Cuckold Dream

cuckold dream


Hi Everyone,

Brief background first: I finally persuaded Debs to play with another guy some years ago. She joined a swinging website and started looking. Eventually, after emails and phone chats, she met with a guy. She spent the whole day at his house while I was at work, where he made her strip down to just her stockings and heels for the day. After the whole day with her, he failed to make her cum even once. I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, undeterred, Debs continued to search for someone else. A year or so later, she got chatting online to a guy from the same swinging website. The idea was that the three of us would meet at a hotel for a 3-sum. As the time grew nearer to the meeting, the guy decided that he wanted her to himself. I was still very happy with this arrangement (obviously!) and made myself at home in the bar while they played. After about 4 hours, Debs sends me a text to say he had left and that I should come up to the room. I think my cock had been hard for the whole 4 hours! The guy had taken a few pics for me, but he still had to be ‘directed’ before he could make Debs cum. These two separate meetings have pretty much destroyed all my coaxing and put her off looking again. The last guy was 6 years ago now. Debs knows that I still fantasise about her with another guy, so I know it is still in the back of her mind.

Fast-forward to last night…I had a dream that was so real, I still can’t believe it was just a dream. It wasn’t very long, but the few things that I remember helped make it incredible. Basically, I was browsing through this website as my wife was taking a bath. Every now and then I could here the Jacuzzi effect as she turned the ‘bubbles’ on and off. Then my phone beeped…it was a text. From my wife? It just said, “Come upstairs. There is something on the bed for you”. I was up the stairs in a single bound! Debs was still in the bathroom. When I looked on the bed, there was a note. The note simply said, “Get the chastity device out of the cupboard and put it on; put the padlock on but don’t lock it. Tell me when it is on”. Wow! Needless to say, it took me a little while to put it on as my cock was already starting to stiffen! Eventually I called out that it was on, but not locked.

The next thing I heard was the click of Deb’s heels on the tiled bathroom floor, as she made her way to me. She looked amazing: tight blouse showing her wonderful tits, tight(ish) skirt and heels. Debs simply looked at me, then down at my ‘predicament’ and smiled. She knelt down in front of me and examined the device…still smiling. Then she asked for the key. When I handed her the key, she grabbed hold of the device and locked the padlock and stood back up. Debs then asked me to put the key on her necklace (which is odd, because she very rarely wears one in reality). Then she started kissing me passionately while playing with my locked cock. I remember thinking (in the dream) that this was so hot! Debs could feel that my cock was straining against it’s new prison and stopped kissing me. “Get down on your knees” she said, so I who was I to resist? At that point, Debs starts to hitch her skirt up to her waist and pulls her knickers aside with one hand. With the other hand, she grabs the back of my head and pulls my mouth to her freshly shaven pussy. Heaven! After only a short while, I start to taste her juices. She’s obviously enjoying this too. Or so I thought. Without any hesitation, Debs simply pushes me away and fixes her knickers and skirt back into place. “Right”, she says, “Your cock cage is on so that you can’t wank while I am out”. It took a moment for this sentence to hit home. Where is she going? “I will be back late, so don’t wait up. Leave my bedside light on for me”. With that, she bent down and kissed me passionately before heading out the door.

Is this just a bit of a tease, or has my wife finally decided to cuckold me? The next part of the dream is a bit sketchy, but still very hot for me. I am suddenly aware that Debs is back home. I am in bed and turn my head to see her walking around my side of the bed…smiling, and still looking hot! She pulls the duvet back to reveal my still-locked cock and her smile widens. Debs then pulls the duvet back up again; then she removes her skirt and knickers, climbs up on the bed and straddles my face. Looking down at me, she simply says, “You know what to do”.

That’s it. My dream. The few aspects that made it seem real were things like the sounds of Debs in the bath, my phone beeping, her heels on the bathroom floor…even the feel and taste of her pussy. All I know is that when I awoke, my cock was harder than ever, and that I want her to cuckold me more than ever!

I wonder if I was to share this dream with her, whether she would consider playing again? Who knows?

Thanks for reading.


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