Like a lot of married men I had often thought about a particular fantasy where I get to share my wife with another man. As far as male fantasies go, this one is usually at the top of a lot of guys’ lists. My wife Trudy and I who are in our late forties, had been married for more than 25 years and whilst we had a fairly normal sex life for most of those years, lately it had become sort of bland, very predictable and way too occasional. My wife tended to work very irregular hours and when I was left to my own devices I used to fantasise about having a threesome with my wife and another man. One Saturday evening about three years ago we were relaxing about the house and after having had a few drinks, I worked up the courage to share my MMF threesome fantasy with my wife, but to say that it evoked a less than enthusiastic response would be an understatement. So it was that I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never ever get to live out my fantasy and more or less forgot about the whole threesome thing. Life moved on and sex with my wife was the usual once every two or three weeks, primarily because she was working really silly hours and we were like passing ships in the night, or she was very tired by the time she got home and just crashed into bed. I was as frustrated as hell and I have to say that I used to have a wank every so often. My favourite thoughts were usually around me imagining Trudy with some guy she picked up in a bar and ended up taking him to some hotel room and shagging him senseless. One evening in the Autumn of 2008 my wife met one of my work associates for the first time when she came to pick me up from one of our regular staff does. Donald was a successful business man and by all accounts very attractive as all the girls in the office thought he was a bit of a stud. And being a bit of a ladies’ man he spent more than a little bit of time chatting up my wife which I have to say was fine by me. My wife has always been a little bit on the shy side and to have someone pay her a lot of attention and give her lots of compliments was definitely good for her and she seemed to really thrive on it. So I sort of encouraged it and every time we had a works do I would arrange for Trudy to come and pick me up and I always tried to make sure her and Donald got the opportunity to spend some time together to have a chat. One evening in 2009, Donald and I were out for the night in Belfast on one of our regular staff outings, and having had more than a few beers to drink told me that he thought my wife was a wee bit of a honey and he was always thinking about her. I have to say that this sort of excited me and I made a mental note to mention this to my wife when the opportunity presented itself. As it was I didn’t have to wait too long because one very sunny Saturday afternoon Donald dropped in on my wife and I at our holiday home on the north coast. He stayed for most of the afternoon and evening and he and Trudy spent quite a bit of time chatting with each other about work issues and things. Later that evening after Donald had headed off home Trudy and I were getting ready for bed and I asked her what she thought of Donald. Maybe it was the fact that she had had more than a few glasses of wine but she admitted to me that she found him quite attractive and that he was a really nice guy. It was at that point that I started to think that I might just have a slim chance of making my long time fantasy of having a threesome with my wife and another guy come true. So I made a very conscious effort to make sure that my wife and my friend had every opportunity to spend as much time together as I could. Any weekend that Trudy was up at the holiday home and I was working I made sure that Donald knew that she was there and sometimes he would drop in to see her. This happened maybe three or four times in total when he was out and about on his motorbike and he always told me he had a really good time chatting with Trudy and he thought she was a real honey and a very special woman. Time moved on and one night when Donald and I were at another one of our regular staff does I decided to share my fantasy with him. I told him that because Trudy was a very straight laced sorta girl that the only chance I had of ever making my fantasy come true would be with someone that she knew and really liked. Donald was quick to catch on and he said that he too had been thinking about Trudy and that he would really love to be with her if it was at all possible. So in a slightly inebriated state Donald and I agreed that if and when the opportunity ever arose and a threesome looked to be on the cards then he would be more than happy to play along. Time passed and a few more weekends at the holiday home came and went but they didn’t really present anything of a real opportunity because Donald was always driving and he had to head home at a sensible hour. So one day in work he and I got to chatting and agreed that if this was ever going to happen then we would have to engineer it ourselves. I suggested that the best way to move things along was to arrange for him to stay at our house some evening under some pre arranged pretext. We agreed that the best approach would be to pretend that he would be attending a two day training course in my home town and that rather than driving all the way home he should stay at our place for the night, the plan being that we would have a few drinks with Trudy, get her a little bit tipsy and then see if we could put our plan for a threesome into action. If it happened it happened and if not then at least we could say that we had tried. We decided to make it a Thursday night before my wife’s long weekend off as she would be free on the Friday. Donald and I would also take the Friday off so that we could make the most of the time together. Well the plan was put into action and Donald was due to arrive at my house at about 6 pm one Thursday evening. I was getting really excited because Trudy actually made a real effort knowing that he was coming to stay for the night. She dressed in a nice pair of tight black leggings with high heels and a nice fitted blouse which had the top three buttons undone showing off her very beautiful cleavage. She had absolutely no idea of what Donald and I were planning for her. I had booked a table at a local restaurant and we all headed out around 7 o’clock, As I was working the next day (or so Trudy thought) I elected to be the designated duty driver. This left my wife and my friend free to have a few drinks when we were out. The meal was quite good and Trudy and Donald polished off a bottle of wine and a few Bacardi’s and Vodka’s between them. By the time we arrived back to our house it was well after 9.30 and both my wife and my friend were just a little bit tipsy and they were really enjoying each other’s company. The two of them headed on into the house arm in arm while I parked the car in the garage. By the time I got into the house they had already headed into the sun room and put on some music. I had left out some cd’s which had a range of golden oldies which I knew my wife really liked. I left the two of them to chat whilst I went back into the kitchen to fix us all some more drinks. I came back into the sun room and the two of them were sitting beside each other on the sofa facing in to each other and chatting away. There was lots of laughter and they were both quite tactile as they chatted which was a good indicator that Trudy was very relaxed. Drinks were served and the music was buzzing and pretty soon the three of us were on the floor dancing and singing, As is a tradition in our house, we all took our shoes and socks off and danced barefoot. Donald and I took turns to dance with Trudy and I noticed that she seemed to really enjoy dancing with him so I kept making excuses like going to the toilet or fixing more drinks etc to leave the two of them dancing on their own every so often. The music, the dancing and the drinks continued for about an hour and eventually all three of us were on the floor slightly the worse for wear when a slow section of the CD started. Trudy was facing Donald and I was more or less behind her so I pulled her backwards close into my chest and put my arms out and pulled Donald in close to her as well. With Trudy sandwiched in between Donald and I we all swayed back and forth with the music for the first couple of songs. My hands were around her waist and she was facing Donald with her hands around his waist. His hands were on my wife’s shoulders and the three of us were just gently swaying to the music. I knew that this cd had about 6 slow songs in a row and some of them were Trudy’s favourites so I knew I had limited time to put my little plan into action. By this time I had a real hard on and I knew that Trudy could feel it through the light leggings that she was wearing. I slipped my hands from her waist and put them around Donald’s lower back and pulled him in a little tighter against Trudy. I was certain that my wife was now feeling my hard cock on her ass and my friend’s hard cock on the front of her pussy. We stayed like this for a few minutes just dancing in time to the music and then I started kissing the back of my wife’s neck. She turned her head sideways to meet my lips and the two of us snogged whilst I pulled Donald harder and harder into her. I then thought that this is the time to make a move so I moved my right hand from Donald’s back and slide it round and down until I found Trudy’s hands on his waist, With my right hand I then slide her right hand from Donald’s waist round to the front of his trousers until it was resting on the bulge in the front of his jeans. I was still kissing Trudy and she let out a little gasp as she felt the bulge of his cock. I moved her hand up and down his crotch for a few minutes and he seemed to be getting harder and harder. I moved my lips away from Trudy and she turned her head round to face Donald, whilst at the same time rubbing his cock through his jeans. Donald just looked at me and I nodded that it was OK so he leaned in and started to kiss Trudy in a slow and very sensual way. So here I was, my wife in front of me with my cock pushed hard onto her ass and my friend snogging her and pushing his cock hard into her pussy. I slide my right hand up to the front of my wife’s blouse and slowly started caressing her breasts. She was moaning quietly as she snogged Donald and I thought what the hell, so I slowly started to undo the remaining buttons on her blouse half expecting her to stop me and break away at any time. I don’t know if it was the drink or the fact that she was enjoying snogging Donald so much but her hands stayed exactly where they were, one on Donald’s ass and the other caressing the growing bulge in the front of his jeans. It took about 30 seconds to get all Trudy’s buttons undone and I gently eased her blouse from her shoulders. She moved her arms down slightly to let the blouse fall to the floor but immediately put her hands back on Donald’s ass and cock. At this point I thought I had died and went to heaven. My wife was standing there right in front of me in her sexy black lace see through bra and tight leggings caressing my friend’s cock and pushing herself hard against him. Her nipples were very erect and you could see them clearly as she rubbed up against his chest. I was so turned on that my own cock was straining against my jeans just begging to be released. Trudy and Donald were still snogging away while the three of us swayed in time to the music. I decided to up the ante a little so I slide my hands up to Donald’s chest and tugged at his shirt buttons. He took the hint and as he continued to kiss Trudy he slowly removed his shirt and now he too was topless. Trudy moved her left hand from his ass and started caressing his hairy chest as she continued caressing his cock with her right hand. I slide my hand around to her front and started to run my finger up and down over the front of her leggings and I could feel her pussy lips through the thin cotton. She gave a little shudder of excitement which made both Donald and I stare at each other in disbelief. I had been rubbing my finger up and down for a few minutes and she was still rubbing Donald’s cock through his jeans, so I slipped my left hand from around her waist and gently pulled out the waistband of her leggings and slipped my right hand down inside her leggings and onto her knickers. I could feel the damp spot just below her clit where her juices were really starting to flow. I continued to stroke her clit and pussy through her knickers for a few minutes and she was moaning a little bit louder each time my finger passed over her lips. I don’t think I had ever seen or heard my wife as turned on as she was right at that minute. She was really snogging Donald quite hard by now as she continued to rub his hard cock. I thought to myself that this was the make or break point. I was amazed that Trudy had let me get this far so I thought ‘what the hell’ there was no going back now. So I gently eased her leggings over her hips and slide them down to her knees. At this point she stopped snogging Donald, she moved her hand from his cock and slide her leggings all the way down. She was wearing her really sexy little black lace thong which was near enough see through and both Donald and I nearly came on the spot as she bent down provocatively and slipped her leggings all the way off and just stepped out of them with this big smile on her face. So there we were in my sun room, it was just after a quarter past eleven and my wife was standing there between my friend and I wearing nothing but her very sexy black lace see through underwear. She then resumed gently rubbing Donald’s cock through his bulging jeans and started snogging him full on again. Donald at this stage was topless but I still had both my shirt and my trousers on. I was so turned out at this stage that I undid my own shirt and slide it to the floor. I then started to take off my trousers and within a few seconds I too was standing there in just my boxers. My wife, sensing my movement behind her broke away from Donald’s lips and turned her head slightly to the side and started kissing me very hard on the lips whilst at the same time continuing to rub Donald’s cock. Her tongue was darting in and out of my mouth and as she snogged me she moved her hands down to my friends waist and started to undo his jeans. Donald was wearing lee cooper button ups so it took my wife about a minute to get all his buttons undone as she continued to snog me. While she was fiddling with his buttons, Donald started to gently rub his fingers up and down the front of her knickers and I knew that like me he would be feeling just how damp they had become. My wife finished undoing his buttons and then turned back round to Donald and tugged his jeans down over his hips and let them slide all the way down to the floor where Donald very quickly stepped out of them. It was just after eleven thirty and all three of us were in our underwear swaying to the music and my wife had started to kiss Donald again. She continued to snog him for a few more minutes before she stopped and bent her head back round to the side and started snogging me again. This time, as I was kissing Trudy, Donald started to kiss her neck and slowly moved his lips down to her breasts and started kissing them through the thin lace bra while he continued to rub her pussy through her knickers. This evoked another little gasp from Trudy and I knew the way her tongue was darting around in my mouth that she was really enjoying this. So I slide my hands up her back while she was still snogging me and undid her bra clasp. Donald wasted no time in slipping the bra from her arms and then proceeded to gently kiss my wife’s breasts and slowly suck each of her hard nipples. At the same time he slipped his hand in under the front of her knickers from the side and rubbed his fingers up and down her soaking wet pussy. My cock by this stage was straining against my boxers as I looked down and watched my friend slowly lick and suck my wife’s breasts and nipples and gently slide his finger in and out of her wet cunt. I could feel Trudy shudder a little each time Donald’s finger passed over her clit and she let out a little whimper or two. Then something truly unexpected and magical happened. Trudy broke away from snogging me and started to kiss Donald’s chest for a few minutes before she slowly kissed her way down from his nipples to his belly. By this time she was on her knees in front of him and she then ran her tongue sideways along the rim of his boxers really teasing him. Her hand was now firmly grasping his cock through his boxers and she started to run her tongue up and down tracing the outline of his hard cock through his knickers. Donald started to moan and Trudy started sucking the tip of his shaft through the soft cotton, she was really teasing him. I was left standing there with a massive hard on facing my friend who had his cock in my wife’s mouth and was just standing there smiling with a look of utter ecstasy on his face. After a few minutes Trudy gently eased the waist band of Donald’s boxers out and down and released his very hard cock. Donald’s cock was more or less the same size as mine slightly shorter but it was definitely quite a bit thicker and his balls were huge in comparison. When Trudy seen it she gave a little sigh of appreciation and slide Donald’s boxers all the way down to his ankles whereby he stepped clean out of them. My wife, who was now wearing only her skimpy little lace thong proceeded to take my friend’s cock in her mouth and gave him the slowest sexiest blow job ever. I just couldn’t believe my eyes; I was in seventh heaven as I watched my wife slide my friend’s thick cock in and out of her mouth. She must have sensed me watching because she turned to me and said “don’t worry honey, your next” She told me to take off my own boxers and sit down on the nearest settee and just watch. Donald and I were gob smacked. My shy beautiful wife was taking control of our little plan and she looked like she was loving every minute of it. She turned back to Donald and took his cock in her mouth again and slowly worked her hand up and down his thick shaft while she was sucking him off. His cock was really stretching her mouth but she seemed to be getting really turned on as she sucked and slurped and kissed his knob and his balls. I sat on the sofa with my cock throbbing in my hand and very slowly started to wank myself off while I watched my wife give head to my friend no more than eight feet in front of me. This was even hornier than all the times I had fantasised about this and I know this will sound strange but I loved my wife more at that moment than any other time in all the years I had been with her. Donald’s groaning grew louder and louder and I think Trudy realised that he was getting really close to cumimg, She obviously didn’t want him to do that just yet as she stopped sucking him off and then she slowly stood up, took Donald by the hand and walked over to the settee where I was sitting. She slipped out of her very wet knickers and then took Donald by the hand again and pulled him in close behind her. Then she knelt down in front of me and pulled Donald down on his knees directly behind her. She smiled at me with a big grin and said “now it’s your turn honey”. She pushed my knees apart and opened my legs and pulled me forward until my ass was just at the edge of the sofa and my erect cock was staring her in the face. She then took my cock in her mouth and started to give me the same slow sensual blow job that she had given my friend only a few minutes before. Donald at this stage was kneeling directly behind my wife’s ass with the biggest hard on I had ever seen. He looked at me in a questioning sort of way and I just shrugged my shoulders, winked and nodded my head in a go ahead gesture. My wife must have sensed my movement again because she turned her head around and just smiled at him and simply said “do you want an invitation”. Well I very nearly came right there and then because that just wasn’t like my shy little wife. This beautiful woman on her knees in front of me and with my friend kneeling naked behind her was way more confident than I have ever known her to be and she knew exactly what she wanted. And what she wanted was to feel my friend’s thick cock inside her while she sucked me off. Donald didn’t need to be asked twice. He placed his left hand on my wife’s ass and ran his right index finger up and down her pussy. I could see the moisture from her love juices glistening on his finger and I couldn’t stop thinking about how wet this was making Trudy and how turned on she must be. She spread her knees a little wider and pushed her ass up in the air a little bit and pushed gently back against Donald as she continued to suck me off. Using his right hand Donald started to slowly rub just the tip of his penis up and down my wife’s wet lips for about a minute or two. This was driving Trudy wild and she started to moan just a little bit louder while she kept sucking me off. Donald then slowly eased the tip of his hard thick cock into her pussy. His cock was more or less the same size as mine but it was at least half as thick again. It was even thicker than Trudy’s big latex dildo. She moaned really loud as he slide his knob in just a little bit more and I had a beautiful view of my friend’s hard cock slowly disappearing into my wife’s very wet pussy. He was really stretching her and as he gently pressed his cock in a little further she let out a real gasp as it slipped right in. If I am being honest it was one of the horniest sights I have ever seen. It was way better than I had ever imagined it might be and I just sat there with a huge grin on my face looking up at Donald. He just grinned back at me and then started to build up a slow steady rhythm as he pushed his hard thick cock in and out of my wife’s cunt. Trudy was really sucking me off like her life depended on it and the more she groaned as Donald pushed his cock into her, the closer I got to cuming. I think I lasted all of about three minutes. My wife sensed me coming and she took her lips off my cock as I spurted my load all over my chest and belly as she just smiled at me and licked her lips. Donald continued to thrust in and out of Trudy so she just nestled her head down on my thigh and pushed her ass right back against his cock with each thrust. I could feel every move he made and hear every moan as my wife was getting fucked really hard right there in front of me by my mate. Doggy style has always been Trudy’s favourite position and she was really enjoying my friends thick cock in her. After a few minutes my cum was starting to run off my body onto the settee so I thought I had better go and get cleaned up before it made a mess. I gently eased myself out sideways from underneath my wife’s arms so as not to disturb her and Donald’s love making. As I stepped into the kitchen I looked back and saw that my wife had now folded her two arms up onto the settee and laid her head across them right down on the cushions and her beautiful ass was really up in the air. Donald had his two hands on my wife’s ass and his big cock was thrusting and slapping in and out of her right up to the hilt with a well practiced rhythm. This was definitely Trudy’s favourite position as was evident by her moans and groans. Donald then started to slow things down a little and he began to ease just the head of his knob in and out of her lips again. This was really driving her wild and she was groaning and moaning like I had never heard before. Sometimes when my wife and I are making love in this position, it hurts her when I thrust too deep inside her and she used to tell me that she really loved to feel just the tip of my cock slipping in and out of her lips. I was completely mesmerised as I watched my friend doing the exact same thing. And the fact that his cock was a good bit thicker than mine meant my wife was in absolute ecstasy. She was really moaning now as she pushed her ass back at Donald with each of his thrusts. I turned round and headed down the corridor to the bathroom to clean myself up with a huge grin on my face. All the while I could hear them moaning and groaning and getting louder and louder as my friend continued to fuck my wife really hard. It only took me about three or four minutes to get cleaned up and as I stepped back into the darkened kitchen I could see the whole way through the French doors into the sunroom. The lights were very low but the sight I saw made me stop dead in my tracks and catch my breath. In the few minutes I was gone they had changed position. Maybe my wife’s knees were getting sore on the hard marble tiles or she just wanted to feel Donald on top of her because she was now lying on her back on the sofa in a semi upright position with her ass close to the edge and my friend was more or less lying on top of her with his toes on the ground and his arms placed either side of her. It looked like he was doing press ups on her as his hard cock slammed in and out of my wife’s pussy. From where I was standing I could see the wet from her juices glistening on his cock in the dim light. I quietly moved across the kitchen and stood right at the doorway into the sun room and just stood there with my hand of my cock which was rapidly getting hard again. My wife and my friend were totally lost in each other and they were completely oblivious to my presence. With each thrust of his cock my wife let out what sounded like a cross between a groan and a grunt. I stood transfixed to the spot in awe of what I was seeing and hearing. All the years of fantasising about this moment never even got close to the feeling of absolute elation that I was feeling right at that point. Maybe it’s just me but there is something really beautiful about seeing someone you love being pleasured by someone else and totally absorbed in what she is doing, so much so that she didn’t even know I was there. Even though this was very out of character for my wife she was very obviously enjoying every moment of it. By this time I had fully regained my erection so I stepped down into the room and started to slowly wank myself off as my wife lay there on the settee with her eyes closed, her pussy was dripping wet and she was thrusting her ass up at my friend as he rammed his hard cock firmly into her. She was starting to really moan and then she slowly drew her legs up until she was nearly lying right back and her feet and legs were now wrapped tight around Donald’s back with her hands firmly on his ass pulling him into her in time with each of his powerful thrusts. She just kept saying “ Oh My God Oh My God” over and over and over again. They still hadn’t even noticed I was there so I quietly walked across the room behind Donald and gently eased myself onto the far corner of the settee and just lay back and watched the two of them really fucking each other. They were no more than six feet from me and I could feel every thrust and could hear every little sigh and moan from both of them. It was incredible and I was so turned on again that I thought I was going to explode just watching them. Donald and Trudy still had their eyes closed and he leaned forward a little more and started to kiss my wife hard on the mouth as the tempo was getting faster and faster and the groans getting louder and louder. The whole settee was shaking with the movement of their bodies. As their breathing intensified I knew they were both getting close to climaxing so I just lay there quietly in the corner with my hand on my cock and started to wank myself off as I watched my friend thrust deeper and deeper and harder and harder into my wife’s very wet pussy right there in front of me. Finally after about five minutes he started to really grunt and thrust and I saw his whole body shuddering and shaking with each ejaculation. Trudy groaned and groaned and was pulling him into her really hard crying “yes yes” in time with each of his cum thrusts. I was transfixed as I listened to her moans and watched my friend continue to pump his cum into my wife for about nine or ten powerful thrusts. When he had finished the two of them just sort of melted into each others arms absolutely spent and sweating like mad. It was more than three minutes before either of them moved. Donald slowly eased himself out of Trudy saying that that was the most horniest session that he had ever ever had. He looked across at me and just mouthed the word “Wow” and then excused himself and went down to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Trudy started to come round as well and her breathing was slowly returning to normal. She opened her eyes looked across at me with a sort of guilty look on her face and said “Are you sure you are all right with this Paul”. I just smiled and told her I was more than alright with it. It was like all my birthdays and Christmases coming at once. I told her that because I was right there beside her and was able to share this with her made it more than all right and that this was a shared experience and we should not feel in the slightest bit guilty about it at all. She gave me the biggest smile ever and told me that she loved me. She held out her hand to me and pulled me across the settee so that I was beside her and she then started to kiss me hard on the lips. She took my hand and placed in on her tummy and sort of pushed it down between her legs. I knew that she wanted me to play with her so I started to gently rub her clit just like Donald had done no more than thirty minutes ago. As I lay there beside her on the sofa and stroked and fingered her I could feel the combination of her juices and his cum and she started to get really horny again. She started to gently thrust her pussy up off the settee as I eased my fingers in and out of her wet lips. “Go down on me she said” as she put her hand on my head and pushed my face down to her pussy. My wife always loved me going down on her after I had cum but to ask me to do it right now, minutes after my friend had shot gallons of his hot cum deep inside her turned me on so much that I nearly came again right there and then but somehow just managed to hold myself back.
Now the earlier position of the evening was reversed. It was my turn to be on the floor on my knees in front of her. Her legs were open wide and I gently caressed her breasts with my hands while my tongue was busy licking her soaking wet pussy. I could taste her love juices mixed with Donald’s cum as she pushed her pussy up hard to my tongue and mouth. I was amazed by the amount of cum that was just running out of her. I was so turned on by this time that all I could think of was how lucky I was that I had found someone that my wife felt comfortable enough with to have a threesome with and a friend who was willing to play along. Trudy put her two hands down either side of her pussy and spread her lips wide open like she always does so that I could rub my tongue up and down her swollen clit. She was moaning even louder than before and started to really thrust her pussy up at me with each groan. She had put her hands back on my head again and was really pushing my face against her lips so hard that I could hardly breathe. Her breathing was now coming in short sharp gasps. Then she cried out in a tone I had never heard before. It was more of a growl than a cry.
“I want to feel your cock inside me now ” she gasped . “Please Paul Fuck me like Donald just did” I very quickly got up from my knees and placed an arm either side of her body and gently eased my throbbing cock into my wife just like my friend had done ten minutes earlier. And with the taste of the both of them on my tongue I kissed my wife full on her mouth so that she could taste Donald’s cum as well. This seemed to excite her even more as she sort of licked her lips and then really started to pull me hard into her just like she did with Donald. I pushed my cock deep in and out of her as I snogged her and she just kept groaning and groaning and thrusting up at me. Then she lifted her legs up around my back and I when I thought of her doing this with Donald only ten minutes before I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I started thrusting faster and faster deeper and deeper and was gasping with each breath. Finally after about two minutes I could hold off no more and I cried out as I started to come. She was really shouting this time “Yes Yes Oh My God Yes” “Harder Harder” and I emptied another load of hot cum deep inside her as she pushed up and moaned and bucked beneath me. After about five or six more thrusts I collapsed on top of her absolutely knackered. It took the two of us about two minutes to calm down and get our breathing back to normal. I lifted myself off to one side and sat down on the settee beside my wife who was just lying there with a look of complete satisfaction on her face. It was now way after half past midnight and Donald was sitting naked on the other settee at the far end of the room just watching us and smiling and stroking his hard cock just as I had done about fifteen minutes earlier. Trudy then gave me the biggest hug ever and kissed me with a long slow lingering kiss. She then smiled over to Donald and told him to come on over and join us on our settee saying that he looked lonely way over there. He didn’t have to be asked twice and he stood up and walked over and sat the other side of my wife. So there we were the three of us naked sitting on the settee with Trudy laid back in the middle and me on one side knackered and limp and Donald sitting on the other with a massive hard on. To be honest I just didn’t know what was going to happen next. I was as thirsty as hell so I asked the pair of them if they wanted another drink. Trudy wanted a Bacardi which was a good sign that she was still enjoying herself and had no intention of going to bed just yet. Donald wanted another Vodka so I eased off the settee and went into the kitchen to fix us all another drink. The freezer in the kitchen was out of ice so I had to go outside to the garage to get some more from the chest freezer. I put on a fleece and a pair of slippers and slipped out the back door and across the garden to the garage. As I crossed the garden I could see my wife and Donald through the big French doors. They were still sitting beside each other on the settee but they had their arms around each other and were snogging again. It took me a few minutes to get the ice from the freezer and as I came back across the garden I could see that she had her right hand on his cock and her left hand was gently massaging his big balls. He was rubbing her pussy with his left hand and had his right hand on her breasts. I went back into the kitchen and fixed us all another round of drinks. I made Trudy’s extra strong as I just didn’t want this night to end. I took them their drinks put another few CD’s into the stereo and then came out of the sunroom to head down to the bathroom to clean myself up again. By the time I came back into the kitchen I could see that my wife’s head was now bobbing up and down on Donald’s lap and she was obviously giving him another blow job, and by the look on his face he was enjoying every minute of it. His right hand was on the top of her head sort of pushing her up and down on his cock. As I stepped down into the sun room I just couldn’t believe my eyes. My wife who had already been fucked twice this evening, straightened up and swung her right leg over Donald and ended up straddling him with her hands either side of his head holding onto the top of the settee. I had a beautiful view of her nice round ass as he rubbed the tip of his cock against her lips a few times before she gently lowered herself down onto his big throbbing cock. She was really well lubricated by two lots of cum and although it took him a while to work his cock into her just twenty minutes earlier when she was on her knees, this time she just slide down onto it in one wet smooth horny motion. Once she was well settled on his shaft she leant forward so that Donald could lick and suck her breasts as he began to thrust his big thick cock in and out of my wife’s pussy for the second time that evening, only this time she was the one on top. Between his cum, then my cum and her love juices his cock was absolutely soaking as he started to really thrust in and out of her again. He had his hands on each cheek of her ass and was practically lifting her up off his thick cock before she slammed back down on it again. The two of them were moaning again and this time it was Donald who was the most vocal. He was telling my wife to fuck him in no uncertain terms and this just seemed to excite her all the more and she really moved her ass up and down on his cock as he said “ Fuck me Trudy just Fuck me”. She was moaning and he was grunting and I was just standing there taking it all in. After about three or four minutes my wife slowed it right down and then slowly raised herself up off my friends cock and proceeded to turn herself round the other way so that she was facing me as she straddled him again. This time I had a perfect view of my wife’s neat shaved little pussy as she used her right hand to guide Donald’s hard cock back into her soaking wet lips. She lent right back with her two hands behind her on his chest and his hands were cupping her breasts as he slowly started to thrust his cock back up into her. She was looking me straight in the eye as she moaned and groaned and took every inch of his cock as his big balls slapped off her cunt lips. Her clit was really prominent in this position and as I watched the two of them fucking again I felt my erection starting to return. I walked over and stood right in front of her for a few minutes just stroking my cock and watched as my friend’s thick shaft disappeared into my wife’s cunt. I looked at her and looked at him they both had their eyes closed and were starting to get lost in the moment again. I leant right forward and started to kiss my wife gently on the mouth and gently rubbed her clitoral hood with one finger. Donald’s hands were now on my wife’s hips and he was grinding her down hard onto his cock as her tits bounced up and down in time to his thrusts. I started to kiss and suck her breasts and after about a minute or so she put one hand on my head and pushed me further down until my face was right down in front of her clit. I was now on my knees in front of the two of them and my face was three inches away from my friend’s cock and my wife’s pussy as he thrust in and out of her. I started to lick Trudy’s clit and she really started to moan again. Her breathing was coming in little short sharp gasps and she was telling Donald to fuck her harder and telling me to keep licking her clit. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and I could actually feel his big magnificent cock as it slide in and out of her. Donald was doing all the work as he thrust his hips up off the settee and buried his cock in her cunt over and over again while I continued to lick her lips and clit with his cock inches from my face and his huge balls practically bouncing off my chin. This time it was my wife who came first. She was gasping for breath and practically screaming at Donald telling him not to stop as she kept saying to him “Harder Just Fuck me Harder” By this time I was rock hard and was so turned on by what I was seeing and hearing that I could feel my own climax building. My wife was practically hyperventilating and her face was all screwed up in the throes of a build up to a really strong orgasm. I could feel Donald’s tempo increasing as well and he got louder and louder as his cock rammed in and out of my wife and I knew that he was also close to cuming. Then my wife screamed and started to shudder and shake as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. I had seen my wife orgasm many times before but this was something completely different and way more intense. Donald sensing her cunt tightening on his cock and feeling her orgasm also cried out as he thrust her up so hard that she practically lifted right off the settee as he emptied his cum deep into my wife’s pussy for the second time that night. With the two of them writhing in ecstasy in front of me I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I stood up and lent forward and with my hand on my cock blasted a huge load of cum all over my wife’s cunt and belly and all the way up to her tits. Eventually she stopped shuddering and she collapsed back on top of Donald. He hadn’t quite finished cuming and was still thrusting into her with the last of his ejaculations. When he had finished he just collapsed back down onto the settee with his cock still buried deep in my wife’s pussy right up to his big hairy balls. They lay like that for about five minutes this time and I just sank onto the settee beside them to catch my breath. Trudy eventually opened her eyes and smiled at me again and she asked me to get her some tissues. I went into the kitchen and brought the kitchen roll in to her. She wiped my cum off her belly and tits and the front of her cunt and then she eased herself off Donald’s cock which was still semi hard and still well inside my wife. As she stood up there was a virtual stream of semen and love juices just running out of her. She smiled at the two of us as she said “Oh my God Donald, just how much cum did you shoot into me” She finished wiping herself and we all sat there for about another ten minutes or so just chatting about how much fun we just had as we guzzled the remainder of our drinks.

Trudy eventually got up from the settee and went down to the bathroom to clean herself up giving the two of us a big smile and a beautiful view as we watched her leave the room. Donald and I just couldn’t believe how horny we were all still feeling. Yes we were all still a little drunk (Trudy and Donald more than I). Donald told me again that he thought that Trudy was an absolute goddess and said that I was the luckiest man alive. At that point I had to agree with him. I have to admit though that I thought that would be it over for the night and that Trudy would probably be feeing real guilty and would get dressed into her pyjamas before she came back into the room and that would be the signal for the fun being over for the evening. How wrong was I? She had obviously been down to the bedroom after she got cleaned up because when she came back into the sun room she was wearing this sexy little see through baby doll negligee that I had bought her for her birthday and had slipped on a killer pair of high heels and sort of strutted back into the sunroom. She walked over to where Donald and I were sitting and just took the two of us by the hand and said “Let’s go to bed boys. I might never ever do this again so we may as well make the most of tonight” We followed her down the hall to our bedroom watching her ass wiggle as she strode in front of us. We didn’t really get much sleep that night as we spent the next three and a half hours just making love in lots of different positions. At times I would just watch her and Donald making love and sometimes he would be sitting on the edge of the bed watching me and my wife fuck. At one point during the evening Donald and Trudy were lying back on the bed in the 69 position while she reached across and wanked me off at the same time just to see who she could get to come first. I think I lost that one but only just as Donald came seconds after me. Later on I who was making love to her as she lay back on the bed with her head on the pillows and Donald was straddling her on his knees at the same time and I watched as she gave him yet another blowjob as he slipped his cock in and out of her mouth. This time, just as he was starting to cum she gripped his cock tightly and kept just the tip of his knob in her mouth as he ejaculated. She was making sure that she drained every drop of his cum straight from his throbbing cock. That was another first for my wife that evening as she usually would refuse to even let me come in her mouth. I honestly lost count of the number of times my wife got fucked that night but we all really enjoyed our time together. It was after four in the morning before we eventually got to sleep. Trudy was snuggled up to my friend’s chest and he had his arms wrapped around her and I snuggled into her back with my hands on her waist. We were all totally fucked in every sense of the word. The next morning Trudy woke first and got up about eleven o’clock. Donald and I recounted some of the fun from the night before and we both thought that Trudy would probably be feeling mega guilty and that we should maybe get up as well. But before we could make a move Trudy came back to bed with a couple of bacon rolls and just climbed back into bed between the two of us. What happened next … well that’s a storey for another day. !!

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  1. wife and i enjoyed the story and we are commited to do this also.i have been impotent for 6 months now and she is wanting a cock inside of her.i do give her hear a lot. i used to fuck her..and do it again..the counseler said it is good on said:

    loved the story and gave us the courage to go for it..

  2. WOW….I dont care about the paragraphs… but one of the best MMF stories. It felt really natural. Made the wifey read it…and now she wants me to find her a bull!

  3. My wife absolutely loved this story. I had been trying for a few years to get her to consider a threesome and after reading this she has started to ‘fantasise’ about what it would be like to have sex with another guy. (she was a virgin when we married) When we make love now she has started to call me Donald and I have to call her Trudy and she really gets into character and pretends that I am her lover and stuff like that. Its her birthday on 9th July and she has just dropped a really big hint that she is ready to take it to the next level and has asked me to arrange a ‘special surprise’ for her. She wants me to find a younger fit guy for her to fuck and wants me to watch initially just like the husband in this story and after he has fucked her once then she wants me to join in. I cant wait and am starting to look at the ads on Adult Friend Finder. Will let you all know how it goes after the 9th. Cheers Mark

  4. Awesome Man. Sod the paragraphs, This really hit a spot with the wife. She got so turned on reading it that we had the best sex EVER …. 🙂 Would love to know what happened after the wife came back to bed with the bacon rolls Next instalment please

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  6. Just so all you guys out there know, there are quite a few of us women who are really shy about admitting to having horny thoughts and fantasies about shagging another man while our husbands watch. My husband shared this story with me a few weeks ago and asked me if it helped me understand why he was always going on about his MMF fantasy and I have to say it made me very wet and horny and I am now seriously caught up in the cuckold fantasy thing. We have had a couple of really great sessions where I fantasise that he is my lover. Cant say for definite that I will let him bring another guy home just yet …. but I really like the way Paul went about introducing Donald into the picture over a period of time. So Gary (my hubby) if you are reading this … take note. Its not all about you guys, us women have to feel special and loved and then we can really let our selves go. All in all this was a great story … my juices were starting to run even before Donald made love to Trudy when she was on her knees giving her hubby a BJ. And the way he described Donald’s cock slipping into her for the first time was very sensual and when I close my eyes I can imagine that happening to me. This is my new fantasy .. and who knows… maybe I will write a story here someday soon about how my hubby set me up for his cuckold plan. Cant wait !!

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