The glass coffee table

Inevitably there’s a lot of angst for some of the cuck husbands who are just getting used to another guy doing the business with their wife, but let me reassure all, things do settle down and become the hornier for that. For four years now Jenny has been cucking me, going with our best friend Lance (I know, too stupidly apt a name, but true nonetheless). We are a folk trio that tour the circuit and play some very minor festivals and I used to watch them singing raunchy duets in front of me. I realised that Jenny wanted to open her legs for Lance. All the women who saw him on stage did too- he is very physical and has this growly voice that sounds very masculine indeed. It was just a matter of time until he fucked her and I searched for ways to say go ahead. I was ready to share, ready to even stand aside, if that was what it took to save my marriage and keep us all doing gigs together. Before I could broach that conversation though, it happened. Outside some pub in Somerset, in the dark, I found them in our car, Jenny with her boot covered feet up on the dashboard, her folksy skirt up around her waist. Lance’s bare ass was driving his prick in and out of her cunny, making her whimper under the pounding force of it. Given what I heard her say, she had clearly been wanting this for ages. It was a massive relief, and she screamed when he made her climax. Lance grunted something very raw, very gravelly in that dark voice of his. He was going to fuck her silly, regular as clockwork and he didn’t give a shit about what I thought!
They didn’t see me and I slipped away, feeling oddly content that it had happened. It’s like when a thunder storm breaks- the tension is eased. My beautiful, long flaxen haired young wife came back to where I was supping ale and blushed. She needed to tell me. ‘Lance just fucked me’ she whispered, perhaps dreading my reaction. I said as steadily as I could, ‘bout time too…it was difficult watching the pair of you on heat.’
I got the warmest, most enthusiastic kiss ever and so we started the shares stage of the relationship. We both fucked Jenny and eventually openly in a ménage a trios. It was a free wheeling few months I can tell you. But the comparisons eroded that. Lance is bigger than me, more physical and powerful. He has a big gnarled cock, almost a brutal looking love machine. Jenny was faking orgasms on me and I testily complained that this wasn’t fair. She should be honest. ‘Alright,’ she returned equally angry, ‘I prefer Lance…your prick’s not good enough to get me off.’ It was a deflating moment- a bloody kick in the crutch. ‘Thank you’ I said, ‘I’ll support you in any way that seems acceptable. It’s obvious that you’re his woman.’
Jenny must have worked with some guilt for a while then. She seemed uncertain. Then though, she started quizzing me about watching, about playing second fiddle in the non stage sense. I assured that I accepted that Lance had won, that he and she were so beautiful together. It was natural for them to fuck and fuck hard. There were loads of songs about wives cuckolding their old man, so I was prepared to live that lifestyle.
That’s where the glass coffee topped table came in. It was big and it was heavy and it rested in the living room space of a very large mobile home on this site where we had just finished a gig. A girlfriend of Jenny’s had been watching us and said calmly to her in front of me, ‘Lance is fucking you isn’t he- you two are so together on stage!’ Jenny said simply, ‘yes…and it’s so good.’ Lance, Jenny and I went back to the van and decided that we needed to mark this transition somehow.
As I take pics at the gigs, I said that I would film Lance fucking my wife. It was time to bring this into the lifestyle. ‘Get beneath that table then,’ Lance barked, ‘that way you can get a close up of my meat working Jenny’s cunt.’ I lay on the floor beneath the table then and readied the camera. It took them a while, with all the snogging and the petting. They weren’t hurrying this for anyone, least of all the cuck husband.
Eventually though Jenny dropped her knickers, hitched up her skirt and using the smallest possible cushion, positioned her sweet rear immediately above my lens. Her cunt was dripping wet, little dribbles of lady cum slid down onto the glass. From this angle, Lance’s prick looked fucking huge and his balls hung beneath it like a pair of boule. Jenny pulled back his foreskin to reveal a bulging crown, one that jerked and juddered in her pretty hand. She led it to her cunt hole, and when it was readied there, Lance pushed on in, causing her to gasp noisily. The fit was very snug- as I say the bloke is well equipped to service women. It ground inside her, causing her buttocks to slide about a bit. Once she was taking it to the hilt though, one his shaft was properly lubricated, he started to stroke with ease. Back and forth it went, in and out, Lance’s balls bouncing and then dragging across the glass top of the table.
‘Take lots of pictures mate…I want to see Jen’s fanny all wet and creamy at the end.’
There were lots of pics, it’s easy with a digital camera. Occasionally he popped out and I then got shots of Jenny’s engorged slit trembling. She wanted it back up her. In it went again, causing more gasps and this time to the ultimate end. They climaxed together, Lance’s balls clenching and Jenny’s buttocks rock tight with the force of her orgasm. He was gasping as he fucked the seed good and deep inside her. It was a massive mount, a masterful display and he paused for effect. She kissed him greedily, pleading for him not to take it out yet, so he just repositioned himself.
‘I’ll fuck the next load shallow…so it seeps out of your hole for the camera’ he announced arrogantly.
My wife said that she adored him,worshipped him. She would give head later, swallow his spunk, it didn’t matter that I watched anymore. I was just the roadie- the hired help. They were the star act.
His stamina was amazing- he really had it. Another crescendo of pumping was built up to and this time his balls fairly bounced on the glass as they delivered what must have been an aching second load into her quim. They were locked together, bucking against each other in this rugged, greedy fashion. Out his cock dragged, and there was my wife’s sex, dribbling spunk, shivering with excitement and her clit as hard as a ball bearing.


3 thoughts on “The glass coffee table

  1. It’s so good that Jenny is getting what she wants! All that stuff that women can’t separate out these needs from love is just wet rubbish. This way Gerry you guys get to continue delivering the music and Jenny gets the best semen. Its a natural instinct for a girl to want that. I wish other guys faced up to this.

  2. Thanx Sue,
    Its nice you feel this way. What’s strangely erotic is performing with Lance on stage and knowing that a lot of the audience guess that we are lovers. I always look across at Gerry when we refer in songs to a cuckold!
    I know some men get off being cuckolds, but its good for us too. Its time we insisted on choice!

  3. My view is if we acknowledge a range of sexuality -bi gay and so forth that we should accept more widely that some women are more discerning about their partners and insist on arrangements that match. Its OK to be elitest. Women respond to different sorts of men and are willing to manage others to suit.
    on with your show then!

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