the edict ‘M’am knows best’ then we will certainly post.

  16. Such promising posts- specially the neat stuff looking forward to a future cockdom. I recommend that you get your wimp to meet up for a drink with the bull. Terms get set out and you’ll be surprised how he bends to requirements. They can speak frankly then, the hub can submit nicely and when they all get back, the bull he can put that cuck through his paces for you!

  17. Hi Abraham, what sorts of terms have you set before then? This will help us no end.

  18. I insist on them in three areas from the off. Like first, its about getting the hub to see you different, as above him, to create the right space for me and the lady to develop that horny bond. So for a few weeks at least, he’s banned from the boudoir, though you might like to taunt him with tales afterwards. We just need space to get it on yeah? I want to make you oh so mine, first.

    Second off, there’s no sniffing and licking for a while. I mean, they see this as a reward, a treat and you don’t hand out the goodies first off. They need to work for the new and very meagre privileges. So keep the guy away from your sticky little cunny. I direct them to lick boots, especially under the soles and heels, it establishes his low life status and is surprisingly sexy for women, even if they can’t feel that tongue lapping away down there.

    Third thing, I establish the rules about talking. They never talk unless I speak to them. When they do answer, they look down to show that I’m boss. Later on, when they attend us, I teach them to treat their mistress the same way. Its no touch, no word stuff. Picture them standing in the corner, hands behind their back with a stiffy!

  19. Thanks so much Abraham- I can see what you mean about establishing your alpha male position. Its very, very sexy. I think you’re right to have the cuck under your control first- we can enjoy ourselves freely that way, knowing the bull is in charge.

  20. Few other suggestions Greta. I find it a good thing to ensure that you take your new bitch out on some dates, to help establish her separateness from the also ran. He’ll panic that you might be seen, but you can go different places and I’ve not met a woman who doesn’t enjoy a long suggestive lead in to a good fuck. Of course she’ll dress to the nines- she wants other women to look at her enviously out with the man and other blokes to look on and ache for her. So she gets your cuck to help her dress- the intimate things, the painted nails, perhaps a cunny shave. He can then tug his tool back home imagining all that she’s enjoying. It sets the precedent- her pleasure, her choice first.

  21. Nearly cross posted- thanks Lionel- these ideas are hot too! Stewart doesn’t earn a big salary, but I do expect him to spend more of it making me look really posh for my lover.

    This morning Stew and i took a trip down town to a tattoo place. I chose one with a very good reputation- for cleanliness. I knew what I wanted, a discrete ace of spades tattoo to celebrate my submission to black cock. The knowing tatooist understood completely and smiled. She’s seen lots of women have this done.
    Stewart suggested that it was etched on my beachy bottom, but that was pointless. I wanted it on my bare shoulder so dishy black men could see. Afterwards Stewart was going to buy me several strapless tops I decided and i’d wear those all the time, over jeans during the day and with a tight skirt at night.
    He watched the black ink go in and I couldn’t resist teasing him. ‘I think I’ll wear my hair up more in the future’ I said, knowing full well that would show off my tattoo even better. Stewart nodded…yes, that was best.
    We’re making progress. The tattoo is a bit sore now, but it will settle. The black is very black and the ace of spades emblem stands out very bold indeed. I said to Stewart ‘what will you say when your mates ask whether your wife fucks back guys then?’ and he said nice and confidently, ‘I’ll say yes of course, she is very discerning’. He’ll leave them to wonder whether that was a joke.

  22. Love your post girls and the chat afterwards. Good to see some studs offering ideas. Where I live white guys struggle with this change as well, women deciding exactly what they want and taking it. But do just note that it takes time to settle as a bitch. Three experiences in point:

    1.Learning to swallow with a big black cock nudging back towards your throat. Bradley insists that I do swallow, but you can gag a bit given the volume and the creaminess. don’t expect to be perfect first time.

    2. Getting used to the silent little man in the corner whilst you take cock. The very silence of it is unsettling at first, but you do slowly get used to it. Fuck a lot with your beau first I say.Seeing cuck so utterly controlled by your bull though is a terribly big turn on. You feel like the alpha queen in some primordial pack. Only the stud dips his wick.

    3. Dealing with cuck’s pleading look at other times, especially if you’ve been away with the real man or out over night. At first I gave too many pleasures away there,soft kiss opportunities, but he will feed happily enough off your sharp comparisons. You might not want to manage him, but little insights like that will enslave him very nicely indeed. Its a compulsion thing!

  23. Niamh, thanks for sharing that- we have talked about such but you can’t talk enough can you and it gets ever closer.

    Last night I went out with Jethro from work, the really handsome black guy that I have alluded to in the opening post. It was only to the pub, but he was very keen and complimentary about my hair, my vivacious and confident manner. I got dressed up for him, squeezing into some figure hugging jeans and a pair of high heeled black leather boots that I hoped said, ‘bitch in control’. I didn’t want my husband to get in the way of this so I completed our evening skype exchange early. He said how raunchy i looked with my make up on and I ended up spilling the beans, confiding that Jethro was taking me to the pub. It was too long to stay indoors for months on end when your husband’s away. To my surprise Jeff was really good about this. He asked if Jethro was a ‘black dude’ and I said ‘of course’. Jeff just smiled and told me to have a very good time. There was this little pause when the conversation could have developed in several different ways. In the end though I said that I would and he was sweet to be so supportive.
    Jethro is a susprising man. Yes he has the physique of a Greek god, but he was also witty, intelligent and gently inquisitive. He had so many ways of making me feel very good indeed. Had I heard at work that I was in line to be promoted,the bosses were talking about my control of projects? I hadn’t, but he shared the sort of detail that convinced me he had the facts. I felt very turned on. I said to him, ‘do you think women should be the boss then…at work and such like?’ I asked. He chuckled and said why not, but such successful, self composed women were a terrible tease to men like him. He ordered us more drinks and then casually asked, ‘are you the boss at home too then?’
    It was a fib. I am the finance boss the family decisions boss, the holiday choice boss, but not boss about everything. I said, ‘Yes…
    I’m afraid I rule Jeff as well. I tend to get my way.’ The smile that came back was warm… interested.There was no ‘yahoo! let’s fuck then babe’ expression. Jethro just didn’t seem so surprised and my head spun with excitement.

    We came out of the pub and watched some street artists performing mime. Jethro put his hand on my waist and pulled me against his big chest. When I was snug and relaxed there he let it slip down onto my bottom. I felt so wet between my legs. Still watching the street performers, there amongst the slightly tipsy crowd, Jethro pulled me around to his front and I felt his massive erection. He felt so strong and his mouth looked delicious. His eyes searched mine and at a moment, I opened my mouth to his and he slipped his tongue inside me. There was some earthy, spicy tastes there, the smell of his cologne and yes a salty arousal. I snogged with him slowly, casually and afterwards as we walked back to the tube for home I said with as little trembling as possible, ‘I’ll go with you just as soon as I have Jeff accustomed to that. He knows that i think black guys are superior.’
    Jethro was really happy with that. He said casually that i got a lot of his mates stiff, and he was as hot as hell about me. But, it was vital to get this right. He didn’t want some daft one night stand. I smiled. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow night then’I said.

  24. Very sexy and so sweet Nat! Take it very gentle with Jeff, perhaps suggesting he share for a while. He can learn that Jethro has usurped him later. If he’s home he can feel how loose you are now, thick cock takes effect! Jethro sounds an intelligent, masterful man, he will control Jeff nicely for you if you get this right!

  25. I checked my email this morning and there was a long rambling message from Jeff. He’s asked me to go with Jethro- suspecting that I have chosen someone bigger and more imposing than him. I have talked about hunky black guys in films, he knows my taste in that regard. A lot of the email was justifying the request, all to do with his job. He liked the travel, and the big money he earned for us, but accepted that a sexy bitch such as i would then demand cock in the interim. After Niamh’s message I was going to suggest that this was an ‘whilst you’re away’ arrangement, but Jeff has gone further and said he would accept Jethro fucking me when he was back home too. You can’t completely switch off something that you need.
    I drafted two or three emails, some long and some short.This first just said, ‘alright- you asked for this.’ Others were more analytic and dry. In the end I went with…
    ‘Thank you darling you are so very caring. I will sleep with Jethro, but in the meantime I want you to consider whether you will submit to his control. He is very masterful and I don’t suppose that he will tolerate you competing for long.’
    My finger hovered over the send button- it really did. I was feeling extremely aroused. Jeff might be jerking off on this, but I did need him to understand the possible implications. I hit the button and await his response now. In the mean time I have to decide what to wear out with Jethro tonight.

  26. Girls- amazing news, I did it with Liam last night and it was exquisite. We went to a party and my husband got blitzed. He was talking very frankly and saying how envious he was of Liam, all the sexy manners, the good looks and such like. We were joking about and Liam stood behind me, slid his arms around to the front and gently cupped my tits. My husband was meant to take the photo which he did, but as he got the mobile phone out the urge to kiss Liam in that position overwhelmed me and that was what was caught on camera. ‘Fuck her man, Eloise is gagging for you’ my husband said and Liam said OK, but he was taking me home to his place for a night of fun. My husband gently shut the car door and waved us off as we left in Liam’s Z4.
    Liam has no guilt, no hang ups, just a very steely attitude in bed. ‘I’m going to make you come all night’ he said firmly. I took his cock out and sucked it delicately. I wanted him to know how special this was to me. Then though my legs were hoisted up over his hairy shoulders and he penetrated me for the first time. It was, quite honestly, electric.

  27. You lucky little vixen Eloise- just help your hubby with his hangover. He’s got a lot to get used to now!

    Jeff has emailed me back and included the following text which i will take on my date tonight…

    Dear Jethro,
    Strange note I know, but when Natalie sees something she wants and must have, then that is what she gets. I know that she has had the hots for you for ages, so its natural and right that you fuck her. In the rest of this email I’ve made it plain to my wife that she can then decide how to redefine our relationship sexually. If she prefers that you do all the fucking,then that is what goes. The same understanding will apply when I’m home on leave. Meanwhile, i’m searching the internet for a hotel somewhere snug in the countryside, so you can take her away for a weekend and make her yours. The treat is of course on me and because I can’t keep up with what she really needs.’

    I’m stunned by the message- by its frankness for sure and by its generosity. Madam gets exactly what she wants- who would wish to bin a man who bends like that! So its off for a pedicure now and to have my hair done and then out with Jethro tonight!

  28. Just thought I would update you on the exciting lunch time we’ve just had at this pub. I wore some red leather jeans and a red boob tube top with my hair up. I had a red leather choker about my neck, with a silver phallus hanging from it. I felt really turned on. Stewart came along and at my instructions sat a little way off, so that he didn’t interfere with any of the action.

    Some cool back guys were playing pool in the bar, they were perhaps in their early twenties, somewhat younger than me. But they all noticed and admired my new tattoo. I could feel them eyeing up my figure as well. They asked us if we wanted to play pool with them and I said that I did, but Stewart had a headache and was required to sit still! You should have seen Stew’s face! He was about to object I think, but I twisted my watch around my wrist, our signal for him to butt out and let things happen. Seeing that Stewart was now glued obediently to the spot I told one of the lads that he was utterly stunning and he smiled broadly. He put his hand lightly on my bottom when I broke the cluster of pool balls and they laughed confidently seeing that Stewart did not a thing.

    As the games went on and the touching continued, Stewart looked more and more miserable, more and more beaten. It was shocking to see and i had a moment of doubt. I didn’t want him too upset, just accepting that i would eventually fuck with his betters. Stewart was giving me his sign with a signet ring, begging me to bail out. Well…I did so, but oh so slowly, and only after a kiss with the biggest of the lads.

    As we drove home Stewart apologized for panicking, but this was tough. He pictured starting off my cuckoldress career with a gang bang. It was quite touching really and I felt so incredibly in control then. I reminded him that it would happen, but with an older and more powerful black guy. I had been cock teasing the lads.

    I stopped the car and pulled out his erection from the zip fly of his jeans. it was jerking away in my hand, his cock head trembling. From my jean pocket, I took out a sheath and opened it, passing it to him. ‘roll it down over your cock, imagining that you’re doing that on the knob of my lover’ I said calmly.

    He did as directed, until his modest erection was encased in latex.
    ‘Now wank’ I said, ‘think about those lads servicing me on the pool table’. it didn’t take a moment for him to come, groaning and gasping. Because his cock was hooded like that, there wasn’t any nasty sticky pathetic cum on the leather upholstery of my car either.

  29. Hell Greta babe,you should have dropped those sweat leather pants of yours for the boys and let them fuck you turn. Your sap of a husband has got to get used to it- your sweet little ass has gone over to the dark side. He’s never ever going to compete. Even now if you wank, I bet its about black guys.

    If you’d have let the boys fill you on the table, your snatch would have been dripping and then on the way home you could stop off in some shady glade and ride his face. The more licks up the cum, the drunker he gets on the smells, and the sooner he’s yours to command as you see fit.

  30. You’re right- I always finger myself thinking about black guys. The vibrator I have is black and life like. Its nine or ten inches and thick. Stewart will come to heel soon and I’m looking forward to taunting him afterwards.
    The tattoo has been the turning point. Today at the pub showed its pulling power. I’m on a plate for the right bull now and there won’t be any going back. Stewart can beg to bail out as much as he wants, I’ll be taking cock too quick to stop.

  31. Stewart was shame faced about panicking at lunch time, I kissed him and said that i understood. I preferred black cock though and he had said that this was best for me. Why would I really tolerate his weany white dick for long. I really did need a physical man in my life. To make amends Stewart insisted that we went out that night and if there was an encounter, he really would stand back this time and let things take their natural course. I promised that I would date a lover first. It was gauche of me to expect sex from the off.

    We went bowling and again I wore some tight jeans that showed off my lovely rear. My top was strapless, so the ace of spades tattoo was easily visible. The alley we were allocated was right next door to three guys who were obviously well practiced at knocking down pins. Two of the guys were white, but the third, tall and well muscled was black. There was a lot of flirting from the off. Stewart fussed over the right weight balls, and changed his shoes (probably because looking on made him stiff and he was embarrassed). For a short while the white guys were making a play for me, but i quickly put them down and gave all my attention to Dion. They seemed to sense that when a woman had chosen black it would always be black. Perhaps they thought that i had fucked a black guy already?
    Anyway, Dion and i chatted, we talked about our love of clubbing, our favourite food… everything. He was stunningly beautiful, immensely powerful looking and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Stewart was good too, when he talked to Dion he always cast his eyes downward in submission as I suggested that he do.
    Dion asked whether I would go clubbing with him at the weekend, but then looked across at Stewart who was looking on. I barely glanced back at my husband when I said, ‘don’t worry about him, he doesn’t count.’
    At the end of the bowling session, when the guys had to leave, Dion kissed me tenderly and i gave him my mobile number. His big hand cupped my bottom and pulled my sex against him. He was so solid and hard, someone who clearly worked out. ‘I’ll see you Saturday Gret…’ he said to me and then to my husband with a pointing finger, ‘and you man, you behave nicely meantime.’ His friends were chuckling as they left because Dion had so easily and so convincingly ‘pulled’.

    ‘That was better’ I said coolly to Stewart as we walked back to the car. I was feeling very bitchy and very hot between my legs. I could have said anything then.
    ‘I’m so fucking stiff and that was so bloody difficult, ‘Stewart confided, ‘you looked so bloody raunchy with him.’
    I just smiled. He probably thought he was going to get a wank when we got home, but he wasn’t there yet. He hadn’t capitulated fully, so that was going to wait.

  32. I”d just got up and then only because Jeff made a skype call and I turned the computer on, forgetting that Jethro was in our bed. I must have looked a mess, because Jethro was fucking me for most of the night. My pussy was dripping his thick white seed, my botty had a load up there too and I swallowed twice on Jethro’s shuddering cock. When I reached over and switched the computer on, Jeff’s face was soon clear on the screen. As discretely as he could he was touching himself. What he must have thought, watching Jethro fucking me, doggy style I don’t know. His big greasy stalk was humping in and out and my tits were swinging so that my nipples brushed the surface of Jethro’s hand.

    I was suddenly embarrassed and went to turn the computer off again, but Jethro insisted no. He looked across at Jeff on screen and said, ‘the guy’s got to understand what you’re getting now.’ I moved the web cam as best i could, without shaking everything and angled it so that the way Jethro’s black cock was mastering me, filled the screen. There was no sheath, I’d submitted to Jethro’s requirements immediately. Greta would be furious, but there it was I was Jethro’s bitch now.

    The guys shared a slow conversation as Jethro continued grinding into me.
    Jeff- fucking hell, you fill her so tight.
    Jethro- best that way don’t you think?
    Jeff- gulps- perhaps even a sob, then, ‘yes, i guess so.’
    Jethro- ‘I know so man- lady’s stretching nicely now. She won’t want you when you come home with your tail between your legs.’
    Jeff-‘ yes… (some sighs or gulps) I accept that.’

    I climaxed then- it was very noisy and utterly uncontrolled. I couldn’t stop my body pumping back against Jethro’s shaft. It got me what I craved though and I felt his cock jolt. Three pounding jolts as more spunk shot up me.

    Jeff: ‘oh shit..oh shit, look at her, she’s lost it on you.’
    Well, I had, I was tossing my head, my neck was flushing puce and the superior black cock sticky spunk was jerking into me again.

    Jethro pulled out and pushed the web camera nearly into my sex. Thick globules of spunk oozed out and trickled slowly down my leg.
    ‘End transmission time now I think’ growled Jethro and abruptly cut the link.

  33. First an apology to my new lover Deon-he spells his name that way rather than the girl’s way, Dion. Humble apologies darling!

    I went out with Deon on Saturday as planned. Stewart was like a cat on a hot tin roof, so i did as Natalie suggested and involved him in getting my things ready for the evening. I wore a little black leather skirt and had my husband work some conditioner into that so that it had a sexy sheen and smelled even more of leather. He must have spent two hours lovingly working on that. Then my high heeled stilletos were cleaned to perfection and my thong and stockings laid out on the bed. Stewart wondered whether I might prefer the silk undies, but i firmly said no, the thong. It was easier for casual fucking. I know that was a put down by Stewart responded well, saying ‘yes of course’.

    There was some new and heady perfume provided by my husband which he gave me after he had painted my nails. Another hour plus piece of work- i insisted on three layers and top gloss. ‘I’m going to make you my manicurist’ I told him calmly. ‘Imagine these painted fingers guiding Deon’s throbbing cock to my sex. I’m going to part my lips and he’s going to shove hard inside, changing my cunt forever. I’d never even notice you in there later, even if that was something i allowed.’

    Stewart was desperate to kiss my sex then but I insisted no. Indeed he seemed too eager by half so i suggested that we put his cock in the perspex restraint that I had bought. Stewart pleaded no at first but i gave him one of my looks and he got his dick to be locked away. ‘There- that’s snug and secure’ I said having locked up his manhood and dropped the key inside my purse. I took a picture of his member all incapacitated guessing that Deon would love to see that.

    Deon came by around 7 pm riding a large black Moto guzzi motorcycle. I panicked for just a second as he hadn’t mentioned this. I was terrified of big bikes when I was younger and thought now, goodness, what a slut I will look, my leather skirt up around my rear riding that. Attitude is important though so i draped myself on the bike, showing off my legs. I leaned back against the back rest, behind the big physique of my boyfriend so that I looked easy about it all. Stewart watched from the front door as I hid my face beneath an all encompassing black helmet and we rode off.

    The bike had intercom and I joked with Deon that I’d wear boots in future, but he laughed and said I looked superb, the ultimate hot bitch. We went to this pub out of town where his mates drank at the weekend and I spent the whole night feeling so classy on his arm. As Deon knew the pub owner it was easy for us to pop upstairs for a fuck and my lover led the way.

    ‘I don’t do one night stands’ Deon growled, stroking my rear and I shivered with excitement. The last thing i wanted was a one night stand.

    ‘I’ll fuck wherever and whenever you want- I’ve made my husband accept that’ I whispered and showed him my phone pic. Deon smiled. ‘I insist on a sheath for now…but when we have been together for a while, and we’re sure about one another,I’m aching to go bareback with you.’

    We snogged greedily then, one of Deon’s big hands pulling my crotch against his, the other teasing my nipples.

    ‘Do you want the old guy to watch?’ Deon wondered.

    I said no, not yet. Once I was practiced at taking master cock, then I would show Stewart why he had lost. For now though I needed it thick and hard in private.

    I dropped my skirt then, letting it fall the floorboards and watched as Deon made a man size sheath fit on a superhuman cock. it was a stretch. I bent forward over the brass bed and for the first time felt a big penis, bulbous headed enter me. It was such a tight fit and his cock muscle was so strong that i nearly passed out. The brass bed creaked noisily as the fucking worked up to a crescendo. I really did try to stay with the man but it was impossible and climaxed greedily and noisily within minutes. ‘oh darling!’

    As if to establish his mastery Deon held off a few minutes. Then he flooded that sheath until it nearly exploded!

  34. Apologies for the delay in updating these posts. Jeff got home on leave at the end of October and Jethro insisted that we both collect him from the airport. We had five days of coming to terms with things sex down in Dorset, amidst the quiet villages where nothing really happens.I wore a very tight black leather dress and high heeled boots. Both Jethro and I wore identical Rolex watches, something that Jeff had paid for from his risky work earnings. We looked quite the beautiful couple waiting there.
    I rang Greta and Tricia to see if they were ready to join us down at the cottage, but Tricia was away and Greta was getting it on with her lover back home. I guess in any case that it would have destroyed Jeff to be part of such a big fuck fest so early on.
    I hadn’t appreciated how much bigger Jethro’s stature is than Jeffs, but seeing them side by side in the airport terminal confirmed it. I felt cosseted and protected, dominated and aroused, holding hands with the bigger man. It was an awkward second or two as the men met. Jeff addressed Jethro as ‘sir’ and after a look from my lover resisted his urge to give me a ‘I’m home darling’ kiss. Jethro and I led the way to the car, still holding hands and after Jeff had stashed his luggage in the back, Jethro told him to drive us down to the cottage. Once we got down there, Jeff then prepared supper whilst Jethro and I watched a film, I cradled in his big arms on the sofa.

    Having watched us fuck on a web cam i guess helped Jeff a bit. Jethro told him to stand in the corner and get his prick out. He was to work his meat- watching us couple. Jethro took down my dress, released my bra and dragged down my thong. I reached inside his jeans for his lovely cock. I could feel it throbbing, rumbling almost, like a big lorry with a huge engine, and drew it eagerly to my sex. With a greedy thrust Jethro pushed inside me to the hilt and I gasped, clinging on to him as the crescendo of thrusting built up. There would be slower sex later, private sex whilst Jeff slept in the annex outside, but this was sex of the urgent kind. I watched as Jeff moved around the room, getting a better view of Jethro’s balls slapping against my buttocks. There was then the spray, spray, spray of husband cum on my feet. I felt his jizz splash there as he grunted. The realisation that Jeff was wasting his seed in salute to another man’s power in bed was so heady. I climaxed hard and unselfconsciously, clinging to my lover. Jethro delivered the goods in pounding jolts of his cock. Sending a whoosh of sticky semen deep inside me.
    I remember that we lay there gasping for a second afterwards. Jeff looked completely beaten. When I reached down to touch his spunk on my foot it looked translucent and thin. He’d been wanking a lot and there seemed little goodness in the spunk. In sharp contrast Jethro’s jizz was thick and creamy and there was copious quantities. I slipped two fingers inside my sex, ladled some out, a rich and slimy baby soup. Jethro beckoned Jeff forward and he licked it off my fingers to order. Feeling him suck my fingers was very erotic indeed!

  35. Natalie babe, nice post. I’ve been fucking Melanie good and often for a year now and what you say reminds me of things I’ve noticed too. Her old man Peter jerks to order when she wants and I’ve noticed that he produces less and less spunk and that like Jeff’s its watery and piss poor. She gets loads better from me I assure you. Your theory is that his lamentable squirt is because he’s wanking a lot. Well it might not be babe. I had Peter put in a restraint for a few months and when he was allowed out, wank free, he still produced crap returns. Mel and my view is that Peter’s balls have shut down because black cock rules in his house. Why produce the stuff if the lady is going to get in the family way with my jizz right?! Perhaps its one of those selfish genes things-also ran males produce less of the goo when the bull rules.

  36. Interesting points Natalie and Luther. I’ve assigned oral duties to my husband Craig and he rarely masturbates. It’s as if his transition is complete, with my lover Troy doing the depositing and Craig cleaning up. Like a lot of cucks, Craig feels inferior to my black boyfriend, but my theory is that its the inhaling all those sexy scents which turned his seed machine off and left him floppy. As he argues when my girlfriends tease-some men are oral specialists.

  37. To say that i’m a relaxed cuckold wouldn’t be true, but i have thought a bit about the psychology of this. Seeing Elena my wife being shafted so ably by a very well hung Danish lover called Anders was salutary. He handles my wife so completely and powerfully, makes her come so hard and so easily, that I can see why a cuck’s semen might dry up and he might get the droop. I’d agree too that you can get intoxicated with it all, when you give head and that just reinforces things. I guess the impact of this is akin to trying to play a game of football with a bunch of international stars. if you’re in among the pros you feel bloody useless.
    I asked Elena what i could do about this and she said that i just had to make sure that she got lots of what mattered. So that meant three holidays away in Copenhagen each year and having Anders stay with us when he’s in the UK on business. We get on OK with that basis, me telling him how crap his lot are at football, but conceding that he is the business in bed with my missus.

  38. Hi girls- hope you like the poetry…

    Emma’s Edict

    Submit to my black lord, call him your master
    Head bowed defer to me your cold mistress too
    Concede that forever and always he is superior
    That it’s right that I train and dominate you.

    Bathe my svelte body and paint red my nails
    Kiss ace of spades etched on my shoulder
    Clean my boots, cook my meals and press my clothes
    For you are weaker, smaller, shorter and older.

    Tell our friends about your abject submission
    Pay for the dates when I walk out with him
    Suffer their quizzical, inquisitive expressions
    Confide that I worship his seed spurting limb.

    Silently attend my bed when you‘re called
    Fold his clothes and position his cock head
    Take my hand whilst he bucks inside me
    Bang, bang, pounding, knocks the brass bed.

    Remember the promise made to me daily
    No sheaths between us to slow our hot way
    Gush upon gush of semen I gasp through his posting
    Our love child you’ll nurture early next May.

    Then find us a large home and work all the harder
    For your master frequently inseminates me
    Live, menial, restrained, awe struck, frustrated
    Whilst I am lusty, proud, wanton and free.

  39. I really love this poem- it is very sexy Emma!
    Such firm control is certainly being exercised by my lover Deon. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks going out with him regularly, to bars and clubs and it certainly feels hot being in the company of his mates when they know that he has taken me off Stewart. The sex is very intense and yes, I’m breathless as I realise just how much difference a big and arrogant black cock makes. Feeling him thrust inside me, my body folding and curving against his power, taking every grinding pump of his loins triggers immense orgasms. His poor shoulders suffer a bit where my nails dig in!
    I can’t blame Natalie for going bare back with Jethro- it all sounds so erotic. I wish that I’d been able to get down to the cottage with them! Stewart though is still in training and I want that perfected before we meet up and fuck more socially. I know a lot of cuck husbands are quickly assigned cunnilingus duties, but Deon suggests that we reserve that for after we go sheathless. He wants to see my husband lapping up his spunk. In the interim, Deon has rung Stewart to instruct him that he should specialise in worshipping my arse.
    I’ve never had my botty licked before, and if it was too wet I think it would seem disgusting. Stewart though was quickly wise to what seemed sexy and he concentrates first on kissing my buttocks with dry lips. I am leaning forward over the back of the sofa with my skirt rucked up and Stewart is breathing in the hot perfume of sex after I have returned from a date with Deon. I spread my legs wide and the effect is devastating on Stewart. He can see that my sex has been stretched and that dribbles of lady cum trickle out so easily now. I know that he wants to lick my sex, but he isn’t allowed. He must concentrate on my pretty rear, just inches behind.
    With deft hands and as I push back against his kisses, he starts to lick my skin lightly. I am aroused now, picturing him doing this in front of Deon. He eases open my pretty little buttocks and admires my tight botty hole- so neat and perfect before him. He knows what will eventually happen. Deon will rule there, my mouth and my cunny, spurting spunk where he wills. There is just the faintest moist flick of Stewart’s tongue tip across my botty hole. It sends a thrill up my spine. It makes me feel such a slut insisting on this, and the thought of telling Deon about it later is so exciting.
    I say such dirty things to Stewart. Sex with Deon is exhausting and exhilarating- his prong is massive. I am sure that my orgasms on Stewart in the past were a fantasy or else foot hill versions of the mountainous ones I have now. Stewart sets too licking now, full wet tongue, swirling it around and around my hole. It makes me to want to fuck like crazy so I reach back and finger myself because Stewart isn’t allowed down there. My husband hands me my big black, veiny dildo and I shove it inside my sex, working it relentlessly. When I climax, my buttocks clench hard, and Stewart is discarded- sitting back on the carpet, staring at me as I orgasm vigorously.

  40. It’s taken a while for me to make my first post after our three wives introduction, but I think it’s worth the wait. As I explained in the first post I’m an air hostess and my husband Ian has for some time accepted that I would occasionally sleep with one or other of the pilots. What he really craved, and I needed, though was the news that I was regularly taking black cock. Like Stewart and Jeff, Ian really has an inferiority complex about black guys and I was more than willing to confirm that if it provided me with some half decent sex. I’ve been flying some routes into the southern United States, the Disney thing etc and it was in Miami that I met Nathan, a big chested amateur American football player, black and utterly beautiful. We went out clubbing with an American air stewardess girlfriend of mine called Sue Ellen and discovered that both our husbands were eager cucks in the waiting. John, somewhere up in the north east area was eagerly waiting to hear that Sue Ellen had got it on with Gregg- one of Nathan’s friends.
    We decided to take our husbands down to Miami for some intensive cuck training. It was very sexy getting on a plane, as a passenger and sitting beside Ian knowing that he was contemplating a master class in how to fuck me. The plane was hot, and I shouldn’t have worn a leather skirt. My steamy thoughts and the memories of Nathan’s wonderful abilities were getting me sticky inside my panties. I really wanted Ian to lick me out, to give me an orgasm, but there were just too many people about. Then I saw Jess, an air stewardess pal of mine and she kept watch whilst I took Ian into the tiny airplane loo. I immediately pushed Ian down into his knees and unzipped the front of my skirt. My panties were kicked off and I dragged Ian’s mouth onto my sex. I am quite direct, even a bit brutal in such circumstances. I grabbed Ian’s hair, held his head steady and ground my sex against him face. He begged me to come, to relax as a bitch and this time I consented. I needed to climax badly. Ian licked me clean and I zippered down my skirt, winking at Jess when I left and saying that I owed her a drink.
    Nathan and Gregg met us at the airport and drove us out to a shabby part of the city where they lived. It was a rough district and these were rough men, but that just thrilled me the more. Nathan was such a wicked and a dangerous prospect. When we got to his place a paunchy American guy was in a pinny washing up dishes and Sue Ellen was dressed in a black basque, lounging around on the sofa. Nathan told Ian to put my bags in the master bedroom, and his own in a box room where John’s things were already scattered. He was then ordered to fix Nathan, Gregg, Sue Ellen and I a drink and then to retire to the kitchen to prep the evening meal. John knew where everything was.
    Sex with very masculine, dominant black bulls is usually brisk and vital and so it was then. Through the open kitchen door John and Ian watched as our heads were directed down onto rampant,

    triumphant, big black erections and Sue Ellen and I knelt side my side giving head. The first jolting loads of cum went down the back of our throats and we glanced over at our husbands to see the devastating effect that was having. Libido and stamina are massive in guys like this, so we were then directed up and to lean forward, legs akimbo over the shabby table in the living room. My skirt was rudely pushed up and Nathan shoved roughly in, bareback. Sue Ellen took a similar length and we gasped as the filling sensation overwhelmed us. Powerful hands took our hips and there was then the rhythmic jag, jag, jag as our lovers fucked us.
    Its horny hearing another girl gasp. It’s equally horny knowing that this is what your husband has fantasized about so long. Alright, he’s dived in at the deep end and he’s useless to me now, but the thrill for him, of seeing a master at work was clearly overwhelming. Ian just stared and stared in that wondering way of his. Sue Ellen and I tried not to climax. Perhaps we both thought we would show off and demonstrate how used to hard sex we were. We couldn’t manage it. That first public time, we creamed ourselves all too quickly, begging for the men to spunk inside us. Big black balls jolted upwards and the deed was done. Our lovely young cunnies were awash with sperm.

    Gregg spotted the gawping husbands then, said that they hadn’t asked permission to watch so now they had to do penance. They were ordered to lie on the rug in front of the TV and then Sue Ellen and I sat on our respective husband’s faces. I could feel Nathan’s cum trickling out of my sex and into Ian’s mouth. I could feel his lips sucking on my swollen clitoris. The urge to grind and writhe was immense, but this had to be handled with style. Our husbands were doing penance…not enjoying a secondary romp! So we sat on face for an hour, with just little moments for them to breath. Nathan and Gregg cracked open beers, we drank wine and talked about the storm season. There would be a lot of staying indoors now on and what we do then?

  41. A second post I know! But I’ve got ground to catch up on viz a viz the other two vixens!

    Late afternoon after Sue Ellen and i had made our husbands just a little uncomfortable, riding their mouths, Nathan suggested that the four of us (bulls and their women) go for a tour around town. I changed into a tight pair of designer jeans and high heels and Sue Ellen into a figure hugging dress. Gregg then warned our husbands not to go out in the neighbourhood. It was black, rough and they would ‘have an accident’. Gregg’s sister Poppy would ‘come by later to train them some more.’
    The tour was in Nathan’s black BMW sports saloon and I couldn’t help but ask what form of training Poppy would lead the spouses through. Gregg smirked. If he and Nathan were mean son of a bitches, then Poppy was the archetypal bitch herself. She really did hate little men and felt the only way to proceed was strictly. As Gregg had no clear idea how we had progressed with the training of the men back home, he had agreed with Poppy that this should be a crash course. She liked her toes sucked, her nipples licked and her sex teased with pursed lips. She was prone to give a guy a verbal roasting if he didn’t speak deferentially before her- hell ‘men had to understand what it its like to serve a bitch.’

    We got back mid evening and Poppy had been and gone. The guys looked utterly chastened. I tried not to smile when Ian showed me his homework-100 lines of ‘Tricia is my mistress and must be called ‘Madam’. There was a form that Ian had typed out so that i could set out my wish list of glamorous things that Poppy would take ‘the boys’ out to buy for us from the shopping malls. Ian thought Poppy a ‘really harsh female’ and i reminded him that he should be grateful that i was his mistress then!

    By ten, having eaten a lovely meal I was exhausted. I led Ian to the bunk room and gave him this look- ‘you asked for this remember’. he slunk off to brush his teeth, saying ‘goodnight Madam’ and once again I had to stop myself giggling. This was serious and sexy. In any case, I was on my way back to the master bedroom now.


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