The Power of Being A Hot Wife

Daphne always knew her answer to wanting just what she wanted would be her hot looks. With her shapely, long legs & large, ample breasts, that would be her ticket to the financial freedom she desired. So what if her husband was only a toy & a ploy to obtain into the social circles she desired. He bought her the huge house on the hill, the huge rooms, the expensive furniture & supplied her with a long list of credit cards with no limits & a lifestyle that would suit her just fine. He saw her many sides when they were dating, he knew she could be a ruthless bitch when she wanted to be, yet he knew if he wanted to keep her, he would shut up & do whatever she said. He enjoyed having a hot wife like her, a trophy to sport around & show off to all of his predominant friends.

He worked long hours to keep her satisfied, after all, she wanted what he could donate her, yet not himself. He enjoyed their courting time, when she would coo into his ear & seduce him with her charms, yet only when she saw fit to play nice, otherwise, she just asked for money & then had the driver take her to the shops on the most expensive streets. After the lavish wedding & the last guest had left the reception, Stan wondered where his new bride had gone, he looked around the ball room, checked the hallways, yet no sign of her. He walked outside & heard sounds coming from the limo, still decorated with the “Just Married” sign & the pale blue streamers. He opened the back door to find his raven haired hot bride straddling the driver, riding his complex cock like he was a bronco she was trying to break. She stopped only long enough to order him behind the wheel, to turn the mirror so he wouldn’t miss one passion filled moment of her sexual interlude, & that is when he realized he was her cuckold husband & if he didn’t want to lose her, then he would obey.

Now, nearly three years after their wedding night, nothing has changed, he continues to work long hours to support her desires, & she continues to bring fuck partners home to flaunt in front of him. She has him service them both, to bring them drinks, & warm towels to clean them up once their orgasms have erupted. She forever humiliates him & degrades him in whatever manner she can come up with, whether that means sending pictures of herself with a lover, & of course Stan in the background watching to his law partners, or placing a personal ad in the local newspaper, with her name & picture, advertising for lovers, with notice that her cuckold husband will be forced into watching each sexual endeavor.

Sometimes she would just make him watch once the action started, yet many times it would be more than that. He knew that every Friday night at 8pm, he was to be at the door, awaiting the arrival of her newest partner, to open the door for him, take his coat & direct him to the bedroom. There she would be sprawled across the plush bed, with her thigh high stockings, tight clinging lingerie & of course those deadly high heels of hers, looking like a vision with her raven colored hair curling & framing her delicate features.

She was beautiful, there was no doubt approximately it, & she held such a spell over him, it was almost an honor at times for him to service her whims. In the corner, next to the foot of the bed was an uncomfortable straight back chair, what she would call his cuckold perch, & that was the spot he had to be, to view every touch of fingers, the sliding of tongues, & of course the penetration of passion.

Tonight Daphne was feeling extremely dirty, & she wanted to humiliate Stan as much as she could, just to drive her pleasure over the edge into a euphoria that none of them would ever forget. As her lover spread himself across the bed & began to suck on her hardened nipples she ordered Stan to remove his clothing, & as he quickly stripped she made it a point to degrade him for the small penis that he sported, ridiculing him in every way possible. As her passion grew so did the bitterness of her words, & then she gave him the ultimate command of stroking his worthless, cuckold cock while she would feel true sexual satisfaction. Taking his shrunken meat into his fingers he pulled & jerked to obtain the blood rushing & it did, his cock grew with the anticipation of trying to please Daphne. As her body was ravished by her lover & her long legs were placed over his shoulders, she turned to see that Stan did indeed have an erection. She plied him with pathetic commands, telling him of his worthlessness & it seemed the more she humiliated him, the harder he would get, yes, Stan had indeed become the perfect for her.

As her own orgasm was approaching she could tell that Stan was moreover close to shooting his submissive load across his belly, & she wasn’t approximately to let that happen, this was for her pleasure only, not his. She ordered him to stop jerking on his pitiful dick, & even though his rhythm stopped, the pained look across his face told her she was indeed torturing him. Her hips bounced with such force, as she & her lover exploded together in a mind blowing orgasm. With Stan’s erection still more than apparent, he’s now left with the task of being the

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