Swinging Party Cuckold

By the time Elise & her husband had arrived at the party, there were already eight other couples there. No sooner than Elisa was in the door, she’d turned to her husband & commanded him to strip naked. As he stood there, bare as the day he was born, Elisa took her time accepting a glass of wine. We all watched them, amazed & curious. Finally settled, Elisa clearly her voice & proclaimed, “This is my husband. Take a look at his dick, & you’ll see that it’s encased in a cage. This is because he’s my cuckold. He’s here to participate in the party, yet he won’t be allowed to fuck or cum.” Some of the women looked at Elise’s husband dubiously, yet she quickly shushed them.
“Don’t worry, ladies,” she said. “Despite his restrictions, he will have no problem serving you & bringing you tremendous pleasure. He has a skillful tongue, & there have been nights when he’s used it on me for hours at a time. I can’t tell you how many times he’s eaten my pussy all night long. I beg of you, don’t hesitate from asking something of him, because he’s been trained to do as you command.”
The ladies all nodded, & it was clear that their pussies were getting wet in anticipation. The thought of using this man as they pleased, without having to worry approximately his satisfaction? What a delight!
Next, Elise turned to the men of the room. “You, gentlemen,” she started. “Feel free to use my worthless husband, too. He’s been trained to serve you just as well as the ladies. He does wonders as a fluff, & whenever you find yourself in need of clean-up, he’ll be pleased to use his mouth to rid your cocks of cum. Believe me when I tell you, this slut just can’t obtain enough of your jizz!”
It was with these words that all the guests nodded their heads, pleased to know that they had a lovely cuckold that would see to their needs. One man wasted no time, approaching Elise’s husband & unzipping his pants. He grabbed the cuckold by the hair & brought his lips to his complex cock. Elise smiled as she watched her husband donate this stranger a blowjob, sucking & licking while the party around them received louder & louder.
Over the course of the night, that cuck used his mouth to lick pussy, cock & cum. He brought the girls to orgasm, made the guys shoot complex & ensured that everyone was nice & clean before they left. By the end of the evening, everyone had agreed that this swingers’ party was the best ever, & it was all in thanks to Elise’s servant husband.