The Beginning

I do not know if I am a cuckhold or a submissive. Both terms certainly apply. Before we married, my wife went out with a lot of men. She never tried to hide the fact that while we were engaged she continued to have sex with other men. It was just part of who she was & I knew that I could either accept it or find someone else to be with.
After we married Anna stopped seeing other men. Perhaps as compensation, she began wanting to experiment & we tried a lot of different themes. We quickly gravitated to BDSM & discovered that while I was a “switch”, she was 100 percent a Dom. After a while I was pretty much her full time sex slave. Anna really enjoyed the dominatrix role & was very imaginative & creative when it came to devising new bondage techniques & ways of inflicting painful pleasures. I came to relish our sessions & appreciate the freedom & eroticism of giving total control to my lover. I wanted more, wanted to be made to go beyond what I would have thought were my limits. Anna, likewise wanted to push the boundaries. Often I wanted desperately for her to stop, only to find afterward that I was pleased to have submitted to her torments.
Eventually Anna asserted her control completely. She told me that I was hers to use in any way she wanted. I agreed & honestly told her that I wanted to be used by her. “Then you agree that what you want does not matter. You are mine to use & you submit to me in every way.” Again, I emphatically agreed.
She then told me to strip, gag myself with a ball gag, handcuff my hands behind my back & stand by the bed until she returned. She left the room & I heard the door close & her car leave the garage. So far, this was nothing out of the ordinary.
After more than an hour, Anna returned, yet she was not alone. With her was a man I had never seen before. I was embarrassed to be seen by this stranger standing naked, handcuffed, & gagged with saliva dripping from my chin. Anna smiled at me & said “Stand there & watch.”
I did as I was told & watched as my wife undressed herself & the stranger. I suppose it would make a better story to say that he had a gigantic cock, yet he was of of average proportions, although in very satisfactory shape. He certainly was not lacking in stamina & they engaged in energetic & enthusiastic sex for quite awhile. It began with Anna on her knees sucking his cock, clearly enjoying taking it deep into her mouth until she gagged on it, then licking his balls & working her tongue up his shaft before taking it in her mouth again. I was humiliated by the stiffness of my own cock as I just stood there & watched my wife sucking the cock of another man. At the same time, I was gratified by my submission to Anna & pleased that I was being made to do this.
Anna laid back on the bed & the stranger kneeled between her legs, rubbing the head of his cock on her clit & between the lips of her sex. Then he slowly entered her, pausing when fully inside her before withdrawing & entering again. There it was – my wife being fucked by another man. To say that I was a willing participant would not be entirely accurate. Whether I was willing or not was not a consideration. I had given control to Anna & what I was made to witness was her will, not mine. It was this surrender to her will that I wanted. So there I stood with a huge hard-on watching my wife fucking a stranger. I watched as straddled him & rode up & down on his shaft. She made sure that I saw everything.
Her excitement & pleasure were obvious. I knew that she had missed sex with other men & I saw that this was how things would be in the future. It surprised me that I accepted this so easily & it seemed to be the way we were meant to be. As I watched my wife lost in pleasure each time she climaxed, my acceptance & excitement grew.
Eventually the stranger came as well, spraying his semen on my wife’s breasts, her face & in her mouth. Anna sighed with contentment & asked her lover to unlock my handcuffs before he left. He dressed, released my hands & quickly left without saying a word.
“Thank you,” Anna said. “Now come here & lick me clean before you come inside me. And so it began. My wife & I have both found freedom in our arrangement – she in having complete control & I in having no control.

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  1. My husband told me he wrote about us. How shall I punish him for this transgression?

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