Dominated Cuckold

Chapter 1

As I drove along the oak tree lined street with large brick entrances protected by steel bared electronic gates, I thought approximately how much my life had changed in the past year. My name is Robert Allen & I am married to a gorgeous woman, Lisa Marie, who is not only successful in business, yet moreover very rich. We live in a wealthy community, in a large house with household staff (at least we did have household staff), expensive cars (several vintage models), & of course membership in all the right clubs.

I passed through the large gates & drove up the long driveway to the back of the house. I took the groceries out of the back of the Mercedes & walked inside through the service entrance to the kitchen. As I unpacked the groceries, I shook my head & a wry smile crossed my lips as I thought approximately the alter in my status in such a short time. In just twelve months I have gone from a high paid management position in my wife’s company to … to little more than a household servant. I screwed up, huge time. I had grown cocky & thought I was above reproach within the company & even within the legal system … after all, my wife was Chairman of the Board of Williams International.

Williams International had been Lisa’s father’s company & when he died she became CEO as a twenty-six year old woman (a year after we were married) with little management experience. Contrary to internal management beliefs & their early efforts to sabotage her, in only ten years she had reorganized the company & tripled profits. Now, as Chairman she still watches over the company, yet spends more time on … how should I say this … uh … other more personal pursuits.

So you might ask why I am grocery shopping & entering the house through the servant’s entrance? Well, that’s what this story is about. Let me start at the beginning.

As I said earlier, being the husband of the CEO of the company gave me the false impression that I could do just approximately anything & obtain away with it … including dipping into the company till. You see I had a little problem—gambling. Over the course of a string of offensive luck I had racked up a bill with my bookie to the tune of $550,000 … quite a sum of money & more than I could afford to pay back on my $300,000 annual salary. I was arrogant enough to think I could take a little loan out of the company treasury & pay it back once my luck turned. Unfortunately, my luck only received worse. When the internal auditors discovered what I was doing during a routine audit, they immediately went to Lisa. Of course she was furious & had no choice yet to fire me. I wasn’t too concerned at that point. I figured I would just stay home while everything cooled down & become a kept man until I could return to work. The fact is that I have never gone back to my job & I am a kept man, in a literal since. I will tell you more approximately that in a minute.

In addition to the above, two other things happened at approximately the same time. I know you are going to think what I am approximately to say is incredible stupid, & you would be correct. One of the other reasons that I needed money was because I was having an affair with my secretary. That came out during the investigation because she thought she might be accused of helping me defraud the company … yet she was not. So suddenly I was a two-time loser. The final blow came as a result of a doctor’s appointment a week prior to the discovery of my financial & personal indiscretions.

Lisa & I had been trying to have a baby for three years. She had been checked by her doctor & was fine, yet I had refused to go, saying that she should just be patient & things would happen. Finally I agreed to see my doctor. The test showed that I was sterile. The news that I was unable to father a child was devastating to me, yet not nearly as devastating as it was to Lisa. She was still grappling with that when the “shit hit the fan”, so to speak, at the company.

My memory of what happened next is a bit hazy. It happened so swift & everything came at me at such a rate that I could barely absorb the total impact. First of all, as I said, I was fired from my job. Lisa was unbelievably embarrassed & ashamed of me. But that was only the beginning. Once she found out approximately the affair those emotions were mild compared to the anger that took its place. I remember that conversation quite clearly.

I was called into the living room. I knew it was going to be ugly, yet figured that since we had had ten pretty satisfactory years of marriage, she would scream & yell & then eventually forgive me. She had not spoken to me the previous week … not one word. After the humiliation I thrust upon her by my stealing from her company & screwing my secretary, I could understand her anger. But, in reality I think my inability to make her a “mother” was maybe the worst part of the problem. I couldn’t do much approximately that & figured she would be somewhat sympathetic to my plight. I thought she might make me obtain a job & promise to never see that woman again. The job part was scary since I had had a sham position at her company for the past ten years & never developed any real skills. In the back of my mind I thought the worst case was that she would throw me out & sue for divorce. Although I didn’t want that, I figured she would donate me some type of settlement on which I could live; if not in my current style of living, enough to keep me from having to work. But as shortly as I walked into the room I could see that it was going to be far worse then I imagined.

Lisa was sitting in a large overstuffed chair with a look on her face that I could only describe as fury. I can tell you that the saying “God has no fury like a woman scorned,” is absolutely true.

I sat down & gulped as I looked into her normally pretty blue eyes. Strangely I thought. God, she is gorgeous, even when she is furious.

She stared at me for a full minute before she spoke. “Bob … what you have done … what you have put me through … is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. You have disgraced me within my company, in front of my friends, & within my family. I don’t know that I can ever obtain over that & forgiving you is out of the question. I have thought approximately kicking you out of the house, having you put in jail & of course filing for divorce. Jailing you has a lot of appeal to me. Yet, even that is not nearly enough.”

JAIL, I thought. Good God, I hadn’t even considered that. I must have shown the shock on my face. “Ja … il,” I stammered.

“What did you expect?” she said when she saw my look of surprise. A smile came to her face & suddenly she laughed. “You mean you didn’t think I would put you in jail?”

“Uh … no.”

“Well, you are very wrong. I actually had the phone in my hand on several occasions. In fact, the company has been pushing me to prosecute you. And, that is still a possibility, especially if you decide you are unwilling to abide by my rules.”

Her words suddenly gave me a moment of hope. I could abide by rules … well at least I could appear to abide by rules. “Sure, anything,” I answered quickly.

“Don’t be too quick to agree. Wait until you have heard what the rules are.”

I waited hopefully as she paused & stared at me, again making me wait for a full minute before she continued. My hope has vanished & I was terrified now. I couldn’t go to jail. I mean, I have heard approximately what they do to guys like me. I mean, I am only five foot seven & weigh approximately one-fifty soaking wet. I would surely be the bitch of some huge black hood. I felt myself commence to tremble, yet tried to hide it.

“Why, you’re shaking?” Lisa asked with pretend sympathy. Then her face hardened & she said, “Good. You should be terrified.”

My mouth was incredible dry. “Can I obtain … obtain something to drink?”

“No. Not until I’m done. For now, I have decided not to prosecute you … or even divorce you. That would be too satisfactory for what you have done to me. As I said, I reserve the right to put you in jail at any time. In fact, the company auditors said they could arrange to “find” the fraud at any time that I want. So for now they will sit on the evidence.”

Although that gave me a moment of relief, I was still trembling & felt like I needed to go to the bathroom.

“That does not, however, let you off the hook. I expect you to pay the company back.”

“Okay,” I said, wondering where I would obtain the money.

“In order for you to earn money, I have terminated the household assist … the chauffer, the maid, & the cook.”

“What, all three jobs? Who is going to do that stuff?” I asked stupidly.

“You. You will perform their jobs at a salary of $50,000 per year.”

“$50,000. That will take … over ten years to pay the company back even if I gave you all the money.”

“Of course you will donate me all the money & it will take longer than ten years because there is the little issue of 10% interest,” Lisa said & laughed. It was a mean laugh.

“Please, sweetheart,” I begged & dropped to my knees in front of her & took her hand in mine. “We had ten satisfactory years … doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

She pulled her hand away. “It did until you destroyed every speck of the love & trust I had for you. You can’t possible imagine what you have done to me.” I saw tears in her eyes as she added, “And you are going to pay for that for a long, long time.”

All right, obtain a hold on yourself, I thought. It can’t be that bad. She’ll obtain over this & things will obtain back to normal in time, I tried to convince myself.

“You will move your things out of my bedroom & take them to the servant’s quarters on the first floor. You can have any of the three rooms you want,” she added with a laugh.

I had been sleeping in one of the many guest rooms since things blew up last week. I hadn’t expected to be let back into her bedroom any time soon. I mean, while we slept together, our sex life had not been that tremendous for some time. I think part of it was my inability to obtain her pregnant, which caused me to have difficulty performing. The pressure was on me. I, in my own mind, used that as an excuse for an affair. With my secretary there was no pressure. I know that was a lame reason to have an affair, yet at the time it seemed to assist … at least it helped my bruised ego. However, the truth was that Lisa had been patient with my lack of performance. She didn’t even seem to mind that I am not exactly hung like a horse. I am only five inches when fully erect. Of course I am not sure she really knew how long an average penis is. Lisa & I met in college & she had not had a lot of sexual experience so I don’t think she really knew the difference.

“Are you listening to me?” Lisa asked when she saw me gazing out the window.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“You had better pay attention. You are now the hired assist & will be treated as such. The difference will be that you will obey my orders, whatever they might entail. If you don’t want the job, or you bulk at my orders, then you can take the alternative, which is jail.”

“No, I don’t want jail. But what do you mean approximately orders?”

“Well, let’s just say that there is more to your punishment then your job as household help. I am not ready to tell you what else there might be, yet you will obey me or suffer the consequences. Do you understand?”

“Uh … yeah,” I said, almost smugly. I figured she would tire of this little game, & if I tried really hard, I might be back in her satisfactory graces over time … maybe even her bed. I mean we had loved each other for a long time … & in fact, I still loved her, maybe more now then before. The strange thing was that the way Lisa had spoken to me & the way she had looked at me were strangely exciting. She was so commanding & confident. In fact, I could feel my cock twitching. The other odd thing was that when I looked into Lisa’s eyes, I thought I could see the same kind of excitement. Her chest seemed to be moving up & down more rapidly then before. Then again, maybe I was mistaking her anger for excitement. I must have looked at her strangely because she abruptly stood up.

“Now go obtain your clothes out of my room,” she said with teeth suddenly clenched as if she were trying to cover up something.

I didn’t argue.

Chapter 2

One week later:

Well, it’s been a long week & things have certainly changed. I dutifully moved into one of the servant’s quarters & have tried really complex to make this thing work. I have been cleaning & cooking & running errands … none of which seemed to be to Lisa’s high standards. Still I was getting the hang of it, I thought. Then several days ago I found three books lying on my bed. The first book wasn’t totally unexpected—it was a cookbook—but the other two threw me for a loop. One was titled “The Fine Art of Cunnilingus”. It was a glossy eight by twelve edition with illustrations. I was never much into eating pussy. I mean I would do it occasionally, yet never really liked it. Now donate me a blowjob … well you obtain the idea.

If that book made my head spin, the third book was a knockout. The title was “The Dominated Cuckold.” I looked at it with a total lack of understanding. I had never heard the word “Cuckold” before. Curious I sat down & started to read. To say I was shocked at what I read would have been an understatement. Basically the book talked approximately how a woman could transform her man/husband into a … a … well, I am not sure what, yet the word wimp came to mind. It went on to talk approximately denial & chastity as a standard procedure for cuckolds. It spoke approximately how the woman has the right … no duty, to find lovers & that the cuckold had little or no say over her actions. In fact, the husband was sometimes allowed to watch his wife being fucked by her lover, as well as perform duties … some of which I still have a difficult time even putting down on paper at this point. Yet, after I had perused the book & put it down, I found to my tremendous shock that I had an erection. In response, I quickly picked up the book on cunnilingus & started to read. At least if I received an erection at the description of eating pussy then it would be pretty normal. However, when I went to bed I stripped & found myself picking up the Dominated Cuckold again & began to read.

I read until I was approximately half way through, & as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I was excited. Since I had developed another erection, I decided to take care of it. I slowly stroked myself, thinking of better times with Lisa … times when we couldn’t obtain enough of each other. Without even realizing it, a few minutes into my fantasy my mind switched to the things I had read in the Dominated Cuckold book & almost immediately I began to climax. It shot out of my cock like a fire hose, landing on my chest, with some of it reaching my chin. It had been some time since I had climaxed that forcefully. I was amazed that the book had done that to me. Still I figured it was more of the result of not having had sex for a couple of weeks. I sighed, closing my eyes in the afterglow of pleasure. A few moments after I feel asleep.

“Hmmm, glad to see you have been working on your reading assignment.”

I woke up with a start & saw Lisa standing at the side of the bed smiling at me. For a moment I was confused. But then I saw the book lying next to me & realized that I was still naked. I had fallen asleep right after my climax without cleaning up. My face turned red when I looked down & saw the sticky residue from my climax. “I … uh … I … I was just …” I stuttered, having no idea what I was going to say.

Lisa clucked her tongue & said, “I know what you were doing & that is not permitted anymore. You have shown that you cannot control your carnal desires & therefore you cock belongs to me. You will no longer be allowed to masturbate or climax without my express permission. From now on you are going to have to consider someone other than yourself. So this is an appropriate time to introduce you to your cock cage.”

As I stared, Lisa produced a chastity cage.

I knew what it was as I had seen the illustration in the book. But I was still shocked that she intended to put one on me. “You can’t … I mean, that’s not part of our deal.”

Lisa laughed. “The deal is whatever I want it to be; you will do what I say or you will go to jail.”

I opened my mouth yet closed it again. I was trapped. Then I watched as she brought the cage to my cock. The moment she touched me I started to obtain an erection. Suddenly she hit my balls with her knuckles, rather hard.

“Ouch!” I screamed.

Lisa laughed as my cock quickly wilted. “Some things never change,” she said when she saw my cock shrivel. Then she started working on the device again. She wasn’t exactly gentle as she squeezed my balls through a plastic ring. Then she slipped the cover over it & placed a small pad lock at the top. “Now, to make sure you don’t slip this off, I am adding this.”

I watched as she placed a little strip of something across the rings. It looked like something you would see on a CD jewel case. If the seal is broken, you know someone has opened the box.

“This will have to do for now. Eventually we will have your cock pierced. That will ensure the cage will stay in place.”

“Pierced?” I almost screamed. “You can’t …” I stopped when I saw Lisa’s look.
“Uh, how long am I going to have to keep this thing on?”

“How long? I’m afraid forever,” she said & laughed.

“Forever. I can’t wear this thing forever. It is starting to injure already.”

“Get used to it. Besides, I have the key & I will keep one & donate the other to Jennifer for safekeeping. If you are really good, my friend Jennifer says I should reward you in approximately three months. I’m not sure I agree with her.”

She held up the key a key as I gasped.

“Reward? What does that mean? And what does Jennifer have to do with this?” I asked. I knew Jennifer. She was a sexy married friend of Lisa’s. I had subtly hit on her a few times, yet she never seemed interested.

“Jennifer is the expert in cuckoldry. She & her husband have been practicing for years. In fact, she is president of a club of woman who practice dominant cuckoldry. There are thousands of members all over the country. The local group numbers approximately three hundred women in our area alone. The executive board meets once a month. In fact, the next meeting is going to be here, & of course, we will be attending.”

“We?” I asked. “Why am I attending?”

“Because you are the guest of honor & because I say so.” Then Lisa held up the key again. “I will keep one of these keys & Jennifer will have the other. She is the secondary key keeper for lots of women in the club.”

My head was suddenly spinning. There were a million questions I wanted to ask, yet couldn’t seem to obtain them out.

“Well, I guess I have given you plenty to think about. Now, obtain a shower & obtain downstairs & fix me breakfast. I will be down in approximately forty-five minutes.” As she walked out of the door, she stopped & turned. “Oh, by the way, read up on cunnilingus. You will obtain to practice tonight.” Then she was gone.

Suddenly, in spite of everything, the prospect of eating Lisa seemed exciting. My cock started to grow. “Ouch,” I said as I felt tiny pinpricks on the head of my cock. When I examined the cage, I saw that it was fitted with some type of sharp edges near the head. If my cock started to grow, they would stick the head. “Shit,” I exclaimed as I received out of bed & headed to the shower.