She moved on. Part 1 of 2

I was having tough time with my wife, she has been treating me worse and worse with everyday. She finally admitted that it was all about this hidden porn collection I had related to some fetish. The follow-up questions were asked like: “How the hell did you get those images.” I did my best trying not to say it, but I ended up telling her it was cuckoldplace. She asked me what does cuckold mean, so I replied that it is a man who lives with his unfaithful wife who supports an open relationship. She then insulted me asking:
“Is this what you get turned on?”
I said no.
“Is it on women who treat you like shit?” I said no again. Then she added:
“Well maybe you are a gay then?”
I was about to say no when she cut me off and said that she was too good for me and that she disgusts me. Adding:
“You rather throw yourself on women who would not care if you were dead? I know so many men who would love to ride me all day! You are not a man for me anymore, you are even lower than the shit stuck underneath my boots, I cannot even look at you anymore. I am done with you.”

2 thoughts on “She moved on. Part 1 of 2

  1. i loved all the years i was a sub. cuckold. the more lovers my weife had the more i indulged in my addiction to total idiocy. segaiolo [ wanker ]

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