My first time watching

I’m an average size (6”) white guy. And my wife is a hot black African beauty. 34C firm breasts on a petite 115 lb body. She makes people’s heads turn where ever she goes.

She’s wasn’t exactly a whore, but it’s rather easy to get her lay. If a guy really wanted to get his dick in her without a whole lot of small talk all he had to do was show her a 50. Little would he know that all he really had to give was about 20 minutes rap and a couple of drinks.

“I’m going to fuck whoever I want whenever I want, and you’re just going to have to deal with that.” That’s what she said. She laid it on the line before we were married, and there was no chance to changing. So I knew before the wedding that I would be her cuckold, waiting for her to come home from late dates and cruising the bars, getting picked up by hot studs.

I tried to resist at first because that was what you’re supposed to do. It made me thinking of other men taking her and using her as easy fuck meat, cumming in her and walking away. I think every man secretly wants a slut for a wife. But it’s not easy to deal with it.

I had asked her to let me watch for a while many times, but she always refused. Then, one night around 1:30 am the phone rang. That guy was one more fucker. My wife was hit to fuck him but he was married and couldn’t take her home. She told me to make the bed and set myself in a chair in our closet. I was going to get my wish. I set myself up with a good view through a crack in the door and about a half hour later I heard them come in. They made a lot of noise so I knew they were more than a little drunk. I heard her shriek as he grabbed her on the stairs then she appeared in the bedroom with a big muscular black buck.
He just pulled her to him and they kissed long and hard. His hands got down to her ass and he stroked her as he lifted her skirt. She slid her hand between them and stroked his cock through his pants. He made a sound similar to groaning, stepped back and they both took their clothes off. She made a step back and did a little turn for him then said “This is what you’re going to get. You like?” He responded by pushing her back on the bed and moving between her legs.
He put his thick black cock on her chocolate pussy lips and they parted easily. “Mmmm. You’re nice and wet, doesn’t look like your husband takes care of you well.”

“He can’t” she said “but you can.” With that she wrapped her legs around his back and lifted her hips up to drive him into her. He sunk down and in one stroke was all the way in her, his thick balls resting against her tiny, perfect ass. She gasped, her cunt lips were stretched tight around the base of his cock. “Damn baby your pussy is so tight. I’m about to ruin it for that white boy of yours.” With that he pulled out until only the head stayed in her then drove hard back down to fill her with dick inside again.

“OH YEAH !! That’s what I need. Fuck me !! Put it to me good. Give me that hard black cock! “ I watched him driving her hard like a cheap street slut for a good half hour. His cock would pull out, shiny and glistening with her cunt then plunge back into her while she shrieked. Then his body tensed and his back arched. He buried his cock deep in her and held it there. I knew he was shooting off inside her. He was emptying his seed deep into her and she was accepting every drop. As he pulled out his cock was still semi hard and dripping with their combined juices. She licked him clean and he put on his clothes.

“That was hot baby” he said “I wouldn’t mind getting some of that again.”

“You’ve got the phone number stud. You can make this your booty call any time you want it. Don’t worry if my wimp hubby answers. Just tell him you’re calling to fuck me.”

“I ain’t worried about him” Then he opened up the closet door. He knew I was there the whole time! “Better go eat that black pussy clean white boy or you’re going to have an all black baby.” He laughed as he left the room and the house.

I slid between her thighs and lapped up his semen running from her gapping pussy. My wife patted my head and said “You can fuck me now if you want, but I think it will be a few days before I’ll be able to feel you in there.”