Planting the seed

First, a little prehistory. My meeting with porn happened at a relatively young age…finding the playboy collection, then discovering not so well hidden 80’s porn films. All this time, the sex idea or me was almost exclusively white on white. In the days before the internet, you would take what you could get so only occasionally did I see any black men, and when I did they were always with black women, and while impressed with the equipment on display I never found it any more or less exciting than any other good scene I had seen before.

A few years left to college. One of my roommates had a very big collection of porn movies…mostly pro, some pro-am. When the occasion presented itself (i.e. nobody home) I would take one of his tapes and have a jerk off. This happened several times without anything noteworthy occurring. Then one day, I popped in one of the non-signed VHS tapes, hit play and sat back, only instead of the white on white porn I’d seen from his collection many times before, there was a black guy and a white girl. Aside from noticing the change in scenery, I had no other thoughts and continued watching. As I watched, I found myself getting extremely horny, more than usual, with the interracial sex. I quickly came, but continued to watch that, and several subsequent scenes, wanking repeatedly. From that point on, my taste in porn started to develop. While I still will watch various forms, interracial porn turns me on like nothing else. Fortunately during that time, I went on to discover that my roommate must have been in the same boat (though we never discussed it), because as I worked my way through his porn collection I came to find that it was dominated by interracial videos.

That really filled my mind over the years. I thought about why it’s such a turn on. I’m a fairly well endowed guy…7″ length, reasonable girth and have never had troubles satisfying women. But the first time I saw a woman take a much larger dick, and the reaction she had…well let’s just say I was turned on enough to prefer it. And while this isn’t limited to interracial (I get just as aroused if I see a hung white guy plowing a girl), the fact is black cocks are much bigger so the size contrast is more prevalent in interracial.

Some years since that time, when watching porn became not interesting for me, I’ve sought out interracial first and, over time, started stumbling upon more and more amateur stuff which I found to be very sexy. Eventually this led to the discovery of the cuckolding lifestyle and, of course, interracial cuckolding. While I can’t say that it turns me on exclusively, the notion of interracial cuckolding is my biggest turn on. Like many on this site, however, it’s been much more fantasy than reality.

With the background out of the way, now to the present. I have a lovely wife of a few years, Ericka. She’s very sexy…brunette, 5′ tall, 110 lbs., and d-cup. She has no idea that when I watch porn, that it is often interracial and that I’ve developed an interracial cuckolding fantasy. I’m not sure I’d want her to know, as honestly I don’t know how she would react. And I’m definitely unsure of whether or not I’d ever want the fantasy to become reality. That said, a recent turn of events have at least added some unexpected excitement to the notion.

We have a good sex life and, on occasion, will watch porn together while engaging in foreplay and having sex. Mostly, the porn was your run of the mill, white on white, one on one, gonzo type stuff. It’s rare…maybe a few times a year…but she’s not averse to the notion and always gets very turned on when we do it. Recently we were fooling around and the topic of porn somehow came up and I asked if we should turn some on. When this happens, we typically invoke the PPV but I suggested we pop in a porn DVD that I had found from some time ago. The DVD in question I honestly hadn’t watched for years but there was one thing I knew about it…it wasn’t the run of the mill porn we’ve watched together in the past. What was key, however, is that run of the mill is precisely how it started out.

The first scene was white guy on white girl. We started watching it and immediately she began rubbing my cock. Already semi-hard from the arousal of what was happening, I was stiff as board 5 seconds after she made contact. As she gently stroked my cock and balls, I started playing with her nipples and caressing her amazing tits. I tried to reach her pussy, but couldn’t given the angle at which we were lying. Noticing this, and never one to have her clit go unattended, she shifted and quickly swund a leg over mine to grant me access. I began to rub her clit through her panties. After a few minutes, she was grinding against my hand and cooing as we both watched the television. The couple in the video were your run of the mill pros…shaven, fit and clearly adding some flare to their fucking. Although I hadn’t seen the video in several years, I knew that I didn’t want either of us to climax during the first scene, so I slowed down my clit rubbing and concentrated hard on not blowing my wad, especially since Ericka, clearly turned on by everything going on, was stroking me furiously. Eventually, I asked her to slow down. It didn’t help that the scene was finally ending and I knew what was coming next.