Blast From The Past

By Paro Gide

*This story is fiction from my dirty little mind & all names & characters are fictional. Any resemblance or reference to real names and/or descriptions is purely coincidence. Please let me know if you like my stories*


A couple’s mundane life leads the wife to make some changes & spice things up for herself.  When her husband gets suspicious, he decides to track her down only to be shocked at what he sees & surprised at his unexpected response.  

Beth checked herself in the mirror one last time, wanting everything to be perfect. Her heart was racing & she felt butterflies in her stomach with the anticipation of what awaited her outside the bathroom door. She made sure every detail was right: Her eyeliner was perfect, eyeshadow the right smokey shade, & lips refreshed with glossy lipstick. She adjusted the black sheer babydoll & matching g-string he wanted her to wear as this moment was going to be monumental for the both of them. Heart still pounding, her hands cold & shaky, she sucked in her breath & held it for 10 seconds to hold off the thought that this was her last chance to stop all of this. She told herself again that she deserved this & rationalized it with the thought that she came this far, she owed it to herself to see it through. Beth smiled to herself as she heard slow jams start playing in the other room. She made her decision. Beth quickly let out her breath, wrapped a towel around her, & opened the bathroom door.


John & Elizabeth “Beth” Liu were what most people would call your typical Asian American couple. They had a home in the huge city, attended the neighborhood church, & worked full time jobs: John as a computer programmer & Beth as a grade school teacher.  They were moreover college sweethearts who had two kids & a family dog. Over the years, life had become monotonous for them; John was constantly working & Beth was struggling with the balance between teaching & managing the kids’ schedules. With John constantly being on calls for work, Beth juggled dinner, grading papers, & helping their kids with homework on weeknights, made sure the kids made all their soccer games on Saturdays, & the family received to church on time for Sundays. It was no wonder they never had time for each other.


Soon after Beth’s 36th birthday, John started noticing a alter occurring with his wife.  She started eating healthier, going out for runs, & changing her clothes from her frumpy, comfortable & practical work clothes, her flats, slacks, & plain old blouses she liked to wear, to a more feminine style, heels, skirts, & dresses. He moreover noticed… Makeup & perfume!? She hasn’t worn that since after their first child was born! He sensed something was up yet couldn’t quite put his finger on it. A notification from work popped up on his phone & he shrugged off her behavior as just a phase she was going through because she was getting older.


Fast forward to six months later. John was annoyed when Beth called & told him she needed him home early to make dinner for the kids because she had a meeting with her friends from her church group that evening & was going straight from work to the church. After he hung up, he paused for a brief moment. “Wait, didn’t she have her group meeting last night?  Come to think of it, she has been going to a lot of church group meetings these last few weeks…” Now John was curious & decided to check Beth’s social media page as to figure out what was really going on. He knew her password so it was pretty simple logging into the account on his phone. For the most part, everything seemed fine. No weird messages, no unordinary posts. Everything seemed fairly normal until he browsed her search history. He recognised an old childhood boyfriend’s name in the recent search history. “Cassius Williams”. She mentioned him, while John & she were dating back in college, as her first crush & boyfriend back in elementary school.


John, naturally, felt comical approximately all of this & needed to know what was happening so he decided to continue sifting through her social media search history. After a short bit of digging, he found that the first time she looked Cassius up was right after her 36th birthday, & she had sent a friend request a minute after that at 11:37pm. He accepted it at 3:03am, she liked some of his posts at 6:47am, just minutes after she normally wakes up to obtain ready for work. As he dug further, he noticed more frequent searches for Cassius, which would seem strange for a friend who wanted to simply reconnect to another old friend.  “Wouldn’t they have messages? Like ‘Hey! How are you?’” He thought to himself. John noticed a significant gap in her messages, as if she was mass deleting them, especially the most recent ones where she normally would have a ton of messages from her church group just before a meeting.  John decided to take his “research” a step further.


John ordered a pizza for the kids & asked the neighbors to keep an eye on them for a few hours while he “ran some errands.” He didn’t have access to the feature to track his wife’s phone’s GPS location, yet he did remember the “friends near me” feature on her social media account. He looked up Cassius & saw that he was approximately a 15 minute drive away. John’s heart was pounding, hoping that his wife wasn’t messing around behind his back with this man & was hoping all of this was just his wild imagination. As he received within 2 blocks of Cassius’ location, he decided to park his car & go on foot, just in case his wife was there & spotted him.


John followed the signal to a large apartment complex with an open courtyard full of hedges, bushes, trees, & flowers. It even had a attractive Italian-styled fountain with water running down the central brass figures. John froze near the stone gate entryway as he saw his wife sitting next to a very large & well dressed black man. Cassius was approximately 6’4”, where as his wife was only 5’2”. John’s heart began to race as he saw they were holding hands with their fingers intertwined. “Maybe it’s nothing,” John thought, as he knew his wife was very physically affectionate towards everyone. She would donate everyone a hug & kiss on the cheek at Church. It still felt odd & John needed to know for sure so he stayed.


After approximately 10 minutes of chatting (which John could not hear other than the occasional burst of laughter from them, thanks to the gurgling of the fountain), they received up & headed towards one of the entry ways of the massive apartment building. A twinge of jealousy shot through John’s chest as he saw his wife cradling Cassius’ large arm as they walked together.  After they disappeared through the entryway,John dashed across the dimly lit courtyard to the entryway Beth & Cassius just entered. He saw no sign of them from where he was so he quickly looked at the doorbell directory for the apartment number where he guessed Cassius lived. He quickly spotted Cassius’ name and, as luck would have it, it was the first floor corner apartment.


John moved behind the bushes that hid most of Cassius’ windows from plain view & stalked around until he fell upon a well lit window & heard Beth’s laughter from inside. The window was open yet the shade was down, making it difficult to see what is going on. They were having a hushed conversation, as if they were chatting very close to each other. All he could make out the was the mewling of his wife in a sultry tone & the low bass tones of Cassius booming voice. After what felt like forever, John heard the clinking of glasses, a short silence then laughter. He then heard the chairs scoot back, & footsteps. They left the room.


A short moment of panic filled John as the light turned out & he had lost track of where they were. He started stalking around the windows again when the light flicked on from a window he just passed. This one was mostly closed yet the shade was approximately a hand’s height from being all the way down, giving him almost a full view of Cassius’ bedroom. He saw Cassius walk into the room, wrapped in a black robe.  He raised a remote in his hand & the room was instantly filled with the deep rhythmic bass from the slow jams, giving it a charged atmosphere of sexual electricity. John, breathless at this point, noticed a light turn on in the background, then saw his wife enter the room wrapped in nothing more than a towel.


At a motion from Cassius, Beth opened the towel & dropped it to the floor. She was a bit red faced as if she were embarrassed, or it could have been her “Asian Tan” from the alcohol, or both. His eyes grew wider in disbelief as they dropped from her face to her body, to the sheer lingerie that left little to the imagination of what it was feigning to hide. Beth looked down bashfully as Cassius’ eyes drank her in. He said something to her in his low bass voice that John couldn’t hear over the music, yet it caused her to look up in time to see Cassius pull her to him, his large, dark lips slowly consuming hers.


At first Beth seemed frozen when Cassius started kissing her, yet quickly returned the passion with more intense, wanton display of tongue & lip suction as she reached her hands up around the back of his head to draw him in closer. As they pulled each other in, Cassius let his robe fall to the floor, revealing his large, near naked, african physique. He did not have an athletic build yet he was certainly not out of shape either. John’s heart almost pounded through his chest as he witnessed Beth slowly kissing down Cassius’ chest to his stomach, then stopped & sat on her knees in front of him as she reached his boxers. Cassius, bent down, deeply kissed Beth with his large tongue, pulling off his boxers in the process. When they broke their kiss, Beth gasped in shock at how dark & how large Cassius’ member was. John could see it clearly from where he was & immediately noticed he was not circumcised either, making his cock look like a large black mamba slithering out of a large dark tree.


Beth was saying something to Cassius & from the look on their faces, John was able to determine it had something to do with his monsterous black cock. With all the shyness & bashfulness now gone, Beth reach her hands up to fondle Cassius’ large black shaft & his heavy, dark sack. She guided her hands all over Cassius’ manhood as if she were a blind woman trying to see with her hands. She rose from her knees, smiling at Cassius, & began to let her tiny pink tongue explore his manhood as well. At first she started slowly, lifting up his cock, & sucking & licking his large black orbs below, then leaving a trail of saliva as she worked her way up his erect shaft. With her two hands stroking the length of his leaking black cock, she gave Cassius a wicked smile & lapped up the precum dripping from the tip. She then took as much as she could of him with her mouth, which was really only his swollen cock head, as Cassius placed both hands on the back of her head, urging himself further. Beth sucked him with such want & intensity, John could see her cheeks clearly indented from the effort.  She moreover stroked both hands up & down his glistening, slimy, wet shaft as if she were trying to obtain the yummy liquid from a chocolate malt that had not melted enough yet.


After a few more moments of this intense treatment from Beth, Cassius abruptly pulled his cock out of her mouth with a “pop.” Beth looked up at him for a moment questioningly as he bends towards her, giving her a wet passionate tongue kiss. He motioned her to the bed where she sat then laid down with her legs still dangling from the edge. John heard her audibly moan as Cassius pulled her legs up to rest on his shoulders & his large mouth descended to cover Beth’s opening.  With Cassius’ thick tongue expertly probing & searching every inch of her opening along with the constant skillful suction of her clitoris with his large black lips, it only took a short while for Beth to go over the edge into the black oblivion called “Cassius”.


Her long drawn out moan was so loud & intense, it caused John to duck in case anyone outside hearing the commotion would look towards the window.  After his wife’s moaning subsided, John slowly peeked through the window again as Cassius was working his way up Beth. He brought his tongue up her sensitive belly button, causing her to giggle, then up to one of her breasts tenderly.  His large mouth covered her nipple then sucked in with such intensity, he had half her breast in his mouth by the time he released, leaving a mark on her that no one would mistake for anything other than what he just did to her.  He move up her neck, causing her to mewl in pleasure until his tongue found it’s home with her lips. They resumed an intense kiss, grinding their hips together furiously.


Cassius slowly slid his hard, black rod up & down Beth’s mound, from the tip of his swollen head to the base of his sack, causing her to writhe in intense pleasure beneath him.  She clawed at his back each time his cock head slid down to her clit, causing intense ripples of pleasure to echo through her & making her want more. Each time Cassius slid his thick black cock back down her body, he made sure to bring the tip down closer & closer to Beth’s dripping wet entrance. John could see that Beth could no longer take any of this teasing, so on Cassius’ next downward slide, Beth moved her hips up so that her entrance would meet his head. Cassius naturally pushed back into her very slowly as to not injure her. As he pushed deeper into her, Beth let out a low moan as her body was slowly stretch & filled like it never had been before. John’s jaw dropped as he witnessed the large black mamba slowly work its way into his wife. He licked his lips, surprised by himself.


John thought he would be angry, upset, injure & all other such emotions yet the shocking one that stood out was how turned on he was at witnessing his wife in this illicit union with her lover. The fact that she is not just cheating on him yet doing it with her friend, with no protection, would send a normal man over the edge trying to beat down the door to stop it. The thought of his wife eagerly taking such a large guy, skin to skin/bare-back like that, on top of his strong dark african features mixing with her delicate light Chinese features, contrasting together like a sexual yin & yang, was so erotic. He wanted to see more.


Cassius was increasing his pace with Beth now, & with each powerful stroke, Beth let out a small yelp. As if a switch was flipped in his mind, he was no longer gently pushing into her yet pounding into her with the fury of an unleashed animal. Sensing this sudden alter in Cassius, Beth’s own switch flipped & raw animal instinct took over as she shouted things like “Fuck me harder, Cassius! Harder! Deeper, Cassius, Deeper!”  Beth wrapped her legs around his waist & gripped his large black ass to pull him in deeper, holding on for dear life.   Soon after, she let out a scream of pleasure as her second orgasm crashed into her like a tsunami following a massive earthquake.


Cassius slowed to catch his breath, a moment of recovery after giving way to her second intense orgasm. Breathing heavily, they kissed each other as if they were a couple, making love with just their tongues. Beth clearly wasn’t done yet & she whispered something to Cassius causing him to climb off her & lay properly in his bed. Beth climbed on top of his sturdy physique, kissing him again as she reached behind her to guide his swollen, black cock inside her. They continued to kiss each other as Beth ground her hips into his. John nearly exploded in his pants as he received a full clear view of Cassius’ huge black cock sliding in & out of Beth’s pussy.  Beth & Cassius both picked up speed & intensity, causing a loud “CLAP” with each meeting of their hips. John could see the sweat glisten off both their bodies with some of Beth’s long hair matted to her body & face. The ferocity of how they fucked each other right now reminded John of animals mating. It was as if instinct took over & these two were no longer in control, like mother nature intended.


John’s heart leapt right into his throat when he heard Cassius announce loudly “Aww Daaaamn! I’m approximately to cum, Beth! I’m approximately ta nut, girl! Tell me where you want it at? Where you want my nut, Beth?” & Beth was only able to respond with “Ohhhhhh, God! Mmmmmmmm! Fuck me, Cassius! Keep fucking me please!” “Fuck, Beth! I’ma nut up all inside you if you don’t tell me where to cum! I’m gonna cum in yo pussy!’” Cassius warned in a rising tone. To this day, Beth is still not sure why she said it or what possessed her to say it but…  “Oh God, Cassius, Yes! Yes! Give it to me! I want your hot nut inside me! Yes!” Beth screamed in reply. Cassius pushed himself as far as he could into Beth as he yelled out, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah, Beth! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I’m cumming in you, Beth! Take all dis nut, baby! Yeeeeeeeeeeeah! Take it all!!!” Beth felt as Cassius’ head swelled deep within her womb. She screamed in pleasure as she felt the initial burst of Cassius’ hot seed splash against her cervix, sending her over the edge for her own orgasm. With each pulse of Cassius’ black cock releasing a potent package of spem, Beth’s own orgasmic contraction would squeeze & milk more seed from Cassius, her cervix dipping in, gaping, & sucking up his seed. “God! Yeeeeeeeesssssssss! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaaawd, Cassius! Yeeeeeesssssss! I feel it!  Fill me! Give it to me! Yessssss! Give me all that nut! Mmmmmmm!” Beth Mewled loudly in ecstasy.


Beth crashed on top of Cassius, both breathing heavily, kissing. John could see they were both a hot, wet mess from their mixing sweat & other fluids. Cassius’ partially softening cock was still pumping in & out of his wife as she gently rocked her hips to match with him, a long, thick stream of his cum leaking down his shaft, leaving Beth’s womanhood frothy & sticky. John has seen enough & quietly moved away from the window & out of the bushes he was hiding behind. He quickly made his way home, putting the kids to bed. John came almost three times in a row after masturbating, thinking approximately what he just witnessed with his wife & her black friend Cassius, then fell asleep.


At 11:30pm, approximately two hours after John left Cassius’ window, Beth quietly walked into the room & went directly to their bathroom. John awoke to the sound of the shower being turned on. “Should I go in there & see the love marks Cassius made on her & confront her?” He thoughts to himself. John decided to stay in bed until she came out of the shower. After Beth came out, he saw her put on some shorts & a t-shirt & she crawled into bed. “How was your Church group meeting? It went a little long didn’t it?” John asked groggily. Silence lingered long enough that John was approximately to ask again when Beth said slowly, “Yeah… It WAS long and… it was probably one of our best meetings. I think I might start meeting with them every week now.”  John’s heart skipped a beat at that news as he started running a hand up her leg. Beth quickly shut that down saying how tired she was & that he should try with her in the morning. “Her usual excuse,” John thought.


Unable to sleep now with visions of Cassius fucking his wife, John waited until Beth was completely asleep before he slowly rolled up her shirt to observe firsthand the love marks Cassius left. He gently ran his fingers over the marks then stopped as his wife stirred.  He then slowly move his hand up her shorts & underneath her plain old panties & immediately felt her well fucked swollen lips & thick gooey semen still oozing out of her. Beth pushed his hand off of her & said sleepily “Leave me alone, I’m sleepy!”. John rolled back over & started pumping his erect dick thinking approximately how many more times they fucked after he left, wondering if his wife was going to let herself obtain impregnated by Cassius.

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  1. I’ve been a crossdresser our entire marriage, and how I wish my wife would encourage my feminine nature, and even cuckold me. I would be very secure if she had a relationship with another man; however, I don’t think she could be open enough to handle another man.