My story from the beginning by Donna. Part 3

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BBC ass licking

Each week that I was out of town, Bryan escalated his dominance over me. It’s hard to explain, but I found it totally scary, as well as incredibly exciting to have my limits pushed on things that I had fantasied about, but never considered doing. In the first couple of weeks, I had already had my first black man, and eaten my first asshole. I was now calling him Sir most of the time. At work, we were cordial, but kept things totally under the radar.

The next milestone I can think of is when he started talking about anal sex. I explained that Hubby and I had tried it a few times, but Hubby, though not Bryan’s size is very large and when the pain started with just the head in, sweet gentle Hubby would stop rather than put me in pain. Note to readers here, sweet, gentle Hubby is only that with me. He was a linebacker in college. Bryan was really plowing my pussy good one night and I was on the edge of a tremendous orgasm when he started on my asshole with one of his long fingers. It totally pushed me over the edge. When I came down, he told me that being his ass slut was in my future.

I reminded him of my past tries with Hubby and he told me that won’t happen. I said you mean you won’t hurt. He said no, I won’t stop until the pain turns to pleasure. The next night he had me hot sucking that huge cock and Frenching his ass as he toyed with my clit. Suddenly he just said it’s time. Get on all fours. I did what I was told, and felt him rubbing a slick oily substance on my ass, and knew what was coming. I almost came when I felt the head pressing my sphincter. The pain was intense, and I have no idea how long it lasted. My first orgasm hit before he hit bottom as his huge balls were already swinging into my clit. By the time he was balls deep, I was opened up to where the pain was just from raw friction and my multi-orgasm ability was put to the limit with that BBC stroking my ass and those jumbo egg sized balls slapping my clit. Pure bliss. Once again, my limits were tested and I loved it.

That’s all I have time for today. Back in the home office and have to get to work.