Cucked To Buxom Blonde Slutwife, For 2 Years

And now more of my story approximately the two years I spent as a cuckold to my 38-year-old wife & my 63-year-old boss. Only after eight weeks of marriage, I was cuckolded. If you think approximately it, that’s pretty impressive considering my wife & my boss only met for the first time during our wedding ceremony. It was through my boss’ skillful determination that she was able to transform my quiet, shy wife into a wild, adventurous slut — & me into a cuckold — in a remarkably short amount of time.
Prior to entering this arrangement with my boss — that is, the eight weeks I was married to my wife before he entered the picture — I came my wife cum 20 times, while I came inside her 22 times. You might think it’s strange that I’d remember something like this, yet my boss made me remember & transcribe them not long after he entered our relationship. You may think that 20 sessions of sex may not seem like a lot, yet take into account that those eight weeks included two periods & a bout of food poisoning for me. What is more absorbing is that those numbers changed completely for her within a week of his involvement in our lives. She went from 20 orgasms in two months to 32 in just a week! Not only that, she moreover received to enjoy 25 ejaculations inside her tight cooch. During that same time, I had the pleasure of only three orgasms, & of that, only one occurred after he instated his rules of denial. As you can see, there’s a huge divergence between the way his does things & the way I do.
Ever since we took up this venture, I have grown to greatly respect & admire my boss. I would do anything in the world to make sure my wife received the opportunity to be used as a slut for him, & I fully understand what an honor it is for us that he likes & continues to use her. Any other dude might have gotten bored with this situation & with us, yet not him. He always thinks of new ways to stimulating & pleasing her while denying & humiliating me. When you really think approximately it, the man is a genius. He’s changed things to the point where my beloved wife is completely dedicated to keeping him satisfied, & she has even stepped outside her comfort zone to do things that would prove her devotion. I think that even if she wanted to, there would be no way she could say no to him. Not that I expect that she would want to, as her compliance has come to the level of absolute trust in him. I would even bet there have been a few instances where she has done things she would have rather not, yet as a result of those actions, she has gained valuable sexual insight, knowledge & growth. We no longer have any idea how many dicks have been thrust into her soft channel, especially after the two of them went to a swinger’s party only a month into our new arrangement. My best estimate would be that in the two years since this threesome of sorts has been formed, she’s been with approximately 50 guys, a lot of them who have fucked her more than once. To put that in perspective, when we married, I had only been the third man inside her. In just his first week, my boss managed to double that number, & in the first month, quadruple it! Ever since, it has just been a whirlwind of dudes. I’m sure that the passage of two years has caused my wife to forget what it was even like to do me. Still, I am extremely pleased for her, & I want her as much as I did when we were in that honeymoon stage of our lives. I have a hole in my heart — an ache, a wanting for her — yet I know that I am unworthy & undeserving of her, & I won’t have her again in that way.
The one thing that affects & helps me the most in this arrangement as a cuckold is my cock cage. I was introduced to my wonderful cb6000 on only the second day of training, & it is a tool that I have come to downright love. It’s my belief that every cuckold should have his own, or at least the opportunity to try one. I might sound a bit like a salesman right now, yet I am being totally honest when I say that this thing is amazing. When you wear it, you’ll never forget that you have it on. As you go approximately your business — moving, standing, sitting – it goes with you, constantly touching you, caressing you with brushes, grabs & the occasional bite – though not a offensive one. Its design is brilliant, & I have never had an issue with chafing, even when I’ve worn it hours or month — yes, months — on end. I add some lube around the areas that tend to catch for comfort, & I don’t even bother with shaving anymore. I used to go twice a week to my boss to have it removed for some manscaping, yet after he told me that I was annoying him by having him constantly dig the key out to unlock me, I made the decision to stop shaving & let things go natural down there.
There was one time where my boss removed my cage & then had me stand there & loon on as he used my precious cage as a makeshift dildo on my wife. He thrust it into her & played with her clit until she spasmed in orgasm. I, of course, received complex watching, yet he killed my arousal by placing a bag of frozen peas on my balls until my erection went away. On went the cage, & I had two go two more weeks before I was even allowed to entertain the thought of cumming. It may sound strange, yet actually admire my cage, because unlike me, it has actually had the opportunity of fucking my wife more recently than myself. It has been inside of her, & now I obtain the honor of wearing it on me 24 hours a day. It’s superior to me, & it’s a privilege for me to wear it.
Life has been thrilling ever since my boss entered our relationship & took my wife as his slut. There have been tons of sex in our home — as well as tons of humiliation, all courtesy of my boss. You’re probably curious approximately our lives; what questions do you have? Perhaps these questions intrigue you. Choose one of the three to start:
1) What it was life for my wife to fuck her first strange man from an internet chatroom, a man I had to find as per my boss’ orders?
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3) How our second wedding anniversary went, where my boss arranged a gangbang for my wife on our own bed?
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