She promised to cuckold me

She promised to cuckold me tumblr_mzo0t3OBQC1t3o66oo1_1280

My wife promised to cuckold me. To take another man’s cock while I watched. It started with dirty talk, then made it’s way to toys. Then bigger toys.
“You want to watch me, don’t you?”
“Yes,” I said, one hand busy pumping it into her, the other pumping me.
“Then lick my pussy.”
I licked around her pussy, slobbering, really, then to her clit.
“Lick that cock that’s fucking me.” She said one day, approximately the huge black toy I was fucking her with.
“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” She said, smiling & groaning.


She convinced me.


She would obtain another man with a huge cock, bring him home, fuck him, then I would lick the cum from her pussy. I would have eaten dirt from it.


She teased me.
“I think you like licking that huge cock. Maybe you should obtain a toy of your own.” So I did. I took one of her toys she had outgrown, & practiced, like she told me during sex & during my sleep.
Alone,I worked it into my ass. Later I worked it down my throat. I thought I was ready. She told me to obtain a bigger cock & practice, then she would cuckold me. So I did. I kept telling her, as I fucked her stretched out pussy, that I wanted her to do it.
“Mmmmm…. I think I will… maybe more than one….”


But she already had. The group sex that I was slowly farming in her mind, I thought, had already taken place. She was a whore all along, yet not for me. Someone I thought was a friend of mine had pulled her down that road already. She was even fucking for money. Maybe you were one of the ones who fucked her.


She robbed me.


I thought this was a journey we were taking together. I was so hurt. And I told her to leave. So she did, taking all the stories with her, unless you have one.


Help me.


Did you do a blonde milf-typed callgirl in SJ? She might have come to you, or you may have come here, & told you to keep quiet because her husband was home. If you match up, I would love to hear approximately it while I suck your cock, & bounce on one of my huge toys. You can fuck me then if you want, safely, of course. She received hers. Please assist me obtain back some of mine. You could humiliate me over video chat.


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