Oral Sex: Be the Best She’s Ever Had


Women will adore you if you’re able to eat them out. It’s what we crave, & fortunately for you, a lot of guys are reluctant to even put their face in a vagina, giving you the advantage. So, instead of making her beg for it, learn how to be the best at it & donate her a satisfactory tongue lashing without her ever having to ask.

Show Enthusiasm

Most men complain that cunnilingus takes too long, is uncomfortable to perform, or it tastes funny. Just like you don’t like getting a blowjob from a girl who is unenthusiastic approximately having to donate it, a woman isn’t going to like receiving oral sex from you if she feels that you’re not enjoying it.

The difference between offensive oral sex & satisfactory oral sex is passion. It’s the way the giver enjoys what they’re doing without inhibition. Let her know, or at least fake it, that you love eating her out. Tell her that you love the way her pussy tastes & smells & that you can’t obtain enough of it. Remember that you’re not giving her oral sex for her pleasure… your giving her oral sex for your pleasure. That’s the mindset that you need to adopt.

Keep Eye Contact

Although it’s easier said than done, keep eye contact with her as you move towards her pussy. Maintain eye contact a little longer than you would normally. When you need to look away, do so grudgingly, & then look back at her with lust.

Smell & Taste Her

Her specific smell & taste will vary depending on a few factors such as her hormones, time of the month, contraceptive method, her diet, & her age.

Whether she’s bothered approximately her vaginas smell or taste or not, tell her how much you like it to relax her. When you first put your head in-between her thighs, breathe in & tell her how nice it smells down there.

If she smells or tastes really bad, it’s probably caused by lingering bacteria that’s out of her control, not her pussy juice. Whatever you do, don’t tell her that it smells. Sensitively suggest that you take a shower so that you both smell fresh.

Try to Relax

You need to make sure that you relax, otherwise she won’t. If you’re unsure & tense she’ll sense it. You’re the dominant one so take the lead. Remember that any licking & sucking of her clitoris or vagina is going to feel tremendous to her so don’t worry & relax.

Tease Her First

Most women need to be sexually stimulated before having their clitoris licked. If she’s not turned on, her clitoris will be too sensitive to touch directly. So before you dive in, you need to obtain her dripping wet.

Kiss & lick your way down her body & tease her inner thighs first. Then lick the groove where her inner thigh meets the outer vaginal lips. Gently breathe warm air on the whole area. Get close to her pussy & then pull away. Build up the anticipation & excitement.

Start Licking Slowly

A lot of men lick swift when performing oral sex, assuming that a woman likes it that way because that’s what we like when getting a blowjob. Women are different & most enjoy slow licking, especially at the beginning when she’s just started getting into it. Start by licking the outer edges of the labia, then spread them slowly & lick & kiss the inner lips around the vagina, as though you’re savouring her taste & the way she feels in your mouth. Don’t lick her clitoris yet – you’re still warming her up & her clitoris might still be too sensitive.

Get Your Whole Face into it

Let your mouth wander all over her vagina. Explore the whole area with your tongue. A lot of men make the mistake of believing that a woman is only sensitive in the clitoral area, when in fact, she has sensitive nerve endings all over her vagina. Her inner & outer labia are extremely sensitive, as well as the skin around the entrance to her vagina canal. Use the flat of your tongue, rather than just the tip, & move in & out of her pussy lips.

Move onto Her Clitoris

After you’ve licked her pussy to the point she’s really wet & juicy, it’s time to move on to her clitoris. A woman’s clitoris is the most sensitive part of her vagina & that’s where you’ll want to dedicate all of your efforts. Most guys make the mistake of licking the clitoris too hard. Keep the pressure light & soft, especially at first.

Listen to Her Reaction

Listen carefully to what she says & the sounds she makes. If she sounds excited, keep doing what you’re doing for as long as possible. If she’s not getting as excited as you’d like, alter to pressure & rhythm. Every woman is different. Some will like it if you lick & suck complex & directly on their clitoris. Others may shout in pain at direct contact, even if they’re excited. For most women, what would have felt rough at first will feel tremendous the more she gets excited.

Use Your Fingers

A woman can have an orgasm by having her clitoris stimulated alone, yet you can donate women a more powerful orgasm by stimulating her g-spot using your fingers, while you’re giving her oral sex. Remember, her G-spot is the “root” of the clitoris, & just as sensitive.

Lick Her Anus

Oh yes, this! A lot of women don’t like anal sex, yet this doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy their anus being licked during oral sex. Anal sex can be painful, yet analingus isn’t & can actually be very pleasurable for a woman. If she’s clean down there & you don’t have a problem with it, lightly lick around her anus a few times while you’re going down on her. You don’t have to concentrate on this area to obtain the desired effect – a few licks of her anus will send her wild with pleasure. A satisfactory ass eater always goes to the front of the line.

Make Noise

Let he know that you’re enjoying it. Get sloppy. Allow her to hear your sucking & licking sounds, & don’t hold back any moans of pleasure.

Don’t Rush it

One of the biggest mistakes men make is rushing through it. They’re more concerned approximately their own pleasure rather than hers, so they’ll speed things up so that they can obtain to their own climax faster. Instead, take your time & let her reach orgasm naturally, without feeling pressured or rushed to do so.

Keep at a Steady Pace

She’ll be getting close to orgasm now. Varying your stimulation is satisfactory for getting her close, yet once she’s almost there you want to maintain a steady rhythm & intensity. When it comes to clitoral orgasms, changing the technique when she’s on the brink of cumming will only disrupt it.

Once she starts thrusting her hips, pressing against your face & she starts to have an orgasm – don’t stop. A lot of guys make the mistake of stopping to soon. No matter what, stay in there & try to move with her body movements as best you can. Women enjoy strong stimulation while having an orgasm.

Know When to Stop

Usually you’ll know when she suddenly pushes your head away or tells you to stop. Her clitoris will be extremely sensitive after an orgasm, so you don’t want to keep licking it as intensely as you were before she reached orgasm, or you WILL obtain smacked! However, if she wants you to continue, she may be one of those women who can have multiple orgasms, in which case just keep going.
If you’ve tried every oral sex technique you know of, & you still can’t make her cum, you may as well start packing your bags…