Chastity Device

As a longstanding cuckold, utterly subservient to my wife’s whims and desires, I have accepted my role and have learned that it will be the way of our sex life forever. She uses me at her whim – I am completely under her strictest control and there is nothing I can do about it. Recently, she has been using this on me she found at an adult store which only makes matters even more under her control. Obviously, she loves it. I am now under “chastity supervision”.

Now when I see her bring a man – or men – home with her to fuck in front of me and to carry on like a street whore, getting her sexual pleasure from strangers and guys from her (and, I hate admitting, from my) work, she grabs this new toy she found – a Male Chastity Device” – into which she basically locks my cock. So I am now cut off from masturbating while watching her fuck other men. Jerking off used to be a release for me – a way of sharing the experience, I guess – and certainly a “bone”, so to speak, where I could get off too. This seems almost cruel the way in which I am now this much more under the control of my total slut wife.

Now, when she brings men home, I sit and watch them make out, watch her get to her knees to bring out their cocks and give the blowjobs she was always so resentful of giving me, it drives me nuts. She will see my pants rising with that ‘tentpole’ forming underneath the jeans and then go grab her chastity device. She will make me strip, a fairly compromising thing to do in front of her new lover, and stand before her, naked. Next, she will couple the clasps of the device around my cock with a snap, explaining what she’s doing to the guy. A few times they suggest other measures, too, caught up as they are in the humiliation of me along with the wife. Sometimes, I get tied up and doubled over, hogtied, and forced to face them, straining at my fetters and with a purely painful sensation as my cock fills with lust and gets itself trapped inside the device. It takes easy breathing and some forced relaxation to keep my cock from really, really hurting. I try and control my own feelings as I watch them fucking and carrying on and it is not easy at all.

Last night, I got myself all tied up into chastity belt when my hot wife brought home these two guys from the pub on some sexual impulse of hers. She had me go get drinks – which I did, of course – and then sit across from them as they began carrying on, making small talk with all sorts of sexual allusions. Then it began. One of the guys slipped his hand down her front with his arm around her and she let him. Watching, I was getting pretty infused with all the usual feelings and sensations I get when she surprises her guests by her serious flirtations in front of her husband – a mix of humilation and lust, I guess – when I saw her top slip down and a tit come out. One of the guys grabbed her tit and pawed at it and it was “on”. Soon she was topless, of course, and she got to her knees as they started taking off their clothing. She sat them both back down and began sucking them both off, going from one to the other, right in front of me. When she had them both as hard as rocks, she turned with both their cocks in her hands, stopped the proceedings and announced:

“Just a second. I want my husband to get ready.” and she told me to strip. I got out of my clothes and stood there. She grabbed her little chastity device, mentioning to the guys how I had been a “bad boy, just a useless sonofabitch” and that I was a miserable over. She mentioned she wanted me to watch as some real men fucked her like “a woman really needs.” But she also wanted me to suffer just a little more than usual. She snapped the chastity belt into place, trapping my cock.The guys watched, fascinated, and I could see it turned them on. Their cocks were throbbing hard, ready to fuck my wife senseless.

One of them said “Tie him up, Annette.” Oh, my, so she did. Bending me over at the weist, she hogtied me, looping the ropes underneath me and securing my wrists to the rope attached to my ankles as well. Then she turned me so I was watching them. Needless to say, I was helpless and it was painful, not only target=”_blank”>being tied but with the device, as well, seeing as how this was all turning me on like mad.

Well, they fucked for hours. In fact, they even called a friend over who laughed when they told him what was going on and who had himself a surprised and gay old time mouth-fucking my hot wife while the other guys filled her other holes. She was in some outer realm herself as she got herself incredibly fucked, kicking her legs up, sucking cock like a street whore who could not get enough and, finally, wearing their cum all over her hot face. She smiled up at them, gratefully as the man juice dripped opff her cheeks and chin. She slurped it up greedily and swallowed it all.

When the guys packed up and left, she went to the shower, leaving me exactly where I was for almost an hour. Finally, she had mercy and came back in, purring and singing some romantic song under her breath. She undid my restraints, praising me for my compliance and telling me I “was doing better” as a I have to admit, it was quite some relief getting out of all that chastity devices she put me in and I must have jacked off for an hour and a half later, cumming nearly uncontrollably when I finally exploded. I “hit it” twice more before going to bed, too. That was one of the hottest nights ever.

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