It was nice to see Emma taking such complete control in the most recent blogs shared on this sexy site

It was nice to see Emma taking such complete control in the most recent blogs shared on this sexy site. Like Emm i’m in complete control at home, but perhaps my arrangement has been running longer? Don’t worry gal, it gets better and better! In my case my husband Peter wasn’t entirely ready to be cuckolded, he didn’t beg for it like Emm’s old man. Instead, there came along a younger and inevitably a much sexier black adonis to our place of work. Garth has a stunning physique and you could see Peter shrivel up inside when he saw the man. At first it was just flirting, and I as a 40 year old slim wife was very flattered. Garth took me out to the pub at lunchtimes and I thought that Peter would explode with jealousy. I taunted Peter asking whether he was going to do anything about the randy suitor and at first, Peter said no. The guy had a huge physique and he imagined that he would get a punch on the nose. Eventually, one evening when the three of us went out, I in a rediculously revealing leather mini skirt and a basque, Peter did try it on. He asked Garth to stop seeing me and my beau told Peter to piss off. Peter stupidly tried to contest the matter and very quickly indeed Garth had him pinned to the ground. He held him there for a few moments whilst my husband struggled ineffectually and then when Pete had calmed down a little Garth asked whether he was ready to be my cuckold. Peter nodded and Garth beckoned me to take off my thong, which Garth proceeded to make Peter sniff. I remember that we went back to our place, Peter transformed and Garth fucked me on the sofa, driving hard and relentlessly into my sex. I tried not to make a show of myself, but thick prick driven hard is a terrible tongue loosener. I begged him, ‘oh darling, please, …please now, spunk now.’

It was the start of an informal group that we call the coffee and cream club. I realised that several other of the girls at work fantasized about well hung men, and especially those with a lovely ebony skin. So the club was set up to arrange encounters, to help the girls try out cuckolding as a lifestyle. As Emma i think infers, it doesn’t suit everyone. You really do have to be a discerning bitch to live like this. So we take things a step at a time. A case in point would be my friend Adele. She was seeing a dishy guy called Wesley, but at that point she hadn’t talked to Martin her husband about accepting the fait accompli. She was ready to divorce her husband instead, rather than help him to adapt to his lot. I invited Wes and Adele over and told Peter that he had to convince Adele how easy it was to manage a cuck. Later, if that went well, he would be required to have a drink with her husband, and nudge him along to servitude.

Anyway, the evening arrived and Peter cooked for the four of us, Adele and Wes, Garth and I. Crap he may be in bed, but Pete cooks a good dinner and he waited at table silently. Afterwards we retired to the sofas and I said to Wes, ‘My very well behaved hubby is yours to control.’ Wes was delighted and he quickly set to, requiring Peter to lick Adele’s high heeled boots. Garth and I were petting on the other sofa, Wes was taking down his chinos, so Adele knew what was on and abandoned herself to it. She showed Peter the different parts of her boots, especially the sole which he was required to lick and caress. It was a firm and mistress like start and she seemed to be warming to it. Meantime, Wes hitched up her skirt, and played with her lovely shaven sex.

Garth wanted me to sit on his cock, and Adele followed suit on Wes’s. The girls were going bareback riding. It was very horny to bounce up and down on our beau’s like that, our tits jiggling. It sounds funny perhaps, a bit silly, but I promise you its not. If you’re a bloke you don’t have a cunny so you don’t know what its like to be properly filled. For Adele and I then it was delicious and we ground and wriggled on the guys tools.

Somehow, amidst all the action, I noticed that Peter was just kneeling and staring. Adele hadn’t demanded her dues, to be moistened up ready for the sex. So i nodded in the direction of Adele’s peachy rear and Peter set too, sweeping his agile tongue up and down her buttocks. You could see the momentary shock on her face, but she soon pushed back against his mouth, and then even reached back and pulled upon her crack, so that he could wiggle his dirty little tongue up and down there.

Hygiene is everything at such moments, so as we neared our orgasms, Peter did the right thing and slooshed his submissive little gob out with mouth wash. Its a MUST DO if your botty has been licked before he is assigned to lick cunny. There…I could see it now, Adele’s neck and breasts flush red with her orgasm and Wes’s balls jerking upwards as the spunk fountain exploded inside of her. They were beautiful together, coming so hard and greedily. Garth exploded inside me and the rush of communal sex made my head spin. The room was full of the smell of it, hard fucking by able men.

Adele stepped off Wes’s still throbbing member and I told her to sit on my husband’s face. I assured her that she was in complete control. She straddled him, playing with her own tits and I saw some of Wes’s cume drip onto Peter’s face. More was oozing out and if the girl was to enjoy the best of it, she needed to land full square on Peter’s mouth right now! Down she went, wriggling a little and sensed the delicious feeling of being licked out by a very eager and obedient male. You could see the look of surprise and delight on her pretty young face. This was like nothing she had ever tried before!

Peter licked appreciatively, breathing in her perfume and I could see that his dick was stiffening. He was behaving so nicely, I decided to wank him off. I wanted him to remember the rewards of assisting my girlfriends in such a way! Flick, flick, flick went his tongue. Adele was good too- she wasn’t smothering him. She hovered her sex an inch above him now and looked down to see him submitting to her. I worked his cock a bit harder and he begged Adele to feel free to use his mouth for a climax if that was what she fancied. She was such a natural madam.

When Adele climaxed little squirts of hot lady cum shot out of her sex glands, and Peter licked those up too. She was kissing and caressing with Wes as she rode my husband’s mouth, gyrating her sex all over Peter’s face! By the time she had finished you would have sworn that Peter had been snorkelling in a hot tub filled with lubricating jelly. The cuck was a mess!

A month or so later, Adele told me that her husband’s training had started and that he had been suprisingly calm when she had told him that she was cheating on him. A month after that, the six of us were able to go clubbing. Adele and I danced with the studs, whilst Peter and Martin stayed dry to drive us all home. It was lovely to have new members join our little club!