My story from the beginning by Donna. Part 1

If you don’t want to hear approximately a cheating wife, read no further. Hubby is not a wimp, as a matter of fact just the opposite with a tremendous cock when I can obtain to it. I really love him & don’t want a divorce. We have two sons in college & a tremendous family life. Hubby is an exec for a large company & travels a lot, leaving me without many days when I am home. Here goes, from the beginning.

cuckold affair

My affair started when I took an out of town project for the company I work for in an office approximately 200 miles from home in a large city. Met a very bright, well built black man while at work & we just had this spark. The first time he asked me out for a drink after work, we ended up kissing, yet that was all. The second time, I was going to try & obtain away with just a handjob, yet his cock was so large & hot I lost it & he ended up having me twice that evening, once in the middle of the night & once in the morning before he left for work. I was 49 at the time & he was 24. The thing I remember most is that he bottomed out the first couple of times with approximately 2.5 inches left to go, & I orgasmed over & over. It was the first time I had been so hot that I cleaned our combined juices off of someone.

cuckold affair

After the second time, I had removed my stockings (here in the south it’s hot & I like stockings in summer as they are cooler than pantyhose) before we went to sleep. He received up to pee sometime in the night & came back to bed & decided to have me again. This time when my first orgasm was going on, he either slipped into my cervix or something gave way. He fully entered me & it was the most incredible experience of my life. Intense pain, intense pleasure. I passed out for a few seconds & came back to life with him pounding my totally naked body full depth. Needless to say I was hooked & have been his ever since spend every evening with him or someone of his choosing the entire time I am out of town. Our agreement is that it will end when the project ends. Just received renewed for another year !!

The next two nights were pretty much the same as the first. Bryan constantly had that monster cock in my mouth or pussy & I was in total bliss. My husband is a tremendous & gentle lover, yet this was different. It was rough, raw, & hard. I loved it.

At work, I am in charge & always in control. In the hotel, I became Bryan’s slut & he knew it. He was the dominate & I was quickly becoming his submissive, a totally new role for me. The next week, he made this all too evident, when I received to the hotel 11 minutes late. He explained that he was not to be kept waiting for any reason, & I could accept punishment of one spank with his belt for every minute I was late or we could quit & part as friends.

My story from begginning by Donna. Part 2