Watching another man fuck my wife

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This is a true, if somewhat difficult story. It happened early October & I’m afraid I didn’t take photos so below are some photos of my wife’s pussy (with my spunk) & stretched, just to donate you an idea. Plus a photo of SOMEONE ELSE taken from elsewhere on this site – yet perfect of the view that I had (I’m not stealing or pretending something that’s not – just illustrating).


Afterwards I felt really like shit yet we’ve talked & received through it fine, & now I’m fortunately left with all the horny thoughts. Reading people’s experiences on here has really helped – from some like Jeanne & girlfriend Jess who are well adapted to the lifestyle to some who have wanted & wanted & then disappeared from here ‘cos they obviously found it all too hard! Anyways – the Story of how I watched my wife obtain fucked by another man

My wife is fabulously sexy, has the most astonishing pussy & a really dirty mind! We’ve been exploring our sexual fantasies & this has led us to her tasting her first pussy (very horny) & me sucking my first cock. In fact that is where this story starts…


We’d booked a cottage at a seaside town & contacted a few guys through Gumtree for us to fulfil our fantasy of my wife watching me suck another man’s cock. On the Friday we’d met a man & taken him back to the cottage. My wife pulled down his trousers & stroked his cock just to obtain us started & I knelt between his legs sucking his cock till he came in my mouth & I swallowed his cum down. My wife was soooo excited, loved seeing me suck cock… This time, he didn’t touch her at all…


I’d been locked in my CB3000 & hadn’t come in a few days so was very very horny!


On Saturday we met our second man, who we knew we were going to play with a bit more. When we met him for a drink we received on really well, went back to the cottage before going out on the town, I sucked his cock & already was tipsy enough to ask if he wanted to feel her pussy – which was dripping wet!


Out around town we were terribly behaved, I was fingering her in full view in a couple of pubs & when we went lap-dancing, during the actual dance, the 2 dancers we had were feeling my CB3000, I pulled up her skirt so show off her wet pussy & one of them inspected her piercings before kissing her. One of the dancers asked after who she was with & she said both of us (I know that turned her on lots) & I think the dancer was quite jealous. In the end we received thrown out of there because I continued openly fingering her…


So we ended up back at the cottage again. We were all fairly drunk & very soon, the idea that I was just going to donate him a blow job went out of the window as I asked her to mount him as he led on the floor of the living room. I slipped my cock in, alongside his so for the first time in her life she had 2 dicks inside her – both in her pussy.


Being drunk & extremely horny I came too much too quickly & for a while lost my sense of humour – shortly after we all went to sleep.


In the morning I felt offensive so suggested we invite him into our bed once more. Keeping the story short, we went at it well. At one point I was sucking his cock & I asked her to lick & tongue his arse, she said after she heard him moaning loudly at that point. At another point, I was sucking his cock while he laid with her, the two of them kissing (which is the thing I struggled with most of all afterwards). But most horny for us now, was when they were in missionary, her arms around him, her legs spread & I was watching him plough his cock into her pussy. The submissive sight of her legs spread open for another man was intoxicating & still is. Now we keep talking approximately it & she’s been hotter & hornier over this fantasy than over almost any other.


Just one detail people might find horny too – halfway through we thought to check whether he was safe as I’ve already had a vasectomy. He wasn’t safe, after which he used a condom yet when we were fucking before sleeping, he was bareback….


She’s really cautious approximately STDs & approximately cum & moreover approximately me going off on one again as I did directly after this time… the first time.


But now, our fantasy while fucking is this – she locks me in a cage, we take another man & I obtain them both ready, sucking him & wetting her (as if she’d need it!). I roll a condom onto his cock, hold her legs open for him & guide in his cock with my hand as she whispers how she wants his cock. As I lie beside her she kisses me & holds my caged cock telling me how much she’s enjoying his cock inside of her. Ideally he would come inside her & I clean her yet given her fertility & fear of STD, the fantasy is she takes off the condom & empties it into my mouth…. The hornier version is she taunts me for weeks before, taking the pill & telling me every day it’s so another man can fill her cunt for me to clean….


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  1. Something about seeing my wife with another man has always turned me on. Thanks for sharing.