Amen Sister (Mary’s Heavenly Awakening)

By Lisa Rains

I can’t believe what I’m doing!

I know I’ll be going to hell when I die, yet I just can’t make myself care. I feel freer & more alive than I ever have. I’m tingling all over.

I’m lying nude on my side in bed with an ex-con named Wade Masterson, the strongest, most masculine man I’ve ever been close to. I have his enormous cock in my right hand, stroking it up & down. He’s telling me how he likes it done — & incredibly, I’m obeying him, shamelessly! My left hand is cupped around his powerful balls, lightly, playfully “bouncing” them up & down.

My poor husband Frank Willis, the minister of Angelfire Baptist Church who preaches approximately the flames of hell every Sunday, is moreover naked, tied to a chair facing the bed & watching us. He’s straining to obtain loose yet Wade has him tied so tight & securely it would take him a week to free himself. His eyes are blazing with jealousy yet he knows there’s nothing he can do approximately it.

He’s making these pathetic little whimpering noises, yet strangely, his little dick is standing at attention as he watches me applying baby oil & jacking this burly, macho guy.

Even the sound of Wade’s low, resonant voice sends chills rippling through my body. He’s telling me how he wants me to work him.

“Faster . . . . yeah, that’s it faster, faster. . . Okay, now ease up. Slow down. Slower. . . Yeah. Work it nice & slow. . . Okay faster . . . Slower . . .”

And as I try to keep up with his instructions, I keep getting over-excited & losing control. I speed up when he says slow down without meaning to. Just when I settle into a nice jacking rhythm he orders me to alter the pace & I can’t keep up.

And worst of all, when I screw up, Wade & I both laugh.

I know it’s so naughty & cruel to laugh & play like this with my poor husband watching, yet I just can’t assist it. For once in my life I feel free, & this astonishing man is the one who’s liberated me.

Wade has a mean streak yet instead being distasteful to me, it’s turning me on. I had no idea I was this sinful.

He’s making me do the dirtiest things. And the terrible thing is, no matter how complex I try not to, I’m loving it!

He says: “Tell your wimpy little preacher hubby how it feels to have a REAL man’s dick in your hands.”

And I blush & say, “Oh I can’t. It’s just too mean.”

And he reaches over & gives my bare ass a playful little swat & says sternly: “I said tell him!”

And in spite of myself I say, “Ooh! This is the hugest, most magnificent prick in the world & I love to jack it!”

Wade laughs his dirty laugh & shifts his position to donate Frank a better view.

“Tell him you’re going to suck my huge dick & swallow every drop of my cum,” he says.

And again I blush. “Oh, I can’t say that!” He reaches his hand up again, yet before he gives me another slap, I shout it out at the top of my lungs: “I’m going to suck this huge dick & make him shoot his entire load in my mouth.” And as I say it, I feel it free something wild in me. No matter how I try to deny it, I’m loving this!

How did this ever happen? I’ve never in my life used language like that.

This morning, I was the dutiful wife of a strict minister who believed the Bible when it said the wife should submit to her husband. Sex was a duty & I performed it faithfully when Frank wanted it.

I’ve never had a man’s penis in my mouth & the only sex I ever had was with my straight-laced husband in the missionary position.

Now, less than eight hours later, at four in the afternoon, Wade has turned me into an all-out whore who craves his cock & enjoys letting him ravage me in front of Frank.

I guess it started this morning, before the church service started. Frank was spanking me. I had forgotten to set the hymnals out in the pews the night before & Frank made me take my panties down & lie over his lap.

He had the ruler in his hand – the one he uses to smack the hands of the kids who act up in Sunday School.

He was scolding me as he punished me saying “You must learn not to displease God by neglecting your church duties.”

And I think that was when I received the first sinful idea that led to the chain of events that followed. As he administered the painful, humiliating spanking, I caught myself saying silently: “Lord, just once, will you let a huge strong man come along & rescue me? Just once I’d like to see Frank go over a strong man’s lap & feel what it’s like to have his bare bottom spanked.”

Immediately, I asked the Lord to forgive my sinful thought. But it was too late. It was out there & I guess the Devil must have heard it.

Later, Frank gave his sermon as usual. But from the choir loft where I sat, I noticed something that wasn’t normal: A huge strong hunk of a man in the first row who kept looking at me.

Now, I may have led a sheltered life, yet I knew what was on his mind. He made no secret of it. He kept looking me up & down & smiling wickedly at me.

I looked away, yet something made me keep looking back at him. He was dressed in tight-fitting jeans & a long-sleeve T-shirt that did little to hide those impressive arm muscles, sitting with his legs spread, leering at me with no embarrassment at all. And (Jesus forgive me), I noticed there was a huge bulge in the front of those jeans.

What’s worse, he caught me noticing and, in a brash gesture, grabbed his crotch & “adjusted” himself.

I must have been blushing because he smiled even broader.

It was having a strange effect on me. I started feeling a dampness in my vagina – I mean “pussy.” Wade is making me use that word now and, as complex as it was to say it at first, now it feels natural & thrilling – a dampness in my pussy. I never used any of these dirty words before Wade made me. Now they feel sinfully natural & freeing.

After the service, everyone started to filter out. Wade came up to Frank & me & introduced himself. Frank gave him his name & introduced me as “Mrs. Willis.”

“I just received out of prison yesterday,” Wade said, “and I haven’t received a place to stay. How approximately letting me sleep here in the church?”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that,” Frank said in his stern, tight way. “We close up after Sunday services & no one is allowed in until we reopen the church office on Tuesday morning. No exceptions.”

Wade looked him up & down sort of sized him up. I could tell Frank was uncomfortable. Frank is short – approximately five-six – & very thin. He’s intimidating to the parishioners because he knows the Bible well & uses it to scare them off the road to hell. The congregation is afraid of him because he keeps telling them what sinners they are.

But I could see Wade had no fear that Frank could play on. He’s approximately six-foot-six with a strong athletic body. His arms & chest are complex & muscular from working with weights in the prison gym.

He just looked Frank in the eye & said, “Okay.” And with that he reached out & shook Frank’s hand.

Before turning to leave, he took my hand & put his left arm around me. He pulled me close, as if to donate me an innocent hug. But before I knew it he drew my face in close to his & whispered, “You’re a gorgeous woman. And I know just what you need. I’m going to donate you the fucking of your life & you’re never going to be the same!”

He turned to leave & I just stood there trembling. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard.

I was approximately to tell Frank, yet something stopped me.

Amazingly, I found his words were making me hot & tingly.

When the congregation was gone & the sanctuary straightened, Frank turned off the air conditioner & we stepped outside.

To our surprise, Wade was waiting there in front. He stepped forward & grabbed us both by the hair & pulled us roughly back inside.

Frank & I struggled yet it was useless. He handled us easily, holding us both firmly in his powerful hands. He led us down the aisle to the front pew & shoved us down beside each other.

Frank’s face was red & he was clearly caught off guard. He looked up into Wade’s eyes & started to protest. “What do you think you’re doing mister, I’ll have you know that –”

That’s as far as he got. Wade slapped his face, knocking him back against the back of the pew. “You shut up preacher man, I’m doing the talking.”

It was the only time I had ever seen Frank obey anyone. He was used to being the dominant one. But not now.

I blush to admit it, yet it sort of excited me to see him submit to someone else’s authority. Don’t obtain me wrong, it was scary, yet something approximately it was thrilling too.

“Here’s how it’s going to be,” Wade said. “You say the church will be closed from now until Tuesday morning. I’m going to lock the doors & keep you two as my slaves for these next two days. You’re going to serve me & keep me entertained.” He leaned in close to Frank & said, “I’m gonna start by punishing you – first for being so inhospitable, & second for neglecting your wife. I can see this lovely woman is not getting properly fucked. I’m going to lean you over the back of this bench, pull your pants & undies down & let your charming wife here watch me smack your bare ass until it shines like a little red Christmas bulb. Then I’m going to show you how a real man pleases a woman.”

Frank was actually shaking a little as Wade’s eyes blazed deeply into his. Then Wade looked at me & his whole expression changed. He was leering at me, shamelessly, yet some part of me was liking it!

“What’s your name?” he asked me. “I’m not going to call you ‘Mrs.’ Anything!”

My voice shook a little. “Th-they call me Sister Mary.” I said.

“Well I can see you’ve received a wild side, Sister Mary,” he said, in a deep, somehow reassuring voice. “And I’m going to set it free! Now obtain up & lock that front door.”

My heart was beating like crazy. This was so outrageously incongruous. Frank & I led a pious yet tedious life. Nothing thrilling ever happened to us & Frank seemed to like it that way. Now all of a sudden we were being held captive by a strong, unpredictable stranger who was mentally undressing me while taking my husband well in hand.

I hurried toward the door. When I reached it, I had the chance to dash outside & run for help. I knew that’s what I should do. But some strange compulsion made me obey this masculine stranger. I put the bar in the slots & we were dead-bolted in.

When I turned around & started back down the aisle, I couldn’t believe the bizarre sight my eyes beheld. True to his word, Wade had Frank leaned over the back of front pew with his feet on tiptoes on the floor & his hands holding onto the front of the seat. He was still in his suit coat, white shirt & tie, yet his pants & underpants were down around his ankles & his cute little bare bottom was thrust up. Wade was standing behind him, teasingly running his right palm over Frank’s pale, white buns.

I stopped in the aisle & gasped, “Oh my heavens!” I said, my hand flying to my mouth.

It seemed to strike Wade as a comical reaction, because he began laughing.

And here’s the incredible part: As he laughed (Lord forgive me), I started to laugh too. I knew I was being bad, yet seeing my dignified husband (still in his crisp white shirt & “power” tie) in that UN-dignified position just struck me as comical. At the sound of my involuntary little giggle, Frank spun his head around & glared at me. But instead of withering me as his glares usually did, it made me laugh even harder.

“What’s so funny?!” Frank demanded.

And I tried to obtain serious. “Nothing darling, it’s just that. . .” But before I could obtain the sentence out, I was giggling again in spite of myself.

Frank took his right hand off the seat & pointed at me. “Satan will punish you for laughing at me,” he said in his most pious voice. But instead of scaring me, the sight of him pointing his powerless finger at me in that completely helpless position made me laugh even harder. “I’m sorry, dear,” I said.

He wagged his finger up & down at me & glared even harder. But before he could say anything, Wade gave him a loud, powerful whack across his up-thrust behind.

“Put that hand back down on the seat & keep it there like I told you to.”

Frank let out a yelp & obeyed. And again, Wade & I both laughed.

“Now here’s how it’s going to be,” Wade said. “I’m going to donate that haughty little tail of yours twenty-five smacks with my bare hand. But if I see that hand come off the seat again, you’re going to obtain twenty-five more with my belt – or something else that will injure a lot more.”

“Yes sir,” Frank said & Wade smiled at me.

“When’s the last time you heard him talk to someone with that kind of respect?” Wade asked me. I knew he was. . . how can I say this? … showing off for me. I didn’t know what to say. “Answer me,” he said setting his elbow on the small of Frank’s back & resting the side of his face in his hand. He gave me a dreamy, sexy smile & looked deep into my eyes.

“How do you like him in this position getting ready to have his ass whupped right here in front of Jesus & everyone? Kind of pleasant isn’t it?”

I had never seen a man hold another man – much less my authoritative husband — so completely under his control. I couldn’t believe how much it was turning me on.

But I tried not to show it.

“I. . . I don’t know. It’s. . . .” I stammered.

Wade stood up & laughed. “I bet he’s spanked your pretty bare behind a time or two hasn’t he?”

“Yes,” I blurted out, without even meaning to.

Wade smiled & took off his long-sleeve T-shirt, exposing his strong chest, flat stomach & powerful arms. “Okay,” he said to me. “Now he’s going to see how it feels to obtain his ass walloped.”

Involuntarily, I sucked in my breath in a gasp of excitement.

“I want you to sit here & count the smacks I donate him,” Wade said. “I want you to count each one out loud until I obtain to twenty-five. If he can take it without taking his wimpy hands up off the front of the bench, we’ll let him off with that. If not, I’ll donate him the belt – or something even better.”

I slid into the pew & sat down & as I did, I noticed a strange, unfamiliar wetness between my legs.

Wade rubbed his hands together & delivered the first complex slap. Again, Frank yipped like a little puppy & my hand flew to my mouth. “Oh my word!” I said, at once shocked & frightened by the loud smack & impressed by the power of this man’s spanking stroke.

“One…” I said.

He gave him three swift smacks one right after another “Two. Three… Four…” I called out.

And as I counted the slaps, I felt myself awash in a heady mixture of emotions. “Eleven…. Twelve….Thirteen…”

It was scary & a little disconcerting to see my husband — the source of my security – overpowered like this. But I was moreover enjoying it in some wicked way. I was watching the man who controlled, dominated & often disciplined me being, himself controlled, dominated & disciplined. Poor Frank was squalling away like a little baby, begging Wade for mercy, & I kept thinking approximately all the times he’d spanked me & made me beg him for mercy – which he never granted me. (“A husband must lay down the law unto his wife,” he would say as I pleaded for him to stop.)

Now, I was getting sweet revenge for all the times he had spanked my bottom, & there’s no denying that part of me was enjoying it.

But the most overwhelming emotion I was feeling was . . .lust! Yes. I confess. I was extremely attracted to the power this stranger was wielding.

And (I bite my tongue to admit it) I was having fun!

Seventeen. . . Eighteen. . . Nineteen. . .”

So at some point, something made me do something really devilish: I started going back on the count to keep the spanking going.

“Sixteen,” I said for the second time. “Seventeen. Seventeen. Sixteen. . .” Wade laughed & winked at me, picking up quickly on the game I was playing.

“Hey,” Frank called out. “What are you doing!? That’s twenty!”

“Shut up,” Wade said & hit him an extra-hard smack. “Let your wife do the counting. Just hold onto the seat & keep thrusting that ass up for me.”

“Fourteen.” I said. “Fifteen. Sixteen. Fourteen…”

And Wade kept raining the blows on his fanny, getting it redder & redder. Just as I was starting to take pity on Frank & began counting right (“Twenty-one. Twenty-two. Twenty-three. . . ”), Frank couldn’t stop himself any longer. He desperately put his right hand up to shield himself from the blows.

Wade & I looked at each other and, for the first time, I allowed myself to smile at him, conspiratorially.

“Well,” Wade said. “Looks like our little Reverend can’t follow instructions. I guess it’s time for the belt.”

“No! No!” Frank said. “I — ”

Wade Reached down between Frank’s legs & took hold of his balls. “If you say one more word I’m going to squeeze these things with all my might & believe me, I have a strong grip.”

“Oh my word!” I said, involuntarily, feeling a jolt of excitement at his audacity. Frank received very silent, very fast. But Wade didn’t seem satisfied.

“In fact,” said Wade, “I’m sick of hearing your bawling. I think we’re going to have to do something approximately keeping you quiet.” He smiled at me & told me to come over beside him. Then, suddenly he took me in his arms & gave me the deepest, most passionate kiss any woman could imagine. He held me close & strong & his mouth found mine hungrily. He pressed his body against me & I felt something like a can of shaving cream pressing against my vagina – my pussy! It should have been uncomfortable, yet it felt amazingly good. It was huge & thick & complex as a rock for me.

He drew his mouth away from mine & brought his lips to my ear. “Take off your panties & donate them to me,” he whispered.

At first I was too stunned to move. But he grabbed my hair & pulled my head back roughly & firmly – not really hurting me, yet making it clear that he meant business. “Do it!” he said.

And instantly I lifted the hem of my Sunday dress, slid my fingers into the waistband of my panties & removed them.

“Good girl,” he said, smiling wickedly & taking them out of my hand & feeling the crotch. “Wow,” he said. “They’re soaking wet.” He held them to his face & breathed in their essence. “Oh man, these panties have the feel & smell of a really hot pussy. You’ve been having some pleasant haven’t you?”

I blushed like a schoolgirl yet said nothing.

“Answer me,” he said. “You’ve been enjoying this haven’t you?”

“I have to admit I have,” I said, barely audibly. I couldn’t see Frank’s face yet I knew it was red with shock & jealousy – just the response Wade had wanted to provoke.

Wade walked to the front of the pew & raised Frank’s head up. “Open that crybaby mouth,” he said. And Frank obeyed him. “Wider,” Wade said, & Frank opened wider. “Okay, good,” Wade said. And he wadded the panties up & stuffed them into Frank’s mouth.

“Is there any rope around here?” Wade asked him, winking at me.

Frank made a muffled, indistinguishable noise & Wade continued teasing him. “What? What’s that? I can’t hear you. You sound like you have a pair of sopping wet panties in your mouth.”

I laughed without meaning to.

Wade repeated the question, this time addressing it to me. I could have lied yet I was absolutely drunk with the devilish mischief this man was bringing out in me. “Yes sir,” I said. “We keep some in the utility room to rope the seats off when special groups attend our services.”

”Run & bring it to me along with a knife,” he said.

And I hurriedly obeyed. While I was gone, I was thinking approximately Wade’s astonishing kiss & the feel of his penis – his cock — against me. All I could think of was how much I’d love to obtain a look at it.

When I received back to the sanctuary, Wade had moved my poor husband. This time, he had him leaned over the Sacred Altar!

Wade had stripped Frank’s pants & undies completely off, & wrestled his shirt, tie & jacket off as well. He was completely nude now. But he was still leaned over in the same position, his bare ass (by now very, very red) thrust up & vulnerable. My sopping wet “gag” was still in his mouth so he couldn’t say anything, yet I knew this was the crowning humiliation for him. He was going to be spanked on the Holy Altar where he performed dozens of religious ceremonies every week. I knew he was never going to see that altar the same after today.

Wade took the rope & the knife & I watched, fascinated, as he expertly cut the rope into strips & hogtied Frank, binding his wrists to his feet, further hoisting up his already well-spanked posterior & providing himself better access to it.

“How’s he look?” Wade asked me.

I could only blush & look away. Wade laughed. “Come on,” he said, “What’s the first word that comes to your mind?”

I tried to stop myself, yet something made me blurt it out: “Cute,” I said. “He looks cute with his little bare tail raised way up in the air for you.”

I knew it was humiliating Frank yet I was beyond the point of caring. I was having pleasant & nothing was going to stop me.

Wade had me sit down in the front pew, just eight feet from the altar, & he removed his belt. He doubled it up & snapped it loudly a few times. Frank jumped, startled by the loudness of it.

Then the serious spanking started. He gave him several complex cracks with the belt & had me count them. I lost count a couple times (this time legitimately because I was having trouble concentrating on anything except how sexy Wade looked).

As if catching my mood, he stopped at approximately twelve & asked me. “Pardon me, ma’am yet these pants are very confining & I want the freedom of movement to donate this little wimp what he deserves. Would you mind very much if I removed them?”

My heart started beating like a jackhammer. I could only nod enthusiastically.

Wade undid his pants & slid them off, & there he stood, clad only in his tight white jockey shorts. My mouth fell open at the view!

I could see the immense imprint of his astonishing penis – his cock! To say it was huge would be an understatement. It stretched the material of his cotton drawers almost to the tearing point. And below the outline of that huge dick I could see his powerful balls, tight & round.

And, speaking of tight & round, his ass looked like something from one of those Greek-god statues. Even though I was seeing it covered by the thin fabric of his underpants, I didn’t have to stretch my imagination to picture what it would look like bare & exposed.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be seeing it that way.

I watched in open-mouthed awe as he swiveled those hips, getting the most out of every swat to poor Frank’s ass. Frank kept wriggling around trying to avoid the slaps yet Wade wasn’t taking any pity on him.

Finally, after I had counted (however inaccurately) eighteen swats, Wade rested a minute & smiled at me.

“How am I doing?” he asked me, grinning a naughty, Johnny Depp grin.

I didn’t know what to say, yet the devil put the words in my mouth: “I don’t think Frank ever put the fear of God into anyone on that altar like you’re putting it into him today.”

Instantly, I covered my mouth & giggled nervously, not believing I’d said it.

“Let me ask you something,” Wade said. “When this wimpy little coward spanks you, what does he spank you with?”

It was then that I remembered my “prayer” from earlier in the morning. I was being offered an opportunity for perfect, quid-pro-quo revenge.

“The ruler,” I said.

“Run obtain it,” Wade said. “And while you’re gone, I’m going to obtain out of these confining jockeys.”

My heart was pounding as I raced into the rectory where Frank & I slept & retrieved the ruler he had, just that morning, used on my bottom.

When I received back I almost fainted.

Frank was still tied to the altar. And there was Wade, completely nude, mounted on Frank’s back, sitting casually astride him. He had taken my panties out of Frank’s mouth & slipped in a length of the rope. He held the ends like reins in his left hand & with his right, he was playing with his gigantic dick, slowly stroking it. It was standing way, way up at attention & he stroked it slowly & masterfully. The effect was one of a cowboy nonchalantly masturbating as he rode bareback on his horse out in the tremendous outdoors.

My knees suddenly felt like rubber & I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of the rush of excitement that thundered through me.

I half sat, half collapsed on the front pew & watched as he continued stroking himself. I could see the clear wetness of precum glistening on the tip of his cock.

“How do I look riding the range?” he asked me playfully.

I fought to catch my breath. “Looks like you’re going to bust my bronco for me,” I said. “Do you think you can tame him?” I have no idea where that came from. But hearing myself say it made me feel a dirty tingle in my body & made us both laugh. It was pretty clear that the “bronco” had already been “busted.” But Wade caught the spirit immediately.

“Hand me that ruler.”

I gave it to him & watched as he pretended to “spur” Frank & bounced up & down on his back, all the while, slapping his ass with the ruler the way a rider would use a riding crop on a wild horse.

And the crazy – let’s face it, comical — thing approximately it was that as he smacked away on Frank’s ass, Frank really did seem to “buck” in an effort to obtain away.

Finally though, he stopped struggling & Wade playfully tipped an imaginary cowboy hat to me & “dismounted.”

He cut Frank loose & took the “reins” out of his mouth. He grabbed him by the hair & pulled his face roughly close to his own. “Okay preacher man. That should teach you not to disobey me. But remember there’s plenty more red-ass where that came from. Are you going to behave & serve me without giving me any backtalk?”

“Yes Sir,” Frank said. I couldn’t believe how completely he had been conquered & subjugated.

“Well that’s good,” Wade said. “Because I’m going to donate your wife the fucking of her life & you’re going to assist me prepare her for it. Now lay down here on the floor on your back.”

Frank quickly obeyed, slightly favoring his sore derriere.

Then Wade turned to me.

“Give me your hand,” he said. And he reached out & guided my hand to his huge complex tool. “Take it in your hand,” he commanded me.

I could barely obtain my hand around it yet I managed to do it & it felt great.

“As you can see, I’m considerably bigger than what you’re used to.” He flipped his head derisively in the direction of Frank’s little penis which was surprisingly complex yet just approximately the size of Wade’s thumb. “So you’re going to have to be satisfactory & lubed up to take me all the way into that sweet delicious snatch of yours. So I want you to sit on this boy’s face & let him obtain you completely greased up with his tongue.”

“What?!” Frank & I said at the same time.

“You heard me,” Wade said. “You’re going to ride his face.

“And by the way,” he said to Frank, “I may want to go in her ‘back door’ too. So I want you to lick her from the top of her cunt all the way to the top of the back of her ass. I want you to obtain her pussy & her ass completely juicy. Spend some satisfactory generous time on her clit. Or you’re going over my lap & obtain another satisfactory ol’ spanking.”

I was shell shocked. I had never had a man donate me oral sex. I had always been told it was sinful & Frank cited biblical passages that backed it up. But before I knew it, Wade had positioned me over Frank’s face with my knees on either side of his head. Then he eased me down & I felt, for the first time, the heaven of a man’s tongue working on my clit & into my pussy & even “French kissing” my ass.

While Frank worked away on me, I threw my head back & closed my eyes & went into something like a trance.

Wade grabbed hold of Frank’s balls & told me: “Just let me know if he gets lazy & lets up.” And then to Frank: “If I she tells me you’re easing up. I’m going to squeeze these babies until you obtain right back on her case. You received that?”

“Mmphh, Mummphh” Frank said.


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