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Drunk slutwife in amateur cuckold in a bar!

Drunk slutwife in amateur cuckold in a bar!

It is an ordinary day & a hot sexy slut comes into a bar to have a relaxing toning drink to calm down after work. After a couple of drinks she notices a cute man at bar counter & feels as her pants obtain wet & the only cocktail she wants right now is his hot fucking jizz sucked out of his huge cock! The bitch boldly offers the stud to fuck her complex & wild & the stranger agrees! She puts her in a doggy style, gets her skirt up, tears her pants & penetrates her dirty pussy with his huge cock! The stud notices a wedding ring on her finger & the fact this whore is married just inspires him to fuck her even harder! The amateur cuckold whore experiences the hottest orgasm of her life being drunk!


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