It was only after the fifth conversation with my husband Colin

It was only after the fifth conversation with my husband Colin about me getting pregnant that we asked Mark to join us at this country pub for lunch. I had been cuckolding Colin with the same man for nearly five years, and i desperately wanted Mark’s child. I was thirty so the clock was ticking, but it seemed timely too given that i had achieved complete compliance in my husband. Each year I holidayed with Mark for a fortnight and always spent New Year’s Eve with him. My immediate girlfriends knew that Mark was the man of the house. It was time for Colin to ask Mark to put me in the club, to assure him that he would raise the little one, and to confirm that there would be no financial entanglements.

I decided to wear a very tight pair of denim jeans with Italian high heeled leather boots over the top- it was very vamp. As we drove out into the country, I made Colin rehearse the reasons that he would give. First off Mark was a superior physical specimen, and so why wouldn’t i want him to sire any offspring. Second, Mark was exceptionally bright and intelligent, again it was better that he and i shared the genes. Third, he felt that he just wasn’t equipped to do the job! By then I had been training him for a little while on cunnilingus and I’d tested to see whether he produced thick and gloopy spunk. He didn’t- it was practically water. As I comment elsewhere, the addiction to fanny licking seemed to have a suppresant effect-he was probably spermless by now.

At first Mark was cautious- there are some possible traps associated with this sort of thing. Colin though produced his letter confirming his request and the offer of complete free hand terms. Mark wanted an independent witness to see Colin sign that and as it happened a friend of mine called Gina was drinking there too. She giggled and said hot hot this all was, and Colin signed the paper, passing it to Gina to sign as a witness. After Mark had put the paper in his jacket, I suggested that we walk down to the river at the bottom of the pub garden. Mark followed with me, his hand on my bottom and Colin walked behind. I took out my contraceptive pills from my handbag and handed them to Colin in front of my boyfriend. Mark sat on a bench and I then on his lap and we watched as one by one my husband discarded the pills into the water. It was quiet and discrete down there, so Mark pushed his fingers inside the zip fly of my jeans. He fingered my sex and i snogged with him whilst Colin did his duties. Mark was very eager, very randy about it all and I had to warn that it might take a month or two because of my monthly cycle needing to establish. But he was so generous with the sticky hot stuff I knew that I would easily conceive.

Colin was sent to buy another round of drinks and Mark and i talked practicalities. I knew this broad minded midwife who would sort out the home birth. I suggested that throughtout our little one should know who his or her propper daddy was and that Colin would be treated as the Mrs Doubtfire. Mark was pleased by that and Colin confirmed that he accepted the same after he handed over the lagers. Colin can look a bit of a gooseberry sometimes, so then I sent him to play ‘pooh sticks’ on the bridge, I would call for him when it was time to drive us home. Mark said when he’d gone, ‘you really are the hottest little bitch…I love the way you control him.’ I kissed him eagerly, ‘good’ I said with a smile.

It was perhaps symbolic, but I asked Mark immediately back to our house and ordered Colin to drive us there. His car could be brought back by Gina. ‘Why don’t I film the horny event!’ she suggested, guessing what we were about to do. Mark liked the idea, so I said yes,she could follow us back to the cottage. Colin was a bit embarrassed, but I slapped his face smartly for him and reminded him that Gina had known for months that Mark was fucking me. He had to stop being a prude!

Cottages don’t have big windows, but the master bedroom is south facing and well lit, so there was enough light for Gina to use the camcorder to good effect. She was really enjoying the thing as well. ‘Get your weeny dick out Colin and show it to the camera!’ she chirped. I gave my husband this look that said do as my girlfriend says and he produced his modest little tool. It wasn’t caged today, but even so it wasn’t very impressive. Gina wanted words as well as images so she asked Colin, ‘so is it right that you’re going to put Mark’s dick into Annette’s sex, even though she’s now off the pill?’ Colin nodded. Gina responded, ‘ I didn’t hear you!’ and he acknowledged, ‘yes…I am’. My friend could have been a film director- she was VERY good at this! Mark and I started to pet, his hand running over my bottom, my breasts and then my cunt just as soon as I had discarded the jeans and boots.

‘So talk me through it,’ Gina said, once Colin had been brought over to press nice little kisses on my pubes, ‘just how ashamed are you that you need to ask another man to get your wife up the duff?’ Colin’s answer was ‘very’. ‘Is it that you can’t manage it or something, is this medical- that would be a lame excuse’ Gina pursued- it was a relentless assault on Colin’s manhood. ‘No…no, not exactly…’ and then after a moment as he swallowed his honour, ‘its just that Mark fucks her best, she’s too good for me.’ It was at that point that Gina zoomed in on Mark’s handsome erection. The girl had been to film school, I’m sure of it.

‘Hold it nicely’ Gina ordered as I lay back on the bed, my legs ready to hook up over Mark’s burly shoulders. Colin took hold of Mark’s prick, reverently. It was circumcised and looked massive in his hand. ‘I want this done very slowly’ Gina insisted. Colin was ordered to pull open my sex lips, to lick them one more time, and then to address the thick crown of my lover into the caress of them. You could actually see Mark’s cock trembling with excitement. The close up shots were very revealing. ‘In it goes then…’ Gina said, glancing toward Mark as a suggestion that it was time to thrust. Gina added, ‘you’re right Colin, why wouldn’t she want a seed spreader like that rather than your micro model.’

As well established lovers Mark and I usually fuck slowly, casually. This time though the idea of what was happening overtook him and his thrusts were urgent. I couldn’t resist either and started to beg him to empty his balls inside me! It was a rough and gasping fuck- the way he drove into me, making my tits shake like blancmonge. ‘You’ve done it now haven’t you Colin’ said Gina, filming my husband with his head bowed, ‘Annette is taking spunk and will take lots more until she gets what she wants. Its inevitable and the world will know that you were no good to her.’ Commentary like that has an electric effect! I orgasmed loud and hard and Mark just grunted gruffly with each thrust of his cock. I could feel it delivering its load, and feel my cunny lips tensing so that not a drop would be lost after he withdrew. ‘You bitch…you bitch’ he groaned as he serviced me and i opened my mouth to him. ‘I just need your cum….I’ve always craved your cum and that wretch knows it’ I said, gesturing towards Colin.

When Mark withdrew my sex was awash with spunk- its an abiding image on the film. Colin looked devastated. part of him wanted to lick me out as usual and the rest of him knew that this wasn’t allowed any more. Every last wriggling sperm needed to be competing inside me, swimming eagerly up to find the first egg that i let free. ‘How was it for you?’ Gina asked, panning back and forth between my cream pie cunt and Colin’s face. My husband managed, ‘beautiful- Annette is always so beautiful with him.’


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  1. He didn’t that time- he was devastated as I say. I’ve made him do so since though. Not sure that he does like it, but I insist.

  2. Would love to hear more about your attempts to get pregnant. Also, if you are blessed with a bundle of joy, I’d like to hear how Colin adjusts to being a good, devoted nanny. My hubby has been glad to sacrifice for my two little ones.

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    I’d anticipated that it might take a good few months after Colin threw away my birth control pills for me to catch. Not a bit of it though, after two months I was good and pregnant! Mark had virtually moved in to ensure that we had lots of sex and Colin was sent to sleep on the couch downstairs. He admitted to being relieved when he saw the pregnancy test results, perhaps thinking that now he would be allowed back up to the master bedroom. But Mark firmly told him to forget that and to get used to the couch. He also had the chore of decorating the other bedroom as a nursery.
    Gina was thrilled by the news too and with my permission started to superintend the coming out about all this. Several close friends knew that Mark did all the fucking in our house, but it was a different matter knowing that we had taken the next step. I don’t know if you faced difficulties, but a few of our bloke friends wrote Colin out of the address book- saying he was such a wimp. I told him he had to expect that as he wasn’t very manly. His approach to life threatened their take on things! Our girlfriends loved it though, they almost adopted him as a fellow nurturing soul. One said, ‘you’re so fem Colin…its lovely to see the way you ensure Annette is mistress in the house’.
    Before our daughter was born Colin was sent off to classes to do all the child rearing things and it was agreed that he would take up home work part time so he could raise Mark and my little one. It was a bit of worry wondering whether he would love and care for her, freely acknowledging to anyone who asked that she was Mark’s. But as Mark and I continued to fuck throughout my pregnancy and Colin attended me with his tongue afterwards- I didn’t see any sign that he wasn’t ready to be a nanny!
    Towards the end, when i was big and ripe with Mark’s offspring, Colin became nicely aquiescent and open about breeding. Making babies was an elite occupation and it was right that I should chose whose genes were passed on. it felt very sexy indeed! I gave birth to the little one in hospital- not at home as originally planned. It was a bit of a trial for Colin as he visited so obviously as the cuckold husband, whilst Mark and I were the big emotional thing at visiting time. I had the professional pics taken with our daughter at the breast and then when I came out of hospital I went hand in hand with Mark and Colin came afterwards, carrying our bundle!

    I’ll perhaps post another account of life since then- what its like continuing to have a proper physical sex life, when you have a husband to do all the tiring child rearing things.

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