My queens first experience and mine

We rented a motel room for the day.   Double beds-this was going to be different.  Bull always wanted a king sized bed yet not this time.  “She’s going to meet us as shortly as she can obtain away.”   Who was this mistery girl?  My queen was anticipating something very new to her.  Bull had been chatting with her; they had exchanged pictures.  It was time she fulfilled Bulls wish of seeing her with another woman.
Bull arrived. “She’ll be meeting us at the Waffle house.” he said.  It sounded like we would be heading over yet once he saw his lady, thing changed quickly.  “On your knees, bitch,” he directed me as his hand cupped her firm buttocks.   “I need some of this before I go”    He dropped his pants & pulled my head toward his near rigid tool.  “Suck it up for her now!’   I opened my mouth & he pulled me deep onto his rod.  I could feel the passion between them as they melted together in a lingering tongue tying kiss.   I could her her breathing pick up as her lust for him ignited  Her dress dropped by my knees.  There were no panties-Bull had already instructed her to go without them to meet her new friend.   He pulled away as they made their way to the bed.  She laid back-legs spread-“You have one fine pussy, Girl”  Bull remarked as she pulled him toward it.  “Put me in her, cucky”  I guided his dark rod into her awaiting lips.   He sunk deep inside her as she let out a slight gasp & grabbed his buttock to feel it all.  ‘I’ve been waiting for that,” she whispered.  “See how she loves a real man.”  as he started pumping into her until she started moaning & her wetness covered him.  “See that juice all over me.  Lick it clean, bitch.  She sure fucks good!!”   “I think we need to obtain going,”    He received dressed.  She put on her dress & we went out-her bottom feeling the early afternoon breeze as she went down the steps.
We waited for approximately 1/2 hour.  The girl didn’t show so we returned to the hotel room.  “Take your clothes off & obtain down & suck my balls,” ordered Bull as we entered the room.  My queen and her Bull spent several minutes with the majic happening between them.  Then she laid back down they resumned where they left off before going out.  “Take a picture, bitch. Take of picture of that huge black dick buried in her.  She loves Bulls dick in her.”   I could see her smiling-loving every minute of his fucking her & controlling me.
“Take some more & show them to us.”   I showed her the pictures.  She was again smiling.   “That dick is so satisfactory in me.”   Little dicklet shriveled even further between my legs.
The phone rang:  It was her!!   “She’s coming to the room.” Bull announced.   “suck my balls until she gets here.”  It wasn’t yet a few minutes before there was a knock at the door.   Bull opened the door carefully-we were all lying there naked-Bull & my queen on the bed & me on the floor.  She was cute.  “I can’t stay long yet I wanted to meet you.”   She went up to my queen & kissed her.  then several more times.   Her hands started to carress her.   Her clothes began to come off until two attractive bodies were lying against each other.   “This is my baby’s first time” Bull announced.  ” She’s doing this just for Bull.”
They kissed several times each tasting each other-allowing the first exchange of fluids with passionate french kisses.  Bull watched as I stayed on my knees at the end of the bed. It wasn’t long before her face was buried between my queens legs.  Her fine round ass was above me-Bull came down & pushed me to the floor as he began to feel her hot hole.  He must have wanted to watch closer because after teasing her wet pussy with his magnificant rod, he turned to me & said,  “Lick her ass, Bitch.” As I moved to obey his order, he grabbed my hair & shoved my face into her fantastic ass.  She had one nice full ass-what a privideledge to be allowed to tongue it.
Go over on the other bed & obtain on your hands & knees,”  Bull commanded.  He left me there for a while-I’m not sure what went on behind me as the three naked bodies explored each other.   “The paddle is over there” Bull told our new friend.  “Do what you like to him.  He’s all your’s.  I’m going to take care of my lady for a while.”
She received behind me on the bed.  “Whack”-  I felt that one-she had a tremendous forearm.   And a strong one-she didn’t stop until I could feel my whole buttock burning & my knees beginning to give.  The she grabbed the smaller dildo & strap on.   “Help me put this on, bitch.”   I received on my knees before her & adjusted the straps.  “Now back in position” It was only seconds & she buried it deep inside me.  And then she started stroking.   Hard & fast-deep & did she ever last.  I found myself wanting it & reached back & pulled her even deeper. Soon I could feel the prespiration on her skin as she pumped & pumped into me.  After what seems like 10-15 min, I finally collapsed onto the bed-unable to take any more.   Her now sweaty body needed a break too-she went over to AC unit to obtain some fresh air & motioned for me to come over & thank her by burying my face between her now dripping butt cheeks.  I loved the feel & smell of her sweat all over my face as she ground her anus into my tongue..
In  a few minutes, she repeated she had to go yet she was going to take a shower first.  I waited outside the shower to serve her.  She motioned for me to come in with her-gave me the soap & told me to wash her down everywhere.  I was more than pleased to do so-this lady had done me like no one had before.   I was pleased to do anything she wanted me to.  I could only wish she wasn’t leaving so shortly & I could serve her again sometime.   She had me dry her after the shower.  She received dressed-thanked us for a satisfactory time & was on her way to a new life in Nevada.   I’m so  grateful she shared a little of her life with us.