My story begins when I first married my wife

My story begins when I first married my wife. I was 22 she was 20 we are from a small Texas town. We moved to a mid sized city after we wed. I took a job at a large grocery store as a nighttime stocker. And we found a trailerhouse to rent. The owner was a large Mexican man about 6ft 280lbs and 50 yrs old, we soon learned he was a big cocaine dealer and rumored to have ties to the cartel rumors were he had killed before and was a rather dangerous man. The rented mobile home wasn’t much but it was a start.. and we were ok with it. He also owns three other mobile homes and two small rent houses all on the same block. He also has a wife in her fifties rather old and large I saw she was submissive and obedient to his strong machismo personality and challenged nothing he said or did… When we moved in he helped us with moving some and he kept poking fun of me for straining to lift some of
the heavier items while he easily could, while my wife would giggle… he seemed to flirt and talk nicely to her. She is a little hottie, 5′ even 105 lbs. We are both hispanic.. she has a gorgeous face and smile with dark brown hair a nice nice round booty that sticks out… and small but perky titties with reddish brown nipples and fair/light skin big brown eyes thick full lips… He also invited us to his home which was directly across the street. He said he and his friends often get together in the evenings and drink beer cook out and listen to music in his shop building right infront of his doublewide home… he said come over anytime you see me out there. I explained I had a night job he quickly laughed and said she can go over we just relax and eat and drink beer… I just kinda chuckled… So about three weeks later I was outside unloading some groceries when he was outside
and he whistled out. He said yal come over I’m going to cookout and drink. I told him ok maybe just to eat and relax, but I had to work at 11pm.. he said ok no problem. So we went at about 7pm we ate and I didn’t drink because I didnt want to go work with a buzz. But my wife drank a winecooler then another and several more. Until she was kinda drunk laughing loud and talking. There was a stereo a pool table and dart board.. in his shop and two cars in the shop with car covers on them. At about ten till 9pm I asked my buzzed wife if she was ready to get home so I could get ready to go work… she said yeah I guess. So we left. When we got home she said im buzzing hard… she said I guess its good we left because our landlord was getting horny. She told me he was touching her ass alot when they played pool and darts and had pressed his hardon against her ass when ever he saw a chance…
she was looking hot in her white daisy duke shorts and tube top. Anyway I was not too jealous I just thought he was drunk and feeling frisky with the young hot wife.. So I kissed her and left to go work. I got out at 7am and drove home. I walked into the bedroom to get clothes for a shower, I was expecting

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