The Giggling, Sadistic Schoolgirl! (by Candy Apples)

There is something about watching men fight that I have always loved, ever since I was in middle school and the boys duked it out on the playground. I had to be front and center so I could see it all… every punch, every kick, every drop of blood… Even just writing about it makes me incredibly aroused. I always dated bullies. I loved to tell them who to bully and where, so that my girlfriends and I could be around to watch and spur them on. There is absolutely nothing finer!

It was late and I was just coming to my favorite nightclub. It was a pretty rough place and I could just about always count on there being a good fight breaking out. I came over to the bouncer, Joe. He looked me up and down and gave me a wide grin. Even though I’m only 18 years old, he never balked at letting me enter. He would do just about anything for me.
“Hey Joe, any fights tonight?”
“Nah, not tonight, princess, sorry to say. It’s been pretty quiet.” He was staring at my breasts when he said it. I was wearing my school uniform with my short little plaid skirt, after all. My blond hair was in cute little pigtails. I had left the top… oh, three or four buttons or so of my top unbuttoned, so that my nice full, round breasts had ample room to… breathe. I had no need of bras.
“Well, we’ll just see what we can do about that!” I said, giving a bit of bounce so that my breasts jiggled.
“Yeah, you do that!” I heard Joe say, watching me walk inside.

All around me, lights pulsated, beats reverberated, young, beautiful people danced and were grinding and groping each other in flickering darkness. I found a seat on the balcony above the dance floor, where I could keep an eye out for any interesting developments. There were plenty of hunky, tough-looking guys down there, all right. I watched them and licked my lips, imagining what they would look like stripped bare, beating each other savagely with their fists… Tee-hee! I covered my mouth as I began giggling uncontrollably.
It didn’t take long for a guy to find me. Like a magnet. He was practically drooling over me.
“Hey, baby, what would you like?”
Unfortunately, he was not exactly the type of guy I like. He was pretty thin, a bit gangly. He had dark, greasy hair and the slightest misgivings of a mustache penciled in over his upper lip. He looked kind of like a weasel and smelled like old cologne.
I barely gave him the time of day, just told him I wanted the most expensive drink in the house. I actually hate that stuff, but I had to see if he was serious.
“No problem, babe!” he said with a sly wink and was immediately gone.
Ugh. Way too eager.
While he was gone, I made sly eyes and dirty smiles at about half a dozen guys who were all sitting around, hoping that maybe one of them would fancy me and try to come over and “take me away.” I loved it when guys fought over me!
Unfortunately, Vinnie came back with the drinks before anything could happen. He slid in right next to me and put an arm around my shoulders. “You are one beautiful girl, you know that, right? Course you know that!” He laughed in a nasally tone. “Why am I even telling you?”
I shrugged my shoulders and took a sip from my drink, trying not to grimace.

He talked my ear off for some time about his father’s used car business he was sure to inherit one day… Meanwhile, I kept my eyes glued on the dance floor, looking for anything interesting, anything at all… God, was this night going to be a complete bust? I mean, I guess it wouldn’t be a total waste. If nothing else, I did like the idea of just making Vinnie buy me drink after drink after drink until his bank account must surely be hurting and then, at the end of the night when he’s sure I’m all his, I’ll just laugh at him and say, Sorry, I don’t fuck weasels! Tee-hee! The look of disappointment on stupid used-car-salesman face would be great!
I had just about resigned myself to this when I saw him.
Down on the dance floor was the biggest, most proverbial loser I’d ever seen.
He probably weighed about a hundred and twenty pounds. No muscle at all, dressed like an A-One nerd. Real coke-bottle glasses, hair parted off to one side, face covered in zits. He reminded me exactly of the wimps in school who used to always get bullied and beaten… Just looking at him made me start giggling, made me heart start racing.
He was trying desperately to dance – I guess you could call it dancing – and every time he gravitated near a girl, they just turned away. Oh god, that must have been so humiliating! But he didn’t give up, though! I had to admire his determination.
“Baby, what are looking at?” asked Vinnie, perhaps finally realizing that I wasn’t paying attention to his stories of prowess on the used car lot.
I motioned toward the loser down there, licking my lips. “Him,” I said, feeling a warm place develop between my legs.
“Him?” Vinnie made a face. “Baby, you gotta be joking! You’re sitting next to Vinnie the Man, and you’re checking out scrawny little nerds like that?” He seemed genuinely put out. “Please! I could take him out in my sleep!”
I turned on Vinnie suddenly. For the first time since he’d sat down next to me, my face lit up. “Really? Would you?”
Now he seemed confused. “Uh… would I what?”
“Take him out?”
“You mean beat him up?”
Vinnie was a real brain, I could tell.
“Yes, Vinnie,” I said, real slowly so that he could understand. “I want you to beat him up. For me.”
“That’s fucked up! I don’t even know the guy!”
“But if you do,” I said, placing my hand on his thigh and worked my fingers up toward his cock, which suddenly grew hard, “I will let you suck my high school tits and cum on my highschool face all night long. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but… Shit, this is a joke, right?”
I shook my head.
“You are one fucked up bitch, you know that?”
I giggled so that my pigtails bounced and I batted my eyelashes. “But I look pretty good, don’t I?”
“Well… can I at least give your tits one good squeeze first?”

“Nope, it’s all or nothing, Vinnie!”

He was a man trapped. Powerless. I loved it. God, how I loved it! He stared at my eyes for a while, then he stared at my cleavage.
“All right,” he said finally, breathing hard. “All right.”

“Hi there.”
The loser turned to look at me, adjusting his glasses, blinking in disbelief. God, he was even more pathetic looking up close!

“Uh… hello,” he said, trying to smile.

“I’m Candy!”

“I’m, uh… I’m…” He looked at my long legs, then continued up until he was looking at my large, heaving breasts. Then finally he looked at my smiling, friendly face. “I’m Dave.”

“Would you care to dance?” I asked, bouncing a bit on the balls of my feet and giggling.

Now his eyes grew real wide. “Yeah!” he said, real eagerly. “Sure!”

I laughed. “Great,” and put my arms around him.
He was already as hard as a rock. He’d probably gone hard as soon as I’d said Hi. I loved feeling his cock slide up and down on my leg! And it was actually not as small as I’d expected it to be. I grinned and pulled him closer to me.
“You’re such an excellent dancer!” I whispered to him. “I saw you out here dancing by yourself, and I knew I had to meet you!”
“Really?” He was in total shock. He felt he must have been dreaming! I could tell he was already falling in love with me.
We danced for a long while. He was so nervous, he hardly touched me. I, however, took great pleasure in running my fingers along his back.
Finally I broke away from him and pouted. “Don’t you want to kiss me, Dave?”
“S-sure…” he said. “It’s just… I’ve never… I’ve never… I’ve never…” He could barely get the words out.
“You’ve never what?” I asked him, cocking my head to one side.
“Kissed… uh, kissed… I’ve never kissed…”
I leaned in and gave him a big kiss. It was the most awkward kiss I’ve ever had, but also kind of sweet. He was so nervous, it was like he was going to chew my lips off. I let my warm, moist tongue feel around inside his mouth. He put his arms around my waist, then let them move up toward my chest… His shyness was slowly draining. His fingers danced around my chest. He wanted to touch them so bad…
“Why don’t we get out of here,” I whispered to him huskily. “I know a place we can go.”
He would have followed me anywhere! He was like my own personal puppy dog!
He followed me outside, past Joe the bouncer, and hand in hand, out into the night.
“Nighty night, Joe!” I said to him.
“See ya later, princess!” said Joe.

It was a beautiful night. The crickets were chirping. I led Dave out to a place behind the women’s restroom, behind the back of the club. There was never anyone back here.

“Candy,” he said to me, gripping my hands. “I want you to know… you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I… I….”

“Oh, you’re sweet!” I said to him, tousling his hair. “Go ahead, they won’t bite.”
“Oh… Candy…” he said, squeezing my breasts tightly. “G-gosh! They’re…. they’re…” He really began kneading them as hard as he could, staring at them in open-mouthed amazement.
I smiled as he did it, tousled his hair again. “You’re cute,” I said. And it was true. Seeing him play with my breasts was like watching a boy open a new present.
But all good things – tee hee! – must come to an end.

Vinnie was hiding in the shadows, just like I’d told him to. I could see him. He was nervous, I could tell. He wasn’t sure he was going to go through with this or not. I tortured him a little bit by closing my eyes and moaning loudly, “Oh yes, Dave! Oh yes! I love the way you squeeze them! Oh yes!”
Vinnie clenched his fists. He was getting angry. He stepped forward.
“Uh, Dave?” I said sweetly.
Dave looked up from my breasts. There was drool coming from the corners of his mouth.
“Yeah?” he said dumbly.
I grinned at him widely, a laugh began to form within me. “Tonight is going to end very, very badly for you, I’m sorry to say!” I could hardly stand the excitement, I was practically about to pee!
“What?” he blinked. “What are you talking about?”
At that moment, Vinnie came over and grabbed the scrawny little nerd by the back of the collar and yanked him away.
“Hey, you messing with my girlfriend, you little scrawny bitch?”
“What? What is this? Candy?” He still sounded like a lost puppy! Oh, it was too rich!
“Don’t give me that shit!” Vinnie yelled, giving the loser a good shove. “I fucking saw you!”
“No… No… I…” Dave looked to me for help. He was pale-faced, shaking. “Candy…”
I giggled and shrugged my shoulders.
Then there came the first punch. Vinnie really got him good. I hadn’t been sure how it would go down – after all, Vinnie didn’t really look like much of a fighter – but he got him good, in the face. Dave’s nose was bleeding and there was lots of blood!
Dave just stood there, stunned, bleeding.
“Are you just going to stand there?” I asked, bouncing. “Hit him back!”
Then something clicked in Dave. I could see his gears turning. He suddenly clenched his fists and started really wailing back on Vinnie. Vinnie was totally unprepared. I think he though this was going to be a piece of cake – and frankly, so did I! Dave got several good blows in, and even proceeded to knock Vinnie on the ground.
“Don’t you hit me!” Dave was yelling. “I may be small, but don’t mess with me!”
“Yes!” I squealed, bouncing up and down, clapping my hands. This was great! I loved seeing Vinnie’s weasel face get totally rearranged! He tried to fight back, but couldn’t make a single swing connect!
Finally, Dave knocked him down to the ground and got on top of Vinnie. Then he really let him have it, hitting him again and again in the face! There was a lot of blood! And Vinnie looked like he was crying!
Finally, Dave finished and stood up off of Vinnie. He walked over to me. He was breathing heavy and covered in blood. His shirt was torn. I was so wet I could barely stand it!
“You were great!” I said. “You were better than great..! That was amazing..!” I immediately put my arms around his chest and felt him up. Oh, god, he was so sexy! To think a moment ago I had dismissed him as nothing but a nerd..! I pressed myself into him and got blood all over my white shirt. I wanted to lick the blood off of him! Oh god, I wanted him right then and there!
“Wait a minute,” he said. “You set me up! You wanted me to get beat up, didn’t you? You’re a crazy, fucking sadistic bitch!”
I giggled, fumbling with his belt. “Guilty as charged!” I got his thick member out and jammed it up in me. “Fuck me! And call me a fucking sadistic bitch again! I love it!”
He did just that. He got me against a tree and he ripped my skirt off and he fucked up as hard as he could. “You’re a psycho!” he yelled, spitting at me.
I laughed.
“You’re a mental case!” He did not stop thrusting.
“Yes! Yes!”
“You’re fucking sadistic!”
I look over and saw Vinnie still laying there. He was about to get up, but then he couldn’t. He looked at me. He was bloody and crying and just seeing him like that and knowing that it was because of me was all the extra encouragement I needed. I orgasmed extremely hard, gripping onto Dave’s arms tightly with my fingernails. “Yes… Yes… YES!!!” Drool dripped from my mouth. “Oh my GOD!” I yelled, feeling his hard cock inside of me, imagining it covered in blood.
Dave came inside of me at that moment, too. His whole body shuddered. His cum was hot, I loved the way it felt.
Finally, he seemed to come back to his senses. He got off of me and slapped me hard across the cheek.
“You are fucked up!” he said, storming off.
I just giggled.

“Candy…” said Vinnie. “Help me… please…”
The orgasm was so intense, I’d almost forgotten about poor Vinnie. He was a pathetic site.
“…please…. I’m having trouble breathing… I don’t think I can stand up…”
“Just a minute,” I said, adjusting my shirt and skirt. “I’ll be right back with help.”
“.. thank you…” he wheezed. “…thank you…”
I returned a moment later with Joe the bouncer.
“Where is he?” he asked angrily.
“Right there!” I said, pointing to Vinnie.
“…help…” said Vinnie again. He eyes were practically swollen shut.
“You bothering my princess?” the bouncer yelled down at him.
“…I need medical attention…”
Joe didn’t wait for him to finish. With his huge arms – glorious biceps – he began pounding poor Vinnie. “You got a problem with my princess, you got a problem with me!”
I giggled, listening to Vinnie’s bones snap. He screamed like a little girl. Oh, how I bounced up and down excitedly!
Then Joe sat down on Vinnie’s chest. It looked like he was crushing him. After all, Joe must have weighed nearly 300. Vinnie was more like 145 at the most.
Then I reached into my pocketbook and pulled out my pink Polaroid upon which I had affixed several glittery heart-shaped stickers.
“Smile!” I said, snapping the picture off.
Joe gave me a good smile. Vinnie just lay there sobbing and crying and gasping for breath. I think he was missing a few teeth.
“Perfect!” I said, putting camera away. I bounced over to where Joe sat. “Thanks so much!” I said to him, rubbing my young fingers all over his chest, up and down his arms… oh, how I love big, strong men! I wrapped my fingers around his bicep and squeezed, giggling with desire as I did so.
“No problem, princess!”
I got down on my knees and took out Joe’s nice, fat cock. He was a good friend, after all. I put it in my mouth and began sucking on it good and hard.
“Ooh… yeah. That’s the way!” He moved back and forth while I sucked him, and every time he moved, I could hear Vinnie moan in discomfort.
It didn’t take too long for Joe to start cumming. I grabbed his shaft and pumped as much of it into my mouth as I could. Oh, it was so wonderful! When I had taken it all in and rinsed my mouth with it and then spit it all out on Vinnie’s bloody face.
That made Joe laugh. “Oh, princess,” he said. “You are one in a million!”
Vinnie said nothing. Ha!
I stood up and smoothed out my uniform. I was covered in mud and blood and cum dribbling down my thighs. All in all it was perfect night.

That night, I took off my dirty clothes and put on my pair of fuzzy, pink pajamas. I took out my pigtails and let my long hair flow down. Then I got in my nice warm bed and snuggled under the covers with my stuffed animals and began writing in my diary about all the wonderful things that had happened that night! When I got to the end, I took that delicious Polaroid photo and pasted it in.
I fell asleep, warm and snugly, and slept soundly the whole night through.

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