Holiday Relief. Part 8 of 10

“Now, you should check him” suddenly said Karen.
Chris touched in between my legs with her hand checking on my penis.
“Check him, Chris,” said Karen.
 Chris put her hand between my legs and pulled my foreskin back.
“Oh my goodness, I don’t believe it, I feel pre-cum”, she turned to Karen.
“Yes” replied Karen, “that is just weird, isn’t it?”
Then, I saw Chris sitting down on the sofa under me.
“Nick, now, come and lick my pussy”.
My wife could easily spread her legs apart with that mini-skirt on as I crawled closer to her cunt ready to pleasure her. She was outstanding as usual, her pussy was smoothly shaved, the lips were juicy and she smelt incredibly nice.
“Go ahead and lick me, Nick, make sure you do your job well.”
As I was pushing my tongue inside her amazing and swollen pussy and I tasted her juices, I knew for sure that she was completely horny.