Holiday Relief. Part 7 of 10

I heard Karen laughing. “Ten? Is that what you are worth, Chris? That is all?” She asked.
 I could totally see where this was going & decided to soften my punishment before it gets any worse. “Twenty? And really hard,” I added as I was hoping that I will obtain away with that on the table.
“Well,” replied Karen, “that should be just fine for the moment since it is his first time. Keep in your mind what I told you earlier, Chris”.
Chris came from behind me & touched my manhood with her hand as she felt my device hanging down.
“Oh, look at him, it is getting hard”.
She took a step back & swung at me with the belt.
BOOM! I thought I was going to lose my breath as it injure like hell.
“Awwwwwhhh, fuck!’ I screamed.
“Shut your pie-hole & remain silent,” said Karen, “or I will make her start it all over again & count each stroke”.
“One” I mumbled.
“One, my mistress” corrected Chris & swung my belt for another time.
“Two, my mistress” I said somehow.
“That’s a satisfactory stroke,” Karen added..
“Three, my mistress”.
“That’s what I thought,” said Chris.
“Four, my mistress”.
This process continued & I remember that by ten strokes I felt tears in my eyes & my ass was completely on fire. I was thinking to myself, how the hell I am going to make it through twenty strokes? And so I felt Karen taking all twenty strokes on my ass & the top of my thighs. Finally, we received to the point where we were going.
“Twenty, my mistress”. I felt my legs were shaking & could taste my tears rolling down my cheeks. And yet strangely, I could feel pre-cum running through my tiny & shriveled penis.